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How to ONLY See Ads On Facebookhey what's up guys Jeremy Hansen here,once again I wanted to briefly

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

How to ONLY See Ads On Facebook

hey what's up guys Jeremy Hansen here,once again I wanted to briefly cover it,and show with you guys a really cool,tool that I found I've honestly been,searching for this tool for quite a,while,and it really hasn't been a solution and,then one day I just kind of stumble,diploma I don't really remember how it's,completely free and I am probably the,biggest fan of it that there is so if,you guys are not already using Chrome,you definitely need to use Chrome like,take whatever time you need to and,export out bookmarks and stuff that you,have if you're using something else if,you're using Safari or heaven forbid if,you're using Internet Explorer or edge,or Firefox you you need to be using,Chrome regardless if you're on a Mac or,on a PC chrome is definitely the fastest,most up-to-date browser out there it's,very very good if you're using Facebook,power editor I think it's it's only,operating on Chrome I believe but any,rate chromis is where you need to be and,Chrome has extensions that are super,super powerful we're going to go ahead,and show you guys one of those,extensions here today so you can kind of,get to this from two different places,you can come on this right-hand side,clicking the three dots you can scroll,down to more tools and go to extensions,you go that way or if you just you know,open up google pull up your search bar,here and search for Chrome extensions,you just go right this top row right,here the Chrome Web Store and we're,going to be looking for a Chrome,extension called turbo add finder so you,just go ahead and type that in here at,the top left turbo and finder and we are,a weird breed of people if you're,interested in this you know because,we're marketers we're interested in,seeing ads and understanding that,process as we go and follow hi people,and one of the big problems I found when,I'm looking to funnel hike somebody is I,often can't see the starting point right,like the Facebook ad itself I often,already know the name of the company,that I want to funnel hacking so I just,you know type it in and they go right to,their site and I start photo hacking but,like I often don't get that front end,piece I don't I don't get that piece to,understand like where they're starting,that conversation how theirs,what it looks like is that a image with,text-based ad is it a video ad all that,kind of stuff and so turbo ad Finder,allows me to see that what this,extension does you can see I already,have it installed here but if you,haven't go ahead and install it what,this does is this goes into Facebook and,it turns off all the organic posts in,facebook so I don't see anything in a,Facebook that's organic and I'll see,people's posts about the weather about,their food about cats all that stupid,crap I turn it on and I only see ads on,Facebook again like I said we're weird,breed but if you're like me you want to,see ads so you can be able to start,funnel Hawking you can start seeing the,ads that are running really well and and,being able to see where those ads lead,and the cool part is you know if you've,been to somebody's site a competitor's,site or somebody that you want to funnel,hack there's a very good chance if,they're you know good at what they're,doing and performing well they probably,will be retargeting you and when you go,to Facebook and turn on the turbo ad,finder you will now start seeing only,ads so if you scroll for a little bit,there's a very good chance that the,sites that you've been to that you will,see the ads that you're looking for to,be able to funnel hack from the very,beginning all the way through the end so,we're gonna go ahead and do that so I'll,go ahead and close this out because I've,already installed turbo ad finder onto,my instance of chrome here I come to,Facebook and I'm going to write the top,here these are all my extensions I again,super passion about extensions this one,right here looks like Facebook great out,with a little circle is the turbo ad,finder go ahead and click it and I'm,going to turn it on and sometimes it,takes a little bit of a minute to,propagate and find these ads while we're,moving organic stuff but as we kind of,start along here you can see this very,first one isn't ads you can see sponsors,so this is an ad as I scroll down like I,said sometimes it takes a minute here I,can see another ad for Billie Jean right,you'll get a pretty good cross-section,as to who I am based on all these ads,that I see I can see the apps in will ad,scroll down,I can see a Kelly Roach 20/20 and so,this is basically how it functions,you'll see for a second they're an,organic thing pop up and then it'll get,removed and then you'll see only ads and,if you give it a second like it'll kind,of catch up to itself but really it's,it's super super powerful because again,I can see that front-end piece I can see,the size that I've been to and and what,those starting conversations look like,and you know if you're familiar with,Facebook and Facebook ads you definitely,know that the ads that are running and,have been running for a long time and,you can see that based on numbers you,can see that based on how many people,have liked or commented or shared an ad,or even viewed it then you know it's,working so as an example right here it's,kind of a weird image right here but,this one Cody Spencer at Tesla Motors,this isn't ad right here even though,this looked weird I'm sure it's working,because you have 11,000 social,engagements you have like 1.6 or 1600,comments just over 2,000 shares