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Understanding Facebook Ads Manager | Walkthrough Tutorial for 2022what's up guys welcome back to ano

Derek Videll

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Understanding Facebook Ads Manager | Walkthrough Tutorial for 2022

what's up guys welcome back to another,video today we are doing a facebook ads,walkthrough where i'm just going to be,explaining the concepts behind,everything i'm going to explain what,everybody means and if you have no idea,what to do when you get back here if,this thing scares you i promise at the,end of this video it's all going to make,a lot of sense because facebook ads,manager,amazon back end as well both of these,huge companies their seller side of,things is,very,it's not user friendly it's not user,friendly when you first get in there but,it's kind of like if you go to college,for the first time and you go on campus,and you're like i'm never going to,figure this place out that's there's so,many buildings i'm never going to figure,this out and then after like a couple,weeks you've got the campus down so it's,kind of like that like once you get it,you get it and my goal on this one,uh this video is just to help you get it,really well so let's go ahead and just,jump right in here we're gonna go into,making an ad if you need help on what,your ad should be i'll link a video at,the end that can help you with that but,on this one i'm just going to explain,what every button does so there's this,new thing right here where they're,really trying to simplify everything,right make more automatic options,and i'll just say first thing,anytime facebook gives you the option to,run an automatic versus a manual version,of the campaign you're going to want to,choose the manual and the reason why,they do automatic is because a lot of,businesses freeze up when they get back,here so they just are trying to simplify,it so they don't lose a lot of money,from businesses never being able to,start their ads from confusion of what,to do but you give them a little bit too,much control in most cases and uh you,know i'll explain it a little bit more,along the way but just know that that's,kind of like going to be our default,answer throughout this whole process if,it gives us an automatic option we're,just probably not going to do it so to,start then we're going to click on take,tor so that we can see all of the,options so there's essentially three,different types of campaign categories,that we can do awareness consideration,or conversion so the awareness is just,like it sounds we're just going to get,this message out to as many people as,possible for the lowest cost,consideration these are more you know,lead generation which would be someone,filling out a form i'll explain all,these individually engagement people who,are likely to like or comment on a post,traffic,people who are likely to click a link is,what that means conversions is they're,going to go through a couple steps or,catalog sales would also be a couple,steps so if you're trying to go for,purchases that would be a conversion if,you the call to action of the ad you're,going to create,is,hey go ahead and buy this from the,website then you would do conversions,optimize your own purchases so i'll dive,more into that but that's essentially,the three differences here going into,each one brand awareness versus reach,so this is kind of hard to understand,exactly what it means but i'm going to,give you my best impression,of what it does but i will also say that,it's very rare that you'll run either of,these type of campaigns if you're a,small business brand awareness is,something that a lot of companies like,coca-cola do and you don't have to be,that big to you know for brand awareness,campaign to be worth it but what that,means is you're really just promoting,some kind of content or just some kind,of ad without a call to action on it,you're not saying buy this now it's on,sale on our website or give us your,email or literally anything you're not,even saying follow us probably it would,just be like coke running a polar bear,commercial and they're drinking the coke,and then that's it and you're like can i,even click anything and it's like no i,can't click it right that's like a brand,awareness campaign so,for that to be the first campaign,objective a small business has that is,still trying to test their offers or you,know get sales right now because they're,like look i don't even have any sales,right now we just want to see if our,website works you're going to go right,for the low hanging fruit and you're,going to be going for more sales or at,least collecting a lead from these,people so that you can keep the ball,rolling rather than say let's do a brand,awareness campaign and then hopefully,they buy in seven years okay so reach is,just show to your ad to the maximum,number of people for as cheap as,possible so what you need to understand,as we move from left to right here is so,like why would you want to do,like if hey show ads to the as many,people as cheap as possible why would,you ever want to do anything else right,it's because,the people that are cheap are those who,aren't being marketed to very much so,facebook and instagram ads works as an,auction system and that means that if,you're marketing to a demographic uh or,you know more so a psychographic that,has a specific interest that has a lot,of people that are selling to them right,now,then the auction will go up so as more,people enter the price goes up to,advertise to those people and if you're,uh you know marketing in a an industry,where there's not a lot of sellers,already there then it would be pretty,cheap so i used to run an aquarium,e-commerce company and there's not a lot,of people running ads around,aquarium products because a lot of them,are,too cheap to make facebook ads work uh,but for that reason we it was very cheap,but that also means that,when there's not a lot of people,advertising to that group of people,there's probably a reason so what i i've,seen is that usually the markets that,have the very high click through cost,like the click rate costs usually do,better because those click rate costs,are so high for a reason that is a very,hungry market and they're buying and,they have money and a lot of good things,so when i would do like on the far right,here conversions,this would be saying show my ad to,people who purchase stuff all right i,don't want you,looking at people that let me just stick,with the aquarium,example here who like,fish videos all right people who like,fish videos is who the brand awareness,one is going to show to because they,don't really buy stuff online they don't,interact with posts they don't enter,leads because they aren't all these,other things so they don't have to be,they just have to be a person at all is,what reach means as long as they like,fish videos just show them it all right,and then this one in the middle traffic,all of these are around the same kind of,line of uh,about the same level of call to action,that we're trying to get out of the,customer would be to like click a link,all right so this would be like these,people are,maybe they're like low-level aquarius,they don't buy that much stuff but,they'll go to your website they'll shop,around but they're not known to buy much,stuff is essentially who you're telling,facebook to show the ad to in this,traffic example and then with,conversions you're saying i know this is,going to be more expensive to show to,these people but hey if they don't buy,they don't buy so just show it to the,people that are most likely to buy that,have a track record over your decade,plus of tracking people's activity,online that they are very likely to buy,something or you could do a conversions,objective for entering an email opt-in,if you have like a free ebook and you,want to optimize around people who are,likely to do said action and have,downloaded a bunch of free ebooks online,because people who download ebooks,download ebooks so it's also in you know,a habit that you can target people off,of rather than just that they're just,interested in that market so,in every situation whatever you want is,what you want to tell facebook you want,if you want convert like purchases but,you're like yeah but i don't want to,spend for the extra the extra amount for,these more high quality customers let me,just do reach,it will,not only show to as many people as,possible but those people that it will,show to,will not ever be part of the conversions,audience because they are not the,cheapest people to show to so it will,like purposefully be showing your ad to,people who don't buy stuff online so if,you're really like hey we're just trying,to get followers and we don't we don't,care if these people buy in 10 years we,just want a bunch of followers for the,cheapest cost,then that is more where you're doing,like a reach campaign brand awareness,again is just like hey we're coca-cola,you know we can just go real far with it,and we don't really need to tell people,go down to your local 7-eleven and it's,399 for three cokes right now we can,just have the polar bears right but,you're not at that point yet you want to,make sure that your product sells so,most of you won't be doing these left,categories um but why would you choose,traffic for versus conversions,the main reason is,if you feel like you have enough data to,tell facebook you are looking for a,conversion yet so for instance if i had,a new ebook and i was running a bunch of,ads to get people,to download that ebook,and then,uh,but i only had like two people who had,ever downloaded it facebook doesn't,really have enough info to know how to,optimize around that conversion right,because when we do a conversion we'll,say it will say what do we want us to,get them to do and