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Facebook Engagement Campaignswith all the recent changes to online,advertising and privacy laws it's

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Facebook Engagement Campaigns

with all the recent changes to online,advertising and privacy laws it's more,important than ever to take advantage of,the on platform performance and,engagement you can get from your,customers because we don't lose that,when somebody comes to our website on,facebook you can utilize engagement,campaigns to drive individual post,engagement or page engagement so today i,want to run through how to set up an,engagement campaign and give you some,ideas of how to leverage those audiences,later down the funnel,as is standard with most of these videos,where we walk you through something i am,in our paid media pros staging account,so everything here will be ugly but to,get started creating an engagement,campaign we just need to come up and,click create and then when we're,prompted to choose our campaign,objective we're going to choose you,guessed it engagement unlike most of the,other campaign objectives on facebook,engagement campaigns are then going to,ask you what type of engagement you want,to optimize for in your campaign are,going to be three main types the default,is post engagement so trying to get,people to engage with that post,specifically the second is page likes,getting them to like your facebook page,or instagram profile and then the third,is going to be event responses and event,responses have quite a bit more going on,outside of just creating this engagement,campaign luckily joe has already put,together a video on facebook event,campaigns so if you want a full rundown,of that specific setup you can check out,the video at the top of the screen right,now but for this video i'm going to,focus only on the post engagement and,page like options overall the setup for,both post engagement and page like,campaigns are going to be really similar,we're going to go through you just,choose the engagement type you set up,your audience and you create your ads,but then facebook on the back end is,going to optimize for the different,actions so let's go ahead and run,through a post engagement option first,once i click continue i then come to the,new campaign screen of a little bit more,of a full walk through as opposed to,what we already have so you can see here,that we can still choose any sort of,special categories we can do any sort of,a b test and we can use campaign budget,optimization nothing else on here is any,different from other campaigns there is,this little show more options thing here,but it's just a campaign spending limit,so no big deal on that and we don't need,to change anything so i'm going to go,ahead and click next you can then set up,all of your different targeting options,that you want to use for this post,engagement campaign within the ad set so,you can set your different budget you,can set the schedule you can choose your,different audiences whoever you want to,target you can then adjust the,placements and we have videos for each,of these different sections of the,builder within facebook so rather than,calling out a specific video you can,actually just check out the facebook,playlist at the top of the screen right,now and find more insights on each of,these the last thing that you can,customize here is going to be the,optimization for ad delivery so it's,going to be set for post engagement but,if you wanted to you could change this,to be daily unique reach or impressions,to try and get as many people seeing,your ad once a day or to try and get as,many impressions in front of people as,facebook possibly can odds are since,we're trying to get some engagement,that's going to be counterproductive so,i'm going to leave it as post engagement,you then have the option to put a cost,control in here to try and make sure,that you are not paying more than you,would like to for the different post,engagements but as with almost every,campaign that i use on facebook i'm just,going to leave that blank we're going to,hit next,and the last thing we get to do in a,post engagement campaign is to set up,our ad creative so you'll still choose,the identity that you want it to come,from but then one thing to note is that,by default for a post engagement,campaign facebook is going to choose,that you're going to use an existing,post for your campaign rather than,creating a new one now that doesn't mean,that you can't create a new post if you,want to you can just come from the drop,down and create ad but i think that,facebook is assuming that you have a,post that's already doing well on,organic and you want to get more,engagement through it or vice versa you,have a post that you want to get more,eyes on but it's not getting the,traction you want to organically so you,can promote it through your campaign i,think that's a more common use case for,this so you can find that ad creative in,a number of different ways have,everything set up and be good to go one,thing that is slightly different if you,do decide to create a new ad for this,that the fields are going to be limited,compared to what you would see in a,normal ad so you normally get to add in,the media which you can add in either an,image or a video just like normal but,then all you have down here is going to,be your primary text and a call to,action button that's so that everybody,will engage exclusively on the facebook,platform and try and have some sort of,reaction or share or comment on your,post but if you do want to add a,destination you can check that box and,now you can see that we have the,headline and you can then use the,destination which is going to,effectively be an instant experience,rather than sending somebody to the,website so it keeps them on facebook,this is a campaign designed for,engagement so sending people off,platform isn't really in your best,interest when you're going in and,setting up your post engagement,campaigns just know that you're going to,want to set up either something that is,designed only for engagement with no,destination or that you're using an,instant experience for the engagement on,the platform if you want a rundown of,how to set up instant experiences we've,got a link at the top of the video right,now that can walk you through that and,how to think about creating that,experience for your target customer once,you're finished with all that you just,come over and click publish but since i,didn't actually create anything and i'm,not targeting anybody i'm not going to,do that instead let's go back to the,very beginning and show what a page,likes campaign looks like i've gone,ahead and gone back to the beginning,clicked the engagement campaign,objective and now i'm going to choose,page likes and then we'll go from there,all of the campaign settings for a page,likes campaign are going to be the exact,same as a post engagement campaign so,we'll just click next now the setup,process at the ad set level is going to,feel mostly the same but there are a,couple of nuances for a page likes ad,set so we've got the facebook page,specifically you'll see that you need to,choose this you can choose from the drop,down because this is the page you're,trying to generate the likes for so this,is an important thing to make sure