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How to fix delayed or rejected Facebook ad approval and get your ads approved fasterin this video I'

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to fix delayed or rejected Facebook ad approval and get your ads approved faster

in this video I'll be explaining how to,fix delayed other proofer oftentimes,when you run ad on Facebook you just,find out that the approval is taking,time to come okay at times it can take,more than 24 hours and at times it can,get you worried especially if it is an,ad that you want to be up and running in,the next few hours and it's taking,longer than you expected so I'll be,explaining to you the possible things,you can do to fix your ad or to get your,ad approved when it is being delayed all,right so now the first thing you need to,understand is that Facebook gives,maximum of 24 hours for ad approval now,because many people are advertising on,Facebook so at times their system is,choked okay and they give maximum of 24,hours for the ads,approved all right so if you can have,patience for 24 hours then fine and good,wait for 24 hours all right on the,average one or before six hours from the,time of submission your ad should be,approved now if you if you set up an ad,and the next two hours your ad is not,approved don't worry if you don't worry,yourself you if you don't worry at all,okay when you should start getting,worried this maybe after six hours if,that ad is so so important to you so,your hands should get approved or,disapproved like if you get a feedback,either the ad is approved or not at,least on or before six hours okay now,one thing you can do when your ad is,being delayed is to understand that,there are many factors okay you just,have to be patient and then Facebook,uses an artificial intelligence so you,just have to be patient with the system,all right now another,thing you can do is,creating another variant of your ad now,if that ad is taking time you can,duplicate that ad and it can trigger the,the algorithm of Facebook artificial,intelligence too to look into your ad,and then approve your ad okay now the,next thing you can do is request for a,manual review from a life support agent,now this is one of the best solution,when it comes to,getting your Facebook ad that is delayed,approved okay and make sure you must,have waited for up to,six hours before you use this last,resort okay all you need to do is to go,to your life support okay chat up,Facebook Live support agent and tell,them that you need a manual review,that your ad is taking a long time for,for it to be approved that it is past,six hours now and your ad is not,approved that you want a manual review,now they will acknowledge it and they,will also tell you that the system,normally gives 24 hours that you can,wait because the system automatically or,should,approve or reject all ads at least after,24 hours maximum so but if you insist,for,a manual review they will go ahead with,the manual review then they will forward,your ad to one of their Channel system,agents okay and the person will review,your ad manually so look at this this is,one of the screenshots of,my chat with Facebook support okay I,told them that I want my ad to be,reviewed,that it is passed five hours so I needed,a manual review okay so and they also,replied me okay and then this is another,chart too where I chatted them up and at,the end my ad was approved they told me,that the ad has been approved okay and,they apologized for the delay so these,are the ways you can use to get your ads,proved when it is delaying and you,really need it to be approved you have,to wait for,at least six hours before you can ask,for a manual review or you can just,relax in the next 24 hours,the ad will be either approved or,rejected so these are the,possible ways you can use to get your,delayed ads approved

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The Facebook Ads REPORTING DELAY is Ruining Your Data! Here's The Fix...

The Facebook Ads REPORTING DELAY is Ruining Your Data! Here's The Fix...