we'll say download,the ebook and they'll say okay we've got,two people who have downloaded it before,so people like them right we're like,yeah and those two people have totally,different demographics and there's no,pattern that really emerges to tell,facebook so for that reason,sometimes running a traffic campaign,in this ebook example but until you have,20 30 40 downloads might be a good way,to get the ad running a little bit,quicker because you'll show to more,people for less in the traffic campaign,and then it can kind of figure out who,your people are and then you can say all,right now show to the more expensive,people that would be like one reason why,someone would do it,really in most cases a conversions,campaign is what you're going to want to,do if you're looking for leads or you're,looking for sales and like i said you,probably should be now what is this lead,generation one though this one use forms,calls or chats to gather info from,people interested in your business so,this is where,they don't have to click to go to an,external website to fill out a lead form,and it actually is a really great way to,do it so if you're looking for an email,if you don't have like this landing page,that explains so much stuff about your,product and you are okay with a very,simple form,on facebook and you can add some,descriptions and stuff like this the,businesses that use the lead generation,form,the most are going to be,service based industries if you do,roof repairs interior design such like,that those more professional services,especially to homeowners are most,commonly using the lead generation,campaign so that's what i feel like it's,a little bit more warmed up to naturally,but if you feel like hey like this is,simple i just want to grab a lead and i,don't want to even make them leave,facebook or instagram when they click,lead generation campaign,like if they're seeing the ad and they,click it and it pops up it won't like go,to essentially safari with an instagram,to bring to a landing page which takes,loading time and anytime there's loading,time you have people leaving this form,will just instantly pop up and it will,have all of their information filled and,then they can just click submit and then,you can set that up for whatever email,sequence to start or however you have it,so a lot of times if you are doing leads,i mean,anything that you're like which one,would be better,the only answer is always going to be,test it if you're not sure if you're,like look i'm just going for the ebook,downloads i don't know if the,conversions or the lead generation would,work,a lot of times you would just set one of,them up then you would copy the entire,campaign and simply the only thing you,would change is this objective all right,the initial objective that you give them,so before i actually click one of these,let me see if there's anything else app,insults if you're selling if you're,doing an app do that one okay that's,people likely to download an app video,views if you're just that's more of a,brand awareness though right you're like,hey i don't even care if they click i,just want to make sure they watch the,whole videos is going to show to people,who have a high attention span on,facebook and instagram is what that,means that are likely to watch videos to,their fullest,uh and then messages is if you would,want a facebook message to get started,or a message on instagram so if like the,thing is like hey dm me this,word if you want some help with this,then you could try to run a messages,campaign and see how that works um but,like i said whatever you actually want,tell that to facebook there's not a,tactical way to get cheaper,uh instagram ads really i kind of joked,about that on my instagram recently,through a real is why it's kind of funny,i'm saying that but there's not really,like a cheaper way to get instagram ads,through like a tactical hack uh by you,know screwing with facebook and,instagram uh without it hurting you at,this point because their data is so,accurate that you just telling them what,they want uh what you want is how to get,what you want so let's explain these,three tabs,because once you understand these three,levels of ads you'll actually understand,how to run ads on a lot of different,ad platforms a lot of it is set up like,this into these three different tiers so,campaign all that is is simply what is,the goal of this campaign if you're,running a social media giveaway and,you're running it in june you'd call it,a june social media giveaway if you're,running a black friday sale you'd call,it black friday sale 2022 if you're,running a an ongoing campaign that you,want these ads to just be going all the,time you could call it ongoing cold ads,whatever the marketing objective is you,just literally are going to title it,that and when we get into creating the,campaign i'll actually do that just,because it's so,uh easy i'm just going to do i'll do a,conversions campaign because that's what,most of you are going to do,and then,i'm going to click on sales all right so,if the call to action of your ad is,going to be that your product is on sale,whether you're doing a discount or,you're just trying to get someone to buy,it then you're going to want to click,that so let's click sales,at this campaign level there's only so,many objections so let's say that this,is my summer,sale,2022 all right that's like an ad,campaign that's going to run for one,month,between june and july and i'm gonna try,to sell a bunch of clothes during that,time,so,categories you're not gonna do this,likely these are special ad categories,very few people are gonna fall into,these so you can just ignore this tab,buying type auction most of the time you,can't even change it so yeah you're,going to do that campaign objective,sales we had already selected that,before,catalog you're not going to do,in,almost every case all right this is,this is a way that people who,don't want to get creative and make like,their own ads and stuff this is kind of,like a cop-out to like turn this on so,they can just have whatever catalog,they have on their product shop just,kind of like display here it's just,another like shortcut for facebook to be,like just get your ad out quick right so,let's not do that a b testing it is very,important to split test do not do it,through this way i'm going to show you,how to split test how to set that up,once we get to the ad level you're not,going to want to click a b test the,reason why is because it gives facebook,too much control over,which of your ads get the budget you,want to remain,giving yourself the manual control in a,lot of these cases to turn them off at,will and also with the a b test it will,be like how do long do you want to run,this test and you'll say this many days,and let's say you say five days and,after three days you can already see,clearly who the winner is facebook will,be like it's not over yet don't stop it,and you're like i already see who won,and facebook is like yeah but you told,us you wanted us to test it for five,days and you're like i did but now it's,day three and i can already see who the,winner is and you're making me want to,complete this campaign so it just gives,away control don't do it campaign budget,optimization,i'm gonna come back and explain this one,it will be easier to explain after that,okay but basically campaign is the first,level,ad set is the second level which exists,under the campaign and under that is the,ads all right so the ad set all it is,is the audience that it's showing to the,ad set is comprised of two components,who are we showing this to and where are,we showing it okay who are we showing it,to and where are we showing it to,them and what this add name will be you,actually won't want to set it at the,beginning because you know unless you,already know exactly you're going to,target but most of the time you're going,to come in here and make an audience so,i'm just going to make a very quick,mock-up audience actually,custom audiences i'll explain that in a,different video so be sure to subscribe,if you like my explanations today i'll,be coming out with lots of tutorials and,like i said at the very end of this if,you want to get started on your first,facebook ad you can watch that video i,have a free course on running face on,running instagram ads too that i'll link,in the description so lots more that i,can help you with but let's stay focused,on this video come on i know you want,more content from me i know that's what,you were thinking but focus guys so,custom audiences is uh going to be more,like audiences that you say like hey run,it to my instagram following run it to,my facebook following run it to my email,list it's more of a manual input,audience and then detailed targeting is,where you're actually gonna go you're,gonna click on the edit on the side here,detailed targeting expansion reach,people beyond your detailed targeting,selections when it's likely to improve,performance,you're always in every situation going,to click off on that,that is saying hey just in case you get,your audience wrong can we choose,and,that sounds nice and it might get you,better ad data however if i say hey show,this ad to people interested in bowling,and soccer and volleyball i don't know,what product you'd want to do that,audience but,it would say okay we'll do that but,we'll try football and maybe football's,the one that's getting the conversions,but i won't see that because all i see,is it's running to my volleyball,baseball,soccer audience but then it also says it,says add anything else you want and,because of that you can never optimize,your ads yourself because you don't,really know where the data is ever,coming from so always turn off detail,targeting expansion,detailed targeting so let's say,i am trying to pinpoint,entrepreneurs