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How To Create Facebook Slideshow Ads That Convert!hi guys it's been Heath from Leaguer and,in this v

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

How To Create Facebook Slideshow Ads That Convert!

hi guys it's been Heath from Leaguer and,in this video I'm going to show you how,to create Facebook slideshow ads so,slide show ads on Facebook,it's a fantastic format that I'd,strongly recommend you use it's a way of,taking often fairly boring static image,ads and adding in some movement some,animation some extra text overlay so you,can highlight the benefits of the,product or service that you're,advertising and it can really help grab,your audience's attention and improve,the results you're going to get from it,so we will often as a facebook,advertising agency when we create ads,for our clients we might have a number,of image ads static image ads we will,often test those again slide show ads,will be very very similar but with that,movement that animation and the ability,to have more text on your image without,getting penalized by Facebook and we,often see better results so it's,something I would definitely recommend,you give a go Facebook slideshow my ads,are fairly easy to create and that's,what this video is is all about before,you go something like what you mention,is it at the end of this video there's a,couple of three things I'm going to,mention free Facebook advertising,related resources and think you may find,really valuable so make sure you stick,around to the end to hear about those,with that said let's get into it so I am,in a demonstration Facebook ad account,I'm in ads manager hopefully you know,how to get there if you don't check out,my youtube channel I've got lots of,videos on how to create the first,Facebook ad campaign and stuff like that,that goes through those details if you,are new to Facebook advertising right,slide show ads let's let's get into it,so I'm just a great example campaign for,this so let's go with example Facebook,slideshow campaign we can leave all this,with stuff I'm not going to cover,anything at the campaign you know around,set level or anything like that,I've got plenty of other videos for that,school stuff in fact I'll include a link,to how to create a Facebook ad campaign,sort of going through the whole steps,in the video description below so check,that out if you are interested in,finding out how that's done or you're,new to it or even if you just want to,see how to do it properly if you're not,sure which is always a good thing to,what to do right what we are going to,focus on in this video is the slide show,ad itself let's save that to draft,okey-dokey let's go ahead and minimize,that click into our new campaign,click into our new ad set by the way,don't worry about all the other stuff,that's in this account is a,demonstration account so there's just,all sorts and it helps me create these,videos oh and don't worry about what's,behind me it's not my usual background,I'm recording course material today and,I just want to take a break to record,this video for you guys it's an,incredibly dreary day today so I'm sort,of sat where the light is somewhat,decent I mean it's a dreary day all the,time in December in the UK but what are,you gonna do okay so let's go ahead and,edit this so I'm going to focus on too,much of the other settings what you want,to make sure is you've got here so we've,got format choose how you'd like to,structure your ad so you want to select,single image or video it's a little bit,misleading but they do say under here,one image or video or a slideshow with,multiple images and the way Facebook,thinks of a slideshow is more like a,video it's kind of how it plays but,that's kind of misleading because it's,not a video if I say I've run a video ad,you probably think of something more,like what I'm recording right now or,perhaps you think of you know a product,demonstration video or something like,that a slideshow is more sort of image,based but with animation let's click in,and have a look so face was gonna,display a sort of M some examples here,on the right-hand side you can see the,sort of thing I talked about it's not a,video in my mind that's a slideshow,that's a Facebook slideshow out and they,do have create slideshow in in here one,of the big advantages of slideshow over,full video is it they're much easier to,create so you don't have to sort of,either hire a video studio or get,equipment I've got behind me or workout,all that sort of stuff and it's,relatively straightforward,and to create these you could take a,bunch of single images overlay some text,and boom you've got a you've got a,slideshow so but that's the big,advantage but of course it's a lot,easier to its its M there are lot of,advantages over simple static images,because as I said look at this this has,got movement it's got different images,it's got text on the add text that could,be that large and so that has obvious,advantages over a single image ad so,when you come in here let's assume that,you know you've got an idea of how you,would structure an ad let's say you've,already got some single image ads and,created you'd