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4 things to change on your Shopify Checkout pageWhat I would want to,Christian here.,Did you know,Sh


Updated on Jan 25,2023

4 things to change on your Shopify Checkout page

What I would want to,Christian here.,Did you know,Shopify sets,a bunch of limitations,on your checkout page?,We probably know that.,But why the limitations?,Well,,the limitations are in place,because of regulatory,security and compliance issues.,That means that,they have to restrict,how the checkout page can look,and function.,Now, if you want a,better flexibility,,you can always upgrade,to Shopify,Plus, which starts around $2,000,a month. Crazy.,So let's go over three things,you can change right now,that we believe,will give you a little boost,in conversions,in your checkout page.,And it will probably alleviate,a little bit of the headaches,that some customers are getting.,All right. So first off, is change,the or text line.,If you have the express,checkout buttons enabled,,that's the Apple,Pay Shop Pay, Google Pay, etc.,Shopify places a branded buttons,at the very top,of the first page,on the checkout process.,However,,if your customer prefers,to pay,with an actual credit card,,it is sometimes difficult,for them to tell,if that is actually possible.,They may abandon your,your checkout, assuming that,you don't accept,other payment methods,besides what's,shown at the very top.,So to,make things a little bit better.,Shopify puts the word or,in a rather,very small and light,type under the alternate payment,buttons.,The problem,many store owners face,is that not all customers,see this or understand that.,It means that they can enter,credit card,number later in the process.,There is, however, one,alternative to this,that can often help,,and that is changing the word,or to be a little bit,more detailed.,So, for example,,you may change it to something,like or continue,to pay with your credit card,or something similar.,You can use also,or use,Visa, MasterCard,,or American Express or Discover.,So let's go into our store here,and let me show you,where you can actually,change this.,A lot of the changes,that we're going to make,today are based on language,that will make,,we believe, the process,of the checkout,a little bit easier,so let's go into that right now.,All right. So to change the or text,,we're going to go to our store,here.,We're going to go to settings,and then,scroll down to languages,and then in here,,your default language, English.,We're going to change,the theme language.,And then,this could be a little bit,tricky to find.,I know I had a little bit,of a hard time,trying to find,exactly where it was.,The best thing,is going to be going,to the three little dots here,,click on the checkout system.,And then in here filtering,,I believe I did alternate.,Let's see, that works now.,Actually as alternative.,So if you type,in alternative, oops,,let me just do I'll turn it,there.,If we have the alternative.,This will show up,,which is the vortex right here.,So it's the or,and now we just have or here.,So instead of just having,or let's do the or continue,to pay with,your credit card.,Now let me show,you exactly where this is at.,So if you see right here,,the store has the express,checkout button shop,pay and Apple Pay.,And then it has the little,or right there.,Now, depending,on the color of your,this is a little bit,more noticeable actually.,But depending on the color,,your background,sometimes is this,or can get very, very lost.,Right. So people,just assume that this is,are the two options,that they have with credit card.,So instead of just having that,or we're going to add some text,so that it's a little bit,more noticeable right.,When people are looking at that.,So let's do that,and then click save,and then let's see if,we refresh this,All right. So there we have it.,So we have the express,checkout button up here,and then the or continue to pay,with your credit card,text right underneath it.,So and we've actually had,several customers come to us,and say that some people,I mean,,some people just don't realize,that they have the opportunity,to input their credit card,information afterwards.,So the express checkout,could be a little bit confusing.,Now, if you don't have,express checkout,,you don't necessarily,have to worry about this one.,Now, before we move on,to the second one,,I just want to say be,many of those.,My name is Christian Opinion.,One of the co-founders,here at the branding.,We're an e-commerce growth,that specializes in helping,clothing stores,grow and scale,profitably online.,We have new videos every week,,so make sure that you hit,as a scrub button,and turn on modifications,so you don't miss out.,Now, the second,one that we want to change,is the continue to payment,method button,,like the solution before.,It's just another way to signal,that you accept other payment,methods is to change that text,on that large button,on the first checkout page,to clarify,that you accept credit cards.,So you can change it,to something like enter,your credit card next.,So let's take a look,at that button right here.,So if we scroll,right here on the checkout page,,it just says Continue,to shipping.,So again, it doesn't make it,inherently clear,that on this next step,you're actually going to,be inserting,credit card information.,So instead of,continuing to shipping,,we want to change it,to enter your credit card next,So let's go back to our,language and let's look for,a you continue to shipping.,So,so you type,and continue to shipping,and you should be able,to get the,yeah. That button right here.,So we're going to type in here,,enter your credit card next,then we're going to click,Save on that,we're going to refresh this page,So again, the,the fix in here,is to make sure that,the customer knows,that they can insert,credit card information,and that these are not the end,all, be all,when it comes to this process,right here.,Obviously,,there are some customers,that are smart,and they can figure this out,,but others need a little bit,more guidance. Right.,And that's what,we're trying to do here.,So we've added the or continue,to pay with your credit card,right here.,And then we've,also change this button,right here,,which it says,enter your credit card next.,So that gives them the,the next step is going,to be your credit,card information.,So even if they look at this,and maybe they're confused,,they scroll down to the bottom,,they like, okay,,yeah, you can actually put,credit card on that next step.,So I'm good here.,So you know,,what else is,not very good about the checkout,page and conversions,is now being able,to actually track,those conversions,based on your marketing effort.,We're using a tool called,Triple Will for all of your,for all of