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How to Fix a Restricted FB Business Page and Restore your Ad Account In 2022! UPDATED!what's going o

Lazar Assoofi - Digital Marketing 101

Updated on Jan 23,2023

How to Fix a Restricted FB Business Page and Restore your Ad Account In 2022! UPDATED!

what's going on everyone lazar suva here,and today's video,i'm gonna show you how to get your ads,from a rejected status,to an approved status your ad account,from a restricted,or disabled status back to an active,status,and finally if your business page has,been restricted how to figure out,what happened and how we can fix that,with facebook as well,so whether you've been advertising with,facebook for years or you're,brand new to the platform you're bound,to get to a point where,when your ads get rejected or your ad,account gets restricted,or again like i said your facebook page,your business page gets restricted,now there's no need to freak out or,you know go up in arms because this you,know there's,a numerous amount of reasons why this,happens,the most familiar reason,is the fact that facebook utilizes,automation and bots,a lot more than you'd think so when ads,go into the review process,most of the time it's a bot rather than,a manual review by somebody that works,at facebook that is checking uh,your ads to see if they're within the,policies of facebook,so first and foremost if you're not,familiar with facebook's advertising,policies i'll have a link in the,description below,that can take you right to that page i,definitely encourage you to brush up on,that,secondly when it comes to your facebook,business manager you want to make sure,that it is verified,and the security all the security,options have been completed by you so,that just allows facebook to know that,this is a verified business profile uh,the business manager is verified as well,and it'll help you if you ever get,locked out of your account you have to,switch some information up,or if you have to verify anything with,facebook now the last thing we're going,to touch upon and i'm going to actually,show you kind of a step-by-step process,on how to get this completed is,whenever your ad accounts get restricted,or if an ad a single ad gets rejected,or your business page gets restricted,there's a few steps you can take,there's a specific link to click that'll,take you right to the help page,the vip support link essentially of,facebook's,that will help you chat with somebody,get you with the right person i'll tell,you exactly how you should,uh kind of portray that message to the,facebook messenger helper,that way the process moves on a little,bit quicker but without further ado,let's jump into the video all right,what's going on everyone so welcome back,we are in the facebook business help,center page to get to here you just go,to forward slash business,forward slash help,and in most cases when you receive the,email from facebook notifying you of,your restriction or rejected,ad there's going gonna be a link to fill,out an appeal,so in that appeal uh you just fill out,you know what you think the issue is,it's gonna give you the option i do know,i broke a policy um,i don't know or i'm i think it has been,done by mistake,uh most cases you can just put in i,think has been done by mistake,as that's usually the case unless you,did break an advertising policy rule,uh which i have that opened up in the,next tab and i'll show you how to get to,there as well,um and then just fill out your,explanation,but the process i'm going to walk you,through right now you're going to be,able to speak with a live facebook,representative,and with that they're going to be able,to give you a little bit more insight on,what the problem is,if you're having trouble navigating the,platform uh,especially if you're new they're going,to give you screenshots,and what to do so right off the bat what,you want to do when you get to here,is you want to click still need help,find answers and contact support,so when you click this it's going to,give you a few options,so like i said if you had an issue with,your business page you're going to want,to click business page,if you've had an issue with your,specific ads you're going to want to,click right here,and if you've had any issues with the,policy or the ad account has become,restricted,then you want to gonna click on that,option obviously there's these other,three options measure,improved results ad management tools and,billing and payment,so you can always come here if you need,help with any of these resources it's,not just if you've had your account,uh restricted or any ads rejected,if you need help with any tools or you,need clarification on