how do i reset the results data for facebook ads

IOS 14: How To Fix Facebook Ad Results - Campaign Level Metrics Not Showing Upi just pulled this up

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

IOS 14: How To Fix Facebook Ad Results - Campaign Level Metrics Not Showing Up

i just pulled this up and,it's not showing our purchases so i,clicked on that little,blue icon and yeah what you'll stop that,there's a solution um great,uh okay,i can walk you through it if you can't,um except this,okay i mean it's really i i can try to,accept it definitely,but yeah just hit x real quick and then,we'll just go through the steps,okay yeah for you and everybody who's,watching this essentially what you do is,uh click on your campaign that you want,to get the results showing on,yeah i'm checking it off okay,click on that yep okay so click on the,the title right there okay and then,essentially what you'll do is you'll,select all okay,you'll have to turn them off and this is,going to reset learning,by the way so if you're fine with that,this is the only way you're going to get,your results to show up,yeah i mean we definitely want the,results so okay turn the all off,yep turn off,you're going to hit publish and then,what you're going to do is,you're going to allow that to publish,now you're going to turn it back on okay,press the little refresh button in the,far right,and now you're gonna looks like we have,one little straggler here i'm trying to,ah he's yeah oh well that was already,off maybe i shouldn't have done that,you hit the refresh the actual refresh,button,okay now turn on,publish and then you're going to turn,off the one that's already,that was supposed to already um after,you turn it on you're gonna,do the refresh again on your browser,okay on my browser yeah refresh it,and then you're gonna turn off that one,that's,wasn't supposed to be on now okay,turn off,now you can see that your results at the,bottom are now showing up,and then what you'll do is,is you'll press refresh again,and then you'll go and click campaigns,and as you can see it's back perfect,okay,that's so is this going to be like an,ongoing thing or did that fix the,problem,it fixed that for that campaign forever,okay so i just needed to start doing,that yeah this will never,if you don't do that thing for the other,campaign you will never see your metrics,show up again,wow okay well i'm glad i got to ask you,about that,um for sure my other question,and i'll do that for the same for the,interest uh,is should i be turning on,more interest campaigns or just let,these,run or like testing more interest,campaigns,um these results look pretty good so i,mean like,you might you know continue to bump up,spend on these or if you want you can,continue doing testing,okay either option is really fine it,just really depends i mean like,there might be more interest out there,that you haven't tested before that'll,work for sure,right okay gotcha and,so is that it on um i will watch the,videos probably tomorrow but,is that it on like the major things that,have changed,for the this new thing yeah,for the thing for the system update they,had yesterday this is the immediate,thing you had to do to fix that,okay awesome great well that's it for,today,thank you for the help i appreciate it,absolutely

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how do i reset the results data for facebook ads catalogs

How To ANALYZE Facebook Ad Results The RIGHT Way!

How To ANALYZE Facebook Ad Results The RIGHT Way!

