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Instantly Increase The CTR on Your Facebook Ads and Pay Way Less Per Clickin this video you're going

Andrew Hubbard

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Instantly Increase The CTR on Your Facebook Ads and Pay Way Less Per Click

in this video you're going to learn how,to dramatically improve the,click-through rate on your facebook and,instagram ads now specifically i'm,talking here about the link,click-through rate which means when you,apply what i'm going to show you you'll,have a lot more people actually clicking,the links in your ads which is going to,lead to more leads and purchases for,your business these are things that i,now apply to every single ad that i roll,out because it's shown to increase our,click-through rate by up to 200 percent,so these things really do work and,you're going to want to follow through,the video and make sure you apply them,to every single ad that you roll out as,well and remember if you like this video,make sure you tap that thumbs up makes a,huge difference to the channel and i,really do appreciate it and if you want,to hear more from me hit subscribe hit,that little bell and you will get,notified whenever i release a new video,on facebook and instagram advertising,okay the first technique i'm going to,talk about to increase your,click-through rate is to improve the,first three lines of your ad copy on,facebook now when you see an ad in the,news feed they only actually show the,first three lines and on instagram it's,actually less it's one to two lines that,they show before the user has to click,the see more button to expand the text,and read the rest so those three lines,really really count if you don't do a,great job of writing compelling copy,that creates an open loop and gets,people to want to click that see more,button then they are simply going to,continue scrolling past and they will,never read your ad and if they don't,read the ad then of course they're never,going to click your links so there are,two ways that you can do this i'm going,to give you right now the first one is,to be very direct and tell the end user,exactly what they're going to get what,they're going to experience or how,they're going to feel after they click,the link and do whatever you're asking,them to do in your ad now this sounds,obvious but so many people when they try,to write copy they try to be really,clever and they open up with these fancy,lines and you know try to get into a,story but sometimes it's just better to,be direct and you do that by making a,big promise right off the bat let's use,a golfing example you could be really,direct and just say something like learn,how to take five to ten strokes off your,golf game today by making one simple,change here's how you can see that,example is super direct it tells them,exactly what they're going to get when,they're going to get it because we said,today and then here's how and then what,you would do is put the rest of your,copy down underneath so that they have,to click that see more button to,actually learn how you're telling them,exactly what they're going to get you're,generating a lot of interest and,compelling them to click that see more,button the other way you can do this is,to make a claim that goes against a,common belief that your audience has so,again let's apply this to golf a common,belief is that to hit the ball further,you need to swing the golf club faster,you need to increase your swing speed so,we could say something that contradicts,that like this,here's a simple technique to add 50,meters to your drive today using the,exact same driver that you're currently,using and without increasing your swing,speed so you can see in that example,we've actually combined two different,things we're talking about a big promise,and then we've mentioned something,that's a common belief and we've pushed,back against that so people are going to,be really interested like hey is this,actually possible to increase my drive,without increasing my club so are they,going to be interested they're going to,click that read more button which is,exactly what you want them to do because,then they can read the rest of your copy,and hopefully click your link okay,moving on to the next tip and that is to,customize your ad copy for instagram and,for other placements so one thing that i,actually recommend you do and that most,people are doing now is using the all,placements option at the ad set level,that means that facebook will run your,ad on all of the different placement,options meaning facebook instagram,instagram stories facebook stories and,everywhere else the problem with that,particularly with instagram is that if,you put links in your ad copy people,can't actually click those links on,instagram the only way they can click a,link on instagram is by clicking the,call to action button that is associated,with the ad if you have ad copy that,says hey click this link to get my thing,and you put the link directly in the,copy people on instagram can sit there,and tap it all day long and it's not,going to take them anywhere so the,problem with that is it leads to,confusion from your potential leads and,customers and they end up not clicking,at all so what you want to do is create,custom copy specifically for instagram,now this does not mean that you have to,go out and create different ad sets some,targeting facebook and others targeting,instagram so you can customize the ads,in each what you can actually do now is,at