anything feel free,to,jump on here facebook's super helpful,and a lot of people don't use this tool,so let's just say you had an issue with,your ads i'm going to go down here,it's going to give you all these options,right so is the trouble with managing,your ads are you having any,troubleshooting so,your ads are disproved or they're,pending review and they're just sitting,there,uh stale or you know you have a 50,a day ad budget and it's only spending,ten dollars a day why is that,so they're going to help you with all,those things um as well as formatting,and targeting you know your ad copy the,images that you're using,uh any videos but what you want to do is,you're gonna do a chat with a,representative,so when you click chat with the,representative it's gonna give you the,estimated time,but you're going to initially speak with,a bot so before you click this button,what i want you to do,is fill out the issue that you're having,and as full as the description as you,can because,what you're going to want to do is give,that to the representative right off the,bat,so you're not wasting time going back,and forth because most likely they're,speaking with you and a few other,individuals at once,so these these conversations can last,anywhere between,10 15 20 minutes sometimes up to an hour,depending on the severity of the,issue that you have at hand so if i were,to click this chat with representative,it's gonna ask me to fill out a few bits,of information,uh some of this info obviously is gonna,be blurred out for our security,but name phone number uh email that,you're using,uh the ad account id um whether you have,a few ad accounts,then you're going to want to pick,specific one uh it's going to allow you,to select the facebook page,that you're using for the specific issue,if you're following up on an existing,case if you click yes it's going to show,up those cases that you followed up on,if you click no then it's just going to,give you the option to put down,what it is over here in the bottom but,then it's going to ask what,questions about so you can put add,policy disapprove that,add inquiries um and then what the,question is about so whether my ad is in,pending review,my ad is disapproved my ad isn't,delivering or if you need help with your,ad targeting,um they're not going to help you too,much with that last option,but these first three is where you,really need them in so the subject title,can be it's very brief,um as you see i use like ad account,active,no ad spend um i've had them help with,ad account restriction and then within,the description itself,just type in a summary on not that,full-on description because it's only,gonna allow you to type in just a few,sentences here,so once you've done that uh you're gonna,go ahead and click,start chat so after you start chats the,bots gonna let you know,um you know it's x amount minutes until,facebook representative,is available once that facebook,representative is available,uh you're just going to copy and paste,that message that you already have,pre-done for them,letting them know what the issue um is,what's going on what you think is,happening uh as well as,uh any other information you need uh,them to know so the ad account number,again i'd copy and paste that,ad account name whatever you've named,that ad account just so there,they have clarification if it's certain,ad,ads that have been rejected i'd copy and,paste that ad account,um that ad id as well and paste that in,there as well,the more information you give them the,more information they have,and less questions they're going to ask,you off the bat so,that is really the process that you need,to take to get your ad account,your specific ads or your facebook,business page from a rejected or,restricted status back to an active,status,the conversation that you're going to,have with the representative is going to,be super helpful,it's going to expedite this process and,finally they're going to ask you if,you've done an appeal,which if you haven't uh complete it and,if you have just let them know you've,done the appeal,and they'll most likely do a manual,review on all the things that you've,done wrong,they'll give you a reason and,within you know a business day or less,in most cases your ad account will be,back to,normal your ads will be up and running,again and if that business page was,restricted it would be an active,status again and you'll be on your way,to running,uh profitable facebook ads so again i,hope this video was helpful for you guys,if you had any issues if you're having a,little bit more trouble,feel free to shoot us a message uh,whether it's here on youtube or on,facebook,and we'll get back with you immediately,you

