facebook ads manager not showing data

IOS 14: How To Fix Facebook Ad Results - Campaign Level Metrics Not Showing Upi just pulled this up

Chase Chappell

Updated on Jan 18,2023

IOS 14: How To Fix Facebook Ad Results - Campaign Level Metrics Not Showing Up

i just pulled this up and,it's not showing our purchases so i,clicked on that little,blue icon and yeah what you'll stop that,there's a solution um great,uh okay,i can walk you through it if you can't,um except this,okay i mean it's really i i can try to,accept it definitely,but yeah just hit x real quick and then,we'll just go through the steps,okay yeah for you and everybody who's,watching this essentially what you do is,uh click on your campaign that you want,to get the results showing on,yeah i'm checking it off okay,click on that yep okay so click on the,the title right there okay and then,essentially what you'll do is you'll,select all okay,you'll have to turn them off and this is,going to reset learning,by the way so if you're fine with that,this is the only way you're going to get,your results to show up,yeah i mean we definitely want the,results so okay turn the all off,yep turn off,you're going to hit publish and then,what you're going to do is,you're going to allow that to publish,now you're going to turn it back on okay,press the little refresh button in the,far right,and now you're gonna looks like we have,one little straggler here i'm trying to,ah he's yeah oh well that was already,off maybe i shouldn't have done that,you hit the refresh the actual refresh,button,okay now turn on,publish and then you're going to turn,off the one that's already,that was supposed to already um after,you turn it on you're gonna,do the refresh again on your browser,okay on my browser yeah refresh it,and then you're gonna turn off that one,that's,wasn't supposed to be on now okay,turn off,now you can see that your results at the,bottom are now showing up,and then what you'll do is,is you'll press refresh again,and then you'll go and click campaigns,and as you can see it's back perfect,okay,that's so is this going to be like an,ongoing thing or did that fix the,problem,it fixed that for that campaign forever,okay so i just needed to start doing,that yeah this will never,if you don't do that thing for the other,campaign you will never see your metrics,show up again,wow okay well i'm glad i got to ask you,about that,um for sure my other question,and i'll do that for the same for the,interest uh,is should i be turning on,more interest campaigns or just let,these,run or like testing more interest,campaigns,um these results look pretty good so i,mean like,you might you know continue to bump up,spend on these or if you want you can,continue doing testing,okay either option is really fine it,just really depends i mean like,there might be more interest out there,that you haven't tested before that'll,work for sure,right okay gotcha and,so is that it on um i will watch the,videos probably tomorrow but,is that it on like the major things that,have changed,for the this new thing yeah,for the thing for the system update they,had yesterday this is the immediate,thing you had to do to fix that,okay awesome great well that's it for,today,thank you for the help i appreciate it,absolutely

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Facebook Ads 2021 Reporting Columns Not Showing Purchases | Shopify Ecommerce

