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'Our Cancer Drug Is For Rich Westerners, Not Poor Indians' back in 2005 the FDA approved aid,a cance

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

'Our Cancer Drug Is For Rich Westerners, Not Poor Indians'

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'Our Cancer Drug Is For Rich Westerners, Not Poor Indians'

back in 2005 the FDA approved aid,a cancer drug known as necks a bar it helps treat those who have a late stage,kidney and liver cancer,well unfortunately this treatment comes with a huge price tag it cost about,sixty nine,thousand dollars a year at minimum,for someone in the US to take it well India,the country in India has a a law that allows a different company,to take our patent and create the same drug if,the Western company or the Western pharmaceutical company is charging too,much for it,so and Indian Court recently granted,a patent to a company known as not cope Pharma limited,because they wanted to ensure that its people would be able to use the drug,so instead of having to pay $69 thousand dollars for it,the people of India can get it for 177 dollars which is a huge difference,so let me jump in here to see a couple fun facts,um that's a 97 percent discount yet so I understand why bears upset,work there amazing part is the CEO's they've already it soon as I can,but here's one other interesting fact if they paid the,for price is sixty nine thousand dollars that would be 41 times,the country's annual per capita income yep 41 times,there per capita income is that amazing,and beer things here you know you'll be able to afford that like two people in,India will be able to afford it,okay so the CEO bear the kids upset at this ruling,and says something that is on believable,so the CEO was actually speak in a Bloomberg Businessweek and he is trying,to appeal the Indian court's decision,to %uh allowed his patent for another company,he said the following: we did not develop this medicine for,indians we developed it for Western patients,who can afford it all of of Pau,lol fixed that's a better face that would say,anything like that does he look so smile ago blaze went about this for,India ends with about the home westerners,or rich but in that a perfect example for people who try to argue that we,should deregulate,all private industry right because the the argument against that is,what corporations pharmaceutical companies it's not that they're immoral,their,a moral right even though in this case when he said in my opinion is,immoral they care about their profit,the profit motive gets rid any type of morality he doesn't care how many people,are gonna die because they can't afford,this cancer treatment he cares about how much is company is gonna make,that all that matters so it's is fascinating and and a little ironic in,this case because,the company actually needs regulation to survive because the in the,in the case have of patton's what is its regulations saying that,Hey look people can't rip you off now understand that bear has a,a reasonable expectation a profit here and look so let's be fair that right,so they spent a lotta money developing this drug it's not that the,drug costs so much to make it's the cost so much to actually,create right and a lot of drugs a day spent a lot of money trying to create,didn't work out,so they gotta make up for that yeah okay so we all understand that we understand,the need a pat,right but 69 thousand dollars a year,see but when you first then yeah when you violate all boundaries in,right and people are dying they're dying without this drug in India,and then you say I'm sorry it's not for you indians is for us westerners,well that that's what the court is going to come in and say hey listen I know we,set the regulation to protect you,but now we're gonna do some regulation to protect our citizens and then they go,i cant believe youre doing regulation yeah so,so I wanna make a point about how you know of course he said this is for,westerners but that the second part was the most relevant to me,that can be of boarded that can pay for it,so doesn't matter I mean it in the grand scheme of things,white versus black and white person Indian whatever westerner verses Indian,all that stuff doesn't really matter again always goes back to the cost,always goes back to who can afford it if your second class citizen,if you are part of the working poor or if your part in the middle class but,can't afford sixty nine thousand dollars a year because let's keep it real,people even make sixty nine thousand dollars a year in the United States with,are stagnant wages and all that right,I mean it you that to think that someone,can be so open about how he is okay with people,dying because they don't have the means to afford it cancer treatment,is this gusting he's the kinda person that you know we should be talking about,in the mainstream media tearing him apart you know if they're having,conversations about Wendy Davis and whether or not there were discrepancies,in a biography so,stupid okay so let me clarify couple important things you know so hundreds,seven seven dollars per person in India,what seems like that's not that much rain and especially given what they're,trying to charge,you know that in america if you have insurance you know what you pay,you pay only a hundred dollars usually pay less than average Indian does,even with the ruling now who pays the rest,the insurance companies do so it actually cause ninety six thousand,dollars a year,on average but the insurance companies cover that,but is the only pitchers companies do it for free they've,that's what drives up for sure prices yet right so,now the average guy get here actually is a better price in India,but we all pay that price cuz we all pay into the insurance,so in the end we get screwed to,so look we they have a reasonable expectation a profit in there's a good,reason for patents,but when you abuse at this much it obviously producers a Calgary action,now you need your help to counter reaction with what you said,I got bad news for you CEO bear you're never gonna win in the court,ever again hoping to do is in that appeal,they're all the water has to come in is come in and read that quote,area we did not develop this man is a perk indians we developed over Western,pressures who can afford it,and the judge is gonna be like oh yes interesting You're yeah,okay gone and uv-vis you know what to use for 177 dollars,is now 100 77 cents

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