you have,2.6 million views and obviously there's,some good technical stuff that you can,go about doing in facebook to aggregate,all your social engagement together and,we might cover that in another video but,you don't see these this kind of,activity around an ad unless the ad is,working so this is a great example of a,good starting point for me if I wanted,to go and final hack what they're doing,whoops looks like I clicked into Dave's,Facebook group there but this is a great,starting point if you guys want to first,capture that front end of the phone at,the very very beginning part and,understand let's get it loaded up again,here and understand what's happening at,the start in the ads so I've just queued,up Facebook again here and you see I had,something organic and then it started to,pull down and again brought up only my,ads so I can I can again be able to see,ads yeah I've been on traffic and,conversion I used some of the digital,marketer membership products there but,anyway this is a really really awesome,tool because,this is kind of in the elephant room,problem that I think a lot of us have,had like we've understood the process of,going through somebody's funnel seeing,the landing page screenshotting it going,to thank you page screenshotting and so,on and so forth and we've even used you,know the little spy tools out there like,spyfu and you can remember the rest of,them Oh a similar web and there's a few,different you know tools out there that,you can see but some of those don't,cover the Facebook Ads themselves and so,again if you're running Facebook ads,into your funnels go ahead and get the,turbo ad finder it's completely free I'm,sure there's probably somewhere where,they have a freemium option where you,can pay something to get more but I have,not found any issues you know with the,free version it gives me you know more,than what I've wanted it's really really,good and hope this you know fine finds,you you guys well and and you can use,this in your own phone hacking there you,go thanks guys

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The ONLY Facebook Ads Tutorial You Need

The ONLY Facebook Ads Tutorial You Need

if you want your business to grow you,need to reach customers on the platforms,they love,so today i'm going to show you how to,set up customer acquisition,and retargeting campaigns so you can,reach more prospects,and make more sales with facebook ads,this tutorial,is going to be comprehensive showing you,everything you need to know to get,started,so strap it you're going to learn how to,set up campaigns,how to create audiences how to create,effective ad,creative how much to spend and of course,how to analyze and optimize your ads,to get even better results by the end of,this video,you'll have a solid understanding of how,to run profitable facebook ad campaigns,now on a fundamental level there are two,major reasons why people buy,products and services to take them,closer to pleasure,or move them further away from pain so,before you get started with the facebook,ads manager,you need to dig past the obvious to,unearth problems that your customer is,facing,figure out how you can solve them and in,the process make their life,better and then you need to communicate,this so here are some quick tips before,we get started,successful ads focus on benefits not,features,successful ads use emotion emotional ads,actually outperform,rational ads by 200 and successful ads,focus on a single theme so keep it,concise,to quote marketer and author dan s,kennedy identify the essential and,eliminate the rest,now advertising audiences fall into two,basic categories,retargeting which means going after,people who have already visited your,website or engaged with your ads,and this is what marketers call a warm,audience,now the second is prospecting which,means going after people who have never,heard of you,and this is what marketers call a cold,audience,now if you're looking to get started,shopify is offering a,free 14-day trial simply click the link,above to take action to level up,your ecommerce business now facebook has,people categorized into three cohorts,depending on how you behave on facebook,the first is scrollers,and these are people that endlessly,scroll the feed but don't really engage,then we have the clickers,and these are the people that actually,click on posts and engage,and lastly we have the converters and,these are people that actually undertake,profitable actions like say clicking on,an ad and then making a purchase,so the first thing we're going to do is,set up saved audiences in your business,manager click audiences,in the left side panel then click the,blue button that says create audience,and then click,saved audience in the drop-down the,first thing we want to do is,name our audience make sure it's,something descriptive you'll be able to,identify,next we want to make sure that our,locations are where we can actually ship,to and where our customers are located,for us that is going to be the united,states and canada,then we're going to adjust the age,parameters to make sure it reflects our,buyer persona,for the purposes of this tutorial i'm,going to be selecting between,21 and 45 but you'll want to make sure,that yours reflects,your target audience next you'll want to,make sure to update,the gender and the language to also,reflect your buyer persona,now facebook uses what is known as,discovery,based targeting meaning that ads are,matched with people that have previously,expressed or shown,interest in a particular topic first,we're going to start with what are known,as dynamic audiences and these are the,types of interests that are constantly,replenishing,like say a plant-based diet or,vegetarianism,new people