how do i see facebook ads

How To Find Competitor's Facebook Adshow to find your competitors facebook,ads well that's easy just


Updated on Jan 20,2023

How To Find Competitor's Facebook Ads

how to find your competitors facebook,ads well that's easy just keep watching,hello everyone and welcome to on how,channel my name is ennis and i'm working,for you and as always start the video if,you have any questions or any video,requests make sure to drop them below or,just check out my instagram in the,description box i do reply to each,comment on also each message on my,instagram because as i said i'm working,for you and today i will be showing you,how to find your dropshipping,competition facebook ads because,discovering and analyzing your,competition on drop shipping is really a,critical step in your success because if,you do that you might miss out on some,products and also some cool ideas about,design for the shopify store and also,for the creatives for the ad set and so,on so the point here you should always,analyze and discover your competition in,dropshipping or any market because your,competition might be in the market for,so long so they may have discovered tons,of things that you didn't discover yet,so spying in them is always a good idea,and you must do it before you even start,but finding ad set for your competitors,sometimes it might not be easy some,people might recommend using some,expensive tools to find this ad set and,so on some people they may even offer,services to find this ad set but one,thing that you are missing well they all,use the same trick and that's exactly,what i'm going to show you in this video,i will show you a unique and easy trick,to find the ad set for any competitors,on your drop shipping journey and we,will not use any tools or anything like,that the only thing we will use is,google chrome browser and google search,engine and also facebook platform,obviously so without any more talking,let's get to it so you might notice that,i'm accessing right now google search,engine well because i will use it to,find competition for a specific product,and i will do demonstration on one of,those computation to find the ad set for,it on facebook and also this trick i did,share it before on my channel and i,really love this trick because it did me,so many favors and without this trick i,wouldn't able to have some success in,dropshipping because simply i do find,something that people don't and that's,the key in everything online so we'll,use the google search engine as i said,to find some drop shipping capacitors,and we will do demonstration on one of,them and this rake works on any niche on,any drop shipping product whatever if,you are working with shoes or hiking or,smartphone cases or whatever the case is,this will work for you absolutely so the,first thing i'm going to do is obviously,access google search engine just like,you see right now and after that i'm,going to type in in the search bar in,text two dots and two quotation marks,and between the two quotation marks,powered,by shopify,and if you are one of my subscribers on,my channel you probably seen this week,before and you might wondering why i'm,using it again well because i really,love this trick and it's awesome and if,you did discover the full power of it,you will love it and you will use it,every day so after you did typing in,text two dots to the two quotation marks,in between them powered by shopify hit,space and type in again in text two dots,and two quotation marks and make sure,you guys include space between each one,of those otherwise it will not work and,also i will put this in the description,box so you guys get it right and between,the second quotation marks you will type,in the keyword that's related to your,niche in this case i'm going to go for a,product that saw a friend of mine really,doing well with it and also selling,plenty of products each day which is,galaxy projector and you've probably,seen this before,but it's really good product so after,you type in the keyword in between the,two quotation marks simply hit enter and,as i said i will put this in the,description box so no worries just,scroll down description and you will see,the fold command here and as i said make,sure you guys include space between each,one of those otherwise it will not work,and you will ask me why it's not working,because i've seen that before,so let's just scroll down to pick a,product from here yeah this is the,product that's uh it has the similar,color and also it reflects on the,rooftop it shows the like the galaxy,image on the rooftop and it's also,moving i believe and this is really good,product because i said a friend of mine,is really doing well with this product,so let's just go for this one for,example it's a 59,let's just go for this one,and by the way if you are wondering or,the first time you seen this trick why i,did type in powered by shopify well,because every shopify store has at the,bottom of it,powered by shopify right here as you can,see so right now we know this is a,shopify store and by the product which,is the galaxy projector this is a drop,shipping product and it's really obvious,so as you can see this is the product,right here and right now we want to,discover the ad set for this particular,product