how come facebook shows ads doe studf i searches on google

Google Secrets you didn't KNOW ABOUToh no what's going on with the Google,Google hello friends it's


Updated on Jan 23,2023

Google Secrets you didn't KNOW ABOUT

oh no what's going on with the Google,Google hello friends it's me today we're,gonna be exposing Google's secrets I,mean I've already been exposed how else,would I know about them sniffer wolf,hello,well I can't even like erase what I just,wrote stop wait,go home Google you're drunk had a little,too much eggnog no it appears that,destroyed the Google yeah imagine if,every time you took a whack out of it,and drop billions of dollars raining,money for this cool little trick all you,have to do is Google Google space click,on the first one the mr. doob comm and,then you got Google you have any,relatives coming over of the Boomer,species set this up for them and then,any time they just go and try to type,something,don't be so confused and then they start,moving around there thank you guys click,on anything YouTube ok you could click,on the YouTube the YouTube appears to be,working and then all you got to do is,just go back to Google and you'll be,hailed the all-knowing tech genius of,your generation if you don't want to say,an embarrassing story all you gotta do,is whisper it to Google and they'll tell,it for you when I was in first grade I,went to my friend's house and her mom,made us lunch and it was turkey,casserole and it was ok at first and,then I felt sick and felt like I had to,throw up and I didn't want to say,anything and didn't want to make a mess,in the bathroom because I always used to,throw up in the sink and I didn't want,her to know so I took off my sock and,threw up in it and put it in her trash,and covered it with toilet papers so she,wouldn't see it well ok I don't know why,that was a thing you're supposed to,throw up in a toilet I didn't know that,I literally have never thrown up in a,toilet until I was an adult and I knew,that you're supposed to do it in a,toilet and not the sink why would you do,in the sink like I would always do it in,the sink and it would make a mess and I,never thought to do it in the toilet,where you could just flush it and the,evidence would be gone right anyway,she never found the house so this might,be a little controversial for some of,y'all the other day I was sitting in LA,traffic and it took two hours to go nine,miles,and I was like Dennis he had the right,idea and I think Google agrees so when,you search Thanos,there's the Wikipedia page you could do,your research but if you scroll down on,his little fictional supervillain you,don't meet that else ain't real I'm,sorry guys this is news to me if,anyone's like an animated Infinity,Gauntlet right here so you're gonna,click on it and it's smash huh and then,the Google search starts disappearing,where did it go oh it's all disappearing,and then there's less results not quite,half I thought I was supposed to get rid,of half it got rid of about five,Infinity Gauntlet was not very effective,but I thought that was pretty cool hey,you can't even like they're actually,gone oh thank goodness this is still,here next up we have Google gravity to,search Google gravity oh and then it,just crashes literally we knew the,search part was so bouncy look at that,and his name is John Cena and take the,search bar and heat it across the room,you can beat Google with their gang,search bar okay this is pretty,satisfying,I did not know any of this before today,but Google has a bunch of hidden,minigames that you can play so I mean,literally every single game is now PSN,down steam down Blizzard down I don't,know you gotta be really bored to want,to play this game or at school or in,prison this is one of my favorites,you can search Atari breakout and then,you go to images though that it turns,into the game okay what if I actually,need photos for a school project can I,not doesn't only let me play this game,okay yes that's what we're doing and you,play with your keyboard don't mind me,just creating a beat for my new mixtape,okay now take me to images is there just,okay you can return to image search very,cool Google Google pac-man they don't,want you to play pac-man anywhere else,except Google those Google owned pac-man,boomers girl playing the gap no no no no,no no no no so I know this girl and she,was daily a guy I was like 20 years,older than her she's a gamer and she,asked him if he plays any games and he's,like games do me like pac-man okay I,thought the story was gonna be funnier,like not even fortnight how old is,pac-man in the 80s okay what pac-man's,real name puck man all them hockey pucks,destroyed his teeth now he's pac-man,this is terrifying this is what it,looked like when he was puck man when he,had all his teeth what we do here is go,back to the Google homepage crush google,it and then it starts raining these,rings sonic come collect your coins no,it's literally,you