are becoming interested in,these every year,we can also target interests that are,less dynamic,say people that have liked a page for a,book or a movie,it's important to understand that those,audiences though are finite,once you're done click create saved,audience,now once we've done our first saved,audience we'll want to repeat this,process,it's important that we have more than,one audience to run,ads to so we can understand which,audience is most,profitable so in this example for a,plant-based,fitness course we are also going to,create an audience for,body weight athletes all the demographic,information,is going to be the exact same but what,we're going to change,is the interests it's so crucial that we,have,multiple saved audiences so that we can,validate,our assumptions and unlock the greatest,return,on ad spend so if you sell a highly,niche product,like say hockey equipment you might only,have the need to create two or three,audiences,as there are only so many different,types of people that play hockey,however if you sell a product that has a,wider customer appeal,like say a mechanical keyboard you might,find yourself having to do between,four to six of these saved audiences a,mechanical keyboard,appeals to gamers and video producers,and even writers,so i urge you to think about this when,you're done click create,saved audience and repeat this process,as many times as necessary,now when you get into facebook ad,manager you'll notice that it's broken,down into three levels we have campaign,ad set and at and i'll explain a little,bit about each one,when it comes to the campaign this is,where we,set our intended goal are we looking for,purchases,views or add to carts this is where,we'll also,set our budget and we have an option for,something called campaign budget,optimization,which automatically manages your,campaign budget across ad sets to get,you the best,overall results next we have,the ad set and this is where we'll set,up our targeting and use those saved,audiences we just created,to build out our targeted groups under,an ad set we can have,multiple ads this is also where we will,set our daily budget,finally we have our ad and this is where,we build out the actual,creative forum ad whether it's a video,ad or whether it's an,image ad so multiple ads can go,underneath an ad set,and multiple ad sets can go underneath a,campaign,how much should you spend on facebook,ads this is the question,on everyone's mind when they start out,now the answer to this question is,really broken down into three parts,how much money should you spend on paid,amplification overall,how much money should you spend on,testing and how much money should you,spend on scaling,let's start with overall overall you,should be spending between 10,and 30 percent of your top line revenue,on paid amplification,now this simply means that for every 100,your company makes,you should be investing 10 to 30 on ads,to make more sales 10 is a great place,to start,and you can slowly work your way up as,you find success,and create ads and funnels that are,proven to win you customers,now this might sound like a lot of money,but you don't need to spend it all at,once,nor should you your goal here is to be,strategic and only put,big money behind ads that are actually,profitable,so of that paid amplification budget,twenty percent should be spent on,experimentation,and learning what ads work to truly,discover,profitable ads you need to test,then eighty percent of your overall,budget should be spent on accelerating,and scaling ads that have proven to work,through testing,now you might be wondering during the,testing phase how much money should you,be spending on your campaigns,well five dollars a day used to be a,really good threshold for a beginner,but the reality is with so many facebook,advertisers you need to be competitive,instead of thinking up a random number,as a starting point,you want to spend enough to reach 10 000,people which is going to vary,based on how targeted your audience is,however,spending enough on a campaign to reach,10 000 people,is vital to give you enough data to,actually make informed decisions,about whether your ad creative works and,you have a winner or whether you need to,go back to the lab and keep,experimenting now when it comes to,spending money on paid amplification,many brands have some spoken or unspoken,hesitations,it can feel like a pretty big risk if,you're in the early days of your,business,now one way that i want you to think,about paid amplification is not about,simply running facebook ads what you are,actually buying here is data,and brand assets that can be leveraged,throughout your brand's lifetime,a library of brand assets can fuel ad,campaigns for years,and data about who your customers are,what they believe,and how they behave is incredibly,valuable and that can't be,understated the final thing on this,topic that i want to underscore,is that paid media budgets should be,dispersed,using the scientific method hypothesis,experiment conclusion the mentality of,growth marketing,is simple experiment small learn,and scale only when you get it right,if you love the idea of running a,semi-automated business from anywhere,then you're going to want to register,for this free webinar,that will teach you how to quickly start,a profitable print-on-demand store,this 40-minute webinar will get you from,a product idea,to setting up an online store to getting,your first print on demand sale learn,where to find designs,how to connect with suppliers without,paying for products upfront,worrying about inventory or shipping a,single package yourself,just click the link in the description,box below,now once you've already started running,campaigns you can access