our client,and group Virgin members.,And this powerhouse of a tool,allows us to see the lifetime,value of a customer,at 30, 60, 90 days.,But what we're most,excited about,is the,estimated action of customers.,Imagine being able to send out,emails or run ad campaigns,to customers,who are likely to buy from you,a second or third time,and knowing,when to actually send,these marketing messages,It's super, super powerful.,If you haven't,checked out triple,,well then you need to do so,because it's going to help you,and your marketing efforts today,and moving forward.,Make sure to check out the link,in the description below.,So another thing,that a lot of people ask for,within the checkout page,,and it's something that,you can't do,is to add logos,or trust marks on the page,where users,enter the credit card numbers,and assure them,that it's a secure transaction,and whatnot.,This usually comes from,other stores or,other platforms,like WooCommerce,,where you may have the ability,to add,trust badges,and things like that.,But when it comes,to Shopify, again,,they limit,what you can do within,the checkout,,except if you have,the Shopify Plus,,which again,,it's like $2,000 a month,and nobody has time to pay,for all that money.,So when it comes,to these badges,,again, it's,something that you can't,necessarily do.,But Shopify does output,the all transactions are secure,and encrypted,message,,and it's just above where,shoppers enter credit,card details.,Now, let me show you where,that's at.,So we're going to fill out,some of this information.,All right. So on,this page of the checkout,,you'll see payment,and it says,all transactions,are secure and encrypted.,So that's the sentence,that Shopify provides.,Instead of having the actual,trust badges,and things like that.,Now, for something like this,,you can also change that text,right there,and you can update to,maybe read something,like we never store,your credit card number,and your payment is secure.,So it may be something,just a little bit more right,than what we have here.,Now, this is assuming,that obviously, you know,,Shopify is pretty secure,and it is encrypted,So we're just kind of sort of,tweaking the verbiage here,a little bit.,So let's go and find,this piece of text right here,in the language,section of our store.,So so it reads all transaction.,So let's just start with that,and see all.,And,so typically,when you type,in the actual phrase,,it will show up obviously,with the very first one,or that was,a little bit trickier.,So if you type,or you'll get,a bunch of different or,so with this one is not,present right,all throughout your store.,So we can see,all transactions are secure,and encrypt it.,So it's called the card,security notice right here.,So we're going to change that one to,we never,store,your credit card number,and your payment,is secure.,Click on Save on that.,Let's see if we can actually,refresh this page without,kicking us back,at work.,Perfect.,So yeah,,now we have that message.,We never store,your credit card number,and your payment is secure.,Now, word of caution here.,Please make sure,that you're checking spelling,for accuracy.,Obviously, what Shopify already,provides has been spellcheck,,and it actually reads,really well.,So you just want to make sure,that your spelling,and the words that you're using,and the sentence structure,,it's all correct.,Because that's something,that your customers,are definitely going,to see and take notice of.,Here's what I mentioned,real quick,if you like,,and what you're saying,so far, please,consider clicking,that like button.,All right. So lastly,is to add more information,to the confirmation page, right?,It's that page,after you purchase.,Now, this is a tweet,that doesn't,necessarily affect conversions,since it's peers,after an order is completed.,But using the additional scripts,to output custom content,can still be an effective,marketing tool for you.,So just really quickly,,we're going to go to this one's,a little bit different.,So it's in settings,and then inside of check out.,And then if,you scroll down here,,you'll see,the order status page here.,And I just added,just a quick like,just a numbered list,and bulleted list,and just an image,just to kind of test,and see how this might look,right here,on the on,the actual status page.,So right here,,additional scripts,are already saved on that.,So let's go through the,checkout process,and see if we can see that.,All right.,So this is a thank you page.,And as you can see,,the additional,text, right, that we added,yeah, you can see it right here.,So it says heading text,your text here.,There's a Facebook link.,There's another link right here.,There's another heading.,This is supposed to be an image.,So we can actually add,images within here.,And then another numbered list.,So step one,,step two, step three.,So again, it's very simple,,but it may be good for you,to add additional text,where we within here within that,thank you page.,If you need to write,,it's not necessarily a thing to,do just because,but if you,have some intentionality,or maybe some,marketing thing,that you want to do,,maybe encourage them to leave,and review or whatnot,,you can do that free,without any additional apps,by just changing,that additional script section,within the checkout,so that you have it.,Now, word of caution,,once you discovered the ability,to change the language settings,for your checkout page,or any page, really,it can be tempting,to start adjusting every field,that you see,,especially since,this is like,one of the few things,that you can actually customize,for for checkout.,However, keep in mind,that the default text,that Shopify has here,is based on industry,best practices,and what they've seen,that works best.,So in many cases,,the default text,usually might work,a little bit better.,So just keep that in mind.,But again,,we just want to,give you that option,now while,tweaking the,text to better appeal,to your customer base,or your brand,can sometimes be very effective.,It can also,you also it's important,to ensure,that your users,are still clearly understanding,what each component,of your checkout pages,actually do.,So for example,,let's say that,you sell designer clothing,and have a quirky off,beat boys in your product copy,You might be tempted,to change the default,like complete order,right at the very end,to say something like,,Send them my way.,Well, that's clever, cutesy.,It's also not as clear,,as straightforward forward,as complete order. Right.,So it may be worth,using some conventional wording,when it comes to,those key contractions,actions at least.,So just keep it in mind,All right. That's all we have for today.,Now, make sure,that you keep watching,some of our videos,and check out the next one,of the series right here.

