how do i start a dropshipping business on amazon

How To Start Amazon Dropshipping As A Beginner in 2023 in this video i'm going to show you the,exact

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

How To Start Amazon Dropshipping As A Beginner in 2023

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how do i start a dropshipping business on amazon catalogs

How To Start Amazon Dropshipping As A Beginner in 2023

in this video i'm going to show you the,exact step-by-step blueprint that you,need to follow,in order to succeed as a beginner with,drop shipping on amazon in 2020.,be sure to like this video because i'm,going to go out of my way to show you,all of the steps that you need to take,all the software you need to use,and the product research methods that i,personally use in my drop shipping,business on amazon and if you like what,you hear,also be sure to subscribe to this,channel and hit the bell notification so,you can be notified of every single time,that i launch a video like this,so you never miss one and you get all,the important information that you ever,need to see,a little bit about myself my name is tom,cormier ecom tom i've been dropshipping,on amazon for over two years now and i,easily hit over 5 000 to 10 000,profit a month on amazon depending on,how much effort i'm putting into it,every single month i've noticed over,time with teaching amazon drop shipping,that a lot of people get confused as to,what to do,and also think that amazon is this big,bad wolf that's going to come out there,ban your account if you don't know what,you're doing oh this could be true i do,want to put some nerves at ease because,a lot of beginners,are overly cautious and overly worried,about amazon when in reality,i do think a lot of it is to do with,just people over hyping,how bad amazon really is and this in no,way shape or form means that you should,go out there and just have no idea what,you're doing when you're getting started,so that's why i put together this video,for you so be sure to watch it all the,way until the end because i'm going to,show you every single thing that i do,with my amazon drop shipping business,how to get started as a beginner,and how you can also do so as well i'll,see you inside my computer,all right so the number one step that,you need to follow is actually just,opening up an,amazon account although it's pretty easy,to do it's not as easy as starting,something like an ebay account so you do,need to put some time and effort into it,i also do have a video linked up above,that i can share with you guys on how to,get started i've made that whole video,for you already,but you have to realize that every so,often every few months,amazon does change the way that you sign,up for an account and i can't keep a,constant video up to date on to how to,do so so you do want to come to the,amazon,become a seller website right here and,you just want to click sign up after you,click sign up you want to make sure that,you're signing up for a professional,account,yes a professional account does cost,39.99 a month but you must realize that,in order to,actually get the buy box which is,something we will talk about in a bit,you will need to have a professional,account no matter what so if you sign up,as an individual seller first off if you,sell more than 40 items in the first,month you literally are losing money,compared to having a professional,account this is because individual,sellers get hit with an extra one dollar,fee on every single transaction when,professional sellers do not actually get,that fee so you want to sign up you,don't need to have a business you don't,need to have an llc you can sign up as,an individual,or just as a human being but one thing,to realize is that the more legitimate,you are when you first get started you,will really benefit from it later on,down the road so if you actually have an,llc,a business bank account a business,location and everything like that,business phone number it's much easier,to get started and it's going to help,you out so you don't have to change,things later on down the road if you,become more legitimate in your business,so all you have to do is go ahead and,sign up and after you sign up and have,an account we'll go over the next steps,that you need to take,all right so an optional second step,that you might want to take is something,that people call,seasoning your amazon account so when,you first start an amazon account one of,the hardest things to do,is actually get that account off the,ground amazon will sometimes hit you,with some form of a suspension saying,that your items are illegitimate or,anything like that,even though they really aren't and,that's just really trying to stop bad,sellers from frauding people right off,the beginning and also just trying to,clean up their marketplace and their act,a little bit one of the things that a,lot of professionals and you know actual,coaches of amazon,drop shipping teach is to season your,amazon account this means starting with,amazon fba if you're buying the items in,bulk up front and there's no way that,you could have been,selling illegitimate products to begin,with although they could still hit you,with some form of illegitimate error or,something like that it's very rare that,it will happen there's tons of videos on,youtube on how to actually do this i,don't actually have any at the moment,but i do plan on putting some up because,i do do amazon fba at the moment but i,just got started with it so there's tons,of videos out there all you need to do,is usually go to a local walmart or a,retail chain store or something like,that go find items in the clearance,section or something like that that you,know you can make money off of based off,amazon's price and that's the only way,that you can get prime buy or one of the,only ways you can get primed by amazon,on your listing from there you're going,to buy some items in bulk and ship them,into the amazon warehouses yourself,at that point in time it's a