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru in,this video i'm going to talk about how,the facebook ads reporting delay that,was implemented because of ios 14 might,be messing up the data that is coming,into your facebook ad account which is,going to make it impossible for both you,and facebook to optimize your campaigns,properly which can have a massive,negative impact on your facebook ad,results i'll also be talking about what,you can do to counteract that what you,can do to fix the situation which is,obviously super important so if you've,seen some weird data coming in through,into your facebook ad account that,perhaps doesn't seem accurate or you've,seen a drop off in performance i think,you're going to find this video very,very helpful before i get into it you,want to very quickly ask me to smash,that like button that really helps me,out is much appreciated and of course,subscribe to my youtube channel for more,facebook advertising related content,just like this keeping you up to date,and on the cutting edge okay so i'm in,facebook support document here on well,we're going to run through a number of,things and i want you to pay close,attention because i think this stuff is,really really important if you're,running facebook ads the first thing i'm,going to show you is around the,reporting delay itself so i'm this is,facebook support doc on how the apple,ios 14 release may affect your ads and,reporting now this was um talked about,and this article was released,in advance of the rs14 changes we're,obviously um past that now but we have,seen this come into play,so there's tons of information in here,i'd encourage you to go through it if,you have the time if not i'm going to,help you pick out the most important,parts i've released videos already on,ios 14 and the changes but this is a,specific element that not a lot of,facebook advertisers are aware of i'm,going to go ahead and click on this,reporting limitations section right,and what i'm going to focus on here is,delayed reporting,so what you can see is facebook say here,real-time reporting will not be,supported and data may be delayed up to,three days,now we have seen a reporting delay come,into effect no question about it,has is it three days that doesn't seem,to be that long from what we can see but,one of the things i'm hearing a lot of,facebook advertisers say is they will,say things like,the data that i'm seeing in my facebook,ad account does not match,let's say the conversions i'm generating,when i look at my shopify store or my,google analytics data or verify it with,another data source,and i think a lot of that is some,inaccuracy and we're going to get on to,what that means in a minute but also a,lot of that is,simply a reporting delay like if you're,trying to match up the conversions that,took place today in your ad account with,the conversions that took place say,today within your crm or shopify they,may not match because of the reporting,delay it may take a few days for that,data to filter through to your ad,account now obviously this doesn't,affect all campaign types it's mainly,app installed campaigns and then of,course um conversion campaigns which i,know will be a lot of the campaigns that,you guys are running but that's the,first thing to think about is that there,is a reporting delay okay that's first,part so remember that second part we're,gonna go on to,is around model data so we know in fact,let me click over here now,we know,that the people that are,ios 14 and above users,or even people within the european union,you can see facebook talks about it here,recent regulations and industry,announcements show how privacy and data,expectations are evolving examples such,as changes include the att app transfer,app tracking transparency requirements,which was all about the ios 14 stuff,that's the prompt that popped up that,you've almost certainly seen by now if,you have an iphone um from apple and in,the european region the e privacy,directive um both of which prohibit,certain stuff so people within the a lot,of people within the eu and i said most,of the ios 14 users,um,we're not able to as accurately track,their data so we've got the reporting,delay and we've got the fact that we,can't accurately track the actions that,those people are taking on our website,those two things combined,are leading to facebook using or,creating,modeled conversions,right,so,what exactly does that mean well we,don't quite know facebook if you read,through this document which again is,something i could recommend facebook's,fairly vague i mean look you can see,this how conversion modeling works,section here and they say modeling uses,aggregated data from different sources,to account for conversions we're unable,to count directly due to various factors,including cross-site tracking,limitations the various factors being,the two things i talked about the lack,of data from not being able to track,those people and also the reporting,delay which is uh i said under,appreciated but a significant part of,this,so what's facebook doing they're,basically making a very educated guess,in a lot of scenarios,so,the data that you are seeing within your,facebook ad account particularly when,you first launch a facebook ad campaign,is going to be a mixture of well delayed,and absent which is leading facebook to,fill in the halls with model data so,what's facebook doing here i think we,can fairly safely assume as i said we're,not 100 sure but we can fairly safely,assume that facebook has all sorts of,data