a view that,looks like this where you can see all,your campaigns,all your ad sets and all your ads,now we're going to run our first,campaign from a brand new ad account,navigate to the ad manager and click the,big green button that says create,then we're going to select the,conversion objective,go down to the drop down and insert a,name for our campaign,what you want to name it is the date and,then the name of your campaign,including the objective,the reason we want to do this is that so,it is really easily identifiable,when we have multiple campaigns running,later down the road then click the blue,button that says continue,you'll be brought to a screen that looks,just like this,now we talked a little bit before about,campaign budget optimization and you,want to make sure that this,is turned on when it comes to how much,your campaign budget should be we spoke,a bit about that,earlier in the video and how to optimize,it for your particular business,once you're ready with that click the,blue button that says next and you'll be,brought to the ad set,when it comes to naming your audience,follow the same naming convention,we used earlier only this time insert,the name of your saved audience,followed by the conversion objective,next we're going to want to choose our,conversion event choose add to cart if,you have,less than 50 purchases and if your store,is more than 50 purchases,choose the purchase objective,once we're done that we want to scroll,down until we see,where it says use saved audience,we want to click that and insert the,audience that we have already made,so in this case it's going to be the,audience i created called bodyweight,athletes,next we're going to make sure that,automatic placements is selected and let,facebook do their thing,we can always experiment later down the,road with manual placements but let's,start with automatic placement selected,we'll leave the budgeting area blank,since we already enabled budget,optimization,and click the blue button that says next,now we're going to name our ad creative,simply we'll name it add creative one,then we'll ensure that our instagram,account is selected,and we'll ensure that we have selected a,single image or video we're going to be,doing,a single image creative first then we'll,click the drop down that says add media,and click add image,and we'll select the creative that we,already made which we know from our best,practices,should have been in a perfectly square,format,then we're going to enter the headline,and what we want to open with is a,product,benefit statement,the next thing we're going to do is,input our primary text,now we want to open up with some emojis,and we want to open up with social proof,as well to catch,people's attention then we want to go,down to a product,benefit statement and then we want to go,down to something,that creates a sense of urgency,finally we want to include our call to,action,right in the text so people know exactly,what to do,we've also included a link to our,product page,now moving on to the description and,this part is optional as it will only,show up on desktops so,you can skip this all together if you,would like to,the next thing we're going to do is take,the url from our product page,and insert it right down below where it,says website,url,we've done that we want to preview the,url to make sure we're sending people to,the correct page,looks good to me the next thing we want,to do is ensure that our call to action,actually reflects what we want people to,do in this case we'll switch it from the,default of learn more to,shop now,now using this handy tool in the top,right hand corner we can see,what our placements are actually going,to look like with,our creative once we're happy with what,our creative looks like,on the various placements on facebook,and instagram,we're going to scroll down and create a,url parameter,this is going to let us know what ad,sent people to our site when we look at,our analytics,so we'll click build a url parameter,for the campaign source type in facebook,for the campaign medium type in,advertising,for the campaign name make sure it is a,dynamic campaign name,and for the campaign content make sure,it is a dynamic,ad name,next click the blue button that says,apply and once we're happy,with how our ad creative looks we're,gonna click the green button that,says publish so the next thing we're,gonna do,is create a second ad creative,our goal is to run these head-to-head,underneath an ad set,to find out which ad creative performs,better,click the green button that says create,and then right in the pop-up window,input the name of the second ad creative,we're going to call it add creative 2,then click the blue button that says,continue,just like last time we'll want to ensure,that the proper instagram account is,selected,we'll scroll down make sure that single,image or video is selected,and then we'll add media but this time,we're going to be adding a video when it,comes to the optimal length for video,ads it really depends on your business,for example,a video ad for an online course will,likely need to be longer than a video ad,for a pair of shoes,you should take as long as you need to,deliver your message but no longer,however shorter video ads around 15 to,30 seconds long,are best optimized for mobile placements,next we'll insert the primary text using,that same formula we spoke about for the,first ad creative,then we'll insert our headline which is,a product benefit statement,and finally we can optionally insert a,description but that's only going to,show up on desktop,formats then we'll copy the url to our,product page,and we'll insert it where it says,facebook url then we'll preview the url,to make sure we're