because if we did go simply to,facebook ad library and we did search,for galaxy projector well you will get,tons of ad set and you will not know,which one of those is the this for this,actual product because the objective,here is finding the ad set for your,competitors in this case this is our,competitors which is break plus fox i,guess so we want to know this actual ad,set for this particular product which is,cost 19,which is cost sorry 59 bucks so to do,that the first thing you're going to do,is spy on the page what you need to do,is simply look for an icon for social,media whatever it's facebook or,instagram or whatever it is once you did,find an icon let's just scroll down i,don't see it here just check the menu no,it's not here just about to just check,the about page maybe it's,on the about page maybe,no there is nothing here oh here it is,as you can see,i miss it when i check the powered by,shopify and here it is as you can see,the icon for facebook on also instagram,and that's exactly what we need so just,spy on the page check out the old links,here if you can find it anywhere if you,don't just scroll down at the bottom,page and you will see it just like i did,find it here so let's just access the,facebook page for it simply click on it,and here is the facebook page for it and,also if you are not signing to facebook,platform make sure to do sign up because,sometimes it will not let you check the,page if you did not sign up to an,account on facebook so after you did,access the page on, uh there is the link as i,said there is the link for the store so,after you did access the facebook page,the first thing you're going to do is,simply scroll down until you see this,section right here it says page,transparency right here and simply click,on see all and give it a moment it will,show a bunch of information here as you,can see the name the name change when,exactly they change the name for the,page and so on,previously it was called save and trend,as you can see so save and trend is,obviously a drop shipping store here,so let's just scroll down the countries,where they manage their page which is,canada two persons the number two stands,for two persons but two persons are both,from canada and here is the section that,we need just like you see right now it,says here,ads from this page it says here this,page is currently running ads so we know,right now this page is actually running,as for this particular product let's,just get back,to the galaxy projector right here,so we know right now they are they are,running ads for this particular product,and they are selling it oops it says,here this this page,has run ads about social issues and,election and politics or that's not good,do not do that that's not good so as you,can see uh,at the bottom of it there is the button,here it says go to add library simply,click on it and it will open up a new,tab and obviously to,a facebook ad library and here is the,page here as you can see and here is the,ad set for it just like you see right,now,and it's active as you can see the,assets start running on december 7,and right now it's 18 as you can see,it's 18 december so it's more than 10,days and the ad set is still running so,his me is probably making some says,that's why he is still running uh,testing out product does not go beyond,one week if you have a big budget 10,days you probably did make some sales so,you are skating or something like that,and also the second one and second one,sorry in,the 7th december and also the other one,7 december as well and this is not,actually our my competitor i'm just use,it this way to find competition for,a particular product to do demonstration,on it on the search engine as i said,make sure to use the,a particular product in between the,second quotation marks so you would get,in the results only the shopify store,that's actually selling the product that,you are selling as well so that's how,you find your drop shipping competitors,facebook ads easily without using any,tools or anything like that and as i,said the comments that i did use decided,to find competitors for the trick on,google search engine i will put the,comments in the description box just,scroll down description box and copy,them and make sure to replace the,product with the product they are,working on otherwise i think my job is,done i hope this video helped you out if,it does help me out pressing the like,button and as i said if you guys have,any questions or any video requests you,can find my instagram in the description,box and thanks for watching and catch,you very soon

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Facebook Ads Tutorial 2023 - How To Create Facebook Ads FOR BEGINNERS (Step-By-Step)

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2023 - How To Create Facebook Ads FOR BEGINNERS (Step-By-Step)