all right a lot of people,try to sell to entrepreneurs this is a,b2b one,i work with more b2c people i'll i'll do,two all right real quick entrepreneurs,a lot of times it's best to just like,literally type in the main thing you're,looking for okay entrepreneurship but,someone interested in entrepreneurship,if i'm like trying to sell them a course,or consulting,it probably isn't nearly like that's not,targeted enough right because that's,almost all of america um there's 140,million people listed in that audience,in the united states between 18 and you,know any age and there's only 230,million people in america it's it's like,three-quarters of america is registered,as liking entrepreneurship that's,actually pretty insane but let's say,you're like all right let's make this a,little bit more targeted what you can do,here is click narrow audience and as you,can guess you can also exclude the,audience so if i ever wanted to say hey,exclude people aren't,interested in entrepreneurship i'm,trying to find people,you know i sell things to people who are,interested in uh their,their corporate job so i want to get,people who are not even interested in,entrepreneurship at all like you that's,how you could do it right that's another,thing that you could do but we're going,to narrow it and what that means is you,essentially create a venn diagram so,let's say entrepreneurship and then they,have to like,we'll pick an influencer grant cardone,wow he's not on here is that for real i,thought he totally was i could have,sworn i've seen him in the past all,right let's just put garyvee i guess,gary vaynerchuk all right they have to,be interested in entrepreneurship and,gary vaynerchuk,and that got it down quite a bit,actually which doesn't make a lot of,sense but i got it down a ton right and,then you could say,i want to make sure they're even more,active i'm going to give you guys one,extra like secret hack for businesses so,you could actually do something like,this,business page,i'm getting way too much into making an,ad i know i'm just going to do this one,example sorry business page admins or,facebook page admins or small business,owners right so like read that people,who list themselves as small business,owners or own small business pages on,facebook cool that would probably be an,active business owner should have a,facebook page right perfect now they're,interested in entrepreneurship garyvee,and they have a small business page 380,000 of them okay that would be the who,in this situation and the reason why i,gave this example is how to title the ad,set entrepreneurship,with garyvee with small business owners,so what i would do,so that you can keep your ads very clean,you just come back here,and now is the time you title the ad set,name,gary,vaynerchuk,business page okay so then when i'm look,comparing my data i can clearly see who,it's showing to i'm not going to name,this,like cool audience 4 or like you know,american audience 1,you want to be able to check like at the,level without diving in here when you're,looking at your ads on a grander scale,that you know,what exactly is winning and what's not,so we're going to do that you can set,languages you know if you're like you,know i just want to make sure they speak,english like even though it's not going,to go down much you can see 380 there,you can click english all and that's,going to go down to 378 right so 2k,people off but hey why not,if you're going to write your ad in,english you want to make sure that they,could read it and then down here,automatic placements versus manual so,based on what i said before which one do,you think we want to pick,manual and the reason why is because,uh automatic placements would show on,every one of these locations now it's,not that it would,just spread out your budget evenly and,you know show,your,ad in article and on apps and sites and,on reels and,on stories as much as feed it will,figure it out like you'll figure out,where it belongs eventually,but,it's better if you already know where,you made it for to just tell instagram,where this ad belongs if you made a one,by one piece of content,like this for an instagram feed and the,caption is very important for people to,even understand what the ad has going on,for it should it appear here on the,facebook right column where there's only,like one sentence of the caption,probably not you're like it wouldn't be,effective there and i know that right so,don't tell facebook yeah just put it,everywhere and you can figure it out,from the crappy data we'll just tell you,where we already know it's not gonna,work right so in most cases,you're gonna say you know i don't want,it there instagram shop if you're trying,to sell a product i mean it looks pretty,good right next to a lot of other,products and if they purposefully,clicked on instagram shop and they're,shopping it's a phenomenal place to run,ads for sure if you're selling the,product,even if you're getting leads sometimes,it's a great spot instagram explorer,usually keep it on if it's not a video,i'm going to take it down from there,facebook marketplace kind of see that as,the same as shop,feed,if it's a one by one ad i probably don't,want it to run on a nine by 16 story,especially because the caption won't,show at all or it will show like four,words of it so it's kind of weird you,know in stream video,reels overlay this is a brand new one,whenever they have a brand new thing,like this it means that a lot of,businesses probably aren't doing it and,it is a lot cheaper of an ad space so if,you can if you're like look the image is,all that needs for someone to click on,this you should absolutely run reels,overlay because that's the newest one at,this time time this recording,april 2022 uh so,anytime within the next six months even,should be one of the bigger,opportunities for cheaper impressions,just running in these ad spaces where,people aren't,um search you're never going to want to,do because if someone just typed in a,search query for like you know person,from my high school,then there and then like they see,jasper's market it's like hey person,from my high school i just looked for,but,why not check out jasper's market,in the meantime they're on a freaking,mission to like you know stalk someone,so let's get off the search page then,get off an article get off apps and,sites probably you know just go through,each one um but yeah you're always going,to want to set that now i don't put that,in my ad set name but that's all the ad,set is guys the campaign what are we,doing we're doing a summer sale who are,we showing it to we're showing it to,entrepreneurs garyvee these people and,then where are we showing it to them,that okay that's all that's happening,after the first two levels there's just,a lot of fancy words but now what we're,doing is going to the ad level and you,can see that i can go between the levels,here or i can go between the levels here,so let me click on it,this one this time right okay so new,sales ad,now i actually already do know what the,name of this one is going to be,and it's going to be,content a,caption a,because that is how we're going to set,up for split testing so,it's better to do it in this these cases,and then just kind of memorize which,piece of content is,a and b and c or whatever you would do,and you're always going to have at least,you should at least always go to like,content d and caption d probably,and people are like well how many and,it's like just as many great guesses as,you have is what the answer is all right,so don't ever ask like how many,different,you know creatives should i test,how many awesome ideas do you have is,and you should try all of them is the,answer to that but,like minimum of four would be like,you're not thinking hard enough if you,can't think of like four ways to like,pitch your ad all right so at least four,of those um but let's say that so going,down here,the ad is just like,what is going to show right it's just,exactly like what does this look like on,instagram or wherever you are allowing,this ad to go so let's just say i say a,single image or video that's going to be,the first thing one of the things that,you choose you can also use an existing,post from your instagram and just like,run traffic to that which is very,similar to like promoting the post as if,you just like clicked promote when,you're on instagram,but i wouldn't do that because then you,can't really split test because you,can't alter the caption or anything as,it is all right so if i clicked use,existing post i would just select one of,my recent posts from instagram and then,i couldn't even like,change it at all from there,um if i wanted to so you can't do any,kind of testing,we're gonna create the ad,the single image,is just like it sounds or video carousel,is just multiple,i don't think you're ever going to click,collection and you're not going to click,dynamic experience because all that is,is just like facebook is kind of like,can we like make it cooler looking but,you're like we're going to make it cool,don't worry about it we don't need your,help so don't allow them to you know,don't do the dynamic experiences,so we're just gonna,choose one of my images,from recently,this is not my actual ad account this is,just uh,uh you know my extra one,for tutorials,not that it matters but um i just like,to keep it clean back here so there's,not just like all this crap and you're,like wait which one which one are we,working on so let's say that i wanted to,run this terrible copy here,this is actually good this is just like,a thumbnail for one of my youtube videos,um one by one is what you're going to,want to do i wish you could do 4x5 still,that would be awesome allow enhancements,i mean you can like click it to see what,it looks like but i mean just enhance,the image and