come in here you want to,have a play with some of the presets so,Facebook's got loads of different,presets and they give you an S,they give you the how many images this,displays and how long it lasts for so,some are really short like six seconds,some are longer about 15 seconds but you,can hopefully get the idea of the sort,of thing that you might be looking and,to do so come in and have a play so,obviously if you've got you want to,display like a plot product range or,perhaps you want to you've got a number,of different images around one product,that represents a large purchase I mean,it a very obvious example would be like,a car if you wanted to create a,slideshow image for a car you might want,to do something that includes a lot more,images because you're gonna want to show,lots of different angles the interior,the exterior the the back of the car the,front of the car cetera et cetera you,don't think that's all anything I talked,about so think about how your products,and services are going to be advertised,and then I'll help you decide ok I,probably want this many images I want it,to last for this long in general the,easier the purchase is to make so the,lower the price the more sort of general,appeal you probably wanna keep things,nice and short and snappy the larger,more considered the purchase is you're,gonna want to use a longer slideshow and,more images because people need more,tarp more proof to take action and click,through and have a look at the ad itself,okay so let's just go with the super,simple preset to start with so the first,thing you want to do is select your,preset oh by the way you've got these,presets you can also create slideshow,and then go into the the various steps,yourself and you've got more,functionality with that once you set,your option you come down here and click,continue but I would probably recommend,you go ahead with the with one of the,presets because a lot of presets they,look pretty cool to be honest they're,probably easier to use than coming up,with your own thing so if you hover over,these here not only have I mentioned,about the images and the time but if you,hover over them they've got what they,think you can use this for now you can,get very creative with these but this,one for example is sell multiple,products this one's Drive product,discovery promote a product shoot,product benefit so that that's where I,said about you know the car for example,you might only use this one because,you're gonna have lots of different,public benefits and spotlight one,particular image showcase a square image,so let's have a quick look at what does,that look like you've just got the one,image but you've got a lot more text,over it okay so let's say for example I,was advertising,servus this might be a great option to,go with in fact let's give that as an,example okay there's a bunch of,different ones we can use but let's use,as an example they say my appetizer,service so here you go you come into,this sort of this sort of interface here,and you've got a bunch of different,options so you can customize your scene,you can first thing obviously want to do,is set your background sector image so,I've got a bunch of different images in,here that I've used in previous videos,to sort of as I said this is a,demonstration account let's say for,example I'm advertising tennis lessons,let's say that's what I'm marketing in,here and that's why I would want to use,the one image and keep it short because,I'm only advertising the one thing okay,so but a lot of people with Facebook,SlideShare eyes think that you can only,advertise products that's not true you,can advertise services and this is,exactly how you do it I'll go back in a,second and show you how a product,version would be done but it's good to,take both boxes so I'm advertising,tennis lessons okay this example I've,used before so what we've got in here is,this image now I've added in that image,as a background I probably wanna crop,that a little bit differently I mean,that might for example be a better crop,there you can see that I mean maybe you,wanna include the other player you want,to get sort of halfway between the two,you see there's no I think I'm talking,about that's up to you okay so we're,logo in the left hand side I can change,image I can remove it altogether I can,change this position look I can move,this around the screen again these are,the sorts of things you can't regularly,do with with with with Facebook Ads but,a lot of times because text is gonna get,in the way Facebook aren't gonna like,you to do that because it could be in,their mind too much text or at least,they'll let you to do that but they'll,penalize your ad when it runs you may,have seen that warning message pop up,your ads reach may be reduced because of,too much text you want to avoid that you,don't want Facebook penalizing your ad,for anything so you can move it around,they put a top left and then you'll see,you can have it really little small or,you can have it much larger medium etc,so a lot of these options are fairly,self-explanatory but I'm just going,through our text so headline this is a,big advantage of our slideshow so you,can put text on your thing