how big should my target audience be for facebook ads

How Big should Facebook Ads Target Audience Size be? (Facebook Ads Audience Targeting Tutorial)um ho

Jason Gan

Updated on Jan 21,2023

How Big should Facebook Ads Target Audience Size be? (Facebook Ads Audience Targeting Tutorial)

um how big should the target audience be,this is a very good question we answered,this question on day four but let me,give you a very big picture about this,now fundamentally in my opinion a good,audience size,is an audience size that is realistic to,your facebook ads budget let me give you,a very simple example,right let's say for example if our,normal,cpm as in life if our normal cost per,thousand impression,you have to understand this is how,facebook charge you all right the,default charging block for facebook,advertising,is cost per thousand impression which is,cpm,all right so you just have to imagine,when you're advertising on facebook,it is like you're distributing flyers,every time it goes up,you pay regardless people take action or,not right,the cost has been incurred the moment it,goes out right so,the cpm is how much you pay every 1 000,times you reach your audiences,now let's say for example if your cpm is,five dollars,okay so your cpm is five dollars so,every day if your facebook ads budget is,five dollars which every month,you will spend about you know 150,dollars and,you're supposed to reach people reach,about reach,reach all your audiences about 30 000,times and then,30 000 times doesn't mean you'll be,reaching 30 000 people,right so let me give you this straight,you see when it comes to facebook,advertising we have an,average of you know the frequency,because when you're selling when you're,running advertisement,your your audiences will see your,advertisement averagely about two times,within a month for example,so let's say everybody sees your ads,average at two times which means,if you reach people 30 000 times you're,actually reaching about 15 000,people with 50 150 dollars,at spend every single month now let's be,realistic,if you know for a fact that every month,by spending this budget you'll only be,you can only reach about 15 000 people,and then when you do your audience,targeting you try to go for 1,15 million do you think it makes sense i,mean i just want to actually throw this,question back to you i think everybody,would have different uh so-called,opinion i totally do respect that,but in my opinion your budget should be,your,your audience size should be something,that is realistic to your budget so,let's say for example if you're spending,about five dollars a day,which is 150 a month so every,every month you should be reaching about,15 000 people so your audience size,should be something within maybe like,500 000 to a million why because,this is a realistic audience size that,you can possibly reach at least 50,of them okay in within a year time,okay so that's that's what i think six,months to a year time,so i mean when it comes to audience,targeting audience size especially,uh i would like to relate back to,something that we learned many many,years ago when we were a kid right in,our mathematics lessons there is there,is a there is a topic that we call the,probability so when it comes to,probability um facebook always says i,mean not facebook the probability says,that you know the bigger the audience,the bigger the sample,the harder for you to find the right one,so our facebook targeting is actually,similar but of course,we don't want to go too narrow because,the moment we go too narrow eventually,it's very difficult for the,advertisement to run because you know,the smaller the audience,the more expensive the cpm become hence,you know the whole campaign may not be,actually hit into momentum,as well,you

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The Ideal Facebook Ads AUDIENCE SIZE