make it look what it needs,to before getting to this step it's just,another you know way that facebook is,trying to make their app look pretty,even on the ad side,primary text is the caption,headline,is,on facebook,it's this okay headline is right there,where it says headline the headline is,not going to be uh involved with,instagram uh it used to be it used to,just add it as the first line of the,caption which was super annoying um but,now it looks like it just is going to,have it be on the facebook news feed,so yeah headlines very important make,sure you watch my tutorial on actually,how i recommend creating your first ad,before just running them because,most businesses are not going to get,great results just trying to,throw something random together i,promise you it's,very difficult to make these work,on a small budget the first time because,it means that your ad has to be great,your targeting has to be great your,website has to be great and a lot of,times they just need the to run ads for,a while before instagram even knows how,to be great with your offer so um yeah,we can come here this call to action,button is just that button there um but,we're getting to the end here guys i,just want to leave it at that for now,besides one more thing actually so once,i create that let's say i wrote my,caption i wrote my content i made the,whole thing and i want to say all right,i want to test something against it what,you would do here is you're going to,click duplicate and then just by,clicking duplicate again it's going to,add just another ad right here,and then,i would just come in here and i'd say,you know what i want to keep the same,piece of content so i'll keep the same,image but in this one i'll change the,caption so it's content a but it's,caption b this time so i come in here,and i say this is,the second caption,now this button right here this gray x,it says close it should say save and,close this publish button if you click,that it's going to manually submit the,ad to a facebook representative to go,over the ad an actual person if there's,anything wrong with it you could,potentially even get an account ban,so this is not save it it is published,right but this is save and close so you,can click this gray x at any time right,and then it says all that it saves at,the bottom but that one's content a,caption view now right i duplicate it,and i just the caption change the name,like that,if i would say,i actually want to do,a different kind of,content though too what i could do now,in this case is,select both of those,duplicate both of them,and then now you can see on the left,side here i'm i've got both of them,highlighted right both of these new,copies of those ads and then i could say,all i want to change in this one,is the content,because i really wanted to run,my other,youtube thumbnail image i think this,should work i'm just going to run the,interior of a youtube thumbnail,oh this is a real thumbnail guys so yeah,right now that's there,and then what i can do is boom just x,because the,one of them's content and one of them,content,excuse me the captions are different,come up here to edit name get rid of,copy,change both to content b,and you can create split testing as,simple as that and then all you do is,turn off and on these ads as you see the,bad data come in and,you don't ever want to like delete the,ad because you want to have proof of,what didn't work it's really important,so always just turn off that individual,ad and then from here as you can imagine,all of these ads exist within this ad,set so if i duplicate this,ad set because i want to say all right,i'm going to do one thing different,instead of gary vaynerchuk,i want to do tony robbins,don't even tell me tony robbins isn't on,here i swear tony robbins has been on,here in the past and grant cardone so,that's kind of insane,damn,all right but you're like you know what,tony romo the quarterback of the cowboys,i think that is more my audience here,then,all you do is that you change that one,thing,you come back,tony romo,get rid of the copy because it's ugly,click on that gray x that save and close,and boom it's already done you already,created now i've got a new test and,guess what exists within that tony romo,audience all of the ads right there are,from the tony romo all the ads right,here are from the garyvee so there's,already eight ads,split tested right there so i hope this,all makes sense too of what buttons,you'd click um i think there's only one,other,feature that i didn't cover so i'm just,going to cover that just so that this,can truly be thorough and then you're,good,but also a lot of these results don't,matter just focus on cost per result,when you're analyzing results is all i'd,say because the cost that someone,that it takes for someone to like,complete the purchase or the email is,all that really matters don't pay,attention to like well how much did the,initial click cost like that doesn't,matter right like it's just like well,whoever's getting me the cheapest sales,whoever's getting the cheapest leads is,the winner right don't worry like oh,reach that's who cho who facebook and,instagram has chosen to show your ad to,so far high reach doesn't mean it's the,ad winning whatsoever okay cost per,result is the only number you should,really look at when tweaking your ads,the other thing that i was going to say,though is,at this level,there is something called,the,attribute oh yeah attribution setting i,saw it,and you can't set it with for a,conversions campaign usually it's in,traffic campaigns but there is a one day,or a seven day window an attribution,setting is basically you telling them,with this type of ad does it usually,does a conversion usually happen the,same day that they see the ad or within,seven days of seeing the ad they need to,see it a few times so if you ever get,the attribution setting option and,you're running a sale ad you should,probably have it set to the seven,because not everyone's gonna buy it like,the first time they see it they might,have to see the ad a couple times right,and when you tell facebook and instagram,that they know to expect to show it to,the customer more often before this,conversion should happen if you're,running something like a giveaway or a,league collection campaign which i,totally recommend as the first campaign,a business run which i'll show you in,the next video,then you would click the one day because,for someone to enter their email they,don't need to be like oh this free ebook,i can't decide like all week i've been,trying to decide if i want to do this or,not right we don't want facebook to keep,showing the ad to that peep that person,all week long and try to get them to,decide if they don't do it the first,couple times just leave them alone is,more what that's saying that's the last,thing that i would want to tell you,about to understand if you ever get,asked about attribution setting you just,have the one or the seven day option,there's a couple other little things uh,don't worry about it just worry about,the one versus the seven but that's the,ad tutorial guys how to set up your,first ad in the next video let's go,thanks for watching smash all the,buttons subscribe you've got value i'm,on a climb to a thousand at this time,just hit 900 this morning and i'm never,stopping so,you can be part of the initial army that,before this gets you a hundred thousand,or you can join us later doesn't matter,but it'll be cool when you can tell,people later that you per were part of,the first thousand so if you want to be,one of them hit the subscribe talk to,you later,you

The above is a brief introduction to how do i find ads manager on facebook

Let's move on to the first section of how do i find ads manager on facebook

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Facebook Ads Tutorial 2023 - How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE)

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2023 - How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE)

what's up guys jordan here and today we're  going through how to start facebook ads now  ,our last video got over one million views but  facebook have changed a thing or two so today  ,i'm bringing you right back up to speed the a to  z of how to launch your first ever facebook ad but  ,before we get into it make sure you're subscribed  with your notification belt turned on let's get  ,started with this video okay so before we jump  onto the mac i want to announce a competition  ,for every 100 people that comment on this video  i'm going to be giving someone completely free  ,access to the learnads pro facebook ad training  course and we're going to announce that every  ,100 comments now to enter you need to comment  down below with your goals for advertising on  ,facebook so let's say enter that competition  and let's jump straight into this training  ,okay let's jump straight into this facebook  ads training starting off with some numbers now  ,there are 1.7 billion daily active users on the  facebook platform and around 80 of the internet  ,have a facebook profile so this is a colossal  opportunity for business owners to get themselves  ,in the hands of their ideal customers and that's  reflected in the ad revenue from facebook there  ,were 17 billion dollars spent on facebook ads  in q1 alone in 2020 and more than 80 million  ,businesses already have a facebook business page  and that's because the average cost per click on  ,facebook which is the cost to get somebody to  visit your website is 1.72 cents although that  ,average actually sounds pretty high to me based on  the results we get in our marketing agency and so  ,by the end of this video i'm pretty sure your cost  per click will be a lot less than that now the cpm  ,which is the cost to reach 1 000 people so 1 