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Facebook Business Manager for Agencies Tutorial: Managing Facebook Ads- Are you finally ready to sta

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Facebook Business Manager for Agencies Tutorial: Managing Facebook Ads

- Are you finally ready to start running Facebook,and Instagram ads for clients,but aren't sure how to set up the accounts,,billing, and more?,Running ads for clients is a great way,to grow your business.,But there are critical steps that you need to take,to ensure that you're doing it properly.,By the end of this video, you will have what you need,to start running ads for clients.,We'll walk you through Facebook Business Manager,,connecting as a partner,,getting access to your client's ad account, and pixel data.,And make sure you stick around to the end,because I'll show you how to report on your results,to your client, your employer, or your team.,So before we get into the screen share,,I want to give you a little bit of context,about the best way to run ads for clients.,And that is through business manager access.,If your client doesn't have the Business Manager,,they should.,That is the preferred way of running Facebook ads.,Now, there are two ways to get connected,into someone's Business Manager.,The first way is with a personal account,where you're added into their Business Manager,and given employee access.,The second way is through partners.,And that's where they are adding your Business Manager,into their Business Manager,and giving you access to their assets.,And that, in my opinion,,is the preferred way to run ads for clients.,Now, if your client does not have,a Business Manager account, you'll have to get that set up.,And we have some links for you,to help you do that in the description.,There are several reasons why you want to run Facebook,and Instagram ads on your client's ad account,and not your own.,The first reason is because of pixel data.,The client will retain all of the pixel data,and it will not get confused with any other pixel data,that might be on an ad account.,The second reason is because of billing.,There can't be multiple billing methods,on a single ad account.,So the client will have their billing method attached,to their own ad account and be responsible for that.,The third reason is because,if you're running ads for multiple clients on one account,and that account gets shut down,,you're putting all of your clients' ads at risk.,I'm going to show you one way,to connect your Business Manager,to your client's Business Manager.,So, go to,From there, you should see the name of your Business Manager,at the top of the screen.,Scroll down on the left side to Business Info.,Your Business Manager ID is right at the top.,Then you want to copy that Business Manager ID,and send it to your clients,and walk them through these steps.,First, have them go into their Business Manager,in the settings.,Make sure that their Business Manager name,is at the top of the screen.,Then under Users, they're going to click on Partners.,Then they're going to click on the blue add button,and say, give a partner access to your assets.,And then they will type your Business Manager ID,into the Add a New Partner pop-up.,So once they type that in, then click Next.,Now they're going to select the assets,that they need to give you access to,,which includes both their Facebook page,and their Facebook ad account.,So select Pages on the left side,,click on the radio button next to the page,,and then select Create Ads on the right side.,Before you click Save Changes,,make sure you go to the ad accounts on the left side,to also give you access to their ad account.,From there, you will select the ad account,and then select Manage Campaigns on the right side.,Now you'll click Save Changes,and you'll have access into their Business Manager.,One of the common pitfalls is that their page,or their ad account isn't showing in that screen.,If that's the case, they have not added their page,or their ad account into their Business Manager as an asset.,So they first have to do that,in order to give you access to those assets.,And again, the link to that Business Manager tutorial video,is in the description.,You will get an email notification letting you know,that you have been added into their Business Manager.,Now that you have that connection made,,your final step is to give permissions,to the people in your Business Manager,to be able to access that asset.,So you'll go into your Business settings,,select Pages on the left side.,Then you'll find the page that you've been given access to,and select Add People.,A pop-up will appear,and you will give yourself and/or team members,the ability to create ads with that page.,We repeat the process with the ad accounts on the left side,,select the people to manage the campaigns, and click Assign.,So now that you've got the assets assigned,,you can go into your ads manager and use the dropdown menu,to navigate between client accounts.,One common issue is that,the client hasn't named their ad account,,and so you'll just see a long string of numbers.,But if you use the dropdown menu,,you'll always be able to see,the Business Manager name there.,So, now that you're connected and running campaigns,,your clients are going to want to see the results.,An easy way to do this is using a link,in the ads manager reporting area.,In your main ads manager area,,what you're going to do is customize the columns,to show your clients the data that they want to see.,When you've saved that,,you can then go to the Reports drop down menu,and select Share Link.,Copy that link and share the link with your client.,So, click here to learn about how to create great reports,for your clients,,and click here to learn more about the Business Manager.,And congratulations on learning how to run Facebook,and Instagram ads for your clients.

