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How to Set Up & Install the Facebook Pixel (In 2022) hey guys yvonne here at,and in th

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Updated on Jan 06,2023

How to Set Up & Install the Facebook Pixel (In 2022)

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How to Set Up & Install the Facebook Pixel (In 2022)

hey guys yvonne here at,and in this video i want to show you how,to set up the facebook pixel in 2022. in,this video i want to show you everything,step by step how to set up the facebook,pixel so that you can start seeing your,conversions inside of your facebook ads,so we'll do everything here live as you,watch behind my shoulder as you see my,screen so let's get straight into it i'm,assuming you already set up your,facebook business account if not take a,look at my video on how to create,facebook ads where i guide you through,the process of creating your facebook,page your facebook account and so on and,this is going to be kind of your main,dashboard so from here the first thing,you have to do is actually click on the,little gear icon here at the bottom if,you haven't set up any pixels yet you,will have to create a pixel and attach,it to your account so what you're going,to do here is click on data sources and,click on pixels and i already have a,bunch of pixels so this doesn't really,apply to me but if you don't have any,pixels yet this is the first step that,you will have to do,so what you want to do then is click on,add,and you want to give your pixel a name,so let's say,facebook pixel 2022,we're gonna click continue and you,cannot delete your pixels okay so,uh keep in mind you can't just create a,bunch of them and then delete whatever,you don't want they do stay on your,account which is why you see so many,pixels here,so um we could just close out of this,for now because we're going to go to a,different tab to actually set it up but,for this part i do want to show you you,want to first add people and you want to,add assets to this pixel first so what,you want to do is click on add people,you want to select yourself and you want,to give yourself full access to this,pixel and then this is another important,part here you want to click on add,assets and you want to attach this pixel,to your account so in this case i only,have one ad account so i'm going to,select that account and i'm going to,click add and now this pixel has been,attached to my ad account one okay so if,you click on connected assets make sure,all of this is here so once you do that,good job you have set up your pixel now,we have to actually install it on our,website right so you want to click on,old tools here and click on events,manager,and you will probably just see your one,pixel here probably won't see many make,sure to select the correct account here,at the top,and we're gonna go find our pixel which,is right here facebook pixel and we're,just gonna click on continue pixel setup,and we're gonna go through the steps,here so we're going to click that,i will go with the metapixel option i'm,going to click connect and we will,install the code manually so if you do,have these partners like squarespace,wordpress shopify you can select this,option and then you will be able to,integrate them much easier but i'm going,to go the hard route in in case you guys,aren't using any of these and that way,you will know exactly what to do and in,case you're not a partner you will be,able to set it up yourself so i'm going,to click on install code manually and so,we have to go kind of through all these,steps all right so the first thing they,want us to do is to add this code to the,header section of your website so we're,going to click on copy code and i am,using unbounce so i have a landing page,here and a thank you page as a sample,but you can use whatever you want any,page builder and this applies whether,you have a sales page an upsell page,down so page you know whatever,i will show you what the idea is and so,here it tells you it says paste the,pixel code in the bottom of the header,section just above the closing head tag,so what you want to do is come back here,let's say we're using unbounce click on,javascript click on add new javascript,and we will paste this code that we just,copied here and placement we want to,make sure it's in the head and then,we're going to label this we're going to,say facebook pixel and we're going to,say save so the point is make sure to,find the javascript option of your page,so if you're using click funnels for,example you will have an option on the,top left where it's going to say add,code and you can add the code there so,just look for the javascript option you,want to put this code in the header,section of your page so over here we,have the thank you page we're going to,do it here as well we're going to paste,it here if you have the option to add,this code on your entire website with,just one go you can do that as well so,i'm just showing you,you know the long route here putting it,manually on every page but if you can,put it once and it will automatically,apply this code to every single page you,should definitely do that,so i'm gonna click done and then we're,going to click save for here we're going,to republish this page and then we're,going to come back here we'll hit save,we'll hit republish now we're far from,being done there's still something we do,have to do a few things we have to do,but this is the first part okay so what,we did right now is we added the base,code to our website or in this case,landing page and thank you page so that,facebook can track us so we've done that,however we haven't specified specific,events yet so we haven't indicated what,we want to label as a conversion so when,once we start running these facebook ads,we haven't indicated what we want to,track as a conversion which in this case,is people signing up to my email list,right that's what we want to track we,want facebook to send me more people,that are likely to enter their email and,their name and we haven't done that so,once we've done that let's click,continue,you can turn on advanced matching so,facebook will match the data that they,have with the data that customers,provide here and see if they can provide,more information about those people for,remarketing now this doesn't mean that,it's individualized so it says right,here you will not know for example the,name of a specific person and their,exact date of birth their gender but you,will get a rough idea like a rough bar,chart for example later on once you do,get some data of all this information,combined hope that makes sense so you,can turn it on it doesn't hurt it's just,extra data you can click on continue and,so now we have to add the event code so,this is going to be the specific events,that are going to indicate what we want,to specifically track as a conversion,like i said in this case people that,signed up to our email list now this,option here doesn't always work so it,when you enter your website when you,open website it doesn't quite work so,what you do have to do is install events,using code you have to do it manually,using this option here and i'm going to,show you how to do that so what we're,going to do is you will click on,standard events right here,and you have to find what you want to,track so do you want to attract people,that added something to their card do,you want to track people that contacted,you maybe people that donated in this,case let's say we want to track people,that are leads right because if they,sign up to our list they're considered,leads so what we want to do is enter,this event this pixel event on our page,on our thank you page because the only,way somebody can land on our thank you,page is if they actually enter in these,details so let me show you exactly how,to do that so just memorize this it's,called lead