sending people to the,right place,looks good to me then we'll switch the,call to action,just like we did before to shop now,now we're going to click build a url,parameter,we'll insert our campaign source which,will be facebook,our campaign medium which is advertising,our campaign name,will be dynamic and our campaign content,will also be dynamic,then we'll click apply once we're done,this we can see the thumbnail for our,video,isn't particularly striking so we'll,want to change that we'll click edit,media,edit video and then we'll click to where,it says,thumbnail so i'm going to click the,button that says,manual and instantly i'll be given a,bunch of different options of some,images that i can use as a thumbnail,pulled directly from the video,as you can see we have some pretty,striking images here,however i want one that has copy over it,so i can transmit a message about my,product,so i'm gonna click upload and then i can,use,one of the previous images i've already,created,then i'll click the blue button that,says continue,when i like how it looks i can click,save,now once you've taken a minute to double,check that everything,looks good you can hit the green button,that says publish,so the next thing we're going to do is,add our other saved audiences,to this creative so we're going to click,to the ad set level,and then we're going to duplicate the ad,set that we already created,see we never want to create multiples of,the exact same ad,instead we want to collect the social,proof all on that one ad so we'll change,the ad set name to reflect our new saved,audience,then we're going to scroll down to where,it says saved audience,click the drop down and click the saved,audience that we want to use this time,so now we're going to navigate back to,the ads column,and we're going to scroll down to where,it says add creative one,and we'll check mark that and then click,the preview button,now we'll click the add preview to,reveal a drop down and click,facebook post with comments,then what we'll want to do is copy the,number extension,that's after the facebook post url,once we've done this we'll navigate back,to ad manager,then we're going to click on to add sets,and click our second audience in this,case it's,plant-based foodies,now you can see the ads that we,duplicated from our first ad set so,we're going to click add creative one,we'll click the edit button,and then right below where the headline,says add setup we're going to navigate,to that drop down and click use existing,post,then we'll click the button that says,enter post id,and we'll paste in those numbers that we,just copied and click submit,now that same ad from our first audience,will be shown to this audience,and like i said before for many products,you're going to want to have,up to six saved audiences which means,six,different ad sets so you would want to,repeat this process,for all of those saved audiences that,way,the same ad is being shown to multiple,audiences,and you're gaining all that social proof,now the next thing we want to do is,repeat that process,but for our second ad creative,so we're gonna navigate back to that,first,ad set and we'll click on the add,creative number two,then we'll click preview drop down to,add preview and click,see post with comments then we're going,to copy that ad id,just like we did the first time,then we'll head back over to ad manager,navigate,back to our ad sets click back on the,second ad,set to add creative number two,then we're gonna click the edit button,then we'll access the drop down,underneath add setup and click,use existing post we'll click the blue,button that says,enter post id and paste those numbers,that we copied,then we'll click the button that says,submit,now we can click the green button that,says publish,now we're using the same ads in both ad,sets,and like i said this is so important for,collecting,all the social proof in one place,i highly suggest that you look at your,competitors ads for inspiration simply,navigate to their facebook page,click page transparency and scroll down,to where it says,go to ad library now you can look,through all of their ads you should look,for value propositions their ad copy and,creatives,the social proof they're using and call,to actions,all this information is really key for,giving you an advantage,when creating your own ads now some,really,powerful tools at your disposal in,facebook ad library are that you can,filter the ads of your competitors by,platform country,and even the impressions by date,scrolling down we can see some really,effective ad,examples if we take a look at this one,by clicking the c add details,we can see that it opens with social,proof really eye-catching creative with,emojis that convey a message,some more social proof superimposed onto,the image,a product benefits statement in the,headline and a really clear cta,when you are retargeted with a,competitor's ad i highly suggest you,click,the three dots and scroll down to where,it says why am i seeing this ad,now you can gain insights onto the,audience targeting,they're using in their ad and this can,be used when building your own,checking out the comments on your,competitors ads is a great way to learn,questions customers have and use that,language in your ads,now let's face it marketing is a deep,topic so if you're interested in,learning more,register using the link below to gain,access to a free 30-minute webinar,that will help you level up your,marketing by changing the way you think,about your store's,marketing funnel learn how to go from,first day to first sale in this free,training course sign up right now,now let's talk about creating winning,ads a crucial variable for sustained,success in running facebook ads,is making