000  people in your target audience is around 7.34  ,on facebook which makes facebook one of the most  cost-effective ad platforms in the world right  ,now which is probably why 86 of us marketers  already use facebook ads as part of their  ,marketing strategy so how does it all work well  here's an overview of the facebook advertising  ,platform this is the structure of the platform  and we'll break down each of these components  ,individually but at the top of this we have the  facebook business suite which is formerly known  ,as the facebook business manager and this is where  we manage our business account we didn't have ads  ,manager so this is the host of all of our ad  accounts and within ads manager we can have  ,multiple ad accounts so this is where we actually  manage our ads for example if you own multiple  ,businesses you may have multiple ad accounts  because you want one ad account for one business  ,you don't want to be managing ads for multiple  businesses on one ad account equally if you have  ,an advertising agency you'll want to have multiple  ad accounts for each of your clients underneath an  ,ad account we have an ad campaign and this is the  type of advert we're actually running we then have  ,an ad set which is our target audience and finally  we have our ad creative okay the advert itself  ,the visuals you'll notice that ad campaign ad set  and advert are all grouped up on this diagram and  ,that's because they are the three core components  that make up a facebook ad let's jump into that a  ,little bit further so we have campaigns at the  top which is where we select our objective what  ,are we trying to achieve from our ads do we want  to drive traffic through to our website or do  ,we want engagement on a post we select that at a  campaign stage we then have our ad sets and this  ,is where we select our target audience who we are  actually trying to reach and then finally we have  ,our ads themselves the creative or the visuals  what we see on the facebook news feed this could  ,be a video this could be an image and of course  your ad copy as well which is your text for the ad  ,now you won't always have one campaign with one ad  set and one ad within that as an advertiser you'll  ,want to test out multiple variables different  audiences and different ad creatives as well  ,and this diagram represents that so let's  say for example we have one campaign and  ,this is a traffic campaign we're driving traffic  through to our website and we are a dog treat  ,company and we want to test out two different  audiences so we have ad set one and ad set two  ,ad set one is targeting an interest dog lovers ad  set two could be targeting dog owners for example  ,and within those two ad sets we have two different  ads we're testing out as well so we have add one  ,and add two add one could be a video showing  somebody giving their dog this treat and two  ,could be an image of a dog eating a treat or  a very happy looking dog so actually what we  ,have here with this diagram is one ad campaign  which is testing out two different ads to two  ,different audiences and the reason we do testing  is to make sure that we are getting the highest  ,return on ad spend possible just because we think  that an audience and an ad is going to work well  ,doesn't mean it actually will convert when we  publish that advert and so we have to do a lot  ,of testing to find winning facebook ad campaigns  so that's an overview of a facebook ad and the  ,business suite structure let's jump straight  into the platform right now so you can see this  ,in practice now to create a business manager or  suite account go over to  ,and this is not to be confused with a facebook  business page by the way you need a page for your  ,business already so if you don't have a facebook  page for your business go and create one first of  ,all so once you're on go  on the top right corner and hit create account  ,and this is where we can enter the details for  our business manager so enter your business name  ,your name and then your business email address  hit submit you'll be prompted to enter a url and  ,you can enter your website url or just paste the  link for your business page on facebook i can't do  ,that right now because we already have an account  created now once your account is created you'll  ,be brought straight through to the facebook  business suite and that will look just like  ,this now the first thing we'll notice is we have  a large overview on the business suite home page  ,which allows us to look at all of the data from  our facebook business page we can look at updates  ,we can look at recent posts we can have a look  at some insights as well so this is really useful  ,information all consolidated in one easy to read  place the first thing we need to do is actually  ,set up this business manager properly so go over  to the left hand side and go more tools i'll just  ,zoom in so you can see this just in case and then  we're going to go over to business settings and  ,we're going to set up our account so we're ready  to launch our first ad now on the left hand side  ,here we have our navigation bar and on the right  we have our actionable area we're going to start  ,off with users and people now this is where we  can add other people onto our business manager  ,so for example if we have employees and we want  them to launch our ads for us or analyze the data  ,we can hit the blue add button here and we can  add somebody with employee access or full admin  ,access as well so if we want them to have full  rights over the account all we simply need to  ,do is enter their email address hit next and  we will send an invite through to their inbox  ,and they'll be able to accept that and have access  to everything within our business manager we want  ,to make sure that we are on here as well we then  have partners now for example if you want to work  ,with a digital marketing agency and they already  have another business manager account already set  ,up you can add them so invite them to have access  to yours by entering their business id i'll show  ,you where you can find this in a moment if you  ever need to give somebody your business id  ,we then have pages so the first thing we want  to do is make sure we add our business page  ,our facebook business page onto our business  manager settings and so we can hit the blue add  ,button and hit add a page and all you simply  need to do is type in the name of your page  ,and hit add okay so we can add those pages onto  our business manager okay so now our page is added  ,to our business manager now just to highlight if  you're running ads on someone else's behalf when  ,you click ads you can request access to somebody  else's page or you can even go ahead and create a  ,brand new facebook business page if you don't have  one already created so you can click add new page  ,and go through all of the questions and this will  create the page within the facebook business suite  ,now so let's just cancel that so now our page is  added we can go ahead and create an ad account  ,so hit add accounts hit add and again we have  the same options here we can add an ad account  ,an existing one we can request access to somebody  else's account or we can create a new one so we're  ,going to create a new one we're going to name  this and we're going to select our time zone and  ,our currency let's make sure that your currency is  correct because it's a little bit tedious having  ,to go back and change it later on hit next this is  for my business although if you're an agency you  ,want to do another business or client so but  we're going to select my business hit create,and we're going to make sure we select ourself and  give ourselves full admin access again though this  ,is where we can add other people from our business  manager onto this ad account hit assign hit add  ,payment info and here we want to add our payment  method for this ad account this is the method  ,that you're going to use to pay for the ads that  you're running on this account so we can do direct  ,debit we can do paypal we can do online banking or  facebook ad credit if you have a ad credit token  ,for now i'm going to select debit and credit card  and i'm just going to enter some card details so  ,we can set up this account okay so now payment  details are added this ad account will be good  ,to go but there's one final thing we need to do  let's go down to business info on the bottom left  ,corner and make sure our business information is  bang up to date so the first thing we need to do  ,is assign a primary page to our business manager  so we edit that and we select our primary page  ,whatever one is the main page that we are using  for this business manager we then want to edit  ,our business details so enter our legal business  name address and tax id for accounting purposes  ,and if we have the option to verify our  business status you should do this as well  ,it gives us more security and tells facebook we  are a legitimate company looking to advertise  ,on the platform you'll notice here that your  ad account creation limit will probably be one  ,if this is a brand new account which means that  you can only create one ad account now facebook  ,do this for security reasons to stop fraud and  prevent that and so what you need to do to lift  ,this limit if you need multiple ad accounts is  start creating ads on your current ad account  ,spend money on the account actually pay your  bill and then facebook will lift that limit  ,and allow you to create more ads so you just need  to build a bit of trust with the platform first  ,the final thing you could do is set up two-factor  authentication for security and verify your email  ,address now you will have received