lot easier,to get your account started that way,from there amazon will see you as a more,legitimate seller to get started,and then you'll actually be allowed to,get started with drop shipping a lot,quicker i personally did not do this but,as amazon gets more strict as time goes,on i do suggest,starting and seasoning your account for,at least close to a couple weeks to a,month at least maybe get a couple,batches into amazon fba,the next step in this process is finding,the correct software for the job,although there's tons of different,software that you can use for little,things here and there,the two main biggest softwares that you,need and are going to be the backbone of,your business are a stock an inventory,type tool and also a repricing type tool,so first off the repricing tool is going,to price your items,after it's given items from your stock,and inventory tool so web scraper app,and sku grid are both stock and,inventory tools they're going to check,from your suppliers that you've chosen,to see if the item's still in stock what,its handling time is does it fit your,metrics and what you want to be doing,and then it's going to send that,information to your repricing tool,repricing tool that almost everybody,uses is inform dot co,it's very great and it talks with both,of these programs web scraper app and,sku grid i personally use both but you,don't have to use both you can use one,or the other but the main reason to pick,one over the other is mainly because of,the suppliers so if you can see the,suppliers on web scraper app you do have,to sign up i believe in order to see,their suppliers they cover about 90,different suppliers at the moment i,believe,last i checked and skew grid itself has,a lot more suppliers but it is a little,bit harder to get,started and set up than webscraper app i,would say both are great software,skewgrid's cheaper has more suppliers,and is harder to set up,web scraper app is more expensive has,less suppliers and easier to set up so,that's pretty much it from there you,connect them into inform which there's a,bunch of videos on it and i have some,videos inside of my actual amazon drop,shipping course on how to do it and then,you want to be picking actual suppliers,so the number one thing that i can say,besides setting up your account,possibly seasoning it and other things,like this are that you should be looking,out and not using the wrong suppliers a,lot of people teach,walmart onto amazon home depot onto,amazon and things like that and that is,not a great way to be starting your,business in 2020.,maybe this worked a few years ago but it,was still risky even then people that,are still doing it yes they are most,likely making money but they most likely,have,a actual seasoned account an account,that's been around for a while they know,exactly what they're doing and they're,not beginners,and they're fighting for literal peanuts,on the internet and that's not what you,should be doing you should be looking,for suppliers,like i said there's over 450 on this,list from sku grid just for the united,states alone should be looking for,suppliers that are more obscure,and can get you higher profit margins so,you don't have to be fighting for,peanuts you don't have to be doing a ton,of sales in order to be making a lot of,money and you can go out of your way and,actually,make good money with less work and feel,that you can put your head on your,pillow at night and not be worried about,your account,magically disappearing from you,overnight so that's the software that,you should be using,we're going to the last step of product,research and at that point in time,you should be pretty much ready and have,a lot of the tools that you need in,order to get started with your amazon,drop shipping business in 2020. all,right so this is the final part where,you're actually doing the amazon drop,shipping aspect of amazon drop shipping,so we got everything set up we possibly,seasoned our account and at that point,in time we picked what repricing,software we were gonna do,and now we're gonna go look through,these programs and actually find some,suppliers so say you look through these,suppliers and you find one that you like,one thing i'm usually looking for,is fast shipping times great handling,times easy return policies,tax exemption for future reference when,you are buying from them you should not,be paying,sales tax because you will not be the,end consumer of the item sales tax is,only for the end consumer so if you can,get tax exempt saying that you're a,reseller to these suppliers then you're,going to actually have a huge leg up an,advantage on the competition that may,not be tax exempt so let's say you went,through all these suppliers and maybe,you've been in these facebook groups or,on instagram or anything like that and,you've heard of people talking about,lowe's or some other supplier outside of,the big the you know the walmart and the,home depot although lowe's is pretty,similar i would say it's a lot safer to,use than walmart and home depot,although i personally do not and would,not usually use them but let's just say,for the sake of things you chose lowe's,so what do we want to be doing in order,to find lowe's items on,amazon so one thing that i like to do is,find the supplier first then find their,items on amazon and the biggest way to,be doing this,is looking for private label brands of,these suppliers and although this might,sound confusing,if you go to lowe's and you find out,what their private label brands are,and private label brands means they're,brands that are only owned by,and inside of lowe's stores so lowe's,owns this brand,lowe's goes out of their way to private,label these items and these brands and,sell them in their store,if they're being sold on ebay or on,amazon they're private label brands,and you know that lowe's doesn't sell on,ebay or amazon that means that somebody,is drop shipping those items onto ebay,or amazon or they're sending them into,fba for amazon so once you find