scroll stopping creative your,goals in making ad creative,are twofold you want to make the person,stop and pay attention,and you want to get them to click with,an open to buy attitude,you don't just want to lure an audience,in with clickbait,now facebook offers multiple ad formats,we have images videos,slideshows and carousels but regardless,of the format you're running an,ad in here are some top tips for,creating a better ad use the ada,framework,the ada framework is one of the core,principles of modern advertising,it's an acronym that stands for,attention interest desire,action you want to grab your audience's,attention,and inspire curiosity with a visual and,message that makes them stop,in their tracks use bold colors and,strong headlines,hold their interest by explaining a,problem they face,and how it is negatively affecting their,lives or focus on the positive,and explain an opportunity make this,feel personal though,so they feel like they need to seek out,a solution,desire is all about crafting an,irresistible offer,clearly explain how you can solve their,problem and offer a path,to improving their life action is about,using a cta,or a call to action that encourages,people to make moves,be straightforward and make acting easy,include a sense of urgency around the,limited time or availability of your,product,because that can make a cta all that,more effective,here are some basic design best,practices for image ads,keep it square square images take up 78,more real estate on mobile devices and,have 64 percent higher click-through,rates,for text overlay you want to keep it to,roughly,20 of the image now facebook used to,have a really hard and fast rule about,this,but they've recently announced that,they're going to be more flexible,still data indicates that text overlay,less than 20 typically creates ads that,perform,better here are some ad best practices,with some really successful odds to,illustrate the points,use social proof use a product benefit,statement,use emojis to convey a message use a,mobile friendly,square format include a link to the cta,in the text,leverage guarantees to reverse risk,change the facebook cta from learn more,to shop now you want to be more specific,about the action,you want your audience to undertake,now let's talk about ad sequencing,rather than thinking about your ads as,these isolated assets,start thinking about your ads in a,sequence sequencing your ads,slowly introduces customers to your,brand and is one of the best strategies,for optimizing a marketing funnel,by creating multiple ads with unique,messages that correspond to a person's,stage in the buying cycle,you can guide potential customers,towards a purchase and it's accomplished,by running a retargeting campaign,here's a really simple three-step funnel,first,we have awareness and this is your why,make an ad that shares what your brand,stands for,and what problem you are solving appeal,to viewers with content that stirs their,emotions,and gets them excited about tackling,that problem,consideration this is the how make an ad,that entertains,educates and helps people overcome,objections,you want to feed your audience's,curiosity and more importantly you want,to establish,a great relationship last is conversion,and this is the what now you have,finally earned the right to win the,customer these ads are reminder based,and can leverage,discounts and promotions as persuasion,tools to actually prompt a purchase,so now we're going to set up some,retargeting ads for people who saw your,video ad but never clicked through,first click audiences and then click,create audience in the drop down click,custom audiences,then click video,next click the drop-down where it says,people who finished,25 of your video then you'll need to,make sure,that your correct facebook page is,selected and the correct,video is selected then click the blue,button that says confirm,then change the time parameter from 365,days,to 14 days finally you'll want to name,the audience we're going to name this,audience something easy to identify,we'll name it,retargeting video viewers last 14 days,then we'll click the blue button that,says create audience,now let's set up retargeting for people,who have visited our instagram,so we'll click the blue button that says,create audience we'll click custom,audience and this time we'll click,instagram account you can also do the,same thing for,a facebook page but this time we'll do,instagram first things first let's make,sure our correct instagram profile is,selected,then we'll click anyone who has seen a,post or an ad,and will change 365 days to 14 days,finally we'll name our audience,something easy to identify,we'll name it retargeting instagram last,14 days,then we'll click the blue button that,says create audience and just like that,we'll be able to target people,engaged with a post or an ad on our,instagram page,now we'll set up some retargeting for,our product pages click create audience,click the drop down that says custom,audience and then click website,now you're going to drop down from all,website visitors to people who have,visited a specific page,and you're going to change the time,parameter to three days,then head over to your product page and,copy the url,just until it says backslash products,that way we're doing it for all of our,product pages,and simply paste that into the url field,now we're going to,name our audience we're going to name it,retargeting product pages,last three days then we'll click the,blue button,that says create audience now you'll,want to repeat this exact process for,people who have visited your product,pages in the last 14 days and the last,28 days,as most prospects won't be ready to,become customers,right away