how do i get a receipt from facebook ads

Steps To View And Download Receipts For Your Facebook Ad Charges (English Version)hello guys today i

Alen Yeoh │ Digital Marketing

Updated on Jan 20,2023

Steps To View And Download Receipts For Your Facebook Ad Charges (English Version)

hello guys today i would like to teach,you all how to download the receipt of,your,ads manager in the facebook so first of,all you need to click,x manager,so it will took some time to load,okay after that you need because this,accounting,did not run any ads so i need to find an,active account that will,then have run x so yeah,okay so after afterward you just need to,click the menu,then click building,okay when you reach this interface you,need to go to the,the second i mean the second buttons or,the drop down list,just quickly then you can filter the,date,in here let's say i want i want the,invoice for the last,30 minute 30 days so i just click,updates,so this is the invoice for the last 30,days,so now i need to click download all,invoice,so there are two options to download the,invoice one is building summary as a pdf,file,one is individual invoice so i will show,you both of them,both of them firstly this,is the build building summary as a pdf,you can choose pdf or csv,but i prefer you to choose the pdf,so just click download,okay afterwards just click,so the so this pdf file is basically the,summary of the invoice,so not so details if you want the,invoice that are more detailed you need,to click,individual invoice so you click download,so afterwards you need to extract this,form,after extract you need to open it,okay so as you can see this invoice is,small details,and you write out 83 ringgit is spent,for,this campaign and 16 ranges spent for,this campaign,so will be more details,so that's all for today i hope i will,see you in the next lesson,bye

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how do i get a receipt from facebook ads catalogs

View and Download Receipts for Your Facebook Ad Charges (English)

View and Download Receipts for Your Facebook Ad Charges (English)

hi there so we are going to teach you,how to download facebook advertising 3:6,it's very important focus to download,the receipts because when you cram it as,our business expenses so in your,facebook you go to the X manager right,it's loading,so for Facebook advertising eatery they,won't give you the invoice yeah so they,will give you the free six only after,you make a payment and every payment you,will you will get a receipt in your,ex-ranger so I'm going to show you let,me show example right I change my exit,conference because this ads account,currently being do any advertisement so,I'm going to show you active advertising,account and I would receive first go to,the main menu create and just building,it will take a moment to looting so,change the S account okay I change to my,account,so these the transaction record right,you can see it just been thousand won,right so you can choose filter the,months or days or you right here okay,you can choose for example I want to,download my generate invoice so oh sorry,is every received so we can choose the,first of January and undo the reverse of,January and update okay there's no,payment,let me try another one okay let me try,ever it would be easier so there's a,transaction right here is 831 during it,so you can choose double or invoice you,can choose if you do invoice or building,PDF so I will show you why it's the,difference so for this one entry you can,choose CSV or PDF of course I would,prefer PDF because PDF will be included,of Facebook company informations so we,download right safe the phone after you,download actually the invoice sorry the,receipt will be safe into your downloads,the folder again the tablet folder this,one and this is the record okay as you,can see the Facebook informations the,account name and my payment method and,the bill ok account view so this one we,will be using it to sum it to accountant,okay so let us see another type of,options which is individual invoice down,okay,choose save,this is it so it can as a strike it,right is another type of receipts,this one will be show more details it,would be like you know why is the DPS,and while you're promoting yeah so so,that's all for how to download receipts,from Facebook Ads manager okay,alright another things a tree you have,to check whether is it pay already yeah,you don't download wrong because,sometimes it will be fear payment if you,feel a tree which means the transaction,is here and known even already okay you,just need to double the invoice the,receive that is paid already,alright so that's all for the Facebook,ads building tutorial alright that's all,thank you

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