like we know that stores like yours,when they advertise let's say they've,got a shopify store they converted a 1.8,conversion rate from traffic to,conversions therefore we're going to,assume that in our model calculation,okay they're also going to use tons of,other factors so it's going to be more,accurate than just a blanket average but,that's what they're going to use so if,for example facebook can see that,they've sent you you know 100 clicks,that day they may be registering you may,see two purchases within your ad account,and then you actually look at shopify,store and you're like hang on i,generated five purchases or hang on i,generated no purchases that's inaccurate,and you're right it's because the,reporting delay means that the real data,hasn't come through yet where you have,it and there's some data holes so,facebook's filling those in so,particularly when a campaign is new or,an ad said is new it's very easy to look,at your data,and be like,that's just not accurate that's just not,right,there's,that doesn't match up to reality and,that's led a lot of facebook advertisers,to be really frustrated and think is,facebook just lying are they making,stuff up and they they kind of are,making stuff up to some extent,but,there are ways that you can,significantly reduce the impact of this,the first is to fully factor in the,reporting delay,what does that mean it means you have to,wait,you have to wait,much more than most facebook advertisers,previously did,to assess performance and then optimize,accordingly so if for example you were,used to pre-ios 14 running a facebook ad,campaign taking a look at the results,12 hours after you launched it or 24,hours after you launched it and making,adjustments you can't do that that's,just don't do it it's really gonna hurt,your results if you do remember if we go,back here the reporting delay,can be up to three days,as i said i think on average it's quite,a bit less than that but it can be up to,three days okay,that,means that,you need to wait at least that length of,time to assess results ideally,significantly more because obviously,let's say you're running ads for those,three days and then real data starts,coming through or you're always playing,catch up so i think that unless you're,operating with a massive budget and,you're getting lots and lots of data,coming through faster you want to be,assessing results on a seven to ten day,basis minimum,could be longer depending on how many,conversions for example you're,generating but a seven to ten day basis,minimum to account for that reporting,delay now that's the you part of it here,okay that's the as the facebook,advertiser i'm gonna be brave i'm going,to not adjust things i'm going to not,panic and i'm going to wait 7-10 days,and what you will find,is that the data is much more accurate,so if for example you look at today's,data in facebook ads versus say what you,can see coming through google analytics,quite inaccurate but if you look over a,two week period there will be a,difference between the two there always,says but that difference will be much,smaller it won't be like in a one day,basis it might be like facebook's saying,you generated five conversions generated,none or you generated 15. it could be,way off,it's going to be,not quite the same but much more close,if that makes sense it also means that,you can accurately make assessments so,after the seven to ten days you can go,in and go oh um,add a is performing well add b is not,performing well add c is performing well,let's pause b let's keep running a and c,you can't do that if you start making,adjustments too quickly you just,can't do it okay so that's the first,thing to to help overcome the reporting,delay issues,and,give it a lot more time it also helps,with the model data because i said as,facebook gets the data through,basically what what seems to be,happening is that those first few days,facebook will put in model data so,basically their best guess and then as,the reporting delay sort of as you catch,up,facebook fills in they they change the,data and it becomes more accurate they,they as i said over a longer time period,you'll see more accurate data coming,through it's almost like we've done our,best guess we'll wait for the real data,to come in and then we'll put that in,there instead it's not quite as clean as,that because some data is missing so,need to fill in some holes um but that's,to some extent what's happening now,the other thing i'd recommend you do,i'll jump into ads manager so i've,created an example campaign here and,i've got an example ad set up and i've,scrolled down to the modern optimization,for an ad delivery section okay,um and then we click on the see more,options and you can see we've got,attribution setting here now i've got a,whole video about attribution setting,and what you want to use i'll include a,link in the video description below you,can check that out but what i recommend,you do is you go with seven day click if,you want to work out why and which,options other options and what they mean,check out that video i won't talk about,that but go with seven day click gives,you more data gives you longer means,that facebook is going to be modeling,less if you go with one day click,basically all that data's modelled,very very inaccurate seven-day click is,the better option i said you can check,that out but that's something else i,wanted to mention now the third thing i,want to talk about,and if we go down i believe it's down,here um,in this section oh no i've got