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How to Run Facebook Video Views Ads 2023 | Facebook Ads campaign Bangla Tutorial 2023 | Run Fb ads 1

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

How to Run Facebook Video Views Ads 2023 | Facebook Ads campaign Bangla Tutorial 2023 | Run Fb ads

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10 Tips For Facebook Video Views Ads

10 Tips For Facebook Video Views Ads

Jake the film guy micro-budget sir calm,and in this video we're gonna talk about,10 quick tips for using Facebook Ads for,your video,simon Sinek simon Sinek I'm not really,sure how you say his name he always says,you want to start with why why should,you be using Facebook Ads,here's a big why every movie that,Hollywood pumps out spends just as much,on marketing their movie as they do on,the movie itself meaning whatever a film,costs they will spend that much and,sometimes more on marketing the film,which is why they often say that a film,has to earn back two times its,production costs just to even break even,again sometimes more especially when you,have big tip pull films like the,Avengers movies so it moves us to,actually learn a little bit about,marketing Facebook ads are still,reasonably priced according to Gary,Vaynerchuk so I might as well get in on,it while it lasts,and go for the video views option to,that in that's tip number one tip number,two make sure you use the split test,option even if you're just split testing,audiences it could be as simple as guys,versus gals next I would make sure that,you have the correct credit card on file,a quick example of that would be if you,are doing something for your side hustle,but also for the w-2 job that you hold,down you want to make sure that your w-2,jobs credit card isn't getting charged,for your side hustles adds savvy next,tip I would make sure you're using ads,under your page account not your,personal account when you go to the,manager you will see that those two,options exist though them through it,through your personal account,I would also after you have set up your,ad I would make sure you monitor it like,a hawk that's tip number five Facebook,will gladly accept your money they would,love for you to blow your money,it is a labyrinth no different than a,Vegas casino is designed to keep your,trap so you got to stay on top of your,ads be vigilant tip number six using the,bid cap strategy start with a penny you,can always increase your auction but I,would start with the penny and go from,there if you're not seeing any data,coming your way tip number seven I,highly encourage you to keep your videos,under 15 seconds I'll explain more on,that in the blog tip number eight you,want to make sure that you bake the,subtitles into your video don't rely on,Facebook's closed captioning system,include them embed them in your video,especially with the program like Adobe,Premiere Pro it's easy to create,captions and if it's under 15 seconds it,won't take you long to make those,captions which leads me to tip number 9,you want to make sure that all text in,your video is under 20% of your image I,can phrase that a little more clearly,you want to make sure that any text that,appears in each image of your video,after all moving pictures don't make up,more than 20% of the actual frame,otherwise Facebook's gonna ding in,they'll take your video down that's,never good last but not least you want,to make sure that you are starting much,earlier than you need that video ad to,run whether it's for a short film to get,more eyeballs on your short film or,you're doing a ad for your organization,doesn't matter you want to start earlier,because you can always pause the,campaign you can pause the ad but if you,wait too long well then your ad might,not be running in time Facebook will,probably spit a couple of things back at,you it happens so you want to catch,these things early on 20-19 has been a,wake-up call for me to use what I have,been given for the glory of God and the,glory of God alone if you are a follower,of Jesus I encourage you to do the same,to be a champion of the light of the,world after all the kingdom of darkness,knows that it's time is drawing short so,it is ramping up its efforts especially,as you can tell with the content that's,being released these days and the,availability of garbage that we can,consume I highly recommend that you,continue to lean in to the King of Kings,partner with him and telling stories,that are gonna point to him the one true,hope of the world until next time keep,creating with the King of Kings and I,will see you on the next video

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