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How to follow other Facebook pages with your facebook pagehello guys welcome to today's video by,tru

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

How to follow other Facebook pages with your facebook page

hello guys welcome to today's video by,trust stanley and this is another ts,tech talks video,on today's video guys i'm going to show,you how to follow any facebook page,with your facebook page now i've already,made video about this previously but the,reason why i'm making this video again,is because,the previous video is already outdated,after facebook actually changed their,layout,so right now facebook is using a,different layout and,right now most of the settings have,changed so i'm going to show you guys,how to do this,on the new facebook layout now let's,dive in all right before we move into,this video uh make sure you already,subscribe to my channel,if this is the first time you're,visiting smash that like button and,subscribe to the channel for more video,and share the video with your friends,so that i'll be able to get more,audience on my videos now if you have,your facebook open go ahead and click on,the page that you want to follow with,other page,now your own page go ahead and click to,open your own page,now i'm opening this ts tech talk,because that's what i want to use to,follow,i made a mistake to right click and i,made another mistake again,now i've already clicked so it's loading,so,um now i'm viewing it as ts tech talk so,this is the page,right now this is my personal page i,want to use this page to follow all,other pages now if you want to use this,page to follow other pages and comment,on other pages,all you need to do is to click right,there where it has news feeds,go ahead and click on it so under this,news fetch section every pages you are,following you are going to see all your,newsfeeds right there,now i'm following this techcrunch if i,scroll right down you'll be able to see,i'll be able to comment with my ts tech,talk this is ts tech,right there so i'm just going to say,so i typed this message and you notice,it was posted by ts tech talk instead of,my personal profile,actually my personal profile is trust,only if i click right there this is true,stanley,and now this is my page ts tech talk so,i just commented with ts tech talk so,anybody that sees this can easily click,and follow my page because i'm actually,posting as a page,now that is how to comment as a page,sorry i backed out,so to follow other pages all you need to,do is to scroll down a little bit,now um if you are viewing this for the,first time,on your facebook if you are clicking on,the news fetch for the first time,it's actually going to give you option,or suggestion for people to follow,so you need to follow all of those,people to be able to be seeing more,suggestions,relating to all of these people so once,you want to follow them just click on,this follow icon,and you can click on this icon right,there to see more,pages that you can follow and if that is,all displaying right there just click on,see more in order for you to see more,and when you keep scrolling down you are,going to keep seeing more of the related,pages that you'll be able to follow,see once you scroll down you'll be able,to see a lot of people,that you'll be able to follow so all of,these pages you can easily click on,follow in order for you to follow them,so once you're already following them,you can easily comment on their pages so,once i click on follow right there i've,already followed this particular page,and i can click on the follow right here,also,to follow this page and then this one so,that is how you discover,every other pages that are on on your,facebook page that you can follow with,your facebook account,so if you're already following all of,those people they can easily um,see your post and anybody that is,following that page or probably you,commented on a particular post and,anybody that is following that,particular page,will be able to see you and easily,follow you,easily it's actually a way of growing,your particular facebook page,because a lot of people will be able to,see you see your sincere comments and,easily follow you and mind you guys,please do not spam anybody's page,because,you are going to be blacklisted on,facebook so,this is pretty easy i think you'll be,able to do this if you're having any,issue with this please leave it in the,comment section,i don't think you should have any issue,because this is pretty easy,on the previous video i make you can,easily search and follow them but right,now this is the update this is,just how you can follow anybody on,facebook with your facebook page,so i hope this video is helpful if it,was helpful smash the like button once,more and subscribe,if you already like the video please,don't smash the like button again,because it's going to disable the,previous one,so i'm going to see you guys on my next,video stay safe guys,peace,you

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How to follow other facebook pages with your facebook page