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How to Run Facebook Ads for SMMA Clients [Structure Explained]

How to Run Facebook Ads for SMMA Clients [Structure Explained]

what's going on guys welcome back to a,new video my name is Josh vertical,George a social media marketing online,coach and I should say I am rocking the,Cap'n just an old hoodie today it's just,one of them days where we just get a lot,of weight that we abandon all sense of,fashion or hygiene all that long and,like I said you know we just absolutely,crush it in terms of the workload I had,a lot of stuff to do today and it's to,fill the time record this is 2 p.m. so I,have gotten the majority done that I,wanted to get done today so that is,that's all good and now I've got a,little spare hour to basically fill my,youtube video for you guys so in this,video in this lesson if you will I'm,basically to explain how you can run,Facebook ads for your social media,marketing clients okay I don't welcome,to the video hope you enjoyed the,introduction by the way guys what'd you,guys think of the little beaver in the,background so you guys might need to,squint and zoom in a bit because,obviously I'm quite small on the screen,here boy yeah so those are pretty cool,to add to the collection into like the,backdrop and yeah without running on too,much let's actually get started so how,to run Facebook ads for SMA clients and,let's just start at the start at the,overview at the ecosystem of Facebook,because I got so many questions about,this and even in the lifestyle design,community so many people ask how does,this work how do you run ads for,Facebook clients do you pay for the ads,and do the invoice for the ads does your,retainer include your and so on and so,forth so I thought okay let's just put,it all to bed once and for all I,explained it nice and neatly in a,presentation so you guys can understand,what is going on so it all starts off,with your personal profile so the,Facebook ecosystem starts with your own,personal Facebook page every single,Facebook page can have one business,manager so you cannot create two,business managers three business,managers etc,one personal profile equals one business,manager if for some reason you get your,business manager bans or anything along,those lines you will need to try and,find another personal profile to form,another business manager okay so one pp,equals 1 B M then you have an ad account,ok so you've got a Facebook ad account,every single business manager starts,with 1 other counts but if you are,compliant with Facebook's advertising,policy for several weeks you have the,possibility of creating multiple other,counts now there are a few little,misconceptions about what happens there,I've seen a few little videos on this,where people have said like oh yeah you,need to have like one fist deposit from,Facebook where you basically pay for the,ads once and then you get fired by the,counts etc and I don't think guys like,you've got no idea what you're talking,about it's ok the quickest way to get,five other counts is by doing two things,nomura is verifying your business,manager as an official business,that usually 80 to 90 percent of the,time will unlock five additional other,counts or by being compliant with,Facebook's advertising policy for,several weeks which means that you know,your ads are not getting rejected or,banned etc and yes it is true,you will need to pay so usually after,you've spent about 20 euros you know,you'll have your deposits sometimes,depending on how it's structured you,start off with 6 euro so after 6 euros,you you hit that payment threshold you,pay Facebook and then from there you,know like I said you've made the first,deposit and then around roughly 20 euros,after you've been complying with,Facebook about sizing policies for a few,weeks you've got your business manager,verified you should be able to unlock,the five additional an accounts so this,is in a nutshell what your Facebook,ecosystem should look like you bought,your personal profile you've got your,business manager which is basically your,agency beneath that you've got all of,your other accounts and then beneath,that obviously you've got your pick so,and so on and so forth well I'll just,leave that and I'll leave that you know,aside for now that'll be a video for,another day so this is what your,ecosystem looks like and,as you can see who drew a little green,circle around it just to basically show,that okay this is what your ecosystem is,and your clients has a similar thing so,your clients also has their own little,ecosystem so your client has a personal,profile and your client has a business,manager and your client runs Facebook,Ads through the multiple other counts,more often enough the clients will not,be educated on how the ecosystem works,so they're usually will have one other,counts one business manager etc and then,you can come in and explain the value of,having multiple accounts and for those,that do not know what the value actually,is or having multiple accounts basically,if you have your ad account bans you,cannot create anymore other counts so,your best maxing out the amounts of,outcomes that you can create from the,start so that if something