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How To Build An Email List With Facebook Ads in 2022Ô hay thế giới studio archuleta,Collection of th

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

How To Build An Email List With Facebook Ads in 2022

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How To Target Your Email List With Facebook Ads

How To Target Your Email List With Facebook Ads

all right now in this video I want to,talk about how do you target your email,list using Facebook Ads,now let's jump right into it and first,let me show you all the steps involved,that you need to follow to be able to,target your email list so let's go to,our drawing board and here are it's,two-step process but step number one is,it has like different components alright,so how do you target your email list,with Facebook Ads,the first step is upload your email list,to Facebook so basically to upload it,used to be very easy any Facebook Ads,account you can upload your CSV file of,your existing customer the email list,but now Facebook has recently made a,change you do need a business manager so,to upload your email list a list of,maybe your customers emails or phone,numbers or addresses you do need,facebook facebook business manage it's,very easy and free to sign up its,business dot and just sign,up and it will it will create a free,account for you number two is once you,upload the email list you're gonna,create a custom audience so basically,inside Facebook's audience section we're,gonna create an audience of all these,email these people who are on our email,list and don't worry I'll show you,everything in a second and then once you,have completed number one step number,two is then we're gonna use this custom,audience of our email list inside,Facebook ad campaigns and specifically,inside the ad sets of the campaign now,let me go to the ads manager now and,Here I am I'm already signed into my,business start a facebook business,account and one of the ad account that I,have access to now how do you upload,your email less let's check that out,first,so what you want to do is click on the,ads manager and then we're gonna go to a,section called audiences this is where,you build all of your custom audiences,alright it's gonna load pretty quickly,it's just taking a few seconds I believe,my internet is a super slow right now,there we go all right finally so once,you are at the audience section we're,gonna click on create audience and then,we're gonna click on custom audience so,the definition of custom audiences,connect with people who already have,shown interest in your business and you,know our existing customers yes right,it's a click on custom audience and then,their different options so our source,for custom audience is a customer list,these are the people whose email we have,so we're gonna click on that and now,here is to prepare your list you need at,least one main identify and what's the,main identify its email phone number,some people have a first name last into,things like that those are the main,identifiers and then you can include,more identifiers such as city state,country zip code date of birth,it just depends some businesses just,kept your name and email some businesses,capture all kinds of information address,phone number zip code everything so it,just depends on you know what you have,captured for your existing customers you,can upload all of that and actually more,you upload the better because then,Facebook is able to match those people,with people who are active on Facebook,and then create your custom audience all,right now and a couple of ways to do it,so if you have a MailChimp you can,import from MailChimp I've never used,that option that's fairly recent but you,know check that out,the other one is download list template,so if you download that template,basically it's gonna be excel file with,all these columns and you can fill it,out and then just you know upload back,into this area of audiences what I like,to do the easiest for me you know I like,to do things that are easy so I'm gonna,hit next and I'm just gonna copy paste,so this is do you does your list include,customer value so if you have a if you,know the value of your customer the,lifetime value you can include that but,now I'm gonna hit no and hit next and,this is what I wanted to show you so,basically in this section right here you,can upload the file or you can copy,and what I like to do sometimes is just,go copy data from my raw file come back,here and paste it and there Facebook,will match so for example we I uploaded,like almost five forty nine hundred,almost five thousand rows just like that,so copy pasting is super easy for me so,that's what I like to do and then make,sure you email list your name you give,it a name and you know name it something,that you can easily remember in the,future and then when you are done just,hit next,and then Facebook will start creating,that audience for you I'm gonna hit,cancel because we already have that so,let me show you in this list right here,we should have email let's there you go,so here's the email list that we have,two thirty months it's out of forty-nine,hundred people thirty one hundred people,maxed with Facebook so Facebook was able,to match you know that's a huge,percentage and now that's how connecting,the step number one it was you know,making sure you have a business Facebook,account business or business manager,business on Facebook comm and then,you're gonna go into the audience,section and upload your email list or,your customer list and it will create a,custom audience like this so that was,our step number one right here number,two is not super easy now we're gonna go,inside ads manager here the campaign and,then inside the ad side I'll show you,how to target this email list that we,just built all right so let's jump back,into here and I'm gonna go back to the,ads manager now and then we're gonna,create a brand new campaign and to be,able to do that we're gonna look for,that create button right here and hit,that and our step number one Facebook ad,creation is three-step process campaign,ad set and then the ads we're not gonna,go and build out the whole campaign I,have other videos that go in detail a,step-by-step process of building out,your whole campaign here I want to show,you how to target that email list that,you have so in the objective I'm just,gonna go with conversion for now just to,a test campaign,but basically you can target your email,list for anything to to get more,conversions and you know so you already,have their email list they're already,customer but sometimes companies they,like maybe you have a new product,maybe another accessory for an existing,product and maybe like an upsell and it,makes sense for you to target your,existing customers or email lists so,it's it just depends on the strategy or,the campaign that you're creating all,right so let's go to step number two,which is the ad set now what we're gonna,do is we're gonna go to scroll down and,we're gonna look for a section called,custom audiences so this is where we are,gonna input that the audience that we,just build the email list and if I hit,enter a click here it's gonna give me a,drop-down and I can see all of my,look-alike audiences all of my custom,audiences in all everything it together,if I scroll down I should be able to see,an email list which is right here 3100,people and right here in the audience,size even though Facebook's a is,unavailable they used to give the number,here now they don't but we know from the,audience section the the people in that,group is 3100 so I have that selected,and this is how you in your ad set,you're gonna select the custom audio,that you want to target and this is how,you can target your email list with your,ad campaign and then you can kind of go,through everything else in the campaign,make sure you you know set up your,location sometimes people want to target,their customers within a certain city or,within a certain country let's say,you're a global brand and your customers,are all over the world but this campaign,you only want to target your existing,customers who live in the United States,so you would do something like that so,select your existing customers and then,select the country and then move forward,with your other parts of your campaign,building daily budget and so forth so,I'm not gonna go through the whole,process so this is how but there are,several other videos that I have on the,topic of or you know all these three,steps campaigns ad set,building out the ad whether you want to,build the image ad or the video ad but,this is how you build a custom audience,so it's a two-step process I mean this,quick recap first we built a custom,audience of our email list or our,existing customers inside Facebook Ads,manager and specifically in the,audience's section and once you have,that custom audience created created,then step number two was in the process,of building out a brand new campaign in,the XS section inside the custom,audience we can select that and we can,target people who are on our email list,we can target people who are our,existing customers with new offers,whatever you want to put in front of,them actually one other thing I want to,quickly point out you can also exclude,this list or this custom audience that,you build so let's say they take an,example maybe you're creating a campaign,and you want to target people who are,not your existing customers so maybe,it's for you know new customers right,it's a new customer offer so what you,would do is inside your custom audience,instead of including so if I select,something here I'm targeting these,people they the people who are on my,email list but instead of that I can,also hit exclude and then do the same,thing and here's the email list right so,when you have a custom audience built,inside Facebook you can either include,it and you can also exclude it from your,campaign or specifically at the ad set,level and it really depends on the,objective of your campaign you may want,to target your existing customers or,maybe it's a campaign which is just for,new customers so you want to exclude,your existing customers so just wanted,to let you know that there is an option,to exclude your custom audience as well,thank you so much for watching if you,have any questions leave me a comment,reach out to me I would be more than,happy to answer your questions and give,you my insights thanks again for tuning,in today I'm gonna see in the next video,bye

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