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Inappropriate Ads to Kidshey guys,um we brought this video to your,attention today,because we have a

Julius Ngwendson

Updated on Jan 20,2023

Inappropriate Ads to Kids

hey guys,um we brought this video to your,attention today,because we have a story to tell you um,we had,a tough situation in our family this,week and the more we kind of,started sharing it with our close,friends the bigger we realized that this,needs to get out there our friends were,like this is important,um you need to share it and to save,y'all from having to read a long post,basically we just decided to make a,short video as short as we can,um this week our daughter she's seven,she earned some tablet time then i let,her play our tab my tablet it's my,personal tablet,um and she was playing this game where i,was drying my hair,and while playing this game an ad popped,up for her a video ad it was very,inappropriate,and she brings it to my attention thank,goodness and we talked about it talked,about why it wasn't okay,and i waited sort of for him to get home,to be able to,um talk more about it as parents before,we you know went further into it,and thankfully he's a little bit more,logical than i am i'm a little bit more,naive and he brought in some good points,and so that's why we're doing this,together because we,started playing it after our girls went,to bed that night i told him about it he,was upset,i i was very upset i wanted to see this,ad,for myself so we played this game over,and over and over,and both of us did over about a 45,minute,period trying to see this ad for ourself,and we never saw it it never popped up,for us,we got to thinking why is this not,showing up again because you know most,of the ads repeat,yeah and i i had the idea maybe this is,targeting her,uh is it tailor-made for people uh which,blew our minds a little bit,then we started thinking about it and i,think this is a good point,our ads were all picture ads ads that,could be skipped go on to the next level,this and that,um scarily enough my ads were education,ads and his ads were about agriculture,but again,a picture ad that can be skipped and go,on to the next level so he had a really,good idea,i put another phone in front of my face,so,the tablet couldn't see me it could see,her picture,and immediately the ads changed it,changed from,picture ads that you could skip to video,ads,that were a little bit longer and but,still this ad never popped up we could,not get it to pop up for just us,so we put it away for the night we,talked about it and,the next morning again wanting to figure,out,why it plays for just our daughter we,decided that we could put it in her,hands,and let her try one more time so we,handed her the app the,tablet she played the app and on the,very,first ad guess what popped up,the inappropriate ad immediately and we,became even more scared because we,realized the depth of this ad and i know,we've tiptoed around how to say this,and we're just going to put it out there,speaking truth,for what it is because it is so there's,so many facets to this video,basically what it exposed our children,to was,first off a homosexual relationship,which is something that we you know have,already talked and discussed with our,daughters,but even way further than that it,advertised a lying in a marriage it,advertised adultery in a marriage,it advertised deceit and cheating,on top of all of this okay yes our,antenna went up at the beginning,but it just became so much more when we,realized how many,inappropriate things were targeted and,that our seven-year-old,understood in that minute and a half she,knew,there were two men kissing and,he was hiding they were hiding it from,their wife that they had,on top of fly and she knew they lied in,the video,yeah he was having to keep it a secret,and people were even questioning him why,are you lying about it,she gathered all of this but here's,what's so scary because it's all about,what they um introduced our daughter to,in this amount of time it was a video,that grasped her attention it was played,like a movie trailer,it could not be skipped our daughter had,to sit through the entire minute and a,half to be,able to play the next level or whatever,however it went,um and it knows that children are,more prone to do that okay they're,patient enough to sit through knowing,that the game's coming in just a minute,and so i'm so naive and i want to think,what,that you know it can't happen to us but,it did it,straight up did as even as much as i try,to shelter our children from tablet time,so i guess the whole point that we're,trying to get across here is,teachers i'm a teacher i've put tablets,into children's hands before,wanting them to learn educationally,it happens it's out there it recognizes,either their face or their voice,or in some form it is targeting,our children on purpose there's no,reason why a child,should even see this ad except to,instill this ideology in them,early in life that lying is okay and,there's no way you're going to,convince me otherwise of that it,targeted marketing for children should,be apps,other apps toys you know tv shows,something that should grasp her,attention that would make her want to,buy it i would get that that makes sense,this type of ad is,very much trying to plant a seed in our,child,that is just not okay and so,i'm sure there may be some questions you,know we just want to get the word out,there,um please don't be naive enough to think,that any app is a safe app or any show,is a safe show like somebody pointed,this out to me myself,you would not throw your child into the,pool,and t and hope they learn how to swim,you have to protect them you give them,floaties okay you don't send your son,out on the football team without helmets,and without protection and so that's,what we have to do with our,technology is we have to protect them,turn your,microphones off turn your um like,allowing your camera turn that off i,have a friend that even said i actually,tape,the front cover the front camera i put a,piece of tape over it,so it can't see our child's face and,that seems extreme,but any sort of protection to keep them,from,encountering things like this is,a step in the right direction as parents,and as teachers and his grandparents and,all that sort of stuff,as parents i don't you know i want to,let y'all prepare yourself to talk to,your children about this because you're,going to have to,you're not going to you're not running,but it's coming,um you can shield them from it we made,it to seven,with her and she was exposed to it when,she was five and six,but she didn't really understand it,enough at the time,so just prepare yourself because you're,gonna have to,explain this earlier than you,anticipated,and it's gonna mean more coming from a,parent as opposed,to someone else and then they have to,come home and ask questions about it,later so,as hard as it is to talk about it we are,learning that,ourselves and we just hope that we can,encourage you too