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Shopify Payments Setup 2022 | Shopify For Beginners

Shopify Payments Setup 2022 | Shopify For Beginners

shopify payment setup hi guys welcome,back to another video and in this video,i'm going to be telling you how you can,set up payments within shopify so having,said that let's just jump into the video,so i'm over here on shopify right now,and what you'll do is just simply log in,right now if you already have an account,you can just simply log in if you don't,you can just sign up by entering in your,email address over here and starting,your free trial uh there is a pricing,plan however so let me just show you if,you were interested in that one so over,here as you can see these are the plans,we have the basic the shopify and the,advance you can see their payments over,here how much they cost the basic one is,going to be 29 per month the shopify is,going to be 79 and the advanced one is,going to be 299 and you can see all of,the rates and features that they have,over here and if you scroll down you can,see more stuff as well over here you can,see more features as well within each,plan in a more comprehensive and,detailed manner so that you can know,which plan you want to try out but yeah,then you're good to go so first i'm just,simply going to go ahead and log into my,store and i'll show you how you can set,up payments so we'll just simply log in,into my store over here now once you,have logged in you've arrived over to,your dashboard or your admin what you're,going to do is you scroll down what,you're going to do is just navigate,yourself over here at the bottom left,corner click on settings and open up,settings and over here you will see you,have billings plans payments checkouts,and all of that just simply click on,payments and over here you will have,three options you will have payment,providers supported payment methods and,manual payment methods as well so over,here choose whichever payment method you,want and then for example if you wanted,to have like payment providers you just,simply click on choose a provider and,choose a provider from this list that,you can see over here,if you want to add a payment method,yourself you can add that over here you,can search for a payment method over,here as you can see we have visa,mastercard diners and all of that let's,say you want a visa mastercard,right and then you will have skrill,ocean payments ping pong checkouts to,check out convert plus i pay,hit pay credit card debit card all of,that you can choose that or you can add,like a manual payment system like a bank,deposit money order or cash on delivery,it all depends on you so for me i think,that going into payment providers and,choosing one of these is much better,like you will see you will have if a,payment method is not available in your,country it will just say unavailable,within your country and it will show you,the ones that are available at the top,so currently to check out is available,within my country so i'm going to be,choosing that one it does support a very,large number of cards such as visa,mastercards,american express,discovery jcb and diners club as well,yeah so we're going to click onto,checkouts account we have a server error,but it still works now over here you can,choose which type of card you support so,i'll just support all of them and then,over here they basically give you like a,set up instruction on how to get it,working so they have like a 10 step,account which is very simple to you know,get started so first things first we,have to create a to checkout account so,let's go ahead and click over here,actually i need to open it up in under,the tab so that it's much more,convenient so i'll just open it up in,another tab over here so over here,it's very simple you can sign up for,free by just simply clicking on this,button over here and adding in your,details such as your first name your,last name your business email password,website and your country and it's very,easy so over here i'll just say i'll,just enter in john doe,and then over here we'll add in our,business email which is my temporary,email so i'll just go ahead and do that,i'll copy the email,come back over here and paste it and,then i'll enter in the password and for,the website we'll just you know copy,this one copy the link address and come,over here and paste it i'll get rid of,that,yeah that looks good then we have our,country we check the robot and then we,click on get started there you go,it's done now what we need to do is what,type of products do you want to sell,with to check out online service digital,products for retail offline service or,others since this is a shopify store so,we'll just say retail and we'll click on,create account now i do have to mention,that creating a to checkout account is,not easy like it's not it is easy but,it's just not,very you know short it's very detailed,you got to do,a lot of things you