happens to,your outcomes you can always you've,always got a few more accounts to fall,back on and yes you know we always try,and be compliant with Facebook's,advertising policies but there are,always changing you know what is what,used to be allowed is no longer allowed,today what used to be you know basically,against the advertising policies is,allowed today and so on and so forth,they are getting stricter and stricter,every single time every update that has,being made Facebook are doubling down on,everything when I started all of this,back in the day you could draw on,Fitness related content without any,issues in money online content without,any issues and so on and so forth and,now literally all you need to do is post,a picture of someone with a six-pack and,you'll get flagged for creating an,unreal perception of reality all you,need to do is say I can show you how you,can start a business from your laptop,and you'll be flagged for opponent,multi-level marketing scheme okay,Facebook are really strict with this why,because,Facebook's number one priority is always,the user experience okay and you might,think well Facebook is a business they,want to make money yes that is true but,without the users there is no money to,be made,so Facebook's number one priority is to,give the users the best experience,possible and those businesses media,buyers agencies etc we all come,secondary to that and that is why,Facebook are doubling down on you,how strict they are with the outside and,policies so and that is why you need,multiple outcomes or why I highly,recommend you create multiple accounts,before it's too late,because if you have two other counts and,one of them gets banned you cannot,create other count three four and five,but if you've already got the five other,counts and other counts who gets banned,you've still got one three four and five,to fall back on okay so what you,basically need to do now is get access,to the business manager and there are,two ways of doing this I just want to,quickly interrupt this video and,basically mention see you guys but I,have a free social media marketing,course and you can literally download,this course if you are subscribed to my,youtube channel so basically what I have,done is I have created a custom audience,with Google Ads,for those of you that are subscribed to,my channel and you guys will see a,pre-roll advertisements on one of my,videos where I basically give you the,direct link to download this course so,it's an unpublished link on teachable,which you will only see if you are,subscribe to my channel so if you want a,free social media marketing course all,you need to do is subscribe to my,channel and then you will see my,advertisements so without further ado,let's hop back into the video and this,is method number one so what you do is,or what the client basic does is they,adds your business manager as a partner,how do they do that by adding your,business manager ID and they basically,fill that in and then add your business,manager as a partner and because you get,access to their business manager they,can make lease elect that you also get,access to their accounts their pixels,their dynamic product I catalogs and so,on so forth everything you need can,basically be because it's all beneath,the business manager you get access to,that okay so this is method number one,method number two is my methods and it's,just personal preference okay not one is,better than the other I find this the,easiest one to do there's no copying and,pasting codes over IDs etc and so what I,actually do is I just say to my clients,attach my personal profile to your,business manager so I give them my email,but I have logged into with my personal,profile and they add that to the,business manager okay and then from,there I can access to the same thing so,there's no ideas back and forth etc,there is no difference which one you,attach the only difference is but if you,have a contractor their personal profile,will also need to be added to their,business manager that is the only,difference and for some of you that do,not want the clients and know that you,are working with a contractor etc you,will need to figure it out or you can do,the the format where you attach the,business manager we are very transparent,and upfront with our clients we always,say to them listen there will be,multiple people working on this account,and I have noticed that by being honest,and upfront with the clients they never,find their you know an issue anything,like that they still pay the same,retainer regardless of if five people or,one person's waking on the other counts,so that is how I do it another great way,thing about this is if you are so,basically this when they add your,personal profile to the business manager,as an admin because that is also,something that I hear a lot of people,say you need to be an employee and,analyst stuff like that just be admin,unless you have all of the rights and,basically you know you've got the same,amount of power as the clients has as,well and because you're an admin you can,also add more people so what we usually,do on our onboarding system we have one,personal profile that is attached to the,business manager and then from