right so we're going to go,back here,and i'll send this you know i will give,you this in the description of this,youtube video so you know where to go,and so what we want to do is we want to,use this code right here okay so let's,just copy this for now and i'll show you,what to do with it so we can copy it you,can come back to our thank you page,you can either enter a new facebook,pixel or you can just add it here okay,so either way is fine but we will add it,here because it's easier,we're gonna go back,and we're gonna paste it here now we,don't want this stuff this currency,because this is not a purchase so we're,just going to delete all this stuff,everything here and make it look exactly,like this here right but as you recall,this is a lead right if you remember so,again if you click on standard events,i'll open it in a new tab,we want to track leads and so you can,pick whatever you want whatever it is,that is defined as a conversion for you,that is what you want to do so if it is,a purchase then you can use that same,pixel and you can enter the purchase,amount if it's schedule if it's search,you know whatever it is if somebody,started their trial you would enter,start trial,right over here so we're gonna enter,lead because it's a lead right somebody,that's signed up and this is our event,code right here okay so this will show,up as a lead if when somebody lands here,which means that they signed up to our,landing page on our landing page they,become a lead,and so that's,this event pixel code that we added so,i'm going to click done i'm going to,click save and i'm going to click,republish so we've successfully set up,the pixel there are a few more things we,have to do to kind of test it make sure,it's working and verify our domain,things like that,so let's go back here we're going to,click continue,and you do have to verify your domain so,hopefully you do have a domain of your,own so i'm going to click on verify,domain and let me show you what the,process here is so i already verified,this domain which is the,domain for this page here the thank you,page now what you want,to do is once it takes you to that page,you want to click add and you want to,enter your domain so for example,,and let me show you what the steps are,so you're going to click on add and what,you want to do is log in to your domain,registrar and i like to select this,option here uh update the dns txt record,so you you can go with any option you,want you can add a meta tag to your,source code you can upload an html file,to your root directory i like to go with,this option and what i do is i log into,my domain registrar in my case for,example namecheap i'm going to select my,domain which in my case was,,and i'm going to add this txt record in,my dns configuration so it's pretty,straightforward you're going to go into,your dns records if you're not sure,where that is just contact the support,every domain register has pretty much 24,7 support you can contact them and ask,them where do you add the txt record and,they will be able to tell you and all,you're going to do is you're going to,take this link here and you're going to,add it as a txt record in your domain,registrar settings and for the root you,will have to enter the at symbol and,that should work for you and that is,pretty much it once you do that you,would click on verify domain and it says,that it can take up to 72 hours for the,change to propagate it did not take that,long for me it took a few hours but not,72 however in some cases it might be up,to 72 hours so just keep that in mind,once you verify your domain you should,be good to go,and over here you'll be able to click on,continue,and that is pretty much it for this part,we can go in and click on go to pixel,overview and so now our pixel should be,on this page so what we want to do is we,want to actually open these pages we,want to test it out,so we can go back and we can open the,pages and the data should start showing,up here once the pixel gets registered,so we can click there we can click on,the thank you page we can maybe refresh,the page,refresh the page,and let me close out of that come back,here refresh this page and now some data,should show up if not right now then,very shortly,and there you go okay so you should see,this this kind of menu option here that,means that your pixels have been set up,now you could check if your pixels have,been set up by using a pixel extension,facebook pixel extension it's called,facebook pixel helper and what it will,do is show you whether your pixel has,been set up so for example this one we,see that the page view pixel which is,that general pixel code that i told you,about we know that this is set up on,this landing page for this one we can,see we have the page view and the lead,set up on this page as well so we know,that it's all working properly and that,the pixel is set up on these pages okay,so we can come back here that looks good,now what you could do is you could go,into test events and you could enter,your website url and see if the event,shows up so for example we could enter,this one we could copy it,come back here,we could paste it click open website,and there you go okay so it's processed,so you know it works so you have,different ways to test this and that's,basically the idea so if you go back,into overview you should eventually see,a lead show up here,because we did open this lead page which,triggered the pixel and that's pretty,much it so what you would do then if you,want to add new events is again you,would utilize that document that i sent,you earlier so you can access it by,clicking here you can click on from the,pixel,and then you can click on install events,using code and then if you want to add,more pieces of these of this event code,such as a purchase pixel you know,initiate checkout pixel things like that,you would follow the exact same,procedure and you would go into your,let's say,let's say this is my sales confirmation,page i would add that event code to the,sales confirmation page so instead of,lead as i did here i would change this,to,sale or purchase or whatever it is you,want and then that will show up as that,conversion in your facebook ads manager,now one more thing you could click on,open event setup tool this option,doesn't work if you don't have the,events set up already so it is kind of,buggy i sent facebook numerous feedback,requests about this but they still,haven't fixed it so if you do enter the,code on your page,then this should work so if you go here,and you click on open a website you,should see this option here but if you,didn't enter the event code before then,you will not see that you will not be,able to click on this so it is kind of,buggy,and maybe if you want to give feedback,if you see it on your end as well and if,you want to give feedback that would,probably help speed up them fixing it,hopefully but,yeah that's basically it we have done,everything we needed we set up the base,pixel code and we set up the event code,and that is all you need to set up,facebook tracking if you enjoyed this,video guys make sure to check out my,channel where i have so many free videos,i have over 400 plus free youtube videos,with so much content if you go into,videos on every topic you can think of,facebook ads microsoft ads google ads,google let's tracking,things like that how to make money,online all that good stuff in addition i,do offer training courses on my website,at,courses i have a comprehensive facebook,ads course which guides you through step,by step exactly how to set up facebook,ads set up the campaigns as well as,retarget with facebook retargeting,audiences so really useful stuff that,can really get you the most out of every,dollar you spend with facebook that is,it for this video thank you for watching,i will see you in the next one

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