running Facebook ads as a beginner can,be one of the most confusing and costly,things if you don't know exactly what to,be doing you'll find yourself spending,way too much money on ads that are not,making you any money and not spending,enough on ads that can be making you,even more money and I'm here today to,save you from all of that,now all you have to do is pay attention,because by the end of this video you'll,be able to set up and profitably run,your Facebook ads from scratch even if,you have zero experience hey I have,something special for you guys because,we're gonna be going absolutely crazy in,this video so make sure to smash that,like button get this video to 2 000,likes so I can give you my six figure ad,ammunition sheet to break down,everything that you need to know and,remember while running your ads plus,five winning products that you could be,selling today I'll be putting the link,of this down in the description once,this video reaches 2 000 likes to help,you take off with your online business,and you guys already know that each and,every single week I give out a free,one-on-one Consulting call to help one,lucky winner streamline their success,and get all of their questions answered,if you want to win this week make sure,to smash that like button down below and,in the comment section down below,comment the word Dropship with your,biggest takeaway from this video and,I'll be announcing the winner from last,week somewhere inside this video so make,sure to stay tuned the entire way,without further Ado let's go ahead and,get right into it now like I said,Facebook ads can be intimidating when,first getting started so this is going,to be a step-by-step complete breakdown,of everything that you need to know in,order to get started in the right,direction successfully if you're not,running ads because you don't know what,to do then there is no excuse why you,can't get started after watching this,but before you're ready to run ads you,want to make sure that there's a couple,things that you should have prepared so,that you can get the most return for,what you're spending on your,advertisements now the first thing is,going to be of course a product that has,the potential to sell to be honest with,you if you don't have a product that,there's a market for you're going to be,running ads for literally no reason you,need to have a product that falls in,line with the trend and ideally solve,some sort of problem and this is going,to be a direct reflection of helping you,get the numbers that you need with your,advertisements and start putting some,serious profit back in your pockets and,I'll show you how to find these products,in this video right here so make sure to,go ahead and check that out once you,finish this video the next thing that,you're going to want to be prepared with,is having an actual Shopify store now,remember you can run ads and have the,best advertisements on the market with,the best product but if your customers,are coming to a store that looks like a,mess you'll be running ads for no reason,every single thing is intertwined when,it comes to drop shipping and are all,going to play a role in how well your,ads are doing for you and whether you're,making money or not making money from,running them and you know me I got you,covered if you need to start a new,Shopify store you can click the link,down in my description that's going to,give you an absolute free trial with no,credit card required in your next three,months with your Shopify store only,costing you one single dollar now before,we head into how to set up and test your,ads you're going to have to have your,Shopify store connected and ready to go,on the back end so that you can even run,the ads in the first place and this,connection process is where you'll be,creating something called your pixel and,your pixel is what stores and tracks the,data that you're receiving on your,online store is a key factor to helping,you make sales while running your ads,it's so important that you get your,Shopify store connected to Facebook,correctly so make sure that you follow,this step by step so first thing you're,going to do is come over here to Shopify,go to apps and type in Facebook and then,you want to download this app right here,called Facebook and Instagram by meta,once you have that downloaded you should,see that in your sales Channel you want,to go ahead and click on it and then,where it says advertise your products on,Facebook you want to go ahead and click,Start setup this is where you're going,to go ahead and connect your Facebook,account and your business manager so you,can start advertising and if you don't,have your business manager set up yet or,your Facebook profile check out this,video right here to go ahead and learn,how but this is what it looks like so,you'll just come over here and click,connect account again that's going to be,your actual personal Facebook account,then you want to go ahead and click on,your business account this is going to,be your business manager so you just,click connect to data sharing you want,to make this maximum so you may be,seeing conservative enhanced I recommend,definitely doing maximum and then this,is where you want to go ahead and,connect your pixel so once you go ahead,and do that you click connect terms and,conditions I agree and then just submit,for review and you're good to go,Facebook has changed with how you,connect your pixel from last year so,make sure to go ahead and re-watch that,section again now that you have,everything connected you're ready to,start running your ads and this is where,things are about to get interesting the,key to running ads is to get as much,data as possible without spending