there we,can basically get access within the team,by using that one personal profile to,add the rest okay so the personal,profile will get admin access to this,business manager and then this personal,profile has the same amount of power as,the clients and then this personal,profile can add the contractor and the,head of operations etc so we can have,multiple people working on their,business manager at the same time okay,so after you've gained access to the,business manager this is what it looks,like so obviously if you've got your,ecosystem here but you basically hop,over to their ecosystem so you and the,clients both have access to the clients,business manager and beneath the,business manager you've got the other,counts you've got the Facebook pixel,you've got the catalogue and so on and,so forth okay so this,is what it looks like and like I said if,you are working with a contractor you,add the contractors personal profile to,this as well and then your contractor,you and your clients all have the same,access to the clients business manager,and you can all access all of the assets,at the same time etc ok so that is,method number one myth number two like I,said or actually this is method number,one this is method number two and so the,other method is you and your contractor,have access to your business manager and,your business manager becomes a partner,of the clients business manager okay so,like I said this is what I do this is,what it's also possible it's completely,up to you what you want to do okay now,the reason why we do it this way is,because we want to make sure that if a,client's ads get rejected or bans that,it doesn't impacts our own agency or our,personal profile so if we for example,let me just move back so if for example,we just get access to their ad account,not their business manager and the other,count goes to our ecosystem then their,ads could actually infect our ecosystem,so we want to keep this as like a clean,slate basically this is like the safe,haven ok nothing happens to your,ecosystem until you start running as,yourself so we don't want to be working,with for example client that is in forex,trading in it could be anything you know,even for example we are the client that,was in real estate and we even got ads,spanked for them we were still waiting,with a dentist client now who's,currently on pause because of the the,pandemic and we set up a it was like a,before and after with dental implants,without dental implants and then with,dental implants I mean like a before and,after shot no next to each other because,you understand that that is not allowed,but we have like a little a little,slideshow basically of what that looks,like in the procedure etc I'm not still,got flagged it still got rejected we,still got the other compounds now,luckily within the team we know how to,deal with this we've got all the scripts,etc and you know same as basically,people that have enrolled into my,program you know everyone's got those,scripts that will basically allow you to,get your other counts back etc,nine times I was it ten because,obviously it's not a foolproof system we,are still reliance on Facebook to give,us the other comes back but if that,other count was under our ecosystem that,could have impacted on the rest of,basically our system because let's say,we've already gone another compound and,a new ad account comes in gets banned as,well Facebook might say I'm gone,something in this ecosystem is not right,something has gone wrong let's not take,the risk with this ecosystem and shut it,down altogether and that is what I had,oh right year ago now where the list we,took down my entire personal profile so,not just my business manager not just,the other counts no my entire personal,profile so actually now I do not run ads,on the Joshua Technol George anymore on,Facebook because I can't actually access,that account anymore I can only access,it in a private way so I can you know,talk to friends and you know our people,etc in a normal way but I can't actually,use it for business reasons and that,this faces the message that I got and,this business thing comply with our,advertising policies it's other counts,and ads have been disabled and it also,says you are no longer allowed to use,Facebook products to advertise so my,personal profile was restricted for,those of you got in the program if you,go to the ecosystem module in the,mastery stage if I'm not mistaken I,basically explain exactly what I did,what I don't wrong and I basically no,come back open the room again but with,that said to wrap things up this is,basically what I want to you know bring,to you guys or gives you guys advise you,guys that the clients pays for the ads,okay his credit card is attached to his,business manager so you do not pay for,the ads you gonna even touch the payment,methods anything like that because his,credit card is attached to his business,manager and you just come in to his,business manager use his credit card to,run the ads okay you do not,invoice for the ads either your retainer,is separate your retainer does not,include the ad budget either so if you,let's say you invoice them a thousand a,month then that is yours to keep so your,approaches or there