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How to Add Custom CSS to Shopify Theme ( Shopify Basic Tutorial )hello friends welcome to our youtub

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

How to Add Custom CSS to Shopify Theme ( Shopify Basic Tutorial )

hello friends welcome to our youtube,channel in this video tutorial we are,going to learn how we add our custom,style how we can achieve that in this,video we're gonna learn how we create,the,style seeds file so first of all i am,come to on my theme and here is my theme,i am going to expect this,so,when i expect the top header it shows me,the paragraph,and,here we can add our classes,over the announcement so i click on this,and,add a background style which it's let me,blue,and yeah it's going to blue and changing,the color little bit to,looks better,and yeah is this yeah and think,it's okay fine and going to paragraph,sections where the classes and i add a,color,it's about to,uh,yeah white font size implement in 30,pixel looks great great yeah 22 23,okay i should be implementing font,weight yeah to look some,good yeah 7 700 so here we are inspect,and i just grab this code,css,and going to our,admin panel and dashboard,so here we go first of all we go to our,online store sections,we have to we can,backup to download our theme file so we,store the whole thing file go to edit,sections,after the edit section we have to just,uh close this,extra tabs,and,search the theme,dot css,it should be yeah it's,theme oh it's not here because my theme,is,new theme unpaid so,i can choose a file upload a file or,create a file so basically i create a,file this is a sets so i create a theme,dot css and yeah i created a file for,this,for after the created file it should be,around there,uh yeah yeah that's cortney,close this,yeah assets so base dot css this,provided to our css by,shopify theme and here you have a theme,dot css,so what should we have to do,i have to do,just call css,and you can,see your file it will be there,if i inspect this where you come from,css so they shows the base dot css file,so all over the css comes from basically,base dot css file,so we can implement on that file or we,can add,the css to our new theme file,so i'm going to search which i have,created,i am going to and paste it here then the,save button,and the set is safe go to theme liquid,and here we add our styluses file,and yeah we go to css style style,no it would be css or style okay just,wait hold a second yeah here got the,base dot dsf file,is the the basically structure of the,shopify theme which you provide how to,add your new file so i am going to add,the same,this is the set url which you provide,and this is a style tag going to change,this name my new theme is the theme dot,cs i'm going to save it also in the,section i'm going to say just refresh it,and here we go we can add our new css,we created a new theme file and add the,new css,which is basically override the base.css,okay,so we can add,the css,easily method nothing just create or you,can implement on that,so in this video we are learn how to,implement the css,you

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How To Add Css in Shopify Theme OS 2.0

How To Add Css in Shopify Theme OS 2.0

hello how are you i hope you guys are,doing well,and welcome to my channel snl official,today we will,talk about custom css on shopify for,that we will,go to shopify partners i have,already built many stores on shopify,through shopify partners so,we will first of all log into our,store available on shopify partner,program,so after logging into your store you,have to do,what you have to do i will tell you,right now how to apply a custom css,to your store it's a very simple process,of all we will also open the store and,log into the dash panel of our shopify,for that you have to click on your,account,here actually the connection speed is a,little bit slow,you can say that it's a little bit slow,okay after clicking on account we will,go to our account on which the stores,exist,simply login to your that store on which,you want to apply,custom css you can change the text size,you can apply any tag,any filter to your shopify store that is,available on html css,so find out the store on which you want,to apply the custom css,it's giving some error,i don't know why it's giving error so,let's try it again,okay here is the store on which we want,to apply custom css,login to this store,okay here is the store,we are opening right now you can open,your store by clicking on this i,icon or just write to the online stores,in sales channel,when the store is open simply open the,store,here is store and we want to apply some,custom changes,so if you want to change the size of,this text,here we will inspect it by clicking,right click on it if you are on windows,then left click on inspect,okay we got the class the class is,section dash,and with this text is featured,collection is,available h2 simply click on this class,here you will get the class on the right,side,click on it copy this,after copying go to your store,you have to create you have to click on,the online store and after,clicking on it and actions,button will appear here on the right,side,it will take some time about five to ten,seconds okay,just click on actions you must duplicate,your theme,before doing anything on the,theme because it will prevent from,you know like losing any data i have,already made,a duplicate copy of the theme few,minutes ago,so click here click on edit code,after clicking on edit code you have to,find out the theme.spss,dot liquid file in the assets folder go,to asset,click on theme dot sc ss dot liquid,this is the liquid file simply click on,it,go to the bottom,paste your class that we have copied,curly braces open close and,font size we will just,change the font size colon make,it 70 pixel,okay now we will check after saving,please click on save after writing your,custom css,class okay as it's saved now,before this it was like this feature,collection,before applying custom css now we have,applied the css we will refresh it,we made it 70 pixel,now we will see how much is 70 pixels if,oh yes,the custom css has been applied you can,also change the color,change position make it to if it is,centered you can make it,floating right floating left anything,that you want to make,you can change okay here if you want to,make these,uh navigation menus,bold you can also apply some class on it,inspect,we will find out the class for it,in the header,you can simply click on,this button here and then,here,here we got the class,okay here is the class we are looking,for,that is,horizontal mega menu,copy it,ctrl v,font size,make it bold,let's see if the class is written,correctly,okay saved now we will,check that these have been bold or not,now the class haven't applied yet,we will go and check for it,why it's not happened,sorry i just clicked over there,okay here is a class we we just got it,just write it as it is written there,uh,now we will see that the custom css on,the menus,making it bold has been applied or not,before doing this we can also check,oh yes this is the property font with,phone dash fit i was applying font size,that is incorrect,it's taking some time,again we will inspect it,click here click here,you can also do it by this,yes it is applied so,we can simply apply it in this one,to here,font wait sorry this was my mistake,now we will check that the css has been,applied or not,if it remains like this then it means it,has been applied,yes the css has been applied you can see,that menus are bold now,so this was a class on uh tutorial on,how to apply custom css,just practice it just like i have,done in front of you so you guys can,create different alterations into your,clients stores thank you for watching my,channel please subscribe and click on,bell icon for upcoming latest videos,thank you so much take care bye

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