so let's say,for example I'm advertising tennis,lessons a tennis instructor I'm a,pretend tennis lessons and my initial,hooking offer is a free tennis lesson so,free tennis lessons,something like that now that doesn't,really stand out does it so maybe I,could put in a background color where I,could do something like that or perhaps,I could make it blue make it stand out a,bit more maybe I could reduce the,opacity I'm not very designee by three,guys I have people on my staff that are,much better at that than me so this is,probably gonna look awful but I'm more,sort of showing you how this works and,how the process can work so here we go,now we've got free tennis lessons that,stands out and I can change the font if,I get bold if I want it to stand out,that looks rubbish I can go with,something a little bit smaller I can,change the position of the text so I can,make it high to the right exactly cetera,in the middle looks pretty good to me,change the text color of course I could,make that black I quite like the idea of,white then we scroll down we've got this,call to action text underneath here I,scroll this back so we can have a look,at this in a second,so let's say I've got free tennis,lessons as my effect I move it out so I,can see it all they say about free,tennis lessons in my headline well,perhaps you want to specify a location,so I could have you know click here to,book your free lesson I'm gonna,characters so let's go with book your,free lesson in,so Bristol there's a town here in the UK,if you're watching this from somewhere,else fairly large city book a free,lesson in Bristol so as you can see I'm,running into text length issues there,that's just something you have to live,with there's only so much text you be,able to put in this sort of example and,but here we go book a free lesson in,Bristol,so I'm specifying that where the,location is because that might you know,if you live in Bristol when you see this,ad pop up okay yeah I would love to,learn how to play tennis I'd love to,start with a free tennis lesson I live,in Bristol great this ad speaks to me,let's go ahead and book that and again,you can move this stuff around so I can,move it over here wherever I want,etc etc book a free lesson in Bristol,it's good to me again you can't really,see it that well so I might want to put,in a background color you know I'm gonna,go with something red I mean to my mind,that looks pretty awful not doing this a,lot of justice but the idea is that you,can see the sort of thing that I'm,talking about and you can see how you,could make it look a lot lot nicer okay,so we could have stuff popping up like,that maybe had a brand color that you,wanted to highlight things in but you,can see how you can go in and you can,customize these things and make them,look how you want them to look obviously,make it look good with your image but,here's the thing so here's the advantage,that a slideshow at house so we could,just have an image that kind of looks,like that Facebook would definitely,flank you've having too much text so you,couldn't even get away with that much,text in your image but let's say we had,an image looks like that what you can't,have with a static image ad is it do,this that might not seem like a lot but,it popping up with that as someone,Scrolls through their Facebook newsfeed,that's gonna help grab their attention,as they're scrolling through oh well you,know just holds their attention long,enough because the whole point of your,image and your creative is to grab,someone's attention so they then check,it out they then go ahead and take a,look at your ad and see what your,headline is and see what your primary,text is and see what and you know okay,I'll click through to the website and,see what this offer is etc etc so having,that movement is quite at the end is,absolutely key it's just a really quick,six-second am set up so you can see,that's very very very simple,now if I click back okay so let's now,have a look at how you do that if you're,selling let's say like a range of,products so let's go here this one says,sell multiple products that's what this,format is designed for so I've got that,selected now let's go ahead and click,continue we will scroll up and you can,see I've got these four scenes in here,so let's just go in and add in a bunch,of let's assume I know these are but,let's just assume they're products these,are just images I've got in my,demonstration an account oh let me get,onto stickers okay let's assume we've,got four scenes right now you can add in,logos and all sorts of things,there's over various images you've got,text so we could have 50% sale today,only that's not gonna be visible so,let's just do the old trick of adding in,something like that again you could,probably make that look a lot nicer so,we've got that for scene two what our,options on scene three again it's just a,logo and scene four we've also got,another headline so we could add in what,could we add in here maybe another,product benefit around I think so,let me think so we've got 50% off sales,what want to let people know what's,another benefit all products manufacture,oh how about that is something really,simple free shipping