an email from  facebook when you created your business manager  ,account if you didn't just hit resend verification  email and that is your business manager completely  ,set up there are a ton of other options  on business settings but this will cover  ,99 of businesses we do not have time to go  through all those other things right now let's  ,jump straight into the actual ads manager and how  we can create our first facebook ad so if we go  ,down the top left corner here and on business  tools and we're going to go down to ads manager  ,so now we are in the ad account we just created  on the ads manager interface remember we have  ,business suite ad manager then the ad account  we want to select a different ad account we can  ,hit this drop down and select any others that we  have associated to us we then have our free core  ,elements to a facebook ad and that's a campaign  an ad set and an ad and if we want to create  ,our first ever ad all we need to do is hit either  this create add button in the middle or the green  ,create button and it's going to give us the option  first of all to select our campaign objective so  ,let's zoom in so you can see this so at this stage  we can select what it is we are trying to achieve  ,from our ad so we have three main objective types  awareness consideration or conversion awareness  ,is how it sounds is to make people aware of  our product or service for the first time  ,consideration is to get some kind of commitment  of interest whether that's a lead form or just  ,going onto our website we then have conversion  and that is to get the actual sale to get cash  ,in our bank from our ads let's highlight a few of  the most commonly used individual objective types  ,so we have traffic this is to drive traffic from  a to b so from facebook through to your website  ,or landing page engagement to get likes comments  or shares vanity metrics app installs exactly how  ,it sounds video views so to get people watching  a promotional video of ours lead generation so  ,we can create a form on facebook and have our  potential customers fill in their details so we  ,can then sell to them later messages to prompt  facebook messages and then we have conversions  ,so conversions is the campaign objective that the  majority of you want to use if you want to get  ,sales on your website or want to get  your customers to take a very specific  ,action on your website and the way we do this is  through the facebook pixel the facebook pixel is  ,a tracking code that all of you should install  on your website that allows you to read into the  ,data of your customers you can find out what  your customers are doing on your website and  ,how they are behaving and most importantly  how or whether they are converting or not  ,that allows you to track the exact amount of  money they are spending so you can see your  ,return on investment on facebook and get a full  understanding of how well your ads are performing  ,in fact before we continue on creating this ad  let me show you how to set up a facebook pixel  ,so go over to business tools and go down to events  manager and then click connect a data source  ,web get started facebook pixel hit  connect name the pixel so this can be  ,whatever you want to call it you can then enter  your website url okay and if your website is  ,found to be built on a platform that integrates  with facebook easily it will take all of the hard  ,work out for you and it will set up your pixel  hit continue we then get the option to either  ,install manually or use a partner integration if  i show you using a partner integration first of  ,all because the majority of you will be able to  do this if your website is built on any of these  ,tools then you'll be able to quickly integrate  the facebook pixel but all we're really doing here  ,is inserting a small bit of code into the header  of your website a tracking code so let's say for  ,example your website is built on kajabi you can  hit kajabi and it'll go through the individual  ,instructions that you need to follow to actually  set up the pixel some of these will actually  ,automatically integrate though for example with  shopify it's very easy you just need to put  ,a pixel id code in your shopify store settings  now if you want to install the pixel yourself  ,hit install code manually and copy this code and  paste it into the header of your website then  ,hit continue and you'll be prompted to create  event codes so you can track individual actions  ,so for example if you want to track purchases on  your website you can install the purchase event  ,code into the thank you page of your website so  facebook knows when somebody has purchased your  ,product now if any of this is confusing  you can't set up automatic integrations  ,and you can't set up the code yourself manually  you can click email instructions and send these  ,instructions over to a web developer who will  make light of this and be able to set up the pixel  ,very easily i recommend all businesses to set up  a facebook pixel on their website so you can track  ,data and your ads will get more effective over  time as facebook learns more and more about your  ,audience and your customers so let's go back over  to the ads manager and let's resume creating that  ,ad today so we're going to hit create and then for  the purpose of this i'm going to create a traffic  ,advert driving traffic from facebook onto our  website and we'll follow suit with the dog treat  ,theme so we'll advertise for a dog treat company  we're going to name our campaign and we want to  ,name it something we'll easily remember so we can  quick reference later on so this can be dog treat  ,traffic and this could be cold okay cold audience  because this is going to be a completely cold  ,audience that has never heard about our brand  before hit continue we then get to check through  ,our campaign settings but as a beginner there  is nothing that we need to change here so we're  ,going to hit next so we now walk through to the  ad set stage where we can select our audience and  ,our targeting the first thing we're going to do is  name our ad set so again something we can remember  ,so let's put the um campaign name in there and  our audience itself so we're going to target  ,dog owners for this now you'll notice there are a  ton of different features and options at an ad set  ,level way too many features for us to go through  in a youtube video about it being hours long and  ,the algorithm absolutely hating it but i will be  giving each and every one of you the opportunity  ,to learn about every single feature on facebook ad  creation at the end of this video completely for  ,free but in this video we're only going to  highlight the things that matter to beginners  ,when creating their first ads so we're going to  skip through here and we're going to go down to  ,budget because we want to select the budget for  this traffic ad the daily budget i would recommend  ,for any ad is five dollars or five pounds to  start off with you can always scale up from  ,there depending on results i wouldn't recommend  going any lower than that because you're not going  ,to give the algorithm enough chance to actually  optimize your ads and get whatever conversion you  ,want people to take or whatever action you want  people to take on your website or from your ad we  ,can then schedule a start date and an end date but  i'd like to keep this open so we have more control  ,and we want to go down to audience we're going  to skip custom audiences for now because that's  ,retargeting and pixel-based audiences and we're  going to create what's called a facebook saved  ,audience we're going to look into interests and  demographics on the actual platform the first  ,thing we can do is edit our location so for this  we can select let's let's run an ad in the united  ,states actually so let's get rid of the united  kingdom so we're going to put it in united states,there we go and we have the united states selected  okay we can add as many locations as we want to  ,and we're targeting at the moment people who live  in or have been recently been in this location  ,but we might just want to target people who just  live in this location if we are only shipping to  ,the united states for example so we don't want  to target holiday makers or people who are just  ,traveling through the us we can also drop a  pin on this map so if we hit drop pin we can  ,drop a pin directly on a specific property if  we want to we're going to go down to age now  ,and we want to keep this open for dog  treats we can keep this pretty open  ,anyone can have a dog but you  can select your age demographic  ,gender we're going to select all genders but again  you just hit edit and you can edit any of these  ,then we're going to go down to detailed targeting  this is where it gets really interesting now it's  ,here we get access to all the data facebook has on  its users and to demonstrate this we'll hit browse  ,and we can select demographics interests  or behaviors i recommend you having a play  ,around with this you'll be mind blown at who and  what you can target with facebook we start off  ,with demographics we can target people based on  their educational level their financial income  ,their relationship status their work so their job  title or even their employer we can target people  ,based on their interest so if you've ever put a  status up or you've liked fake pages on facebook  ,facebook will know you are interested in that  topic and you can pretty much target anything  ,when it comes to interest harley davidson cartier  rolex dog lovers like hey you can target anything  ,pretty much so have a search in here and  find out what is relevant to your business  ,we didn't have behaviors