that,you have right since we're trying to get,page likes all of the budget scheduling,and audience setup are going to be the,same until we get down here to,connections as with other targeting,campaigns you can choose the different,connections that you want to target one,that might be very helpful for this type,of campaign is to exclude people who,currently like or follow your page,because they have already done the,action that you're trying to optimize,for so that's something to keep in mind,but this alert down here is also telling,us that we need to change the type of,connections that we have before we,publish this is something brand new but,i wanted to call it out in case you're,seeing it in your account so basically,due to updates with the way that,facebook creates connections and,connected audiences these will need to,be converted into a custom audience,based on the type of connection so,rather than people who like your page,you'll need to create a custom audience,that is based on the facebook page and,targets people who have liked your page,it's a little bit of a nuance all you,need to do is walk through the steps,here of convert connections and you,should be all set but for now i'm going,to skip that we'll come down to the,bottom and then for the page likes,campaign you'll see that you cannot,adjust the optimization action it is,only going to optimize for page likes,you can't do daily unique reach or,impressions here so let's go ahead and,click next and get to the ad creative,and again this is going to look,different than a standard ad on facebook,the facebook page itself was set at the,ad set level you'll see here that it's,grayed out we do have the right one,chosen for paid media pros but you,cannot change it because we're trying to,generate likes for this page when it,comes to the creative itself there's,very little that you get to do there is,some media you can edit that and change,it to some different image you can edit,the media just a little bit or you can,turn it into a video that's pretty much,it you've just got the one option and,then all you have is a primary text,available make sure that whatever you're,using here is going to be impactful and,if you'll notice in the example off to,the right the primary text that you use,is going to be used in both the intro,section above the media but it will also,be used below the page name which is,going to operate as the headline of the,ad so make sure that whatever you type,in there makes sense if it shows up in,both places because that's how it's,going to show up so overall the setup,for either a post engagement or a page,likes engagement campaign is pretty,similar to a regular conversion or,traffic campaign the only main,differences are going to come down to,the ad creative and what that user,experience is going to look like once,we've launched our campaigns there are,ways that you can see the engagement,metrics in facebook so i'm going to hop,into a different account that actually,has performance so you can see what,those look like,to find all the different engagement,metrics we need to come up here to our,column selector and then one of the,preset options for columns is actually,going to be engagement here you'll be,able to see across campaigns ad sets add,creative what the different engagements,were so you can do post reactions,comments saves shares link clicks and,page likes the campaigns that we have,set up here are optimizing for website,conversions they're really not trying to,get these different things but you can,see that even conversion campaigns will,drive all of these different engagement,actions you can also utilize any of,these different metrics to come up with,custom metrics within the facebook,interface so if there's a number that,you want to see that is not in here all,you have to do is create that custom,metric by going up to the columns going,down to customize columns and then up at,the top here you can create a custom,metric and if you want a more full run,through you can check out the video at,the top of the screen right now but,you'll see that one of those that i've,created is actually engagement rate and,it's post engagement divided by,impressions so if i click that i'm going,to scoot it up a little bit and click,apply now i have my custom engagement,rate metrics to see how each of these,different campaigns in this instance is,generating engagement the last thing i,want to show you is how to create,audiences based off of the engagements,that people are taking on facebook,because again since we're losing some of,the third-party tracking capabilities,with cookies utilizing the engagement,can be maybe not quite as good but,pretty close to having website visitors,so let's hop back into the paid media,pros account and show you how to set,some of those up,to create those audiences i'm going to,head over into the main menu and then go,to audience manager,we can then create a new audience we're,going to say custom audience and then,nearly all of the engagement actions are,going to be based on facebook sources so,they're going to be in the second set,down here below for anything that has to,do with a post engagement so the,reactions comments shares or a page like,we're going to use either the instagram,account or the facebook page source to,come up with those audiences i'm not,going to go through both but pretty,quickly let's just do facebook page and,click next just like with any of the,other audience builders or with a,website audience builder we then get to,choose the event that somebody took so,this can be anything of people who,currently like or follow your page,everyone who engaged with your page,anyone who has visited your page people,who engaged with any post or ad they,clicked a call to action button sent a,message saved your page or any post so,there's lots of different ways that,people can engage with your facebook,page and then you can create that into,an audience to retarget or exclude later,from your campaigns overall the,engagement that you receive on facebook,or instagram or any of the other social,media platforms can be just as,beneficial as those people who visit,your website you just have to remember,to create the audiences out of those,users and use them for retargeting or,exclusionary purposes as i've mentioned,a couple of times some of the,third-party cookie tracking capabilities,for those retargeting audiences or for,those conversion tracking pieces are,going away or at least starting to have,a few more gaps in them so it's,important to know who is engaging with,your page with your posts with your ad,campaigns and making sure you're,speaking to them in a way that reflects,where they are in the customer journey i,know i went through a few of these,sections relatively quickly usually,because we already have other videos,that speak about it but if i didn't talk,about anything that you have a specific,question for with these engagement,campaigns i would love to hear about it,in the comments thanks for watching our,video if you thought it was useful give,us a thumbs up below we release a new,video at least once a week so if you,want to get notified when a new one,comes out be sure to subscribe to the,paid media pros channel,you

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Should You Run Engagement Ads First on Facebook?

