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How To Upload A Customer List Or Email List To Facebookhello my name is ryan ziegler and today,i'm g

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

How To Upload A Customer List Or Email List To Facebook

hello my name is ryan ziegler and today,i'm going to show you how to upload a,custom,list to facebook uh this list could be,your email list or it could be an export,of all of your past purchasers but the,process is generally the same i'm also,going to show you how to clean up that,list so that it's acceptable for,facebook so the first thing you're going,to want to do is go log into your,,then you're going to want to go up here,and you may see your audiences up here,in this section here,but if you don't if you click that,expand button you'll find audiences down,here so i've already clicked that and,you should be presented with a screen,that looks pretty similar to this if,you've uploaded,customer or custom lists in the past,you'll have some of those data some of,those data points here and some of those,actual lists here and when they were,created if you haven't this will look,totally blank,so next you're going to go to create,audience and go ahead and click custom,audience,here you're presented with a variety of,options go ahead and select customer,list,okay here it talks about how to prepare,your customer list you have a couple,options um they list out some of the,actual values that they're they accept,here such as email phone number,all of these uh depending on what,platform you're using to export this,list you may or may not have all these,data points it's pretty rare to have all,of them,um so don't worry about that you can,download a list template which will have,all the proper headers and everything,set up for you and you can then,manipulate your list to look exactly,like the actual template list,you could do this it's definitely time,consuming i'll show you kind of a quick,way to do this instead,there's some other guide you know,formatting guidelines and then here they,also talk about,uh the security and how everything is,private and how none of the actual data,you upload to facebook is reversible so,um you don't need to necessarily worry,about you know privacy concerns for your,customers,but if you want to learn more go ahead,and click that learn more button so,first thing i'm going to do is i,actually have a sample list here,customer data list that i've exported,and,i'll show you a couple common things,that you need to delete and couple,columns a couple common things that you,may want to reorganize so first and,foremost you're going to want to make,sure you have first name and last name,clearly indicated you're going to want,to make sure your email is there make,sure that if you have the phone numbers,for each person and that's great you can,go ahead and keep that column,i've included these kind of columns here,as well order id and order date now,these are typically what you're going to,get as an export when you export from,shopify or another e-commerce platform,um facebook doesn't really have a use,for these at this time so it's a good,idea to just highlight these and then,delete them next you're going to want to,make sure your streets are there if you,can if you have the street address again,this is if it's an e-commerce client if,it's just an email,export that you're getting from like,mailchimp or clabio or something similar,you may not have these other columns and,that's totally fine,i'm just listing these here for an,example,so you have street you have city make,sure your states are just by ca,make sure you have your zip codes in,here if possible,you can have your country as u.s or,united states or whatever other country,you want,here this is a very interesting one so,they have oftentimes will export as,total spend,but this is actually your total value,that each person has spent on your site,during the entirety of their existence,uh with your ecommerce platform so,oftentimes what you can do is just,rename this as value,um,and this will come in handy and i'll,show or show you why shortly,next you're going to want to save this,as,not an excel file you're going to want,to save this as a csv,go ahead and name it sample,customer list or whatever you want to,call it don't call it a sample,there we go,okay,perfect we don't need that right now,so here it is next after you get through,this page you're going to want to hit,next here,again it's asking you here if you have,your value column so this is going to be,where facebook won't necessarily treat,all of your customers equally it's gonna,should you use this on this customer,list and an audience down the line or a,lookalike of this it'll actually pay,more attention to put more value on the,types of people who spend more money,with your company again if you're just,doing an email list it's no big deal you,can just click no,if you have a customer if you have a,full customer list and you don't have,their total values that's fine too just,click no if you do though if you do have,that value column that go ahead and,click yes in this case we're going to,click yes,okay,go ahead and read through the,terms and conditions,all right so next you're going to go,here to upload file,and here is the list that we just worked,on make sure to name it something proper,so you could image a sample customer,list like i have it in here but what i,like to do is name it in particular so,you could name it as your brand so we'll,call this brand just eboost,we'll say,space that vertical line space will say,customer,customer list,with value,values,and you could name it,you can say from shopify if you wanted,to or from whatever platform okay,you can also add a description if you,really wanted to,it's up to you,then click next,and now you're going to select what,column has that value again this only,come up if you selected that so i,selected the value column,okay perfect so now here it kind of does,a pretty good job at finding what is,accurate but just make sure that these,are correct so we identified that that,column is going to be the value,make sure that these are the emails make,sure that this is the phone number make,sure that this is the country um,in this case it's not finding the,here we go it's not finding the first,names last names and street addresses,and in some case some cases it won't,take the street so let's just look,through this and work on this together,so we have,first name now we've mapped that,last name,boom we've got that,let's see in this case,it doesn't have street so we'll go ahead,and skip that,city,state,and zip code,perfect,again these are a few more of those,other,columns that you may have you may have,date of birth you may have gender,etc,all right upload and create,and that's it that's all you need to do,from here you could create a lookalike,audience but no it's not necessarily at,this point so,that's all you need to do,you

