how can i print copies of my facebook ads

How to download facebook leads from a FB lead ads campaignin this video we are going to see,how to c

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

How to download facebook leads from a FB lead ads campaign

in this video we are going to see,how to collect facebook leads,from a campaign which is running on,facebook,what i am going to do is i am taking you,to a,facebook ad which is already running,and it has collected few leads now we,will see,how do we go and download those,leads first you need to go to, slash ad manager,now um select the campaign and,account so here it is important to,select which ad account you want to,go click on that,select the appropriate ad account,now what it does is it will show,all the ads which is connected to that,particular ad account,one thing you need to check here is this,is that active,gate campaign which is running,here um if you just scroll down,we can see that five,leads are generated already but there is,no,option to download it so this is where,people get confused,what you need to do is you have to,go to ad set,then add,or even you can directly go to the ad,then you will see the option to,download this leads so then only,hyperlink will be available so basically,by default you will be landing into the,campaign tab,you have to go to that corresponding ad,then you can download it,another option is just keep clicking on,this hyperlink,it will take you to its corresponding ad,set,see this tab is selected so the problem,with facebook is this ad is not,very much evident and will not we there,are chances to,miss out this particular part then again,click on that particular ad set,it will take you to that corresponding,ad here you can,click the result,and then it will open up uh the download,option so if you want to,download by range or download in their,leads you can just click and then,it obviously downloads that's how you,download,results from facebook lead ads,thank you for watching

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How to Setup Facebook Ads for Your Print Shop

How to Setup Facebook Ads for Your Print Shop

hey print hustlers it's Bruce from,printable here simple shop managing,software today I've got five steps to,setting up killer Facebook ads that are,profitable for your guy's business now,we do really did a great podcast with,Shelby Craig out of rocket t-shirts he,showed us how he's railing running,Facebook ads and their campaigns to,generate some really good sales numbers,for the retail and their custom sides so,this can work for both of them okay so,here we go first step is setting up your,ad platform now Facebook Ads is a decent,ad platform but there's one called ad,espresso search Google and you'll be,able to find it sign up for that one,that's gonna be really easy to be able,to set up these ads do a/b testing,measure results all from inside there,number two targeting now this is,probably the most difficult part that I,see and a lot of groups online as people,are asking how do i target the right,people here's how you're gonna do it,first of all hopefully you're collecting,a lot of your customers email addresses,if you're not need to start collect,those email addresses into a long Excel,list and if you have the person's name,to put that in there now dump that into,Facebook and you'll be able to create an,audience now from here you can create,what's called a look-alike audience so,Facebook is gonna create a look-alike,audience based on your existing,customers now you can even add in,geo-targeting you can target people by,age I definitely recommend to use that,and get relatively specific but still,general enough so that Facebook can,start targeting have a wide enough,audience for you to go after all right,step 3 how are you gonna measure success,you don't want to spend any ad dollars,if you can't measure the ROI back on it,there are way to set up what's called,conversion pixels you might need to find,a software developer friend or hire,someone off,to be able to integrate this in your,website so for example if this is on the,retail side you can easily measure,conversions into your Shopify store from,clicking on the end so that's simple on,the custom side it's a little bit more,difficult you can either manually write,down people that you hear coming from,the ad and saying this is how they heard,about you or even better you can measure,them going to your contact form and,clicking submit you're gonna need a,software developer to help you set that,up but it is 100% worth the small,investment on that step for creating ads,gonna want to create these ads so that,they're very succinct very clear so,reduce words we look at the text that,you're using and keep reducing it and,making it simpler in AD espresso you can,easily a be test different ads and text,copy so try that two deals are great to,try and really help people see the,vision of what you're trying to sell,them example maybe use local city colors,or graphic or team colors and names to,sell to those people so that they can,really imagine what exactly you're gonna,be giving them okay lastly is the,execution of this so how long are you,gonna do this and how are you gonna,measure success generally speaking,Shelby said that about 8% is a really,good conversion percentage that you want,to be able to target and if it's not,hitting that cut the ad off but you need,to make sure you run this ad for at,least a couple weeks so that Facebook,can get some time to generate their,algorithms and work correctly the way,their algorithms work is by taking the,audience and measuring the people who,convert and then finding those similar,people and looking in that audience for,those similar people and then having,them convert more and more for you okay,so if you only get one conversion that's,not enough you need to get at least 10,to 20 conversions so that they can say,okay this is the exact type of person we,want to find and we're gonna find more,of so let it run for a couple weeks set,a decent budget of five to ten dollars,per day to start and if you keep getting,that 8% conversion up the budget until,you can't get it anymore alright guys,hopefully that was helpful that it again,is five steps to getting your facebook,ads running profitably if you do have,any other questions leave a comment,below or shoot us an email

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