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video,i'm going to show you how to analyze,your facebook ad results i'm going to,show you which metrics you need to track,you need to keep an eye on,and what data you should base your,adjustments and the optimization of your,campaigns around to help you get,better performance now before i get into,that just want to very quickly ask you,to smash a like on this video click that,like button,and of course subscribe to my youtube,channel if you are new,and you haven't done so already that,would be very much appreciated,okay so facebook ads analysis how do you,analyze your results how do you improve,performance,let's uh let's get into it so i'm in an,example facebook ad,account right now and what i'm going to,do is i'm going to quickly create an,example facebook ad campaign,and i'm going to bring up the various,metrics and data points that you need to,pay attention to,when you should pay attention to them,when you should make uh adjustments and,decisions based on what you see,and cover all that sort of stuff now i,want to quickly say that um,you know facebook ad campaign analysis,is not that,difficult it's not as difficult as most,people make it out to be facebook ads,manager looks very overwhelming looks,very,complicated and it can be but if you,know what to focus on and know what you,can ignore,it becomes a lot more straightforward so,hopefully that's what i'm going to do,for you guys,in this video so i'm just going to call,this example ad campaign,i'm going to change the campaign,objective to conversions now the,campaign objective you select,is going to dictate which metrics you,should track the data that's displayed,and all that sort of stuff,um and,that's why i want to go with conversions,because then you're going to see the,data that is far more representative,of what it is that we're going to be,going through okay,so there's our example conversions,campaign,i'm going to minimize this i'm going to,keep looking at the campaign level so,now of course facebook's default,is things like results etc etc,so the first metric and the single most,important metric that you need to keep,an eye on particularly when you're,running a conversions campaign,is your cost per result your cost per,conversion,if you're generating leads what is your,cost per lead if you're trying to,generate purchases,what is your cost per purchase and,one the first thing i will say about,that metric is that it's so,important that if that is a good number,for you,let's say your business can afford to,pay fifty dollars a lead and you're,currently generating leads for,twenty dollars twenty two dollars none,of the other metrics,none of the other points that you can,analyze,need to take place you don't need to,what bother with any of that,if your core metric your cost per result,uh your cost per conversion i shouldn't,say cost per result because if you've,got a different campaign objective your,cost per result could be something else,if your cost per conversion,is nicely profitable for your business,you know if you can,if you can afford to pay up to 15 times,the cost per purchase and you're,generating purchase for six dollars,that's fantastic and and if that's the,case,base all your decisions around cost per,result,so when you're assessing different,targeting options which one produces,the best cost per conversion when you're,assessing different ads which one,produces,the best cost per conversion pause the,underperformers go with the best,performing ones and just base everything,around cosplay conversion just ignore,all the rest of it you don't need to,worry about that,at least not initially okay i'll explain,that a bit more about that in a second,why that,little caveat comes into place it's when,you're not really generating,conversions or you're well above your,acceptable cost per conversion either,generating leads purchases app installs,whatever happens to be,that's when you need to really focus,on these other metrics and these other,data points and make adjustments,accordingly,okay so i'm going to get into that in in,a second,so that's the first one cost by,conversion the second one and this is,why i caveated the you don't need to,worry about anything else,is frequency so i'm just going to,quickly go ahead and change,the columns to delivery and you'll see,this number in here,frequency frequency refers to,the number of times on average that a,person within your target audience,has seen an ad at this stage within the,campaign you'll also see that you can,look at frequency at the ad set level,you can also look at frequency at the ad,level,let's jump back to campaign why is this,important this is probably one of the,only other metrics you need to track,if your campaign's performing well if,your campaign is delivering a great cost,per conversion,this is probably one of the only things,you need to keep an eye on,otherwise as i said just base all your,optimization decisions around cost per,conversion,but of course it sort of makes sense,that once your frequency gets above a,certain number,campaign performance is going to drop,you know if everyone in your target,audience has already seen your ad a,couple of times,well they're not gonna be bothered,they're gonna take a look at it they're,just sort of gonna,mentally ignore it because they're gonna,go i've seen that carry on scrolling,move on something else,okay so frequency is an important number,what do we tend to see we tend to see,that with cold audiences so with people,that have not interacted with your,business before,when your frequency reaches a 2 maybe,even a 2.5 in that sort of range that's,when we start to see results drop,off now there are a bunch of things you,can do to combat frequency like creating,new ads,targeting new audiences and i'll include,a link in the video description below to,another video,that talks all about how to combat add,frequency and,high frequency numbers and how you can,do what you can do to combat ad fatigue,and really get over those issues so,there are solutions but