How to follow other facebook pages with your facebook page

hello guys welcome to today's video by,trust only and this is a ts tech talks,video guys so on today's video i'm going,to show you how to follow um other,facebook page with your facebook page,i've made several videos on this,particular topic but for some reason i'm,making this video today just to show you,guys how it actually works and,facebook have been changing a lot of,things so it's working in different ways,so right now um let me go ahead and,search for a facebook um group that i do,not belong to,i'm going to search i'm thinking of a,group that i'm going to search,um,i don't know if i'm following this,profile yet,i'm going to click on page,i wonder if they have a page okay there,is no page right there,so i'm going to go over to which other,stuff do i want,um,i already have subway so i have,youtube i have,liverpool let me say premier league,and then this is a page,so um all you need to do is to click on,the page,and then um,and then click on the like right there,and it's going to display different,options so i'm going to deselect the,first one which is my profile and i'm,going to scroll down and select um this,particular option that says ts tech talk,and then i would like and guys you know,that whenever you like a particular page,automatically um automatically it will,display um it will automatically follow,the page and if for some reason you do,not want to follow this page just click,on this particular option and you notice,currently i'm following them so if i do,not want to get um get their newsfeeds i,can't deselect deselect the select and,if i want to unfollow i can go ahead and,tap on the unfollow but i think i'm okay,with all of this default and then if,probably um i want to do the same thing,with other page all i need to do tap on,follow or just tap on like uh unit is,the same option displays even once more,and then i'm going to click on like and,then guys what if for some reason you,are not following um,you are you don't have this particular,option that i just did now um there is,still another way to do that let me go,ahead and switch to a different profile,right now um the way you can do that,actually is just um follow similar pages,and,you can get all of this option let me,just show you this is um wonder wise and,on this particular profile right now um,these are the pages i'm following um,there is a way to check full on page,right,it should be on,my profile area is your display,it should display my following,okay i'm not displaying right here not,displaying here,um public detail let's see,okay it's not displaying my followers,anyway but um what i want to show you,guys is actually this particular profile,right now there is no page linked to,this account right now so i'm going to,create a new page by clicking on create,and i'm going to quickly um click on get,started give it a page name um,i'm going to call this wonder wise,and then i'm going to click on nest and,i'm going to give it this particular,category i'm going to call this personal,nest,and there is no website i'm going to say,i do not have a website next and we will,need a cover and a profile image i'm,just going to randomly choose an image,on my device i'm okay with this save,profile and,i'm going to have to choose a particular,profile,okay,i'm okay with that and i'm going to,click on done all right so right now i,have my facebook page created now to,start following other pages on this,particular profile normally when you,scroll down you you are probably going,to notice um it will have a news fetch,area but that is not displaying right,now because i am currently not following,any page with this particular account so,um i'm going to click on nest because,most of these infos are not yet,completed,so uh we have to add up them i will have,to add them up for this particular,information to disappear for that,notification to disappear so to follow,other page with this particular account,normally there should be a place where,you write news feeds,um page feds right there so this is page,fades and i'm going to click on nest,nest and,on default is going to display um,it's going to you just notice that,currently there is no suggestion for me,to follow other pages but on default is,showing me the meta um the meta pages to,follow the only suggestion it have right,here is meta so um guys i'm going to,back out and back out even more so all i,need to do is to go ahead and follow,some pages like some content uh which,i'm going to do right now so first i'm,going to search for liverpool group,liverpool,i'm going to search for liverpool fc,group this is their group i think let me,just make sure i'm selecting the right,group okay this is the,group so if i click on like you notice i,can like it as this particular page,right there which is fine and then i'm,going to go out and i'm going to go to a,game which is apes legend,and i just opened up apes legend game,and i'm going to like try to interrupt,here i'm not going to follow the page,because i want to show you guys how to,follow it from your facebook page,so i'm going to leave some comment and,i'm going to like some post right there,i'm going to like some post and then i'm,also going to go to ea games,um guys just observe that the games,right now the games i have i'm currently,opening they are all,they are all um the pages i'm currently,opening right now they are all um they,are all gaming page so if i'm opening,all of these they are all gaming pages,so when facebook is um going to,recommend pages to me they are going to,be recommending pages that i've already,followed or previously interrupted with,and this is the real ea spot so i'm,going to come right here and either like,and try to interact,i'm just going to type some random stuff,and then post it,go outside and then i'm going to go,right um,i'm going to look for a different page,which is,which other page do i look for cod,which is call of duty and i'm going to,look for pages it's already on pages i'm,going to scroll right down,like,um leave a comment,post it and then i'm going to write um,come outside come outside even more and,then i'm going to go over to the,facebook page,um that i created just now and then i'm,going to look below to see you notice,right now there are suggested um there,are suggested pages for me right here,these are sports these are sports these,are sports these are sports sports,sports sport sport the reason why is,recommending sports to me is because you,know ea sport liverpool that i followed,these are all related groups and stuffs,and also if i go over to my newsfeeds,area it's still going to like give me,some suggestion of um those same similar,things you notice these are the,suggestions that is given to me right,now these are all the suggestions these,are all football clubs and personal uh,news sites but the funny thing it's not,displaying anything on game that is,because the first thing i actually liked,is football and i left a comment on,football so it is kind of recommending a,lot of football stuffs for me but if i,just ignore this and,go over to the homepage and refresh and,it's going to like um once in a while,it's going to give me different,recommendation based on different things,that i do not follow but for some reason,it's still displaying soccer for me this,says mighty red this is the,sla football stuff,um jeff specie still football steel,football it hasn't given me anything,apart from football or sport then apart,from the fact that right here right here,i only have only um liverpool that i,follow currently so um to make that or,to um change most of all of these i'm,going to have to click on something,different but if you click on c or,you're still going to see um even all of,those same,related stuff and when i scroll down,it's still giving me those stuffs like,spots and i'm going to click on more,suggestion and it's still going to be,giving me a lot of spot like suggestion,and if you notice right there it says,follow pages as profile wonder wise um,only you can see this suggestion from,the page but it's probably loading the,reason why is now loading fast is,because it's very confused on what i,like because i already followed a lot of,spots and i do not follow anything apart,from spot so let me go ahead and open,and follow a page so that i will be,getting some things from,from facebook um,from pages when um on that suggestion,area so i'm going to follow this,but i actually want to unfollow,unlike,and then like it i'm going to like it,with um wonder wise page instead i'm,going to click on like i just confirmed,that i like that let me see i'm already,following that so i'm going to look for,a different game these are other,suggestions so i'm going to type in,warface,office,um some minute,so this is what face this is also a game,so when i click on like i want to unlike,the first profile and then like it with,my page now um i currently have two,different stuffs liked right now right,so let's see um the suggestion that is,going to give you notice is now,displaying games right this is rockstar,these are all games right here so it's,not going to leave a mixture of,everything but now you notice this is,spot this is hurricane um this is a,video game company which is ea sport and,there are different things here um this,is a news this is a football news so now,he's mixing boots the football and the,gaming for me that is because i followed,two things football and gaming so that,is all i want to show you guys on,today's video if this video is helpful,um i would like you to like um subscribe,to the channel like the video and share,it with your friends i'm going to see,you guys on my next video please stay,safe and peace,you

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