Facebook Ads 2021 Reporting Columns Not Showing Purchases | Shopify Ecommerce

yo what's up guys welcome back to the,channel my name is nicktario and today i,have a new video going over the problems,with the columns inside of facebook ads,um i do have a few fixes to it but it's,not the greatest fix and i'm,gonna explain why the outweigh the pros,and cons to this method,so before we hop in this video make sure,that like button and hit that subscribe,button for new facebook ad videos,surrounding this htc update um and,obviously all,marketing and related so let's hop into,it,so inside the facebook ads account right,now,you can see that these columns they're,reporting some of them but,they're not all reporting as you can see,right here there's no totals or averages,and stuff like that,now the problem with this is with the,new att update,they're converting ad accounts from a 28,day view or one day,or 28 day view 28 day click,window up into a seven day click or one,day click,and when they updated this ad account it,basically had,some campaign still on the 28 day view,our 28 day click and some on moved on to,new ones which,cause discrepancies and how things are,shown up here,which causes for the reporting not to,show,up and you can clearly see this by going,to,customize columns and add in this,called attribution settings so let's see,oh alright might have it still set up,there we go,attribution setting apply,so if i go through it right here,i'll see right here multiple attribution,settings,so that means it can't report because,there's so much reporting on a one day,click and some that are reporting on our,seven day click,and you can see right here this is the,old one right here the 28 day click or,one day view,and you can see some of my ones right,here that are reporting have a seven day,click or one day view which honestly a,one day view is still,going to be obsolete with the new att,update as they're converting everyone to,either a one day or seven day click,now the problem here is,okay how do we change this well i mean,simple you can just,go inside the campaign click on,you know an ad set,go all the way down show advanced,options attribution setting,and then change to a one day click or,seven day click,now the problem with that is one i,already have this campaign,converting really well it's you know,delivering me some good results and i,don't want to really screw that up,so if i go ahead and i change the,attribution settings,you have to literally change all of them,to the same one,so i did do it for this one right here,um i went ahead and i changed them all,to a seven-day click,and it puts your ad set,back into learning which is not good,because we look at the last seven days,we've done a hundred and thirty one,purchases on this particular ad set,we've spent three thousand maybe back,nine thousand,and now i just put it back into the,learning phase where it's gonna,throw off the results we're gonna see,poor performance on this particular,ad set now because i just did that,obviously i did it just,test it out see what's going on but,that's an issue right there,so first thing if you change all of them,you're gonna screw up performance,so you know that's one thing to look at,so in order to get your thing back here,you have to literally change them all,to the same one now the problem is,i do have someone a one day click and a,seven day click,and i tested it where i had just like,a multiple in it the one they clicked,which is the new supported one by,facebook,and the seven day click which is the new,supported one by facebook,inside of here and having both of them,in here,did not show the results either so they,all have to be seven a click or all be,one day click,whereas i have some campaigns with both,inside of it especially on some of our,skeleton campaigns,um where i have both,you know a one day click and seven eight,clicks so for example think this one,right here,we got a one day click and a seven day,click inside of it,and you see it's showing this multiple,attribution setting even though we're,using the new,updated attribution settings so that's,where the problem lies,you can go ahead inside of your ad,account you can change everything to a,seven-day click or one day click,but it will screw up performance because,the way facebook is optimizing we have,seen for spontaneous purchases a one day,click works better,just helping grab people active buyers,currently in the market,whereas a seven day click we've seen a,little bit better for longer,purchases um and you know i think,different ad accounts too work,based off when they click in seven day,click so just going inside your ad,account complete changing everything,is going to be a mess um if you're,someone who's never ever messed this,before you're still going to,be a mess because if your campaigns are,converting,it's gonna toss them back into the,learning phase,which again is not something we want so,what can i do right now,honestly guys it's it's kind of one of,those that's like,just wait it out a little bit just wait,it out a little bit i know it sucks to,hear that,but i know facebook will have a i know,this is just a bug,facebook rolled this update out,yesterday the 19th where we've seen,everything just go crazy haywire,but i know they're gonna update it,they're gonna they're not gonna make,everyone go ahead and switch everything,off they're gonna roll out another,update to fix this i'm sure this was an,unforeseen,glitch inside of the ad accounts that,they were not expecting,so all you do be patient and we'll come,back,manage your still manage how much you're,spending per day and looking at your,shopify,revenue um and then you can still check,on like individual performance in terms,of,say clicking on a campaign and you can,see the individual ad sets inside,so you can still try to figure out where,all your money's going,um for bigger accounts this will be a,bigger issue,but with a lot of different ad sets and,stuff like that so just be,cautious try to spend as wisely as you,can but most importantly just be patient,it will come back,um i know facebook will roll on another,update um but yeah you can go ahead you,can try,this fix of updating everything in a,seven day click or a one day click,look at your attribution setting by,looking that column right there so we,can really see where,um things are affected at but again,is it worth it is it worth changing all,this and completely screwing up,performance,that's the big thing you know i'm,spending seven thousand dollars a day,right now on this account i'm trying to,move up to ten to,ten to fifteen thousand dollars per day,as aggressive as i can for this,valentine's day,sell for this particular ad account um,and i don't wanna,i really don't have a day to waste for,things or two or three days to waste,because,facebook needs to reoptimize because i,i've screwed up all the attribution,settings so,just things to think about um i wish you,guys the best,um just be patient try this if you want,maybe if you,only have like a campaign or two running,you're barely spending any money,um and you want to test this out go for,it you're more than welcome,just be cautious of the potential,drawbacks when testing this strategy out,so thank you guys for watching this,video again my name is nick,terrio and i post new videos every day,or every other day around facebook ads,digital marketing,my pure goal is to help out the average,econ business owner and scale with,paid advertising and stuff uh showing,you everything you need to be successful,with shopify in 2021,with facebook ads google ads everything,like that so um,thank you guys so much for watching if,you would like to book a call with me,um and you're an econ business owner,doing over 10k per month in revenue,click the link below we can hop on a,call,and do full auto of your brand figure,out the best prop you can go,um next thing is yeah if you're new to,the channel hit that subscribe button,for new videos every other day and yeah,guys thank you all so much for watching,i'll talk to y'all soon,peace

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