so if you've got  an anniversary coming up whether you're an  ,expat um whether you are using a specific mobile  device your political views your purchase behavior  ,online the options really are endless when it  comes to facebook detailed targeting so we want  ,to target something to do with dogs so let's put  in dog we can see all of the interests here and on  ,the right hand side we can see how many people are  interested in this specific topic okay so dog food  ,for example there are 48 million people interested  in dog food on facebook so let's select that and  ,on the right hand side we can see specifically how  many people in our chosen demographics so we've  ,selected the us only so whilst there's 48 million  people interested in dog food on facebook there  ,are 13 million people who are interested in dog  food in the u.s alone okay we did have estimated  ,daily results on the right hand side here as  well we can reach between 800 and 2400 people  ,from this ad on our daily spend and hopefully get  between 20 and 68 link clicks now this data isn't  ,always that accurate so take it with a pinch of  salt now i also only recommend you selecting one  ,or two interest or demographics when you are using  detailed targeting per ad set and that's because  ,if you have multiple interests and demographics on  each ad set you're not gonna know what is actually  ,getting you sales or getting new leads and so if  you only have one or two you have more control  ,over who you are targeting and you understand what  audiences are actually working for you so only  ,have one or two if there's five or six interests  that you want to target on facebook separate them  ,into their own individual ad sets you can then  further narrow down interest as well so detailed  ,targeting you can say that you want people to  also reach other interests as well so we could  ,for example say people must match dog food and  they must also match dog sitting for example okay  ,we can get rid of that so you have to match each  of the detail targeting criteria that you put in  ,to the ad set so that's all we're going to do  for now we're going to target dog food there's  ,13 million people that we can reach there so a  very large audience we don't want to go down to  ,placements so we can select automatic placements  or manual placements and all this simply means if  ,we click manual placements you'll be able to see  the context here this is where facebook will show  ,your advert on the platform so feeds so we could  run this on instagram on facebook on video feeds  ,stories in stream in article so have a look at all  of these and you'll be able to see all the places  ,that facebook can show your ads now for the  majority of people facebook news feed is what  ,we'll convert the most okay facebook news feed or  instagram newsfeed as well okay but for beginners  ,i would recommend you keeping this on automatic  placements because you're not gonna know what  ,will convert best until you actually start running  your ad so select automatic placements and then  ,after a week or so have a look at where your sales  are coming from and then select manual placements  ,and only tick the placements which are converting  the best for you which are performing the best  ,so we're going to hit automatic placement and  continue from there we want to ignore optimization  ,and delivery because again that is not for  beginners and i will give you the opportunity  ,to learn more about that later on hit next we are  done on an ad set level and now we get to design  ,the visuals of our ad the exciting part so let's  name it again let's do dog treat traffic so we can  ,quick reference and we can name this dog video  because we are going to create a quick video  ,for this ad video performs very well on facebook  facebook still prioritizes video on the news feed  ,want to make sure our facebook page is  selected and of course our instagram page  ,if we are advertising on instagram as well  we can connect it just by hitting that button  ,and we are then going to create an ad or we can  use an existing post on our page or use creative  ,hub creative hub is an inbuilt creative making  tool on facebook so you can essentially create  ,facebook ads in advance and then come back to them  later on we're just going to create an ad here and  ,we're going to use a single image or video but  you can also use a carousel ad which is multiple  ,images or videos or a collection which is as it  sounds a collection of different size images and  ,videos and products but we're going to use single  image or video and we're going to scroll down and  ,we're going to add media so this is where we can  upload our video we don't have a video created for  ,this ad yet and so what we're going to do is  we're going to go over to in video which is a  ,tool that we use to create really great facebook  adverts for our clients and for our own business  ,so if i go over to in video now in video have  kindly sponsored this video as they did the last  ,one so thank you to the team in video is a online  video creation platform with over 4 000 ready-made  ,video templates it's very very easy to use i'm  going to show you in a moment now if you want to  ,create an account go over to you can  create a free trial or i would recommend using  ,code platinum25 for 25 off an annual membership  it works out at like 90 which is an absolute steal  ,believe me you'll see why so let's log in right  now so as soon as you're logged in you can access  ,all of the templates right away we can search for  one and we can select our dimension we want to  ,create a square video because we want to take up  as much room as we can on the facebook news feed  ,and right at the top we can see all of the latest  templates which is really useful when you want to  ,keep your content and ads up to date and refreshed  we're going to search for dog though let's search  ,for dogs let's see what we can find we're creating  a dog based ad so let's search for that and let's  ,see what we can find if we hover over any of these  we can see a preview of what this video looks like  ,and if we click on any of them for  example let's go on this one here  ,we can see it in different sizes  with some music playing there  ,just turn that down of course we can see  in all the different sizes available as  ,well that automatically will dynamically update  depending on what dimensions we want let's go with  ,uh this one here though i like to look at this one  okay so we've got a nice pug here with the crown  ,premium dog foods this is right so use this  template and we're brought through to the editing  ,platform without having to download anything which  is great now if this is your first time using  ,nvidia recommend clicking the bottom left corner  and you can reach out to in video support with any  ,questions that you've got they are available 24  7 and they always go above and beyond for their  ,customers you can also watch any of the live  webinars and masterclasses to learn more about  ,the platform and i would recommend you joining  their completely free facebook group with over 20  ,000 other marketers which really is a great group  i'm in there myself and there's a link in the  ,description of this video so go join that group  and you can speak to other people and see what  ,they have created on the in video platform but for  now let's go ahead and create an ad for this uh  ,this facebook ad now on the left hand side here we  have access to multimedia on the right hand side  ,we can edit things on screen and on the bottom  we have our timeline so similar to any other  ,video editing tool on the left if we want to  access multimedia we can go on videos we can go on  ,images now with a premium account you get access  to over 10 million stock images and videos taken  ,from premium stock websites and that literally  costs hundreds and hundreds of pounds to access  ,this but you get it for free with a premium  in video account which is kind of ridiculous  ,i'm not really sure how they've managed to get  that relationship but let's say we wanted to  ,change the picture of this pug here we wanted  to change this to something else uh let's upload  ,an image i have one i uploaded earlier and true  bluebee to style so we're going to upload those  ,and we can then select the doggo and i'm going  to drag him over onto the screen so let's drag  ,this doggo over onto that pug and i'm going to  replace that one there okay just get that rid  ,of that one that we just accidentally dragged  on now with this dog here he's got a background  ,okay it's not great doesn't look good on this  animation so what we want to do is hit remove  ,background on the right hand side and we can  easily remove the background of this image which  ,is great i wish photoshop had a simple tool to do  this instead of having to cut around with a lasso  ,so we are done and we now want to resize  the dog so let's make sure that this fits  ,in well we just simply drag that put it  down to there and we are nice and easy so  ,doggo is edited we can now change the logo as  well so again i can drag a new logo into here  ,i want to remove the background again we can then  go over to change project colors and we can change  ,all of the colors we've got going on here but  actually i probably want a background image behind  ,this dog so let's go on images and let's see if  we can search for let's find some kind of a beach  ,beach doggo at the beach okay somewhere somewhere  dogs always seem to be with their owners going for  ,walks so let's go there let's make this nice and  big now images may be a little bit blurry to start  ,off with before we actually render this it's just  to make sure that everything is nice and quick  ,but when we render