The Ideal Facebook Ads AUDIENCE SIZE

hi guys is Ben Heath from lead guru and,in this video I'm gonna talk about the,ideal Facebook Ads,audience size how big should your target,audiences be when you run a Facebook ad,campaign now this is a question I get,asked all the time and people always,want to know I think they create a,campaign they get to the ad set level,they start entering in targeting options,and they see you know this audience,definition come up over here and they,see is that audience too big is it too,small and cetera cetera so I'm gonna,answer that in a few other size audience,size related questions in this video and,it is something that you need to get,right you know if you don't so you,choose the wrong audience size you can,really mess up your your Facebook ad,campaigns so what I'm gonna do is I'm,gonna split the way I approach audience,size the way I'm going to explain this,into sort of two categories so there's,the national and international,advertisers in one category so,businesses are marketing their products,or services to really large markets and,then there's the local businesses the,local advertisers another cat weeks you,need to do different things depending on,which of those two criteria you meet so,to start with the national and,international businesses in general if I,had to come up with a rule I would say,that I don't like to advertise to,audiences that are smaller than two,hundred and fifty thousand people now,there's quite a bit larger than what,people used to recommend on the lower,end but really I don't want to go below,two hundred thousand people so if you're,adding in interest targeting options and,things like that that give you an,audience size of a hundred thousand,hundred fifty thousand I probably part,those for now and look to focus on,broader interest targeting options so,that's on the low end on the higher end,I would say in general and there are,times when we break this I don't want to,be advertising to more than five percent,of the population within the country or,countries that I'm targeting so in the,UK there are 45 million Facebook users,therefore I wouldn't usually like to,target an audience that is larger than,let's say 2.25 million two and a half,million something like that in the u.s.,they're about two hundred and fifty,thousand Facebook users so I don't want,to be targeting an audience that is,larger than 12 and a half a million,users as I said there are times when we,were,right that and I've created videos,around open targeting things like that,but in general if I have to give you,some guidelines it would be that 250,000,on the small end and then a maximum of,five percent of the number of Facebook,users in your target countries and what,you see is that some massive range mean,if we take the US for example we've got,250,000 on the lower end all the way up,to 12.5 million that's an enormous range,and the reason why it's an enormous,range is because audience size as a,predictor of success it doesn't really,add up so there's no like oh it needs to,be 1.5 million if you get your audience,size 1.5 million your campaign will work,no that's not true at all there's loads,of elements to a Facebook ad campaign,you need to get right for it to work but,you can get audience size wrong and it,will mess up your campaigns so provided,you're within those sorts of windows you,should be absolutely fine but wait,absolutely don't want you guys to do is,target an audience that is too small,Facebook ad campaigns struggle big-time,with audiences they're too small you're,much better to have an audience size,that is too large and I have no issues,whatsoever with advertising to an,audience you know let's say I'm running,an ad campaign like we do for loads of,clients that's in we're targeting the US,Canada Australia New Zealand UK you know,the classic sort of big english-speaking,countries and we might be targeting an,audience that has 15 million people in,it or 12 million people in it I'm not,worried about that that is not too big,not when you add in all the populations,in all those countries okay and that's,changed so five years ago people used to,want much more specific target audiences,but I think as Facebook has gotten much,more sophisticated as an ad platform,Facebook is now much better at working,out who within your audience is most,likely to take a specific action because,Facebook just have so much data they,have an unbelievable amount of data on,who buys you know jewelry via Facebook,Instagram ads what sort of person,becomes a lead for a fishing guide you,know they know all this sort of data,because billions is being spent on the,platform every year so you can give,Facebook a lot more leeway now you can,advertise to 1.5 million and Facebook,might work out the hundred thousand,people in that group that are actually,your perfect ideal prospects and who,should be advertising to,and they will put your ads in front of,those people if you give Facebook a much,smaller audience you give them less,leeway they have less and less of an,ability to find those people you might,miss out quite easily and and yes so in,general I like to trust Facebook I like,to give them a large audience and what,you can see in front of us actually I,brought this up is an example Facebook,ad campaign in one of our Facebook ad,accounts you can see in this ad set,we're targeting people in the UK that,are 25 plus and our small business,owners which is a very broad targeting,that comes out eight hundred and forty,thousand people there are definitely,Facebook advertising experts that five,years ago would have told you that is,too big for a market like the UK that's,not the case anymore so you can see,Facebook up here is saying that this is,on the broad side doesn't bother me in,the slightest as I said I don't worry,about audiences being too large and that,something to quickly mention on the,audience definition by the way is that I,don't really pay much attention to that,I'm gonna take a look at the potential,reach and just put that into all I know,about Facebook advertising if this tells,me it's too broad etc this is so,unreliable and so often the potential,reach will be unavailable that you can't,rely on it okay so that's on the,national and international side of,things right you're talking 250,000 a,small end all the way up to 5% of the,population