keep an eye on,frequency,if it's with cold audiences you start to,get see like it's a 2.4 or something,like that think okay,i'm now going to need to make some,changes otherwise base everything around,your cost per conversion as i've,mentioned with warm audiences so people,on your email list people have visited,your website stuff like that,you can usually get away with much,higher frequency numbers,what that is for you really depends on,your business and actually how warm,that audience is so for example someone,in my facebook group,very much follows the content that i,produce on average,i can probably get away with frequency,numbers above 10. other businesses might,struggle with,warm audience frequency numbers above a,six i've seen some campaigns can have,warm audience frequency numbers go above,20 and the still campaign still does,very well,so what i recommend with your warm,audiences is just keep a real,close eye on what that frequency is,in relation to your results so when you,start to see your results drop off from,your warm audience and they usually drop,off quite quickly when they do it,then go aha my frequency is an eight,my results in my warm audience are,really starting to tear off,i've got ad fatigue i've got a frequency,issue i need to do something about it,okay so that's one of the most important,metrics to track,is is frequency okay let's go back into,i don't want to go breakdown no let's,get back into performance which is the,default,the next thing i'm going to talk about,and this again now we're getting into,the realms if your campaign is not,delivering,and this is the stuff you want to track,because otherwise as we've already,talked about you want to be basing on,cost per conversion exclusively but,let's say your cost per conversion is,way too high,you're thinking right well i need to get,into this now i need to analyze the,various elements and work out what's,going wrong,so what i want you to do is break down,effectively your sales funnel,so we've got here default is performance,one thing i want to do,is i want to go to performance and,clicks,and then you'll see here that at the end,you're going to get a bunch of data in,here,one of the which is going to be link,clicks and cost per link click,specifically why is that important,i don't want you to optimize for the,lowest cost per link click that's what a,traffic campaign is and as we know,traffic campaigns do not deliver as good,results as conversion campaigns,the vast majority of time so we don't,want you to go in here and think,oh let's pause these ads with um,lower link click uh more expensive link,clicks let's pause these audiences with,more expensive links,etc etc that's not how i want to do,about it what i want you to do is take a,look at the ratio between your link,clicks,and your conversion rate so let's assume,you're sending people through to a sales,page,and you're generating tons and tons of,link clicks but very very few,conversions,what does that tell me that tells me,there's probably something wrong with,your sales page,the ad campaign was doing its job it was,getting people it's getting people,interested in the ad it was sending,people through to the website people who,are likely to purchase,but they're not purchasing because the,sales page is not doing,the work that you want it to do what,would be a low conversion rate from link,clicks,to purchases or link clicks to leads,well that very much depends on what it,is that you're offering,if you're trying to advertise a lead,magnet and get people to opt in for an,email list,you probably want a conversion rate from,link clicks,to email opt-ins that's at least 20,ideally something in the 40 range,something really really high if you're,an e-commerce business,and you are start and you are sending,people through to your website to make a,direct purchase,if your conversion rate from link clicks,to purchase is less than let's say,two percent you've probably got an issue,you want to be in that sort of two to,five percent range,ideally so it really depends on what,you're advertising and you're gonna have,to work that out for your business,specifically,the way i do that is i look across all,your various campaigns things you've,done on facebook perhaps look at other,sources,you know what's the conversion rate from,other sources and try and find work out,what it should be potentially even,contact people in your industry ask,you've got friends that offer similar,things ask them what their conversion,rates are,on their sales pages on their landing,pages because as i said if you're,an e-commerce business and you're,converting at half a percent so you need,to send 200 people to your website to,get a purchase,you're in trouble that's not going to,work that sales page,probably needs some work doing to it,perhaps you need some testimonials,perhaps you need some more benefits,about the product perhaps you need to,explain a video,all sorts of things you can do but just,analyze the various elements okay so,that's one thing i wanted to um,to highlight if your campaign isn't,delivering and something that we,definitely track is your link click,to conversion ratio on your facebook ad,campaigns,now something's kind of related to that,but i'm going to have to customize my,columns to bring this up,is specifically to do with e-commerce,i'm going to,go through add these in and explain what,they are so i'm going to add in my add,carts,add to cart event let's go with total,and let's go with cost,and they've you see that when you add by,the way if you're not familiar with,customizing columns you can do exactly,what i just did come in you can add in,all sorts of different,data and metrics points so i'm going to,get rid of these extra ones i just want,to have a look at my total address card,my cost,per add to cart i'm also going to do the,same with,purchases now if you're if you're,running a conversions campaign and,you're optimizing for purchases this,purchase data will be in your,um displayed in your columns anyway so,you won't need to specifically do what,i'm doing,but