you'll notice these images  won't be blurry at all let's go on to layers  ,here and just make sure this is above that so  we've just added that on we need to make sure  ,this is above the dog itself so where's the dog  and we want the dog above us there we go okay  ,we're getting somewhere let's go down just to make  sure we might need to play around a little bit  ,just to make sure that you've you've got this all  right okay that's looking pretty good okay are we  ,good yes we're fine okay i haven't messed anything  up so i've got that image there again that won't  ,be blurry when we actually come to rendering  this image let's then change the background of  ,this black because i don't really like the black  there now it doesn't really work very well with um  ,with the beach so let's go on white and then  we need to change all of this text here as well  ,so we go there black all of our text has now  changed as well it just moves that a little  ,bit more centralized so this ad is looking a  little bit more funky okay so what else can we do  ,can we change this yeah let's go back change the  project colors let's change this to a nice blue to  ,actually go with the coastal thing okay maybe not  like so okay we're looking pretty good okay this  ,obviously you can spend as much time as little  time as you want to on creating these um we're i'm  ,just trying to get through this video for you guys  so we don't really have all day to be creating an  ,advert so let me just turn down that music i'm  actually going to change that music in a moment,this is looking pretty nice okay so if i want to  change the music here i'm going to go to music  ,and we have access to a ton of tracks so if  i do chill out let's see what we can find,okay that will do the job okay so add  before track okay and we now just want to  ,make this a lot smaller so  i'm just going to resize this  ,delete this one okay we can trim this one edit  trim we want to trim it right down done okay now  ,we're trimmed we have our new music on here which  is perfect now a new feature at in video is adding  ,scenes to our timeline so we can essentially merge  multiple templates together for example if we find  ,these two templates which are similar to each  other we could add one to the timeline so we  ,can add a scene here and we can add a transition  so we can show multiple products or if we need a  ,longer advert this is really useful for us now the  final thing we need to do here is i'm just going  ,to change the text so if we double click on that  i can change the text up here so i'm going to call  ,this this isn't actually a website that  i own so apologies if you own dog box i'm going to  ,save that we'll change this discount to 25 percent  move that up a little bit it's all drag and drop  ,and to export this we simply just need to hit  the top right export button so now we can see a  ,preview of this render no blurry images because  it's now rendered we can click this button and  ,download in 1080p hd we can upload this straight  on to facebook ready to complete our ad now there  ,is a link for in video in this description of this  video if you want to sign up use code platinum25  ,for 25 of any premium plan it's a no-brainer for  anybody looking to create video content for their  ,marketing strategy make sure if you do sign up you  go on to the facebook community as well and join  ,20 000 marketers as well as me who are creating  video content every single day so go check out  ,in video let's go back over to the facebook ad  manager so now what we need to do is hit add media  ,add video and we are going to upload the video we  just created and we can now preview that on the  ,right hand side on all of the different placements  that we have selected we now want to finish this  ,ad by selecting our traffic link and also adding  our ad copy so the primary text is the text above  ,the video so this is our main ad copy and for  this it was saying treat your dog like a king  ,we could use the same treat or we could do 25 off  dog treats okay and we could add an emoji in there  ,in fact we could have a different attention  grab we said pamper your pooch they deserve it  ,okay pam here peach there's a 20 off dog tree it's  nice simple ad copy there okay the key is the head  ,the headline okay the attention grabber we need  to grab someone's attention very very quickly so  ,stop scrolling down their feed we then have this  headline so we can do the treat your dog like a  ,king and we have the description as well which  is the text underneath the headline so the text  ,underneath the headline you'll be able to see this  pop up in a moment in the preview so this could be  ,30-day returns policy something along them lines  okay just another little bit of text that comes in  ,now for this preview to come up we need to put our  website url so we're just going to put  ,and it'll bring up a bar underneath this video  here we go so we can see treat your dog like a  ,king 30 day returns policy learn more we want to  change that call to action button to shop now okay  ,because we actually want people to take action  here or we can do get offer so we can do shop now  ,or get off a get offer is probably more sensible  for a 25 off redeemable offer so we're going to do  ,a call to action button get offer and we have  our website url placed in there that's where you  ,want to drive traffic from facebook onto then can  scroll down onto tracking and we want to make sure  ,our website events are turned on so we want to set  up our pixel we don't have a pixel setup this is  ,just a dummy account but you want to make sure the  correct pixel is selected so you can track your  ,customers correctly and also facebook can optimize  based on the actions your customers are taking on  ,your website so we're going to turn that off for  now and we are done we hit publish and that is  ,our first ever ad created now it can take up to  24 hours for our first ad to actually go live  ,facebook will review it through their algorithm  sometimes in person and they want to make sure  ,you're not breaking any policies then you are good  to go you're live and you can start generating new  ,revenue and traffic for your business now very  quickly i'll show you how you can read the data  ,of your ads when they're actually live we go on  it doesn't matter if you're on a campaign ad set  ,or ad level you can read the data of your ads by  looking at all of these different columns here  ,and they all mean of course different things so  we have frequency for example which is how many  ,times people are seeing your ads the unique link  clicks are how many people are actually clicking  ,onto your website the amount you've spent your  quality ranking your cost per result and if you  ,want to change any of these columns click the  column button hit customize columns and you can  ,add a number of different columns to your facebook  business manager so we could add the amount of  ,clicks the click through rate to the percentage  of people that are clicking on our ad the cost per  ,1000 impressions so our cpm and you just hit apply  and it will add this to your ads manager there are  ,also a whole heap of other preset column settings  okay so you can read the data this way and figure  ,out how well your ads are performing based on what  metrics matter to you the most another thing you  ,can do is head over to account overview and this  is where you'll be able to see an overview of how  ,your ad account is performed you can see the  amount spent your reach you can hit these drop  ,downs and you can see your website purchases your  impressions your link clicks the age and genders  ,of the people that are taking the actions you want  to take the hours of the actual times of the day  ,that people are converting the most and of course  the countries where they're from there's no data  ,in here at the moment but as soon as you start  running ads you'll be able to learn very quickly  ,what you were doing right and what you were doing  wrong and how you can further optimize your ads  ,for success so that is how you set up your  first ever facebook ad let's go straight  ,back over to the other camera and i'll tell you  how you can continue learning about facebook ads  ,for free okay so that is the end of this training  video i hope you have enjoyed it now i want to  ,invite you to continue learning about facebook ads  and expand your knowledge further so you can get  ,serious return on investment for your business  head over to learn ads dot io and sign up to  ,our completely free facebook had training course  where we dive deep into every single detail of  ,what we have touched on today and much much more  from the foundations to launching building and  ,scaling facebook ads to insanely profitable levels  this free course gives more away than the majority  ,of thousand dollar courses out there and that's  because it's my mission to give more away for free  ,than other people would have you pay for so head  over to learn ads dot io sign up to our facebook  ,ad training expand your knowledge when it  comes to facebook ads and start profiting  ,on the platform learning from a digital  marketing agency that has literally generated  ,millions in new revenue for companies all over the  globe the affluent agency thank you so much for  ,watching this video guys i hope you have enjoyed  it if this is the first video you have watched of  ,mine please subscribe with your notification  bell turned on enter the competition as well  ,by commenting down below with your goals for  advertising on facebook and of course share this  ,video with somebody else who will get value from  it thank you so much i'll see you all soon cheers

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