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What to do if you are tagged to inappropriate content in Facebook?

What to do if you are tagged to inappropriate content in Facebook?

have you been tagged to an inappropriate,post on facebook,well you're not alone,nowadays we are seeing scammers using,facebook tagging as one way to spread,malicious,software if you are that person who has,been tagged by someone else to an,inappropriate post know that that,particular person may not even know,that his or her account was actually,doing that right so do not,blame the other person because they were,likewise victims of,the scam what you can do is,that once you go and take a look at the,post,if it is a post or a photo where you,have been tagged on facebook,then you can simply click on the three,dots and then select,remove tag among the drop down list,however,if you have been tagged to a comment and,you would like to,remove yourself from the tagging what,you can do,is to go to that particular comment,click the three dots so that you can,hide or report the comment,and then select give feedback or report,this comment once you've clicked,that particular link you will now see,a number of selections for reporting,that particular comment,it is ideal if you would like to press,say for example a spam,and then when you click on next you will,now see the other steps that you can,take,an example would be to block that,particular person,hide all posts from that particular,person and,to remove the tag say for example what,i'll do is,i'll be removing the tag then you will,see a prompt to confirm that you will,now be removing the tag,that's that so the tag has now been,removed,i can likewise opt to hide all from that,particular person,and even to block that particular person,as well,and means having done all of these,things please,be aware that the other person may not,even be your friend right,um and they may likewise then just be a,victim of these posts,you may also see a query error so,saying that error performing query just,click on ok,so what that one means is that you are,no longer,tagged and you will no longer see that,particular post,you can likewise opt to report that,particular post on facebook,so that facebook would also be informed,of that particular post so that they can,also block it from their website,so i'll just say for example nudity it,is sexually suggestive,um block and then so then i'll just say,hide all posts from that post and then,click on next,and that's that so yes i would like to,continue filling this report,click on next and click on next,so what will then happen is that the,facebook team will now be reviewing this,particular post,another key thing that you may want to,do is,to block the entire page so once again,on the top right hand corner of this,particular,page you can see that there is an option,for you to block the page,so click on block page and then you will,then see,a window i'm asking for confirmation if,you indeed would like to block that page,just click again on the confirm button,and,that particular page will now be blocked,aside from that what else can we do,so you can likewise go to your own,facebook,profile and then go for the settings and,privacy,and then once you are in the settings um,you can then go to profile and,tagging so as to make changes on who can,view,your profile as well as who can tag you,in the future posts,so when i browse down here in this,particular section for tagging i can,then set as to who can see,the posts that you're tagged in in your,profile as well as when you're tagged in,a post who do you want to add to the,audience of the post if they cannot,already see it,another key thing that you may want to,revisit would be the section 4,review so you will see in here whereby,there is an option for you to review the,posts that you are tagged in,before the post appears on your profile,i always keep this one on so that even,though that someone else would,tag me on to an inappropriate content,it will not be shown on my wall,otherwise anyone can then just tag you,moving forward with,and then it will show up on your wall,even without you knowing,still on the matter of profile and,tagging unfortunately,you won't be able to limit as to who can,tag you,on facebook so the most that we can do,is to enable,the review of posts before they actually,get released to our respective walls,on the other hand if say for example,you were the person who allegedly tagged,other people on facebook to an,inappropriate post,then that means that it is possible that,your account has been used by the,spammers,the key guidance for you to do would be,to change or update your,facebook password and if possible enable,multi-factor authentication,so to do that you basically need to go,to your facebook account,once again on the top right hand corner,select,settings once you're in the settings you,basically have to go to security and,login,browse down and it is here where you can,see the options for,login as well as that for two-factor,authentication,and that's it well i hope you learned,something and if you have any other,topics in mind that you would like me to,cover,please leave them in the comment section,down below and once again,please don't forget to click the like,share and subscribe,see you in the next video

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