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How to Create A Facebook Audience from an Email or Customer List

How to Create A Facebook Audience from an Email or Customer List

hey it's nathan williams with crazy,marketing in this video i'm going to,show you how you can create a facebook,custom audience based off of an email,list or a customer buyers list,now this is a great list for retargeting,but it's also a great list for,creating a look like audience because,it's a list of email subscribers or,buyers and you can also do buyers based,off of lifetime value as well so you can,create very,solid audiences following this method,here,so let's say that you have an email list,or a buyer's list you know you have a,csv,file is what you're going to want to,have and you're going to want to have as,much information as possible but,primarily you know email address name if,you have their phone number,or their city state zip code that type,of information,the more information you have about,these individuals either on your email,list or,that have gone to your your store and,bought something so maybe you have a,shopify store,and you can export all of your customer,orders uh that could be a great,a great source or seed list that you,could use for your custom audience,but as much data as possible is what you,want to provide to facebook so you want,to export as much as possible so,you can go ahead and upload it so anyway,i have an email list right here that i'm,going to go ahead and upload for example,and,i've blurred everything out because you,know it's sensitive material but you get,the idea of,you know the type of content it contains,here so,you have your list csv file then you,want to come over to the facebook ads,manager,and you want to go into the business,tools and you want to go to the,audiences area so click into here,and you should land on a page it looks,something like this right here and what,you want to go now,is do is create audience and you want to,do a custom audience and then you want,to do it based off of a customer list,here,and you hit next and then it's going to,tell you how to prepare your customer,list basically,you're going to put it in a csv file and,you don't really need to do any of this,download file template or c formatting,guidelines,you're going to be able to map the,fields you see map identifiers right,here so,you'll be able to select what goes where,so if you don't have the exact names,that facebook wants it's okay you'll be,able to map them as you'll see in the,next step so it just gives you some,some steps here we're going to skip that,now it does ask if,ask us if we have a customer value,column so,if you do are you if you are uploading a,customer list,a good idea is to put their lifetime,value,a column that contains your lifetime,value as part of that list,uh facebook actually does a very good,job when you use it to create look like,audiences it focuses on people that you,know provide,or pay more money to your business than,those that pay less money so,it creates more valuable audience to you,if you have that lifetime value,column associated on your your list that,you're uploading so if you have that,that's awesome i recommend,doing that if not well then obviously,you don't have it and you just like no,here so,in my case i'm just uploading an email,list i don't have customer value on here,so i'll select no but again if you have,it,do it it's a good option there and then,we gotta agree to their,custom audiences terms and all that,stuff so hit next now,and then we could go ahead and download,the file template again not,not really needed just so long as your,your table has information you can map,it so go ahead and then browse for your,file,and upload it and also i guess you could,go ahead and paste comma separated value,so if you have a list that you want to,just paste in there you can do that as,well but,that seems kind of messy to me when you,could just upload a csv file but,you know to each of their own then you,could go ahead and name your audience i,recommend naming it something so you,know,you know what list this is i'm just,going to leave it full list,whatever for this particular example but,of course name it something that makes,sense to you and you can easily find it,you'd also add a description to make it,more you know defined,so you can more identify you know what,the list is anyway,go ahead and hit next then and then it's,going to ask us to map our identifiers,here so,the first identifier we have is email,address so you want to go ahead and make,sure that it is mapped to,the email address here uh then it's,mapping,50 off vault dl uh as date of birth,and that that's not accurate at all so,i'm going to do do not upload on that,particular one,then i can come over here to action,needed here and then i can,select other fields i can go ahead and,map and you want to map as many as,possible,because facebook's going to take this,information that you're uploading,and it's going to go look at all their,users on the facebook platform and it's,going to map,you know it's going to look for email,addresses it's going to look for first,name last name,phone number address information it's,going to look at all their their,database of people and map,that database to the list you're,uploading here so the more information,you can give to facebook the better,and so we'll map what's relevant so i,have a first name field here so i'll,come in here and i'll map it to the,first name,i have a last name field here so i'll go,ahead and map it to the last name,i have