got to input a lot,of information to actually get started,with two checkouts account which is,pretty you know hectic they just ask you,for a lot of information in order to,actually get started with it so over,here they're basically,if you are a partner slash seller click,here so i don't think this is it i,haven't created my account but i'll,let's see,yeah okay that works so now we are here,we just have to activate our account now,in order to activate your account it's,very simple you have to input all this,information right so before you start,you gotta provide this,you gotta add information about your,business you know your company name your,business type where it is address all of,that then you gotta input your financial,details such as the company registration,id uh tax registration ad id annual,online transaction volume and everything,else you will also have a stakeholders,option over here if you have some you,can go ahead and add your stakeholders,over here if not you are good to go then,you have about your products and,services so you have to input your,information about your product and all,of the services that you provide then,you have account settings okay and then,you have your documents as well so you,got to input your business document,company ownership document tax,identification valid proof of address,other documents and then down below you,will have your summary so you gotta make,sure you input all of these information,then once it's done once you've,submitted it you wait for a couple of,days to hear from to check out they'll,send you an email and then they'll,activate your account and you are good,to go but uh since i don't have time for,that and i don't have all this,information we'll just save that for,later and i'll show you how you can,basically activate it right so to,activate it as you can see over here we,have to log into a checkout account once,we've activated it we have to access the,integrations option then we have to go,into web hooks and api sections in your,cpanel all right so let's go over there,integrations over here on the left side,and underneath integrations we have web,hooks and api we'll go into there there,we go as you can see right here now next,under api section copy the merchant code,and paste it within the merchant code,field on this page,over here as you can see we have the,merchant code over here and we have the,secret word over here so over here you,will see underneath api keys this is the,secret word right here,this is the ins and we have it over here,and this is the secret key and this is,the merchant code so we'll just copy the,merchant code we'll come over here and,paste the merchant code right here then,we have to input the secret word so over,here go back scroll down this is the ins,sacred word we just have to click on,generate to generate the word and click,copy and then click on save there we go,it's saved then we just come over here,and we paste it right here then over,here what we need to do is we've already,done save settings yeah and then in the,redirect url section click enable return,after sale so scroll down below over,here this is the ins notification we,don't need to do that we need to do this,one enable return sale so we click over,here,and then we go back over here for the,redirect url section leave blank shopify,will provide that,return url for you you don't have to,worry about that for return method,select header redirect so we come over,here,we select return method header redirect,and then we just simply click on update,there we go it's updated configuration,saved successfully,then we just simply come back over here,and we click on save settings and we're,good to go we've already done that now,we are good to go then we just activate,the to checkout account and we are good,to go you can even test your 2 checkout,account by a simulating successful and,transactional,successful and failed transaction you,can also test your to checkout setup by,simulating a successful and failed,transactions so let's go ahead and,enable text and click on activate to,checkout account there we go so as you,can see test mode is on all transactions,are simulated and customers can make,real purchases through to checkout so,let's go ahead and actually test it if,we want to there you go two checkouts,updated we close it now if we go over,here onto our store let's say this is,the shirt that we want to buy,let's click on buy now,the store isn't ready yet but yeah you,generally get the idea once your store,is ready you're basically good to go,that's how you update your payments and,shopify so that is it for this video,guys hope you guys enjoyed this video if,you have any questions let me know in,the comment sections down below and i'll,be sure to answer them as soon as,possible so having said that i will,catch you guys in the next video and,until then take care and goodbye

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