a ton,of money and the way that I like to do,that and I suggest that you do it too is,something called creative testing now,you probably heard all these different,gurus across all YouTube tell you just,go find a winning product and just go,randomly just test it out well you have,to understand that Facebook ads is a,bidding auction and the only way that,you can win the bid is by having a,stronger creative which means that,success and profit that you're looking,for with your online store is going to,be a direct correlation of how well your,advertisement is doing so your creative,and advertisement is everything creative,testing is a testing strategy that,allows you to test out different,thumbnails and different videos against,each other at a lower cost so that when,you actually get into interest testing,you already know which creative is going,to work and which one's going to help,you out Market all of your competition,but the way you should be doing creative,testing this year is with the goal to,get the information that you need back,much quicker with more data so you can,start making sales right from the jump,understanding what ads you should be,running can be a difficult decision but,I guarantee you that my new creative,testing strategy will have you more,confident quicker than ever when it,comes to deciding what ads to run let's,head over to my ad manager so I can show,you how to set it up when you're on your,ads manager the first thing you're going,to want to do is set up your columns,which is going to allow you to read your,data accurately and efficiently let's,set up the columns real quick and go,over which each column is going to mean,to you so first thing you want to do is,hit this little down button right here,you want to go to customize columns and,then you want to take all of this out so,take every single thing out and the,first thing you want to do is do reach,which is telling you how many times your,ad has reached a specific person then,you want to do Impressions because how,many times that certain person has seen,your advertisement then you want to do,video average playtime to see how long,people are actually watching your video,videos played at 95 to see who's,watching a video the entire way through,and then here comes some important ones,you want to do quality ranking,engagement ranking and conversion,ranking this is going to basically tell,you how well your advertisement is doing,against other people who are selling the,exact same product then you want to come,over here to cost per click and cost per,link click telling you how much it's,costing for somebody to click on your,advertisement and then how much is,costing for somebody to click on your,website click the rate click the right,link click letting you know a percentage,of people who saw your advertisement and,actually clicked to watch it CPM or cost,per thousand Impressions to see how much,it's costing for you to get somebody to,see your advertisement and now we're,going to the back end so we're gonna go,ahead and do link clicks we're gonna do,cost for add to cart and then add to,cart total and you can uncheck both of,these check out the initiated costs in,total uncheck both of those purchased,only do total first and then amount,spent,budget cost per purchase the value of it,and your total row as and your row as is,basically the same thing as the ROI,which is return on investment but this,is return on ad spend letting you know,if you're profitable or not after doing,that you want to come down here and save,as preset go ahead and write whatever,name you want here and then click on,apply and then once you're done it,should look a little bit like this those,little things like having the right,columns set up is what helps lead to,your success with your online store and,that's why we take you by the hand and,make sure you understand incomplete,detail within my one-on-one mentorship,so if you're someone who's interested in,getting one-on-one coaching from my team,and I to help you through every single,step of your Drop Shipping Journey make,sure you head over to my Instagram at AC,underscore Hampton DM me to wear,mentorship or apply with the link down,below so I can reach out and help you,get started now that we have your,columns set up let's get into the setup,of the creative test so we're right here,on our ads manager and this is the,campaign level so to set up your,creative testing campaign you're going,to come over here and click create,you're going to come over here to sales,and click continue and then you're going,to go to manual sales campaign and click,continue and then we're going to name,this creative testing campaign and then,we're going to go ahead and click on,next and right here we're going to go,ahead and set up the first advertisement,that we want to work with so I'm just,going to name this creative one as we,scroll down you already see my pixel,setup and my conversion event being,purchased that's exactly how yours,should be looking as well scroll down,you want to go ahead and turn this to,forty dollars are you actually going to,spend forty dollars no you're not but,I'll get into that in a second you want,to go ahead and set this up for the,following night at midnight for,locations you want to do your top