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How to Create Slideshow Ads - Facebook Ads Tutorialhey what is up ladies and gentlemen it's,cody car

Kody Karppinen

Updated on Jan 23,2023

How to Create Slideshow Ads - Facebook Ads Tutorial

hey what is up ladies and gentlemen it's,cody carpenter here from youtube channel,cody knows and in this video i'm going,to be showing you how to create,slideshow ads for your facebook ads,campaigns,so before creating the slideshow ads,there's a few things you need to make,sure that you have,one you want to use high quality images,and it's recommended to have,at least 1280 by 70 20,at the minimum and consistent aspect,ratios,now this is advice straight from,facebook uh number two,for video files you can use dot mp4 or,mov files,and then lastly if you use music make,sure that you have the legal rights to,do so,so that's pretty obvious but i wanted to,throw that one out there too so once you,click,create slideshow you'll be brought to,the video creation kit,so from here you can choose your ad to,be square or in a vertical,format and i'm going to choose square,because this is a facebook ads example,and if you want to do a slideshow just,for story ads then i would recommend,choosing vertical uh next then you can,browse through the facebook,templates they have a whole bunch,available for you to choose choose one,so just browse through those templates,and see which one will make the most,sense for the product or affiliate offer,you're promoting,so next you can actually start designing,your slideshow,so this is the last step and it's,designing your slideshow by uploading,your images or video creatives,and adding text to these creatives as,well so now i'm gonna show you a full,step-by-step tutorial on how to create,slideshow ads for your facebook ads,campaigns,i'm going to hop into that right now,alright so here i am in the ad,level of a new campaign creation there's,the campaign,ad set level this is the ad level right,here i labeled it slideshow ad example,uh you'll want to choose your facebook,page all that good stuff i'm going to,click for the ad format i'm going to,click single image or video,and then scroll a little bit farther and,then i can come and click on create a,slideshow,so like i was saying in the powerpoint,slides you can choose from square,or vertical and you can see like,vertical this would be,great for like instagram or facebook,stories,but i'm gonna go square for this example,oops,there we go and then i would just take,some time and browse through,depending on how many images that i have,available for this slideshow i would,just like,i would just choose the template that,made the most sense with,the amount of images that i have and how,how long i want the slideshow to,actually be,so this would be a decent slideshow one,for the one that i'm doing so i'm just,going to,do this for example purposes so once you,have it picked you can come and click on,continue,and for the background image which is,the sunglasses right here i'm just going,to select an image real quick,and i will be back so for this example,because we're doing a car loan,example campaign i chose a person who,just recently purchased the car loan,so i have that as the background image,and then for the text,i could say like get approved for an,auto,loan today or i can't add in the today,but i can do get approved for an auto,loan because you got to watch the,character count over here,so now to watch the whole slideshow you,can just drag it like this,and uh let's see how that looks get,approved for an,auto loan,so that's a decent six second slideshow,and then we can come up here and change,the font,i could have it in archival um,just come and browse through see what,stands out the best i like that one,um that one actually looks good too,approved for an auto loan,okay so that's good and then optionally,you can change the text color,but i'm not going to do that in this,case because,i think it looks fine with black and you,can change the background color as well,so for your logo like for this i would,just do my best products logo,if i wanted to do that see how it would,look with that,for this scenario it wouldn't make sense,for me to do it i would just leave it at,this,so yeah then once you got everything how,you want it you can just,click on use video and then it'll take,anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes,for facebook to finish,creating the video for you alrighty so,that finally got done uploading that,took like a minute and a half,and then i just filled in a little bit,of primary text uh put a headline in,just so you guys can see what it looks,like and then you can come and preview,them on the instagram feed,or the facebook feed see how it looks on,the facebook marketplace,you know this is a slideshows are a good,way to spice it up like if you're,running a campaign for a while and,you're only using image ads,and let's say you're running it for a,long time and the frequency is starting,to get up there so you want to change,things up,might as well throw in a few slideshow,ads to see if that can increase your,click-through rate,and then drive down your cost per clicks,so this would be how it would look in,video feeds,you know that looks pretty good and then,stories yeah that looks good,um so yeah just spend a little time,messing around you can make multiple,variations,i can even go in and uh i'll do another,slideshow example,maybe with this one i'll add in more,images so you guys can,see that as well so i'll do create,slideshow one more time and,let's see i'll do a three image one,yeah let's let's try this one out so for,the background,select an image let's try that same one,but then we'll,i'm not gonna do logo scene 2 background,select image,let's go someone hand in keys over and,then you can add in text,proof or an auto loan and,for the background color maybe i will,add some in,like this just to make it pop a little,more,scene three that's another image maybe,uh,keys on top of money saying get approved,today,and then scene four i could do like a,call to action click below to,apply now click below to apply apply now,i'm going to do,the same background color make it a,little darker,so now this is uh six seconds long but,there's a lot more images in there so,let's play it from the beginning oops,get approved for an auto loan you got,the keys get a proof day,click below to apply now so then like,that looks decent,and then you can have the option,optimized for stories with vertical,videos,let's see how it would look when it's uh,vertical,it doesn't look the best not as good as,it does with this so i'm gonna uncheck,that,stuff like this that i mean simple,slideshows like this,they work really good and they're just,so easy to create like,i just created two different slideshow,ads right in front of you and it only,took like what three or four minutes,okay so this one took like two minutes,to finally get ready so then you can,just,do the same thing come and preview how,it looks on the feeds,facebook marketplace you know this is,this is more likely to make someone stop,when they're scrolling,versus just like a single boring image,so definitely take advantage of,slideshow ads if you haven't,uh done so already they're a great way,to increase the click-through rate,and they're just so simple to create so,thank you for watching this video on how,to create slideshow ads for your,facebook ads campaign if you got some,value make sure to like this video,comment if you have any questions or,concerns i'm i usually reply pretty fast,and lastly if you're not subscribed to,my youtube channel yet come on hit that,subscribe button,and the notification bell to stay up to,date with all my future videos and i,will see you in the next video