it doesn't hurt to show you how to,do this right so i'm going to apply this,now at the end we've got here add to,cart cost per ad card purchases and cost,per purchase,this happens quite a lot with e-commerce,businesses where we will see,very high add to carts but not many,purchases,and this is a really important piece of,analysis to do on your facebook,campaigns an important data point to,track,is that if you are seeing tons of ad to,carts but not many purchases so let's,say you're seeing 10 out of cards for,every purchase,that's too many you're always going to,have more ad to carts than you are,purchased but it shouldn't be a 10 to 1,ratio or anything close to that,if you see that sort of data you need to,make an adjustment to something,usually your checkout page potentially,delivery fee,you know if you're getting lots to add,to carts and you're whacking on a big,old delivery fee or telling people it's,going to take them two or three weeks,for them,to have their thing delivered that's,really going to get in the way of people,converting and that's why your purchase,might be very low so as i said if you're,running your campaign,you're let's scroll all the way over,you're happily going about things you're,saying that your cost per purchase is,just,way off where it needs to be this is,where you need to get more detailed more,granular,into what it is you're doing if you see,that actually your campaign's generating,lots of ads to carts,that's good to know generating lots of,ad to carts that means the campaign is,doing its job to a certain point right,people are interested they're clicking,they're they're initiating checkout,they're adding to cart they're going,through your sales process but,something's falling down,perhaps it's your checkout page okay and,i said it could be delivery it could be,the design of it,could be that something's not working,even properly or it's loading very,slowly all sorts of issues that really,get in the way these are things to,to very much focus on and break down in,a quite granular,way another metric that you can see,right here,that i think is important to keep an eye,on again if your campaigns just aren't,doing well and you can't base things,really around cost per conversion,is your cpm cpm as you can see refers to,cost per thousand impressions,cpm is how facebook thinks of,the cost of facebook advertising so when,people say like,will it be more expensive for me to,advertise in the us,versus for me to advertise in india,in cpms absolutely the us is going to be,a much more expensive market to,advertise in,but if you're selling an expensive,product in results,in cost per conversion it might be less,expensive,to advertise in the us because of course,a much higher percentage of people may,be able to afford your product or,service because,the average person in the us earns a,much larger salary than the average,person in india for example,okay so your actual cost per conversion,may be maybe much better,but when we talk about cost we're,talking about cpm,and when i'm sort of evaluating the cost,of something when it comes to facebook,advertising,i'm talking about cpm separate from,conversions okay so just want to make,that clear to start with,right what affects your cpm because,that's how facebook thinks in terms of,cost,one of the big big big things is,basically how,people are reacting to your ads what,used to be termed as the relevant score,but is now broken down into three,different metrics,quality ranking engagement ranking et,cetera et cetera and,and if your ads are not resonating very,well with your target audience,perhaps it's annoying them they're,hiding your ad they're not engaging with,it's not grabbing their attention,they're not looking at it they're not,clicking on the links they're not doing,all that sort of stuff,that's going to affect your what used to,be called relevant score your quality,ranking and things like that,and that is going to read okay,that is going to increase your cpm,because facebook rewards advertisers,that put ads on their platform,that people are interested in that are,engaging that aren't annoying,and all that sort of stuff if they,didn't facebook,may get into trouble in terms of their,ads are annoying their users so much,that their users stopped using the,platform so facebook is highly,incentivized to,reward advertisers that produce ads,that get lots of engagement that people,enjoy and all that sort of stuff and one,of the ways to express that i mean yes,you could,we could jump over to the ad level and,here we go you'll see we could have a,look at,our quality ranking our engagement rank,and conversion rate ranking and that is,important i'll get into that in a second,but where was i one of the great ways of,seeing that in in a specific number is,your cpm,so what does this mean because certain,places are much more expensive to,advertise to certain industries are much,more expensive to advertise in,you know if you're advertising like,premium insurance or,high-end financial advisory services and,you're going after people with really,high net worth,yeah they're really expensive to,advertise to because so is everyone else,right,so it's not really useful to take a look,at your cpms and be like well they're,expensive,in that case what you want to look at in,terms of cpms is the difference between,various elements in your campaign,so which ad set which targeting option,is delivering a much higher cpm,if one's let's say at 40 cpm another,one's at 15,cpm well perhaps you should ignore the,more expensive one again,with the caveat that your cost per,conversion is the first thing you,optimize around,perhaps you've got a bunch of different,ads and some have much higher cpms on,than,others and and you're trying to work out,why they want to do those ads aren't,resonating,they're not landing they're not,delivering um the sort of results that,that facebook wants from an engagement,standpoint,um and therefore your will try to,perhaps pause those and look to create,more ads,that are similar to the best performers,so that's