five,countries United States United Kingdom,Australia Canada and New Zealand so I'm,gonna go ahead and enter that real quick,and when you're finished it should look,something like this you want to do ages,21 through 65. detail targeting you want,to keep this blank IRP keep this blank,do not put any interest in here,languages you can do English all,placements I want to do Advantage,placements and then I'm gonna come over,here and this is considered the ad level,where I'm just gonna name it creative,one as well and right here this is where,we're going to go ahead and set up our,advertisement so at this point you,should have already found advertisements,that worked on the market or went out,there and created some yourself and once,you have that you want to come scroll,down here go to ad media ad video and,one thing you want to make sure that is,consistent across all of your,advertisements is the primary text the,headline in the description now you want,to remember the only thing we're doing,is testing out one variable and one,variable only because that's the only,way we can actually test out real data,is by only testing one variable at a,time and there's no right or wrong,answer on what your ad copy should be,looking or what your headline should be,looking for you should just be finding,out whatever is working in the market,for others and how it can work for you,so literally if I'm going to sell the C,cushion right here I'm going to find out,whoever did the best with the seat,cushion and just take 80 or 90 of what,they've already used and just add 10 of,my own sauce and whenever you're,finished with your first advertisement,it should look something like this so,again you see I have my Facebook page,already connected you see I have a,single image or video I added my video,inside of it I have my primary text my,headline in my description call to,action being shot now my website URL and,we officially set up our first creative,now with creative testing though I do,recommend starting off with at least,five creatives so what I'll do is go,ahead and duplicate this four times and,just change the video so I'll come over,here hit these three dots click,duplicate click four and then we're just,gonna go down the line here's creative,two and again the only thing I'm doing,is just changing the video creative,three only just changing the video,creative four you already know what I'm,gonna say only changing the video,creative five and it's as simple as that,so you basically say I have this video,right here I have this video this video,this video and this video all going,towards the same ad copy description and,primary text once you're finished with,that you'll just come over here and,click on publish now you've officially,set up a creative test for your creative,so that you can see which one is the,most eye-catching for potential,customers and remember how I told you,you're not going to spend the entire 40,on these ads well that's because I let,each one one of these assets run to,around five to seven dollars each and,measure how well they performed against,each other and that five to seven dollar,Benchmark is a benchmark I use for a,product I'm selling between 25 and 75,dollars so if you're selling something,more expensive I would add like two to,three dollars to this Benchmark but as a,beginner for the highest results for the,lowest cost I do recommend selling,products between 25 and 75 and to make,sure that you're not letting some ads,run longer than others you're going to,want to create a rule to turn off the,ads when they reach a certain point and,here's how you're going to do that so,you go ahead and select every single ad,set you'll come over here to rules and,then you'll do create a new rule and,then you want to go ahead and do custom,Rule and you can just name this turn off,ads for the rule name you want to apply,it to every single ad you want to make,sure the action is turned off ads so if,your assets spent over seven dollars and,your cost per unique link click is,greater than a dollar 25 I would have,the ad shut off then you want to come,over here to time range and you want to,go to today you want to do it schedule,us continuously so basically this is,running every single 30 minutes and then,after that you just want to go ahead and,click on create now fast forward after a,couple hours of running your creative,tests you should already have ads that,easily spend over five to seven dollars,and it's time for you to measure your,data to see which one performed the best,for you when testing out your videos and,your thumbnails in a creative test you,should be looking for which creative,hits these following metrics cost per,click under 50 cents click the rate of,2.5 percent or higher CPM between 15 and,17 or less and it costs for Unique link,click of a dollar or lower but the most,important metric is at cost per add a,card being between five and seven,dollars and I mean I see this on every,single one of the winning products I,have and honestly this is the key to,seeing if you have a winning creative or,not and if you're not seeing these type,of numbers or something close to them,then you need to test out different,creatives think about it you maybe just,spent 25 dollars testing out creatives,where you