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How To Create A Slideshow On Facebook 2023

How To Create A Slideshow On Facebook 2023

hello friends in this quick tutorial i'm gonna  show how to create a slideshow on facebook  ,so first of all you have to open your facebook  page then you have to click on publishing tools,then click on this create post,and here you have to select your facebook page so  ,my page name is zumanacon so you're  selected right now then click on add photo,and now you have to select multiple photo for your  ,slideshow so i'm selecting  these three photos from here,once it's uploaded scroll  down to the left hand side and,you will get this option here turn  into video you have to click on it,here we can see total two ways to create a  slideshow on facebook one is spotlight an  ,image single image and showcase the squad image  single image so right now i'm gonna select this  ,one and i'm clicking on next and after that if  you want to see the preview you can click here  ,and here we can see the preview and here we can  customize the slideshow from this left hand side  ,so i'm clicking this image here i'm clicking  on change and from here we can change the image  ,so i'm selecting this image and i'm clicking on  this headline after that if you want to change  ,the background of this you can click on background  color and click here and i'm giving the background  ,color like yellow i don't know the exact name  of this color so i'm giving it here after that  ,click on text overlay and i'm gonna change this  headline from here so i'm giving the text here,loversland and from this box we can change  this headline font style so i'm selecting here  ,railway regular and here we can see the font  has been changed and click here and from here  ,we can change this logo image so i'm clicking on  this logo and from here i'm selecting the logo  ,after that also here you can change the logo  background so click on this background color  ,and here and from here you can change  the background color of the logo  ,okay after that click here to see the preview,and here we can see a beautiful slideshow has been  created now click on finish video this can take  ,between 30 seconds to two minutes in the meantime  you can continue creating the other parts of your  ,post okay here we can see my slideshow is ready  now now click on publish also you can click here  ,to schedule your post also you can save as draft  from here so i'm gonna publish it right now okay  ,my post has been published now  and i'm going back to my facebook,and here is the slideshow i just created right now  ,and that's it if you find this video helpful  make sure to subscribe how to one minute  ,thanks for watching this video

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