on all orders okay,and then again that's gonna be a bottom,we can't really see that Celeste why,don't we stick back in read free,shipping on all orders again you can,make this stuff look a lot nicer but,here we go have a look at this so,instead of just using let's say for,example a carousel AB that advertises,multiple products and by the way when I,say instead of I would test alongside so,test this the long side using a carousel,because you may find that that the,carousel actually performs better it's,always good to test but this is just a,great option to use Facebook slideshow,as I'm just showing you exactly how to,do it so let's assume that each one of,these images was a product image you,have to use your imagination a little,bit there,just play it so you can see the,animation there's great you know you've,got let's play from beginning again,you've got this is moving grabs your,attention this flies in 50% off sale,today is it advantage then you've got,all the images moving free shipping on,all orders if any goes fast and I can,quick talk about but you can add in,these benefits using the text about the,product or service the movement the,different images kind of grab people's,attention so hopefully you can see,exactly how this sort of thing would,work let's say for example I click,continue and you can then as you can see,here adjust things for the various,placement options you're going to use,now if you just want to keep really,things really really simple would,recommend getting rid of stories just,going ahead and using the square version,because you see it says three placements,are using this version here which is,Facebook stories Instagram stories and,messenger story as you can see it my,text there you can see how it would look,in this it's gonna look different maybe,you can crop your images sorry maybe you,can structure this in a way that makes,it good on stories and that maybe,something you want to do so for example,I am now now click Edit this is only,editing those three only editing for,those three placements cuz you can,customize and creative fire placement so,all the stories placements that have,this aspect ratio you know they have,this this vertical view as opposed to,the square and are going to use this so,for example I can specifically crop for,this so maybe I want to do that instead,and maybe I want to on here with this,image maybe I wanted with the text maybe,I want to change how that's displayed,but if we go and have a look at it now,let's go back to the beginning as pause,go back to the beginning so this is now,how it's going to look on stories as,opposed to how it's going to look on the,square the Facebook and Instagram out,placement options that can use the,square format hopefully that makes sense,so you can see you might want to crop,things to make them look a bit different,make them look a bit better okay at,Facebook's really good at how can you do,that so when does that continue so now,we've got 10 placements using this,we witch toward the sort of regular,placements you expect we've got the,three stories placements using that this,is relatively new as you can see this,pop up here now we can click use video,so Facebook will now turn that slideshow,that Facebook slideshow ad that we just,created,into a video which as I say it can take,between thirty two minutes and that's,what's going to be added in here you'll,be able to see it in the preview now,what because Facebook of turn that into,a video you can't edit a slideshow,that's been created you can go ahead and,create a new one based on what you,already did but you can't edit an,existing one so that's just something to,be aware of just make sure you get it,right the first time or just gonna take,a little bit time to work it out there,taking a little bit time in here now I'm,not going to go through headline primary,text and things like that I've covered,that in other videos so go and check,those out one day all will quickly,mention is that if you're advertising a,range of products using a slideshow my,advice is the same as if you're creating,a carousel add it obviously keep the,benefits and things like that keep them,range product range what - no specific,to an individual product you know if you,start talking about an individual,product in the primary text that goes,above the slideshow but you're,displaying six different products but,that only applies to one it's going to,be all sort of confusing does that,relate to all of them so just keep it,broad so um yeah there are ways for,example where you could talk about the,range so that's what I did in that,slideshow app that I created I had 50%,off all products free shipping on orders,that's something that's applicable to,the entire product range not just a,product within the within the slideshow,itself,I just want to give a better time,hopefully you can load and we can have a,quick look at how this preview looks,okay here we go,so you can see we've got the square,format boom boom boom,doesn't that look great okay so it's,going back round now let's pause that so,you can just see for example oh by the,way this is how you then go in and,customize a placement see nine years in,history are