could have just spent hundreds,of dollars thinking if you could just,test out a random product but it never,worked for you then once you've gotten,these type of numbers from your creative,tests you now have enough data to,confidently head into a purchase,interest campaign and really start,optimizing for sales all while this,entire time continuing to run this,creative testing campaign and getting,sales off the asset that is performing,for you and now you can start making,more sales in a purchase interest,campaign while you're targeting specific,audiences and here's a creative testing,campaign as an example that I've ran as,you can see I was getting a cost per,unique link click of around 80 cents so,that was basically my average which is,already lower than that dollar Benchmark,you see click the rate was sitting,around 3.25 percent so again that was,working really well cost per click was,sitting right around 51 cents and I was,getting some pretty good cpms on them,and this is a good indicator to show you,if you have some real good,advertisements it will show you with the,data and I know we just covered a lot in,a short amount of time and this might be,a Brand New Concept to you so do not,forget if you're having any questions,about this video or about how you can,get started you can reach out to me on,my Instagram at AC underscore Hampton DM,me the word YouTube so I reach out and,help out in any way possible now we're,about to get into where the money is,made so make sure you stay tuned and,don't forget to smash that like button,if you've been enjoying this video and,if you're looking to get that six figure,at ammunition sheet and five winning,products that you can sell today now,that you're confident in what ads you,should run it's actually time to start,running them and bringing some money in,and you're gonna be able to do that by,setting up what is called a cold,audience Campaign which is also being,optimized for purchases and targeting,customers that you think might be,interested in your product targeting,with this cold interest campaign is what,really is going to allow you to make,sales and get your ad in front of the,right type of audience let's get into,the setup of where you'll be using your,winning thumbnail and video so you can,really see what I'm talking about now,whenever starting to run your ads I like,to let Facebook really push where the,money I'm spending is going as,Facebook's AI is really going to do the,work for you and know who your real,customer is going to be allowing,Facebook to spend that money that you're,putting into ads is what's called a CBO,or campaign budget optimization so with,the control CBO what's basically going,to happen is you're going to push an,even amount of money throughout each,asset that you're running and then push,even more of your budget into assets,that are performing better than others,so for example if you set up a hundred,dollar CBO with a 5 dollar minimum spin,you're telling Facebook to spend five,dollars on each ad set no matter what,and then the remainder of the 100 budget,after spending five dollars on each,asset will spread across the assets that,are performing the best for you so let's,go ahead and set it up so you can see,exactly what I'm talking about so to set,this up you're gonna come back over here,to the campaign level and click on,create you're gonna go to sales again,click continue manual sales campaign,your name is cold interest testing,campaign you're gonna come down here to,Advanced campaign budget and you're,gonna go ahead and set a hundred dollars,or if you only have fifty dollars you,can set up fifty dollars here as well,you know matter of fact I'll just do,that fifty dollars now you want to come,to the ad set level here's where you go,ahead and click your pixel conversion,event again being purchased set this up,for the following night at midnight show,more options and then add set spin,limits you want to turn this on and,again I want to put five dollars here,scroll down to the exact same countries,as before 21 through 65 and then now,right here in detail targeting this is,where you're gonna Target specific,people so if I'm gonna sell the same,seat cushion I was just telling you guys,about out I'm just gonna think what,people would actually buy this product,it's probably gonna be people who are,sitting down all hours of the day so now,I'm just gonna go ahead and dive into,those type of Interest so a person who,might be sitting down all day someone,who probably is in an office chair and,when I select an interest I want this to,be between 2.5 million all the way up to,80 million that is the range behind this,and you can see that this works out,perfectly and you only want to put one,interest in each ad set so once you pick,the interest you want to copy it and,then paste it on the ad set name scroll,down you want to do languages you want,to go ahead and do English Advantage,placements like before and then this is,where you're going to put your winning,creative that's done the best for you so,then after choosing your first interest,you're going to duplicate this four,times if you're doing a 50 budget or,nine times at a hundred dollar budget so,because this one is a 50 budget I'll,come over here and click duplicate and,I'll do four