the ad level you can go down and you,can customize your creative and copy,based on placement so what i recommend,doing is go in write your ad copy then,go in and customize the text for,instagram specifically remove the links,from the copy and instead tell people to,click learn more or click whatever your,call to action button in your instagram,ad says instead of having a link,directly in the copy because that just,won't work doing this one simple thing,really helps increase the click-through,rate on your instagram ads and of course,that boosts the overall click-through,rate on your ads in general if you're,using the all placements option i know,it sounds like a really simple tip but,it works moving on to the next one thing,i want you to try here is putting links,throughout your ad copy so what's going,to happen is your ad is going to be,shown to thousands if not tens or,hundreds of thousands of people each of,those people have slightly different,preferences some people like to read a,lot and they will read the entirety of a,piece of ad copy before they make a,decision whether or not to click others,they like to read one paragraph at most,maybe before they make a decision to,either keep scrolling or to click your,link so what you don't want to do is,write one big long piece of copy and,then at the very bottom have a call to,action that says click this link to get,the thing you want to have copy that has,a link right near the top a link in the,middle and a link at the end because,that's going to cater for all of these,different readers and their particular,preferences you will get a higher,click-through rate simply by doing this,and make sure that it makes sense when,you do it so don't just put random links,and stick them anywhere make sure that,the copy flows in a way that you can,actually have a little call to action,and say click here to get all the,details click here to get the thing and,do that throughout so make sure that you,put links in multiple places and that,they make sense and that you've written,the copy in a way that you can actually,have call to actions that flow into,those all right which leads me to the,next one which is improving the strength,of your call to action it's really easy,to write a piece of copy and then simply,use a call to action like click here to,learn more and then the link or click,here to get all the details and then pop,the link in that's a really weak call to,action though okay you can really do,better and when you do improve that call,to action it will improve your,click-through rate so rather than click,here to learn more or click here to get,all the details you should try,incorporating the benefit or the end,result into your call to action so again,let's go with a golfing example i don't,know why i'm going with golf because i,don't play golf but hey it works so if,our ad is saying something like we're,going to help you improve your drive,distance by 50 meters then at the end of,the copy we could put click here to,learn more but if we want to strengthen,that we could say,click here to add 50 meters to your,drive distance today and then have the,link that's a much stronger call to,action and even though it sounds like a,simple change and you think well how,could a few words increase my,click-through rate it does people are,much more compelled to click that if,they think well if i click here i'm,going to increase my drive distance by,50 meters today versus just click here,to learn more or click here to sign up,people don't like signing up for things,they want the end result they don't want,to enter their details they do it only,because they want that end result so,instead of saying click here to sign up,click here to learn more make it a,compelling call to action now again just,another quick reminder if you're,enjoying this video tap that like button,makes a huge difference to the channel,and i really do appreciate it and if you,do want to hear more from me hit,subscribe and hit that little bell to,get notified whenever i release a new,video okay moving on to the next tip now,this one isn't actually related to ad,copy but it makes a huge difference as,well so if you notice that your link,click-through rate is low but your,click-through rate all is also low,meaning your click-through rate all is,below three to four percent then that,could be an indicator that people aren't,actually stopping and looking at your ad,at all so they're not even starting to,read the copy now the way to fix that is,to improve your creative meaning your,image or your video,because if people aren't clicking on,your ad at all meaning they're not even,clicking the see more button they're not,clicking the like button they're not,commenting or anything like that then,then obviously not going to go through,and click the link so to fix this,problem you need a image or a video that,does a better job of grabbing the,attention of the right person now there,are lots of ways to improve your ad,creative and it is arguably the most,important part overall of your ad so you,really want to make sure you put the,time and effort into this it's actually,a whole different topic in itself so,i've created another video for you right,here that you can click to go and learn,how to create really compelling ad,images that are going to grab the,attention of the right people and get,them to actually start reading your ads,and then obviously clicking so make sure,you check that out now i hope you've,enjoyed this video until next time i'll,see you soon bye