of Facebook users in those,countries that you're advertising them,local businesses you need to do things a,little bit differently because the,potential target audience is usually,much much smaller now the degree to,which you need to shift away from the,national international way of doing,things depends on again your audience,your your potential audience size so if,you're advertising in a big city like,London or New York or something like,that with you know probably 10 million,plus people right you can probably get,away with doing things a bit more like a,national international business but if,you're ever ties into a city with 300,thousand people in it usually things,very very differently okay so what are,we gonna do with local businesses in an,ideal world I would still like to have a,minimum audience size of 250,000 people,but I am aware and I appreciate that's,not always possible particularly if you,only have 150 thousand people in the,town that you're advertising in for,example if your total potential reach of,just no targeting options whatsoever,is less than 250 thousand then that's,what you should go with don't add in any,putting options leave it completely open,any targeting options you add will make,your audience too small that's the first,thing second thing is that if you're,targeting a look-alike audience instead,of going with a 1% or 2% like we will,often do for national or international,advertisers we will make that look-alike,audience as large as possible all the,way up to a 10% again that does depend,on the area that we're advertising in,and you know if you're advertising to I,don't know the whole of London and,there's eight point five million people,in well it's 10 percent local our,audience is going to produce eight,hundred and fifty thousand in that,audience you might be able to get away,with a six percent or something smaller,so just run it through a sense filter,here and but so two things we're gonna,do get rid of all targeting options if,the target audience locally is really,small we're gonna increase the,percentage size of look-alikes big time,and we're going to stick to the larger,interest targeting options so for,example this small business owners has,produced eight hundred and forty,thousand people when we're looking at,the whole of the UK if I advertise to a,local area I can't use small business,owners it's gonna make it too small okay,because you know agent forty thousand,out of that's roughly two percent of,Facebook users right so if I'm only,advertising to a city with three hundred,thousand people in it and I use the same,targeting options I'm only two percent,of the people within that area two,percent of three hundred thousand is six,thousand people way too small to,advertise to way too small okay so in,general when you're advertising,nationally internationally or locally,I'm really concerned with an audience,being too small ideally is going to be,250 thousand with some local businesses,that's not always possible and if you,are a local business and there's only,seventy five thousand people in your,area don't artificially inflate your,area to advertise to other people that's,a waste of money just go with the 75,000,people and be aware that you're going to,need to refresh ad creative more often,and do certain things I've got videos,talking about ad fatigue I'll include a,link in the description about that in,case you meet that criteria the other,thing I'll mention is that I've sort of,split into nationally and,internationally versus local but you,have to be,aware that it's all to do with potential,audience size so if you operate in a,really small European country that has a,population of right know six million,people or something I'm sure there are,some that in Norway for example it is,five million people in Norway or,something like that okay or Ireland,there's four and a half million people,in Ireland I think and you have to,operate more like a local business even,though you are operating let's say,nationally and that's just because of,audience size okay so that's the,criteria here and but as I said don't,get hung up on audience size make sure,is if you have nationally,internationally if you can get between,200,000 and in the US 12.5 million is,huge window you should be absolutely,fine that's not going to be a,deterministic cess just don't get it,wrong instead you then want to focus on,other things like spending some time in,Facebook's audience insights to find,really good targeting options and,creating look-alike audiences based off,of previous customers because that is a,targeting option the performance really,really well I'll include links to,tutorials to show you how to use do both,those things in the video description,okay Sophie that's been useful and,before you go to an acquit you mention,our Facebook advertising services so if,you find yourself that you're worried,about Facebook audience size or any,other form of Facebook and Instagram out,sizing we can take that off your hands,for you we can fully create manage and,optimize your Facebook ad campaigns,we're specialists Facebook Ads agency,have a track record of producing,fantastic results most likely without,trying to be arrogant much better,results than you'd be able to produce,yourself so if you're spending more than,three thousand dollars a month on,facebook and instagram at campaigns or,you'd like to get to that budget level,that's the minimum starting point to,work with us I'd love to have a chat,with you you can book a free call with,me free 30-minute call just click on the,link in the video description below,that'll be right to the bottom book a,free 30-minute strategy session and we,can discuss our services I can find a,bit more about your business see if we'd,be able to help you completely informal,we could just get to know some add some,more info but hopefully I have a chat,with you and maybe even we work with,each other going forward either way I,want to wish you the best of luck with,your Facebook ad campaigns guys and your,targeting options and if you enjoyed,this video please give it a like please,comment below to let me know comment,below if you've got any questions happy,to field questions subscribe to my,channel for more Facebook advertising,related content and I what you see,that's guys

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