the,private label brands,most big name retailers and a lot of,actual websites do have their own,private label brands like walmart has,mainstays although i did say stay away,from it pillows has,other private level brands so the,easiest way to be doing this is,literally searching,lowe's private label brand at this point,in time you will find a list of lowe's,private label brands usually pops up,pretty quickly could be inside of a,wikipedia,article anywhere like that maybe even on,their own store but one thing you need,to see here is there's private little,brands include cobalt,allen roth blue hawk and then you find,harbor breeze so i searched harbor,breeze i know it's a list,a brand of a bunch of ceiling fans at,this point in time i googled harbor,breeze and i will go back to the actual,google search i googled it,you don't want to be looking for,anything that's prime priming somebody,bought it in bulk they shipped it into,amazon,you will almost never be able to compete,with prime items when you are drop,shipping you want to be looking for,items that are not prime or do not have,prime on their listing they could have,free shipping but prime means that they,shipped it into amazon most likely and,that you won't be able to compete,amazon will push prime people to the buy,box set of you,so i picked this fan right here and we,will just right click and,open the link in a new tab at this point,in time you need to realize,look at how many people are on the,listing there's about 13 usually if,you're drop shipping there's going to be,a decent amount of people on the listing,because a lot of people do have access,to,these items but 13 really still is not,that much people or that many people so,at this point in time you just want to,really take the price,this is the buy box right here this,price means that this person has the buy,box it will say,ships from and sold by wise tree llc,there's 13 other people on this listing,you can click right here and if you,scroll through these are all other,people that are either selling it for,higher prices,and just don't want to go as low as this,person but as you can tell there's two,people that are at the same price,they will most likely interchangeably go,in between in and out of the buy box,because they're both drop shipping so at,this point in time we know that the,price is 66.39,based off one of my other programs that,i'm using it's estimated to sell 15,times a month which isn't too bad i have,another program up here called jungle,scout that's estimating at 50 sales a,month,amazon sales are all estimates you need,to realize that so,just take it as a grain of salt if,you're drop shipping you don't need to,buy the items up front so it really,truly doesn't matter,as long as you know you can list this,brand so at this point in time all you,need to do,copy or double click over the entire,title right click,search for it in google i did that here,we are the first thing that shows up is,lowe's the second thing that shows up is,the amazon actual item so i clicked on,lowe's we'll click on it again,at this point in time you can tell that,the item is being sold for 49.98 at,lowe's,and i already added it to the cart and,it has free shipping so,that's 50 they're selling it for 66 so,let's say you sell it at 66.39 you,multiply that by 0.85,because amazon does take 15 percent of,your sales so multiplying by 0.85 will,be what you have left,after amazon's fees you have 56 dollars,and 43 cents we're going to subtract,49.9,which is the price that you would have,paid here at that point in time you're,making six dollars and 45 cents profit,on each sale you need to realize there's,other ways to make money like this,there's a lot of people from lowe's use,their cash back portals cash back credit,cards they're making extra percentages,that way it's a game of percentage,points and this item is selling,for just about 10 profit if we divide it,by the actual price of the item what you,sell it for,it's about 9.7 profit again,i aim for anything that's gonna be seven,percent and above,at that point in time i know that i'm,gonna be making money on every single,sale as long as something catastrophic,doesn't happen and that's pretty much,amazon drop shipping in a nutshell from,here you could scroll down,and click sell on amazon you can go,through the whole listing process which,is extremely easy,yourself and then just make sure that,you connect this item into your,repricing tool or your stock and,inventory tool for this example i did,use sku grid although i do believe,lowe's is also inside of webscraper app,as well so once you have them all,connected and talking together and i,teach about this inside of my amazon,drop shipping course,it's very easy to just go find more and,more and more items hop on these,listings and go from there once you have,about 100 plus to 200 good items i would,say,you should be making pretty much a,full-time income drop shipping on amazon,if not,you're most likely either doing,something wrong or finding very,competitive items,and you know just really not using your,listings to the best of your capability,i would rather have less listings on,amazon and make more money very good,listings than having a ton of listings,up that might not sell so that's pretty,much it for amazon drop shipping if you,did like this video be sure to smash,that like button also check out the,playlist that i have on amazon drop,shipping because of course there's a lot,more to go into in a lot more depth also,if you're interested in a free one,dollar trial if you made it this far i'm,sure you are actually dedicated and want,to learn amazon drop shipping if you're,interested in a free one,trial check down below in the,description you'll get the first 10,videos of my amazon drop shipping course,for one dollar,that's about it if you like this video,like i said please smash that like,button subscribe hit the bell,notification,and i'll see you in the next video thank,you

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