how we would use cpm we'd use,it as a,relative tracking metric um to,assess how much facebook is liking the,various components within our campaign,and pause the other forms and optimize,accordingly,i said if i jump to the ad level you can,see that you've got these three that,used to be the ad relevance score that's,sort of broken down quality rank,engagement,ranking conversion rate ranking this is,something people pay a lot of attention,to i don't too much,they don't really give you the i just,found it much easier with a relevant,score a number out of 10. now they give,you above average below average average,et cetera et cetera,we've got all sorts of campaigns we've,got campaigns that haven't worked,that had above average we've got,campaigns that are working incredibly,well that are below average so,i don't really pay attention to this too,much okay and,there are just a million other metrics,that you could be tracking and things,you could be basing your,your data around but honestly those are,basically the things that we look at,and that we pay attention to sounds very,simplistic but to be honest,with facebook advertising with digital,marketing even with online business in,general,simple usually works much better than,overly complex it really does,and so just a quick recap you want to,start with your,cost per conversion that's by far the,most important thing if that's good you,base all your decisions around that,nothing else,always keeping an eye on frequency very,important facebook ad fatigue is a real,thing,and something you need to avoid and,mitigate when it comes about,and look at your conversion rate between,your link clicks and your cost,and your your number of conversions,where is that what should that be does,that tell you that your landing page or,sales page is not good enough,take a look at the difference between,add to cart and purchases is there an,issue with your checkout process you get,lots of ad cards for not purchase,there's something wrong there maybe it's,not the facebook ad campaign's fault or,maybe it is maybe you need to,provide more proof in your facebook ad,it may be the form of a testimonial or,review,and perhaps you need to get some more,demonstration into a video something,along those lines,and then finally your cpms right so your,cost per thousand impressions,how much does facebook like various,components of your ad campaign,and how does that impact how much you're,paying to reach people,and how does that impact how you should,optimize your campaign so hopefully,that's been useful before you go,a couple of three things i want to very,very quickly mention the first is a,webinar i've created called three killer,facebook advertising strategies,to double or more your revenue fantastic,uh resource that's literally i've had um,i was gonna say thousands but i think it,might even be tens of thousands of,people go through this webinar right now,uh feedback's been amazing people find,it very very useful go ahead check that,out it's free link is in the description,it's all about facebook advertising,strategy so a very very very important,topic,other free thing is my facebook ads,mastermind group it's a free group one,of the biggest facebook groups,in the world to do with facebook,advertising got more than 40 000 members,all asking questions getting them,answered connecting with my like-minded,people,i provide free training in there every,single week if that sounds like,something you want to be part of,make sure you go ahead and join and then,finally i just want to quickly mention,our facebook advertising services,so my company lead guru the primary,thing that we do is we,offer done for you facebook and,instagram advertising services so we can,create campaigns manage them optimize,them,if you're currently running campaigns,yourself we can almost certainly get,better results than what you've been,able to achieve and that's you know i,don't want to sort of criticize anything,you're doing i'm sure you're doing a,great job but it's just due with the,fact that,we're managing millions and millions of,dollars in facebook ad spend we're,uh constantly working on dozens of,different client accounts,and um and you know we have the,experience to know how to get the best,results out of this,fantastic advertising platform so if you,are spending more than three thousand,dollars a month or one spend more than,three thousand dollars a month that's,the starting point,to work with us go ahead and book a,free 30-minute stretch session with me a,link will be in the video description,below right at the bottom,and you just have to fill out a little,bit of data i should warn you there's a,lot of demand for our services right now,so it's about a three week or so,wait time to speak with me that might,change of course by the time you uh,you watch this video but i just wanted,to make you aware of,that but yeah go ahead and get that that,session booked in if you're interested,in our services,um and we'll just you know informal chat,i'll let you know how we work you can,let me know what it is you're looking to,achieve i can see if we're,we're a good fit and we can uh we can go,from there basically,right if you enjoyed this video if you,found it useful please give it a like,smash that like button that'd be much,appreciated,comment below to let me know that's,always really helpful comment below if,you've got any questions,um i i'm not able to get to all the,questions in terms of a response but i,do see all the questions i respond to as,many as i can and of course subscribe to,my youtube channel if you are new,and you haven't done so already i,release facebook advertising related,content,uh multiple times per week so if that's,something you're interested in make sure,you,subscribe okay best of luck with your,facebook ad campaigns guys now you need,to analyze,your facebook ad campaigns and improve,results um,just as we do make the adjustments you,need to get better results and,yeah i'll talk to you soon bye for now,bye

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