how do i get rid of ads in my email

How to get rid and hide ads in Outlook email - [Microsoft 365 Tutorial] in this video I'm going to s

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Updated on Jan 06,2023

How to get rid and hide ads in Outlook email - [Microsoft 365 Tutorial]

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How to get rid and hide ads in Outlook email - [Microsoft 365 Tutorial]

in this video I'm going to show you how,to remove these really annoying adverts,from Outlook Hotmail or live now you'll,see I've got one at the top here which,has actually been clicked on so it's no,longer marked as an unread advert but it,looks very much like unread emails,normally and it sits just at the top,here and we have an advert on the right,hand side now these are AdSense adverts,so they tend to basically show me things,that I have been browsing before but,either way they're really annoying now,these are often positioned in places,where you will click on them by mistake,and of course Microsoft will generate,some revenue from this however you can,remove these there's two different ways,first of all if you upgrade to a,Microsoft 365 premium account you will,no longer get the advert so you see here,it's about 60 pounds per year but you do,get other additional features with it so,you get premium support you get Advanced,protection you can create custom domain,names for your email account and of,course you are also able to get more,storage space But to be honest if you,don't want to spend any money there is,an easier way if I head back to my email,page here just now I'm going to show you,this little browser extension in which I,have installed this one is called ublock,origin and basically I've installed it,into Chrome here as an extension and,when I turn it on and then refresh the,browser you will see that it will,essentially remove those adverts so the,one at the top which was the most,annoying one because I always,accidentally click on this has now been,completely removed the one on the right,hand side hasn't actually been removed,so what the advert has but the space,where the advert used to sit hasn't but,either way it has no removed adverts,from this page which makes it a lot,easier to use my free version of Outlook,this doesn't just work on email accounts,like this for example if I go to this,webpage here which is the UK's Daily,Mail website it is absolutely littered,with adverts right hand side left hand,side we've got them down in amongst all,of these stories and to be honest you,can barely even run through the page,without having to load so slowly because,of these annoying adverts however if I,go up to the blocker and then turn it on,and refresh you'll see that once again,it is now completely stripped out all of,the adverts and look how much quicker,the page loads so if you're sick of,adverts either in your Outlook Live or,Hotmail account or on General web pages,then you can block them with this,incredibly handy little extension so,this one in particular is called u-block,origin but you can use other ones just,search your browser's extension library,and you'll be able to install and make,use of a browser extension to block,those pop-ups hopefully you found this,video useful if you did please hit that,like button remember to subscribe to,support the channel and check out my,other video tutorials which are all,available completely free of charge but,thanks again for watching,laughs

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