leaving all of the searches hey bro,I gotta stop them somebody's got to stop,them,Oh we've sent reinforcements so they,even have a health bar okay there we go,are you guys on my cell now they're not,on my side I thought the rent was coming,to help,they've deleted the entire Google search,that was very rude of you wait they're,trying to spell something out probably,Google Gigi what you mean Gigi this,wasn't even a good game this was a,garbage game Oh disrespectful,I feel humiliated okay but what is the,Zerg rush,oh my god I tried to look for it again,and now it's upside down and everything,is spelled weird okay oh my god I'm,trying to fix this and it's not fixing,what's going on please fix the Google,leave the family computer like this it's,not your problem anymore,good thing I'm a tech genius fixed it,there's another minigame Easter egg but,it only works when you have no internet,and it only works in Chrome so I'm gonna,unplug my internet I'm gonna refresh,okay so you get this little dinosaur,over here you see I always thought he,was just a dinosaur but I was wrong you,press the spacebar and it activates this,little minigame,we-we-we Louise that you can play with,no internet but you just jump over,everything jump over the cactuses I,don't know what those are what if we hit,one oh it's just game over face full of,needles and that's how they went extinct,he's so stuffy how does he jump this,high how long does this go on for are,there like levels where's the boss fight,man no internet no problem,you know this stuff would have been,really cool like ten years ago before we,had like a bunch of apps and games that,we could play but this would have been,so much cooler than snake you know I,feel like this new generation doesn't,know what snake is smash like if you,know what snake is we still play it on,our flip phones or Nokia phones like,mspaint but for your phone no it's,nothing like mspaint if you try to make,a bet with someone and they don't know,how to play rock-paper-scissors you can,tell Google to flip a coin,hence and there is a coin flipping,simulator very useful flip again tails,just making sure it's not rigged you can,also ask it to roll a die Wow look at,all these useful google hacks you didn't,know roll it for roll it again three,better be two what this isn't random if,it's one okay I was gonna be like I'm,calling the cops,oh they're different kinds of dies so if,you trying to play Dungeons & Dragons,I've never even played that in my life,oh wow and you could take away some so,if you don't have one of these fancy,dies you can literally roll it on google,other cool tricks you could do to upset,the boomers type in ask you and it'll,slant your page now you know what a skew,means and your Google is ruined also,will bug your OCD friends thankou --gel,do a barrel roll and it just does a spin,so you can basically command it to do,all of these things oh you can do it 1,million times do a barrel roll a hundred,times huh again again again again,yes try searching for the apple pie,recipe now Barbara recursion oh I'm like,I spelt it right right but it keeps,saying did you mean recursion the,repeated application of a recursive,procedure or definition so it just,repeats itself oh man this is this is,really annoying cuz I'm like I spelled,it right but it keeps saying did you,mean I keep clicking on the recommended,and it's still there this is annoying I,hate this one two out of ten half you,know everybody's life there's gonna be a,time where they're like what's the,meaning of life and you want some,answers so you search for the answer to,life and the number 42 comes up why 42,why is 42 the answer to life the,universe and everything so in the,Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy the,answers to the ultimate question of life,the universe and everything calculated,by a supercomputer named deep thought,over a period of 7.5 million years well,I hope so any time somebody asks you for,lucky number stop saying 7 it's 42,because apparently it's a perfect number,weird flex but ok it's on a 3 by 3 by 3,magic cube where the numbers are 1 2 3 4,2 27 they're all over in at an,intersection point each column row and,pillar add up to 42 I'm not impressed,what else can you do 42 the optimum,angle for white light to refract through,water and thus form a rainbow is between,40 point 89 and 42 degrees maybe I,snorted at that one there 42 members in,the Illuminati it all makes sense now,reason number 5 Google sets though and,Google is a billionaire and supposedly,knows everything and their image search,still sucks,I don't know comment below if y'all have,any answers but anyway that's all for,today I hope you guys enjoyed this video,if you did we should hit that like,button and comment below you know any,secrets that I did not mention in this,video make sure you turns out,notifications today today and subscribe,join the Wolfpack I love you guys so,much thanks watching bye guys