the wrong,part yes here we go,it's in this section here actions you,can take i was on the wrong wrong,document okay so what can you do to help,with,the modeled data and we know that the,model data is coming in because of the,reporting delay which i've already told,you how to deal with you just give,yourself a lot more time but it's also,coming in,model data is being used because of the,holes we've got the we can't see exactly,what conversions ios 14 users for,example are generating so here's what,you do first thing is you make sure that,you configure your web events in,aggregated aggregated event measurement,which is all to do with the facebook,pixel if you haven't done that already,make sure you do it i'll include a link,in the description below how to set up,your pixel how to verify your domain how,to set up your web events in aggregated,event measurement it sounds super,complicated it's not please go through,that video to work it all out the next,thing you want to do is set up the,conversions api that's going to help,fill in some of the data holes,which is the other part of the model,data so you've got the reporting delay,side of things basically taken care of,by giving yourself more time and you've,got some of the data holes not all of,them helped by setting up aggregate,events measurement and installing,conversions api i haven't got a video,yet on conversions api by the time,you're watching this if you're not,watching this when it's just come out i,may well do so just search my channel or,have a look facebook's got information,on that you can follow this link and to,get that set up and then yeah those are,the actions you can take to help,overcome this,reporting delay model data issue that as,i said may be impacting,your ability to optimize because you're,doing things too quickly facebook's,ability to optimize because they don't,have data and that can have a negative,impact on results get these things taken,care of and you're likely to see,significantly better results because of,that okay hopefully that wasn't too,complicated hopefully you got some nice,takeaways from that before you go a,couple of things i want to mention the,first is a brand new free training i've,created called the one facebook ads,technique that will supercharge your,results more than anything else and,there's a link in the description below,it's completely free to go through this,uh do this this this webinar,and in it i just i demonstrate in full,the one technique if someone's coming to,me facebook ads and people do all the,time because they know i'm in the,industry friends of mine who have,businesses and things and they'll say,what's the one thing that i should work,on that i should get right that's going,to help me more than anything else it's,that i'll show you exactly how to do it,so strongly recommend you go through,that webinar completely free it's about,45 minutes long and links in the,description well worth your time another,thing i want to mention is youtube,channel membership so you can now become,a member of my youtube channel and,members get certain perks like priority,replies to comments so there's more,comments now being asked on my videos,than i can get to,so i've had to implement a system where,i only dedicate a certain amount of time,each day to answering comments and i,know these comments are super important,to you guys they might be make or break,your facebook ad campaigns which is,going to impact your business so i,really want to do my best to answer them,but obviously there's only so much time,in a day so what i'm doing is i'm,prioritizing member comments if you go,ahead and become a member it costs a,small monthly fee you go ahead and,become a member i'm gonna basically,guarantee as much as i can i may miss,one from time to time but i'm gonna,guarantee that answer all member,comments and then the time i have left,over i'm gonna answer the other comments,from that from non-members so if you've,got questions for me you want your,comments answered um it's a very,cost-effective way much more than say my,consulting sessions to get those answers,is to become a member of my youtube,channel and i'll answer those first,and it also you also get access to,member-only polls so i'm going to ask,people members um what content they want,me to create so if you want to have a,say in that then that's a great way to,do it and and also you get to support my,channel i've had hundreds of people over,the years say,um really appreciate your content how,can i help out it's all free et cetera,et cetera that's how you can become a,member help support the channel helps me,create better quality videos dedicate,more time to it that'd be much,appreciated so if you're interested just,click the join button beneath this video,that'll bring up a window that basically,you won't join immediately you can just,find out the information about it and,see if it's right for you or not if you,do become a member fantastic if you,found this video useful thumbs up always,thumbs up that really helps me out and,subscribe to the channel if you're new,and haven't done so already i release,facebook ads related content all the,time,really important stuff like this that,you have to know have to get right if,you want the best results particularly,as more changes are happening to,facebook ads and comment below whether,you become a member or not comment below,i see all the comments i'll answer as,many as i can,and,and yeah thanks guys bye for now

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