are budgets is not,included within that and by,what I mentioned in the next one as well,so your retina is separate from the ad,budgets you do not mention the a budget,they give you the budget to work with,after they've paid your retainer so I,should say here if your retainers a,thousand month that is 100% yours to,keep excluding tax obviously we've all,gotta pay tax there is no way around,that,okay but the retainer is yours you do,not spend your retainer on the ads you,run the ads in the clients other counts,as I mentioned before so you do not run,the answer in your own accounts not,unlike that you use their ID account,their business manager to run the ads,right because at the end of the day it's,their data it's not our data to use and,like I said we want to protect our,ecosystem so we want to make sure that,anything that happens in the client-side,accounts does not impact us okay you,ruin the ads via the clients business,manager as I already explained and you,get access to their business manager and,you do not attach their ad account to,your business manager why because like I,said it might infect your ecosystem okay,so just to wrap things up I want to,quickly finish off with a testimonial,video from Aaron who is a good friend of,my money's basically being through the,live cells at mastery course I want to,give his two cents on him on his new,course,no I meant George Brown I think like,three years ago already we met in London,and from that moment on he has always,given me excellent advice when it comes,to running a marketing agency now that,being said once I got the fee to version,of his new course this was like next,level like in here it literally showed,me how I can absolutely automate the,entire agency both well too and so I can,make more impact for my clients and with,the free time invested more in the,business and really expense and,basically yet just 10x is what I'm doing,in here so with that being said you know,like I've got an access to majority of,course is to be honest and the majority,of them you know they only pinpoint,certain points for example some only,touch on outreach some only touch on,systems where there are rarely any,courses out there,when it comes to social media marketing,that gives you so the safety entry or,more advanced thoughts on each key,module in nature on successful agency,and in this course,chiraq actually gives you this like he,really shows you all the modules but,more so how it all into links together,and that's like for me has been the most,powerful thing to you know really know,what I need to do when I have the,materials but more so how other parts,flow together so it becomes one cohesive,power system to make more impact that,your marketing agency know so if that's,exactly what you're looking for don't,look any further this is the course,together yes so good Wednesday from a1,and to be completely open and honest and,upfront of you guys aaron has not,purchased my course even receive my,course through me you know we are close,friends and to be fair you know he is,one of the best media bias that you know,is out there in my opinion you know he,is up there he is the cream of the crop,in terms of Facebook Ads for e-commerce,and I really do value his opinion as he,mentioned himself he has purchased a lot,of courses Aaron is someone who you know,continuously invests in himself,you know if there's information to be,found purchased you know or coached on,he will invest in himself and you know,gain that knowledge so because I know,how much he invests in himself and,because I value his opinion as a media,buyer,I gave him access to my course and said,I want you to ask friends be brutally,honest about my course give me feedback,on on how I can improve it and provide,more value to you know future potential,coaching students and like I said this,is what I had to say about it so I'm,very happy with that I'm very happy that,I've got his blessing if you will and,with that said I'm going to wrap up this,video I hope you enjoyed this guy I know,this is slightly different than the,content that you usually see from my,channel you know this is very much the,nitty gritty on how to run an agency and,you know it's very nice down rather than,how to a money online etc so I hope you,enjoyed this video thanks for watching,if you have any questions feel free to,leave them below this video I do try my,best to answer as many,as possible if I've missed your question,or if you don't feel comfortable,replying as in comments you can also,request access to my free lifestyle,design community which is a Facebook,group that is linked in the description,box down below as well you get access to,my free estimate beginners course where,I basically show you guys how to,leverage the up.wake business model and,freelancer websites methods to get in,clients something that I see a lot of,let's say you know course creators and,you know basically charge good money for,it's all free in the Facebook community,so make sure you check that out if that,is something you find interesting and,with that said I'm gonna wrap up this,video here like share comment subscribe,and I'll see you all in the next video

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