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Facebook Ads: Why Less Ads is NOW Better

Facebook Ads: Why Less Ads is NOW Better

so in this video i'm going to go through,a,new facebook ad update that facebook,have released on the 9th,of september 2020 and i'm going to go,through number one what that new,update is and then number two and most,importantly how this will affect,anyone that is advertising through,facebook ads,so first of all this new update is,actually more of a detailed update about,the one that they announced back in,october 2019 where they said they will,start to introduce ad limits,so what this basically means if we,scroll down to the bottom here,is that depending on the the size of,your page and the size of your page,means basically how much you're spending,on facebook ads,that will depend on how many ads you can,actually run,with that facebook page so basically the,less you spend with facebook ads each,month,the less ads you can actually test when,running,facebook ads so this is the this is,pretty much the summary of what this,whole,um article is about and you can see uh,depending on how much you spend here,how many ads you'll be limited to uh,when whenever you're running any,facebook ads,so what i want to do really now in the,rest of these videos go through,how this change will impact you and what,i think this means for all facebook,advertisers,so let's go back to the top here so,if you read it it's actually very very,interesting in terms of what they're,what they're saying and the reasons,why they're making the reasons why,they're making this change,so it starts off by talking about,machine learning and personalized ads,and basically it's just showing how,facebook's algorithm is just getting,better and better,at finding out who is going to be the,best fit,for the ads that you show people and,i've actually seen,a big difference even in the last few,months,uh when using facebook ads and how the,algorithm has just been getting better,and better,at just finding the right people and you,don't even have to be super,specific with your with your targeting a,lot of the time,even when you're pretty broad with your,targeting facebook can,very quickly figure out who is the right,person for you,and once you start getting some,conversions and things like that it just,gets better and better,in terms of helping you get better,results with your ads so this is,definitely something that i've seen,facebook,really excel at and it's one of the,reasons so many people use facebook ads,and why,it's so powerful however there is a,problem with this and it's the way that,people are running facebook ads and this,is what you see here,so it says here the number of active ads,from your page plays an important role,in achieving more predictable stable and,optimized results and if you follow,any of my stuff you know everything is,about getting predictability,and stable results and getting you the,best results as well,so facebook says each time an ad is,shown our ads delivery system learns,more about the best people and places to,show the ad,which is what i just said earlier the,more anad is shown the better the,delivery system becomes at,optimizing that as performance so most,people already know this when an,advertiser and this is the key point,when an advertiser runs too many ads at,once,each ad delivers less often and this,means that fewer ads exit the learning,phase,and more budget is spent before the,delivery system can optimize,performance we discovered that four in,10 running ads failed to exit the,learning phase and many of these ads,come from,advertisers running too many ads at the,same time,so for this reason we're implementing a,limit on the number of ads each page can,run,at once so this is really the key thing,about this update,what facebook have found is that people,are testing too many ads,at the same time and this is because in,the past this has been the optimal way,to run,facebook ads you need to test different,ad angles different creatives,different audiences and things like that,to find the best performing ad so what,a lot of people would do and myself,included is,test a lot of ads at once with different,ad angles and different audiences and,different creatives and spend a lot in,the beginning,to see what gets the best results and,then once you see what gets the best,results then you can later on start,turning off the ads,that are not performing as well but the,problem is is that facebook has been,running out of space,to show ads to people so when you do,that when you run,lots and lots of ads all in one go,facebook doesn't really have enough,space,to be able to show all your ads to as,many people as it would like to,and this is a problem because as more,and more advertisers are using facebook,as more,of facebook's ad inventory runs out and,as more people,start testing more ads at the same time,it gets very difficult for facebook,to be able to really optimize your ads,as effectively,so that's why they're implementing this,change this change is really all about,having,less ads so less ads are shown at once,but at the same time helping you get,better results,and they help you get better results in,two ways number one,when you're running less ads you're,going to be focusing,more on running really good quality ads,so,rather than running lots of different,things and seeing what works it's more,about running a few,really good ads that you that you really,believe will work well,and maybe you've tested these ads in the,past organically using maybe some other,marketing channels,but these are some ads that you you're,pretty confident that are going to work,well,so you're going to be testing less ads,but you're going to be testing,ads that are very likely or at least,more likely to get you,better results so that's the first thing,the second thing is that because you are,spending,money on less ads you'll be able to,spend,more of your budget with fewer assets so,what that basically means is that,your ads will have a higher chance of,exiting the learning phase,because facebook will have more budget,for the,ad sets that you're using to be able to,get more conversions and then be able to,learn,who would be the best people to show,this ad to you so it's really about,being smarter with the way that you,advertise on facebook not just,advertising,everything can anything to anyone but,really,thinking about who you're going to be,advertising to so,my suggestion is to actually start right,now,with implementing some of these changes,that facebook have doing and the reason,i say this is because in the last,few weeks i've been i've been actually,testing,less ads but higher quality ads ads that,i'm,really confident are going to work well,and i've been spending more of my,budget on a specific on a few specific,ad sets and i've actually seen how this,gets,much better results compared to what a,lot of people are doing and again i was,doing this too which is spending a lot,of budget,on a lot of different ads just to see,what works so i think facebook is,already starting to implement this,right now and if you if you actually,start testing,less ads right now but focus on higher,quality ads,and you focus on spending more of your,budget on the few ads that are,likely to work well then you're going to,be getting,overall better results and something,again that i've also tested that has,been working a lot better than what it,used to and i've continually been,testing this,and i remember about six months ago i,tested this and it still just wasn't as,good as i would have liked,and that is the cbo facebook ad feature,and i think facebook even knew that cbo,wasn't as good as it should have been,because they were going to make it,mandatory earlier this year,and then they didn't so they backed out,of that and they they still haven't,actually made it mandatory even though,they said they would so i think there,were still some things that they needed,to fix,and improve on that but in the last few,months i've actually been testing cbo,campaigns and it's actually been working,a lot better right now than what it was,maybe six months ago so that's something,else also worth keeping in mind,so what's really the outcome of all of,this the outcome is to run less ads but,focus,on higher quality ads so it's more about,quality over quantity,and then spend more of your budget on a,few ads rather than lots of different,ads and this can be done automatically,by using the cbo campaign,and even if you have cbo campaign turned,off you can still do this by,just running a few different ad sets at,the same time,and if you want to learn more about,running facebook ads and also,not just running facebook ads but how to,create a strategy that helps you,generate leads appointments and,clients predictably every single month,then check out the link that i'm going,to add in the description,to a free training that i've gone,through that goes through how all of,this works in more detail,so thanks for watching and i'll see you,in the next one

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