copies and the only thing,I'm going to do here is just choose,different interests and I can do this by,suggestions or I can just type in a,brand new interest I'm gonna go ahead,and finish this real quick,and just like that I've officially set,up my campaign so I have frequent,Travelers home office driving Vehicles,office chair and chair Home Furnishing,those are gonna be the five different,interests that I'm targeting and after,getting done with that you'll just come,over here and click on publish now like,I said you've officially set up your,first purchase campaign but don't think,about going anywhere yet because you,need to know what to do after doing this,and what you should be looking for and,that's exactly what we're about to get,into now that your ads are set up and,running it's time to let your money work,for you but you have to know how to do,that so you should typically allow your,ads to run for about four days to really,obtain the data that you're going to,need in order to move on to the next,steps of scaling and producing more,purchases but throughout those four days,let me be clear you should not be,letting money spin just to let it spin I,always suggest having some sort of kpi,calculator or key performance indicator,calculator to help you determine what is,making you money and what's not and this,is a kpi sheet that I give out to all my,students that shows you what you're,willing to spend in order to get your,first purchase what your break even cut,off is well your profit cutoffs are and,so much more I mean you can literally,see for this product I'm selling it for,seventy dollars and it tells me my break,even is 42.80 letting me know if I spend,anything over 42.80 I'm not making any,money so you can see an example right,here the second this asset spent over,42.80 it was not going to stay on at all,and the same thing for the other asset,under that literally the second,something goes over my break even I'm,not spending a single dollar past it you,always have to cut what it's not,producing for you so that you can put,your money in the right area and as,you're getting started reading and,understanding your data is going to be a,challenge but as long as you keep,practicing and allowing yourself to be a,beginner and soak up all the information,that you're seeing you'll continue to,get better and continue to make more and,more money there's honestly so much,information out there when it comes to,running ads but my best advice to you is,find a strategy that makes the most,sense for you and just stick with it and,then continue to keep learning and,testing so that you're not confused by,trying to mix three to four different,strategies together and don't think I,was about to hop off this video without,telling you one of the biggest things,that stopped beginner drop shippers from,even getting started with advertising,and that's the fear of being restricted,or disabled and you might even be one of,those people but with problems we're,always working to find solutions for you,all a lot of the time advertising,accounts get restricted because,beginners are trying to learn how to,drop ship end up opening a brand new,business manager and a brand new ad,account and immediately start running,ads on them this can signal a red flag,for Facebook and restrict your,advertising account right off the bat,but you know I got you covered I,partnered with the in-house team here at,Supreme Ecom called solid scaling to,allow you guys to overcome this and soft,scaling can help you avoid that because,they sell aged and verified business,managers so you can start running ads,right away while avoiding issues that,other beginners would typically face you,can click on the link down in my bio,below to reach out to them on telegram,Mitch's Supreme Ecom to get 10 off your,first order I hope that this was a,strategy that helps you out as a,beginner and lets you finally take the,step to running your ads so you can,understand what it feels like to have no,cap on the amount of money you can make,or how much time you have to make that,money because once you hear that first,cha-ching on your phone and actually,feel that excitement of getting your,first sale the grind that you're willing,to put in will only get more intense,because you'll realize the possibilities,are Limitless I can't wait for you to,start advertising start getting the,sales that you deserve as you know I'm,here to help you out in any way possible,and speaking of helping you all out you,know I could not forget to mention the,free one-on-one Consulting call winner,from last week's video and the winner,from last week's video is multi-q multi,congratulations on winning reach out to,me on my Instagram at AC underscore,Hampton we can hop on a one-on-one Zoom,call look over your ads look over your,products and help you get the success,that you deserve and don't forget if you,want the opportunity to win next week,all you have to do is smash that like,button down below and in the comment,section down below comment the word,Dropship with your biggest takeaway from,this video I'll see you all next week,this is AC with Supreme Ecom and I'm out,like Jake said we gonna spend it get it,right back,they just type fast

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