how do i skip ads on youtube

How to Block Ads On Youtube 2022 | New Update friends welcome to my YouTube channel in,this video I

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

How to Block Ads On Youtube 2022 | New Update

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how do i skip ads on youtube catalogs

How to Block Ads On Youtube 2022 | New Update

friends welcome to my YouTube channel in,this video I am going to show you how to,block YouTube ads,so this is updated version I have posted,another video around one year ago but,this is the latest and this is true,method but we can at least limit or you,can also block YouTube ads so now what,you have to do is there are three ways,by which you can,block YouTube ads so first way is when,you open your YouTube so,whenever I play any video so like this,if if it is on the your home page you,can play it without any ads but just you,have to click on this button and here,you will see like this,you can uh you can watch this video and,you will never see any ads but if you if,you search for anything okay yes as I,want to search for,this how to change Instagram old,password okay like this so if whenever I,click on this video you will see that I,will get an ad here okay like this now,when uh when you click here here you,will see stop adsorption so when you,click on ADD stop ads here you will see,such YouTube will suggest that YouTube,premium YouTube and YouTube music ad,free offline and in backgrounds okay so,you can try it for uh it is 129 per,month but uh if you want to if you don't,want to buy this YouTube premium there,are other ways by which you can block,YouTube ads and second way is you can,just go into your YouTube,okay so when you go into your YouTube,you will see your profile pic click on,it and after that you have to click on,manage your Google account option so,when you click on your manager Google,account option here,okay so it will open in new tab and now,here you will see many options privacy,personalization manage your data privacy,Security review,many options but you have to just click,on this manage your data and privacy,Okay now click on it so when you click,on it here you will see privacy power,level history settings all these things,and here you will see my ad Center okay,now here you have to just click on it so,when you click on it my ad Center you,will see that personalize ads is on okay,personal personalized ads is on here now,you have to turn it,off,so after that click on got it and now,you have at least you have block 20 to,25 ads on your YouTube so like this you,can use this and block your YouTube ads,the Third Way is you can use an app,YouTube vans by which you can actually,just block every ads on your,YouTube so if you like this video please,like my video also subscribe my channel,for more videos like this thanks for,watching

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