a phone number field here so i'll,go ahead and map it to the phone number,field,and it's giving me an error here because,it's not matching the correct format so,you got to have the numbers in the,correct format and i haven't really used,phone number on this particular list so,it kind of makes sense that i'm getting,some errors there because i don't have,really any data in there,we got ip addresses let's see if there's,any other fields,so you just map go through and see what,fields you can go ahead and map and let,me hit this drop down here so,there's a bunch of stuff email phone,number mobile advertiser id first name,last name zip code city state country,date of birth year birth gender age,facebook app user id facebook page user,id so any of that information you can go,ahead and map,if you have that uh bit of information,in your on your list,uh once you've mapped everything you can,go ahead and do import and create,so it's going to go ahead and upload the,entire list and start mapping,people to the list that you uploaded so,now it asks us or,says the next steps so we could go ahead,and create a look lookalike audience so,this can be a great audience to go ahead,and create because,it looks like your email list or it,looks like your buyers and if,you have lifetime value it looks like,buyers based off of lifetime value,and it knows this type of person spends,more than this type of person so they'll,make your look like audience list,look more like the people that spend a,lot versus the people that spend a,little and all that type of stuff so,i'd recommend going and creating a look,like audience and this could be a good,audience for,cold traffic bringing in new fresh,people because,again they look like your email list or,your buyer so you go ahead and create,that,i'm not going to go through this whole,look like audience piece right here i,have a video on that link in the,description below so i'll just go real,quick,we'll do united states here and,i'll just hit create audience just for,the sake of example here so now i've,created a look like audience,based off of the list that i just,uploaded and now i'm also getting a,message here that i need to accept the,terms,so let's go ahead and accept the terms,and i accept,and so now it's ready so now i can use,this audience for,retargeting purposes and also for this,look like audience here and so that's,how you create those custom audiences,based off of your list,now i'm going to do a quick example on,how you can set up a campaign and ad set,to advertising these audiences so if you,want to learn about that stick around,otherwise that's how you go ahead and,upload a list as a custom audience,but let's say you want to go ahead and,use it we'll come over here to business,tools and we want to go to ad manager,now,and i'm going to go ahead and create a,new campaign obviously buying type,auction and we'll go for conversions and,i'll go ahead and name my campaign i'm,going very quick i have a full video on,setting up a campaign but i want to get,to the ad set settings to show you how,we can use these audiences,that we just created so anyway i'm gonna,do list,audience and,cold traffic and,add one and i'll go ahead and hit,continue now and now let me go to the ad,set settings right here so this is where,we set up our targeting,so cold traffic and we need to select a,conversion event real quick so we'll,just say purchases,so purchase okay that's good right there,the main thing i want to do is come on,down here to audiences so,for cold traffic what we could do with,the list we just uploaded is we could,target our lookalike audience that we,just created so we're targeting a look,like audience,of our full list so it should be a,pretty good cold audience to be,targeting because i had,almost 10 000 people on this list so,it's a pretty big group of people,for facebook to analyze and then what,you probably want to go ahead and do,is exclude people that are already on,your list so you'll go ahead and exclude,the people you know that have already,subscribed or committed the action that,you're advertising for so,retarding you know the people that look,like people on our list but we want to,exclude people that are,already on our list because they're,already on our list and we don't need,them to join our list again so that's,how you go ahead and set up an ad set,that's targeting cold traffic,now retargeting let me go ahead and i'll,just go ahead and duplicate this real,quick just to save a second,and we'll go ahead and duplicate and let,me go ahead and rename it real quick,we'll just call this,retargeting so this is our retargeting,ad set in this case we'll be retargeting,people,on our our list so let's remove this,exclusion,remove this lookalike and so in this,particular case i'm going to be,targeting,the audience that's based off of my full,list so i'll be up,i'll be targeting my customer list here,and in this particular case maybe i'm,showing them a different product or,service or something that somebody on my,list,might want to buy versus on the cold,traffic here i might be showing them,a self-liquidating offer or something,you know just to get them interested in,my brand or something like that right so,that's how you can go ahead and use an,email list or a customer list to create,audiences and a couple different ad set,ideas on targeting,hopefully you found this video helpful,if you did i appreciate any sorts of,likes comments subscribes anything like,that i hope you have a great rest of the,day

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