using this but if I was to,put in you know fifty percent of all get,out the way o products,you can see this on the desktop newsfeed,let's have a look on the mobile newsfeed,I spell off about the Oh in the wrong,place but you can see it puts it above,the slideshow right so that's why it,needs to be applicable to the entire,like everything that's being advertised,here not just the one of the products,for example just a quick note on that,okay so that's how you create a Facebook,slideshow pad I would strongly recommend,you give them a go they are fantastic,and can produce great results now before,I go there's something I want to very,quickly,two things one quickly mentioned that I,mentioned I talked about the beginning,the video that you can get for free free,Facebook advertising related resources,one is my five-part Facebook ad template,you can download right now for free and,this template includes some the best,performing ads that we've created for,our clients in a number of different,industries and if you're wondering you,know what our includes my primary text,for my headline all that sort of stuff,all of that you'll find in the Facebook,ad template so strongly recommend you go,and download that you can model from,those ads should really help you and,improve your performance next I want to,mention or by the way there'll be a link,to that in the video description if you,want to go ahead and download that next,I want to mention is my Facebook Ads,mastermind group which my free Facebook,group it's got over 14,000 members,fantastic community full of Facebook,advertisers people looking to get better,results so people post questions and,they get them answered by experts all,day every day if you're looking to sort,of get your questions answered that is,the place to do it so go ahead and join,it's completely free to join again,there'll be a link in the video,description and if you are looking to,get better results on your Facebook,advertising and you want a professional,agency to create optimize manage your,campaigns for you and your spending or,looking to spend more than three,thousand dollars per month then I'd love,to have a conversation with you you can,book a free strategy session with me,again there'll be a link in the video,description and go ahead and check that,out you could book a free strategy,session with me where we can discuss how,we can help you with our services I can,ask you questions about your business to,make sure you're a right fit you can,take a look at our website as well to,see some of the results that we've,produced for previous companies we've,got amazing screenshots from accounts,that have had you know 20x ROI and we've,generated twenty thousand leads for this,company lots of stuff so we really are,very good at what we're doing and if you,want help with that make sure you go,ahead book a phone call complete an,obligation we can just discuss to see if,we might be able to work together if you,this video found it useful please give,it a like and subscribe to the channel,for more Facebook advertising related,content I release videos like this all,the time and so if you're looking for,better results Facebook advertising and,why wouldn't you be I don't think,there's any better advertising platform,ever created,then the Facebook and obviously,Instagram advertising and so go ahead,and subscribe if you've got any,questions pop them in the comments below,if you enjoyed this video let me know in,the comments below I always really,appreciate that and I will talk to you,guys soon thanks bye

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How to Create Facebook Carousel Ads (NEW Layout Full Tutorial)

How to Create Facebook Carousel Ads (NEW Layout Full Tutorial)

in this video i'm going to show you how,you can create a facebook carousel ad,in 2021 the easiest way so if you want,to create an ad like this so this is a,carousel ad,then you need to keep watching this,video so what you can do with these ads,is simply use multiple images to,multiple,pages and multiple offers if you want to,or you can just add more,images for branding to one specific,product,so in this video i'm going to show you,how you can do that and let's get,started right now,alright you want to start off by opening,your facebook app manager,next up you want to click on create like,you would always do,when setting up a brand new campaign,next up you need to choose a campaign,objective so what i'm going to do right,now is send traffic,to my store to these products so i'm,gonna go with traffic but you can also,go,with any other objective but for the,sake of the video,i'm gonna go with traffic and i'm gonna,click on continue,so what they're gonna do right now is,send you over here and all of that,is fine so what i'm going to do first is,simply set up,a normal campaign so you simply want to,go through all of these,so the different levels of ad sets and,then,finally at this one i'm going to show,you how you can set up,the carousel ad so what i'm going to do,right now is simply skip,all of this stuff and just skip to the,part where you can set up the facebook,carousel ad,now that doesn't mean that you want to,ignore all of this you simply