Should You Run Engagement Ads First on Facebook?

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video,i'm going to answer the facebook ads,question of should you run,engagement campaigns first on facebook,before then using those ads,in conversion campaigns or traffic,campaigns or whatever or should you just,go,straight for the conversion campaign,start with that and go with that option,from day one it's an interesting,question there's arguments on both sides,to go through those and explain what i,think you should do,in this short video before i get into,that i just want to very quickly ask you,to smash that like button,and of course subscribe to my channel if,you are new and haven't done so already,so i'm in an example facebook ad account,here and i've got up the campaign,objectives because you can see obviously,you know the engagement option,conversions etc,now the reason why people have,historically very often run engagement,campaigns let's say you put,you put an ad up on your facebook page,you know you've got your imagery you,created,there you're going to use that post in,an engagement campaign to generate lots,of social proof,so likes comments shares that's what,engagement campaigns are designed to do,to get your,social proof and then you're going to,run that ad in a conversion campaign,um or maybe your traffic campaign but,primarily conversions,and the idea is that all that social,proof that you gathered up from the,engagement campaign,is going to help your facebook ad,campaign convert because then when,people see it they can see oh they've,got tons of,engagement this must be a big company,they must be,particularly if the comments and stuff,are positive that's going to help you,you convert,um i can absolutely understand the logic,and what i would say is there's,very little downside in running an,engagement campaign first,to gather the social proof other than of,course the money that you have to spend,on that,for me i would say the upside of doing,so and whether or not you should do so,depends on your budget,okay so if you're operating with a,fairly small budget let's say anything,less than,you know uh two or three thousand,dollars a month,something like that then yes i probably,would run an engaging campaign first,just spend a little bit of money,fifty dollars something like that,hundred dollars,um to get social proof and engaging,campaigns are great at that by the way,with an engagement campaign facebook,knows to put your ad in front of people,that are most likely to,uh comment most likely to share most,likely to like the post,and you will get lots more social proof,with that option so that's great you get,that social proof,then use that post use that ad in in a,conversion campaign,if you're operating with a higher budget,you know ten thousand dollars a month,twenty thousand dollars a month i would,say just go straight for a conversion,campaign,you do still generate social proof with,conversion campaigns,it's a little bit slower but with those,higher budgets you get there so much,faster anyway,i don't think it's worth the time and,effort of slowing things down,to run the engagement campaign first um,i just go straight for conversions,particularly when you're operating at,higher budgets,you're going to need to be refreshing,ads that much more regularly,if you're constantly having to run an,engagement campaign first i think it can,can get in the way it just doesn't offer,that much advantage now,whether or not you should do this also,depends on your industry with some,industries social proof on ads is much,more important than others,okay so are you selling a product or,service where there's a lot of market,skepticism,perhaps people in your industry,competitive yours,haven't delivered on promises it's known,for,there being some dodgy actors there in,which case social proofs can be that,much more important,my industry would kind of be one of,those like lots of people have,experiences of hiring uh digital,marketing agencies that,just haven't been able to deliver so for,us social proof is really important so,you'll see in my marketing we use,testimonials and cases and things like,that a lot,um in other industries it was a little,ecommerce product,less important okay um the advantage to,having social proof is not as big as it,once was,so don't think that you know you run a,conversion campaign it didn't work or if,you just,quickly run an engaging campaign on,those ads get lots social proof and then,rerun it it's all of a sudden gonna take,off that's not necessarily the case it,gives you,a bit of a boost and is worth doing as i,said if it's important for your industry,if you're using a smaller budget but,it's not that big a deal it's basically,what i would say,about that question so it's a very good,question i was asked recently wanted to,address it in a specific video,hopefully that is helpful and you can,work out which way to go and and yeah,and before you go one thing i want to,quickly mention,is a free um a free resource really,called my facebook ads,mastermind group so free facebook group,we currently have 85 000 members one of,the biggest communities of facebook,advertisers,in the world we moderate it very closely,we make sure there's no spam and all,that sort of stuff so it's a great,community full of people,looking to help each other out i do free,live trainings in the group quite,regularly,that's actually something you want to be,part of link is in the video description,go ahead and join we'd love to have you,there and i will uh see you on the other,side,if this video has been useful please let,me know in the comments comment below if,you've got any questions i get to as,many questions,as i possibly can hit that thumbs up,button that really helps me out is much,appreciated,and of course subscribe to my channel if,you haven't done so already,so best of your facebook ad campaigns,guys and i will talk to you soon bye for,now

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