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Why Facebook ADS Not Showing?

Why Facebook ADS Not Showing?

why Facebook Ads not showing look this,topic is so popular it even puffs out on,Google hey my name is Francisco I own an,internet marketing agency called Planet,marketing all I do is spend time on,Facebook Ads so I made this video,because there's a lot of people out,there who get stuck um when they when,they're creating Facebook ads and this,actually used to happen to me quite,often I used to wonder why my fate my,own Facebook Ads wouldn't be showing so,I have my campaign open I mean my ads,manager open there are several reasons,why your Facebook ads may not be showing,I'm gonna go over some of them that are,very obvious but I don't want to spend,time on them Jill just put them in the,video your ad has been disapproved,obvious reach you've reached your,account spending limit that also comes,out in the statistics area where under,status your image has 20% of text or,more that's what that one's not so,obvious but when you're creating the ad,and you upload the image of Facebook,should tell you there if you just said,affricate I'm gonna publish it then,you're probably not gonna remember that,so if your image has a lot of text in it,another reason the obvious is that the,ad is not relevant and how do you know,this is because you have a very low,click-through rate that's one of the,metrics that Facebook uses to see if,people are actually engaging with your,ads and Facebook wants to show relevant,ads to people to their users and they,want people to keep coming back over and,over again that is a signal and for,facebook and people make money or,Facebook makes money you get leads and,the end user is I guess happy with the,ads they engage with them so win,everywhere okay so now I'm in my demo,account I actually want to show you one,of my clients so this is Riverwalk golf,course I just completed a campaign with,them and we did some baby shower leads,and so one of the main reasons this,one's not obvious this is where I used,to get stuck all the time coming down to,the bid and optimization area,you're in the actual ad set let me back,up a little bit first because you're,usually in these campaigns the campaign,tab the ad set tab or the ads tab so,once you're in the edit mode,you're gonna scroll down to the bottom,and remember that Facebook is a bidding,platform so there's this section called,optimization and delivery so when I,actually started off advertising on,Facebook and I was doing this for planet,marketing for my own self I started off,and I was spending like okay I'll get a,lead I'll pay 50 cents for a lead in,some parts of what planet Earth yes you,can get leads for 50 cents but not here,in Southern California so what happened,I launched my ads everything got,approved everything went through I,couldn't figure it out and then I was,like okay well maybe I'll just add it,I'll double it and then I'll go to a,dollar Elite no still nothing so just,remember that this is a bidding platform,other advertisers are trying to reach,the same target audience as you so and,also don't forget about this the target,audience that you're trying to reach me,some some of them are more expensive,than others for instance this one on,targeting for women who are pregnant,it's probably more expensive to target,these women than targeting an 18 year,old you know kid right out of high,school so these people have money to,spend so once I started going over it I,like 10 bucks a lead I started getting,maybe some clicks then I went to 15,dollars a lead and then I started,actually getting some leads so but this,is just for the baby showers and and let,me actually show you the breakdown here,these leads cost at about 14 dollars and,40 and 14 cents this is actually a lead,generation campaign but my point here is,that all of the types of campaigns,there's 13 types of campaign objectives,in facebook all of them all of them have,optimization this part at the bottom,optimization and delivery so make sure,that your your bid is high enough so,that you can compete,in the marketplace if it's too low your,ads will not show maybe they'll show,some impressions and then they just kind,of go away,okay another reason your that's not so,obvious is why your facebook ads may not,be showing is because your target,audience may be too small now if you,look at this one I had put a radius of,12 miles around the golf course and the,golf course a has a rental rooms so they,don't care if it's for like they're,renting out the rental rooms for like,weddings quinceañera asks baby showers,milestone birthdays like the 50th and,60th birthday so make sure that when,your once you go through your detail,targeting and the locations area that,your target audience is big enough to,show some ads in and I always try to be,as conservative as possible none of my,clients have like an endless supply of,money so I got to be conservative so you,can see here that we were expecting 10,or Facebook expects 10 leads or less per,day this is on a daily basis and we,actually did get like about 5 leads per,day the okay so that's the second one,the first one so your bids are too low,and you go to the bidding and,optimization area increase your bids,the second one is your audience is too,small so you got to think about your,your ideal target audience and the last,one is ad fatigue so Facebook doesn't,like to show the same ad over and over,again to the same people so what happens,is you'll see a ramp up and your ads,start showing and then boom they just,drop out of the they just stop showing,so you would have to write a competitive,a competitor ad hug thing so you come,over here and just duplicate it and you,go to the quick duplicate sorry right,here and then just duplicate it change,the words or something in there and then,get it going again so,those three reasons are the main ones,they're the kind of the hidden ones that,you you know you spend hours just trying,to figure out why your pads aren't,showing but those are the three reasons,that's most likely aren't showing,besides the obvious ones that I had,mentioned before low bids your audience,is too small and your ads were showing,but now they're not because they have,gone through Facebook's ad fatigue hey,if you learned something in this video,please smash that like button and,subscribe to my channel and for those of,you who want to take your Facebook,advertising to another level and and you,really want to learn from somebody who,has a lot of experience I like someone,like me who's in it everyday and have a,bunch of clients consider looking into,my do-it-yourself Facebook ads a,marketing course now you can find this,on my website planet marketing com I'll,put a link in the description and that,way you know you can accelerate your,learning and you don't have to be,stumbling all over the place I have the,course curriculum over here you could,just go through it you can see that I,talk about all of them all the campaigns,and watch the video on there hopefully,you like it and you learn something let,me know what you think about this video,I'm gonna continue making these Facebook,videos so if you're watching this video,prepare to see a bunch of other tips and,tricks and strategies for facebook again,my name is Francisco a planet marketing,advertised today and get sales tomorrow

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