you need to make sure you're,maintaining constant contact with these,people,this allows your brand to remain top of,mind and increases the likelihood of a,sale,once you're done that you want to repeat,this process for cart visitors,collections and for your home page,to do this simply navigate to those,pages on your site,and copy the urls the exact same way we,did,for product pages,another way to retarget customers is to,upload a customer list,click custom audience and click customer,list,to do this you'll need a csv file that,is formatted in a specific way but,luckily facebook supplies a template,that looks,just like this that is easily,downloadable,now once you have your customer list,correctly formatted,simply hit the blue next button then,facebook's going to ask you if there'll,be a column that will assign a value to,the customer,if you have access to this information,this is really,really helpful as it helps facebook know,which customers are most profitable,then simply upload your csv file select,it from your computer and click,open i'm just uploading an example one,for tutorial purposes,then all that's left to do is name your,audience and i highly suggest naming it,something descriptive like high value,customers,if that's the list you're uploading all,that's left to do,is hit upload customer lists are a,powerful way to upload a direct audience,for either,building a lookalike audience or running,a remarketing campaign,to create a lookalike audience it's,fairly simple you just click create,audience and click,lookalike audience you'll select the,desired audience size,using the slider and then the country,you want to target,now lookalike audiences are when,facebook creates a custom audience for,you using data points to target people,most likely to be interested in your,business look like audience can,significantly magnify your reach for new,customers however it's important to note,that lookalike audiences,are only suitable for businesses that,have already generated,significant customer data when creating,a look-alike audience you can do it,based off a custom audience,like say a customer list a facebook,pixel or based on facebook page fans,when analyzing and optimizing your ads,here are some things,you're gonna need to know reach this is,the total number of people,your ads have reached frequency this is,the total number of times,your ads have reached those people a,frequency of 1 to 2.5,is ideal if it's not in this range,reduce or increase your budget,accordingly,click-through rate this is the number of,people who saw your ad and clicked,ads with a higher click-through rate,tend to perform better in the long run,check the variance of click-through rate,at the ad level,while this isn't always related to the,cost per purchase,the knowledge can be used to create,better performing ads,finally we have cost per purchase this,is how much,you are spending per sale when analyzing,your ads,cost per purchase should be one of your,guiding metrics but it needs to be added,manually so we're gonna go to the,performance and clicks,dashboard so start by clicking the,column that says,columns performance from there,you're gonna see in the drop down an,option that says customize columns,click that and in the search bar type in,purchases,now check off the little check boxes,that say,total and cost this will add,cost per purchase to our dashboard but,we want to see,the total purchases not just everything,segmented,so in the sidebar we're going to scroll,down,and when we see where it says purchases,we'll uncheck the subtasks below it,this will make sure we're just seeing,the total number of costs per purchase,then we can click the blue button that,says apply your goal here will be to,make sure your average profit per order,is higher than your cost to acquire a,customer,now i'm going to show you how to dive,even further into the data,click ad sets and then click breakdown,which is in the top right hand corner,in the drop down click buy delivery and,then click,age now you can see how much it cost you,to acquire a particular customer,in an age range for this ad campaign,you can also do this with gender,if you're targeting multiple countries,you can do this by country in this case,we're only targeting one,and you can do this by region seeing,which specific states in those countries,are resonating with your ads and product,here's how to find out which audiences,and which ads are performing,best go into the campaign and look at,your ad sets,look at the ones with the highest cost,per purchase and turn,those off next you want to try creating,new ad sets with different audiences,in that same campaign run them alongside,the proven winners,and after a period of testing turn off,the losers and leave on the winners,and then you'll repeat this process see,we're always trying to beat our best,result,once you have data you can add in a,look-alike audience to the same campaign,to increase your audience size you'll,only do this when you're ready to scale,now i really want to remind you don't,forget to register using this link to,gain access to a free 30-minute webinar,that will help you,level up your marketing if this has,helped you that's going to take you to,the next level,hopefully this video has given you a,solid start in the world of facebook ads,now it's time to actually action what,you learned create some ads,and make some sales thank you so much,for joining me and don't forget to like,and subscribe,so you don't miss out on more tips to,start and grow your online business,remember we're a channel for small,business owners with big plans,i've been your host tyler and i'll see,you next time on learn with shopify,you

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