want to,set this up,like you would normally do so you would,send traffic to your website maybe or,you want to go to an app or messenger or,even whatsapp,so set this up like you would normally,do i'm gonna change the budget,to five euros just like that but yeah,like i said just set this up like you,would normally do,then click next and then you'll end up,at the new ad section,and this is where you can set up the,facebook carousel ad,so what i'm going to do right now is,use test one more time then if you,scroll down you'll see the ad,setup right there you can choose the,format choose,how you would like to structure your ad,so you can choose single image or video,and then right there we've got the,carousel ad you all i mean,of course you of course want to go with,carousel right here so that you can add,two or more scrollable images or videos,so select that option right there and,you'll then see what it looks like,now if you simply scroll down and you,skip to this part right there we can,start adding,add creatives so this is where you would,add the images,headlines and descriptions so if you,simply click select image,what you can do is use images that,you've already been using,or you can upload brand new images so,i'm going to click upload i'm going to,go to my downloads,and then let's see i'm going to select a,phone case from the store so i'm going,to go with this one,and then i'm going to send people over,to the bestseller pages,or even a specific product and that's,what i like about the carousel ads,you can send them to your home page but,you can also send them,to a specific product page in the second,picture if that makes sense,so i'm going to click continue for now,so that's it for picture number one,next up you can add a headline to that,specific,image which will then show up beneath,that specific image,so i'm just gonna go with don't stop,phone case so you wanna basically,make sure that you use a good converting,hat line right there,whatever that may be in your case and,then right there another,description so i'm gonna say,shop your,now just like that,now that's the headline and the,description i'll show you how that will,show up,right here so if i simply scroll down it,will show up like that,don't stop phone case and then right,there the description,next up you can add a link to that,specific,page or to your home page so this is,just for this,for the first image only so what i can,do is go to my actual store,and then i'm going to click on that,product if i then copy that link,and then use that on here what i can do,is send people over,to that specific page so that they can,shop this specific product and that's,why these carousel ads are so cool,you can send them to specific pages,within one ad if that makes sense,what you can do next for the second,picture is simply click on the plus icon,right there,and then click select image you simply,need to do,the exact same thing like you just did,to set up the first one,so you would select another picture then,click continue,in the bottom right corner and then once,again you can set up the headlines,descriptions and a specific website url,to that specific product or to whatever,page you want to send them to,so maybe with the second picture i want,to send them over to my home page,so what i would do is simply copy the,link then paste that in there,so that for the second image it's not,going to send them,to the specific product page but to my,home page all right,and that's how we do that so test number,two,and then right there i'm going to put,description to or just like that,so please make sure to use actual,headlines and descriptions,i'm just trying to show you guys what it,will look like and then as you guys can,see right there,test number two will then show up now,you can add up to,10 different images so up to 10,different,of these and then your print what's done,so what you can do right now,is simply set up the call to action like,you would normally do,the see more url which could be my home,page,and then you can pretty much do whatever,you do normally when setting up an ad,campaign,and then you're done so that's pretty,much where you can set up the facebook,carousel ads,it's as easy as that now you can click,review to see what it will look like and,you'll then see a preview,of your facebook carousel ad so as of,right now we can see the phone case the,image isn't great for this,but it's just about showing you guys how,it works so don't shop phone case shop,your don't stop phone case,now and then the second one is gonna be,this one,test number two description two and you,can build up to 10,of these and that's pretty much how you,can do this then finally we've got to,see more,and then learn more and then also this,one if people click right there,they'll be brought over to my page so,please don't pay attention to all of the,images and the names and all of that i'm,just trying to show you the technical,side of setting this up,so if this video helps you out make sure,you go ahead and leave a like on the,video,let me know if you have any questions,down below and then i'll see you next,time have a good day

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