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how come facebook shows ads doe studf i searches on google catalogs

Is Google always listening: Live Test

Is Google always listening: Live Test

okay how's it going everybody today I'm,gonna be doing a live test to see if,Google is always listening on your,microphone okay this has been in the,news just in the last few days a lot,because of Mark Zuckerberg,he's been addressing Congress in the,Senate in the United States here,answered a lot of questions about user,privacy and particularly one question,has been coming up a couple of times,which is whether or not Facebook is,always listening with the microphones to,better target advertising to you the,question comes up I mean Mark Zuckerberg,says that they don't Google is not there,to answer on their behalf a lot of,people think that Google does because,people have that experience sometimes,where they're talking about a subject in,a room and they're just talking about,something and then suddenly they go,online and they search for something or,they're just online browsing around and,suddenly advertisements for that subject,start popping up so I've written down a,subject that we're going to talk about,on a piece of paper I can't speak it out,loud yet because we got to do a test,first but this is the subject we're,gonna talk about okay now we're gonna go,to a few websites and see if we can find,any advertisements for this right here,now I don't own one of these okay so,it's it's not like it's something I've,ever searched for in the past so it's,not gonna be on any of the websites that,it shouldn't be on any other websites,that we go to and try to find some of,the advertisements for but we will find,out so after after that then then we're,gonna test it again after we talk about,this we're gonna test it again and see,if we can find some of those,advertisements for that so first let's,go to some web sites and see if we can,find any two advertisements for what I,just showed you on that piece of paper,and we'll see what's going on I'll go,too far com because they have a,ready-made list of plenty of websites we,can visit right off the bat,just pick a few at random the atlantic i,just opened a mail online one UPI,dot-com burger of the month okay so,let's take a look at these websites and,see what the advertisements are on them,this one says advertisement but I don't,see an ad this says North Carolina,father/daughter couple in it okay that's,just depressing but the sponsored,content here is from Outbrain obviously,not what do we have what we have written,on our piece of paper here this one's an,advertisement for what was that Fancy,Pants taste on Underpants budget okay,that's not what we're looking for,despised autoplay that's a billion asian,people and here we have a breast cancer,ad is that right I don't have breast,cancer all right and then Science,Festival on WRAL okay so I,don't see any advertisements for what we,have on our piece of paper so what we're,gonna do now is we're gonna close all,the browsers we're gonna close,everything and then we're gonna talk,about this subject for a couple of,minutes just a minute or two we're just,going to talk about I'm just going to,talk about it like I'm talking to a,friend and then what we're gonna do is,we're gonna we're gonna just open up a,new browser and we'll just we'll just,we'll go to all the same web sites that,we just went to and we'll see if we can,find any advertisements for what we're,looking for so I think I can start,talking about that subject now I got to,close everything first okay so,all right so dog toys well I'm gonna be,searching for I mean I wanna I want to,buy some dog toys for my dog okay cuz I,love my dog and he deserves all the best,toys in the world so maybe we can find,him some really nice some really nice,toys for some really nice toys for dogs,I think that'd be nice,maybe some Kong's would be good or some,plush animals for maybe some dog toys,near me maybe some black or red ones I,don't know what colors dogs care about,but they probably like colored dog toys,from time to time let's see a little,weasel or something or a dog bed would,be good just something you can chew on,you know dog toys near me or affordable,dog toys I'd be really good for me,because as a consumer I'm looking for,the most affordable items that I can get,for my for my pooch and yeah dog toys,are what I'm the most interested in,right now if I were to buy something,right now it would be dog toys if I add,some money right in my wallet I take it,out and give it to whoever is selling,dog toys --is what I'm trying to say all,right guys I think that's that's plenty,so let's go ahead and let's go ahead and,get back on line and we'll go back too,far calm and let's take a look let's,open up some of the same websites let's,open up some new ones too,okay let's see what we got here first,website up oh my god it's right there,holy everybody burn your,microphones Oh No there's dog toys right,here let's click on that ad and see,where it takes us,price falls calm dog toys well everybody,I think that that is conclusive evidence,that your microphones are literally,always listening to see if to gather,information on what you're talking about,to target ads to you that is insane,unless that's some wild coincidence that,is just blowing my mind that's too bad,it's sort of thought that this wouldn't,work at all alright so right,there same advertisement that's,incredible,no way ad it says add right here it did,I saw an ad all right no ads there,that's just the Asian people again all,right all right this is again,yeah let's see I don't see anything that,was an advertisement right here but it,was for adventure Road okay never mind,that dog toy ads again and what is this,k9 Advantix from Petsmart oh oh wow well,everybody it's time to throw away your,microphones that's incredible,basically everything that this is,conclusive evidence that everything that,you ever say is always being processed,through some sort of speech recognition,service to listen for products that,you're going to be talking about let's,try a couple more websites just for fun,I hope that I hope they don't actually,store the recordings of conversations,people have illegal wiretapping,oh my god let's click on that,advertisement again chewy calm yep,that's ridiculous,I don't see all right just close that I,don't see any more pet advertisements on,that autoplay here's an ad for Ford but,no pet ads let's do a couple more,websites pets part pet smart comms I was,talking about Kong's black and red no,way that's insane,oh that's enough for me I'm done I'm,done with the Internet all right just,good night everybody that's too much for,me

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