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How To Disable Facebook Newsfeed And Increase Productivity- Good day there it's Pete Moriarty here.,

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Disable Facebook Newsfeed And Increase Productivity

- Good day there it's Pete Moriarty here.,And in this video, I'm going to cover how you can,save a bunch of time by disabling your Facebook newsfeed.,Now we're going to be covering both the mobile,and the desktop.,And first off, I'm going to tell you why it's so important,to make sure that you are productive online.,Now, we all know that it's important to manage our time,,but the reason it's so important is because we only get,a certain number of minutes and seconds in a day,,everyone's in the same playing field.,And we're basically stuck with a limited amount of time.,You can't buy more time, you can't create more time.,All we can do is choose how to spend our time.,And so getting good at choosing how you spend your time,,is going to be the thing that's going to help you be more,productive and also get better results in what you do.,Now today's reality of business is that with us wanting,to be thought leaders and us wanting to connect,with our customers as well, it's important,to have a social presence.,And so it's hard to just completely switch off and say, no,,I'm not going to participate in social media at all,,because that just doesn't really work.,You do need to have some kind of connection,,but if we have stronger boundaries with the way that we're,working, well then we're going to actually,have a better time and we're going to have more,chances of actually staying productive and being productive.,So I want to show you and tell you how to actually disable,the Facebook newsfeed.,And the advantage that that does is it takes away,the addictive qualities of Facebook.,It really takes away the part of Facebook that is the thing,that keeps bringing you back and can be,quite time consuming as well.,It's important to read your messages.,It's important to connect on notifications if you've been,tagged in something.,But I personally believe that moving away from the timeline,feature is the number one thing that's going to really,help you out to be more productive.,Now, why am I comfortable doing that?,You might be thinking, Pete,,aren't you miss out on updates from friends and family?,Are you going to miss someone, the baby being born?,Yeah, from time to time I have missed important events.,But what I've found is in over six years of having my,Facebook feed completely disabled,,that the important friends that I really care about keeping,in touch with,,I actually share precious moments with them via text message,or via message on messenger on WhatsApp.,And so I've got other ways of connecting with people,that are really important for me,,rather than scrolling through an endless timeline.,Now in the current economic situation that we're at,,every time I am, I try and, you know,,peek back into the timeline because yeah,,sure I do every couple of months from time to time,just to see what I'm missing.,I find that I'm not really missing that much.,I find myself feeling at the end of the day,,a little bit anxious, a little bit uncomfortable,,a little bit more down than I was,,or a little bit more scared about the world,than I was when I first unblocked it.,And so I'm really happy to just completely go cold turkey,and live without a newsfeed.,And I'm going to share how you can do that as well.,So first up on your computer, if you're using Google Chrome,,there is an amazing plugin called,kill the Facebook newsfeed.,And I'm going to drop a link to that right down below.,Now, once you install that plugin,,it removes the newsfeed from your Facebook.,Now in my testing, this only works the old,version of Facebook.,So if you've got like a new updated layout,,it may not work for you.,But what that does is it removes the newsfeed,scroll-able feature, but still lets you use,all the other features of Facebook.,So you can still use the messages.,You can still work with anything else that you need,to do on the Facebook, as long as your not looking,for the newsfeed, because it's completely gone.,Next up it's time to get rid of it on our mobile.,And what we're going to do there is unfortunately because,there's no timeline feature completely delete the app.,And yes, you might be wondering, well,,is it a good idea to delete the app?,I'm going to miss out on updates.,Well, if you've got the messenger app,and you've got the pages manager app,to manage your business page,,you shouldn't really need to spend too much time on Facebook,on your phone.,And what I found myself,,because I've got a bit of an addictive personality,is from time to time, I would actually go to Facebook,in the browser on my phone,,after I deleted the app just to check something.,And then I ended up getting stuck in the newsfeed as well.,So I'd recommend if you're using a Android phone or an iOS,device, you actually block the Facebook website,using the parental controls or one of the blocker apps,and actually completely block yourself from being able,to access it at all on your mobile phone.,And what that means is yes, it's a bit more inconvenient.,You have to jump onto an actual computer if you want to get,access to, you know, connecting to a Facebook event.,So once you've blocked the newsfeed on your phone,and on your computer, you can enjoy actually taking back,control of your time with Facebook.,And this is going to help you as a business owner,,spend more time either on your business or with your family,or doing the things that you love and keep you away,from the evils of Facebook addiction.,So if you'd like this tip and you're interested in more than,you may be interested in joining our free Facebook community,for business owners.,Now we're primarily working with the Google ecosystem,,Gmail docs and drive.,And so we do a lot of content helping business owners use,Google's tools more effectively for your small business.,But we also cover topics like productivity,,working with your team,,making sure you and the people in your life are productive,and using technology as a tool for benefit rather than,feeling like you're a slave to tech in your business world.,And so if you're interested in learning more about tech,and getting more tips, just like this one,,then jump on the link below and join our group.,Look forward to seeing you in there till the next one.,Cheers.,(down-tempo music),(logo whooshing and popping)

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Block Facebook Ads | How to Turn Off Ads on Facebook 2022

Block Facebook Ads | How to Turn Off Ads on Facebook 2022

in this video i am going to show you,how to turn off ads on facebook in 2022,nowadays,we all are disturbed with,annoying ads,which we don't want to see on our,facebook,profile,or news feed,we all are disturbed with this kind of,sponsored ad,which,shown on our news feed,i'll show you one more here is another,one,if you want to stop this kind of ads,or,while watching a video,sometimes you will find,ads,today i am going to show you how to turn,off this kind of ads on facebook,watch the full video to learn,open your facebook app and tap on the,three vertical lines for menu,scroll down,and,find settings and privacy,under settings and privacy,tap on privacy shortcuts,scroll down and find add preference,here we'll find ad preference,learn how,ads,work on facebook and how we used data,to make the ads that you see more,relevant,from here,facebook will decide which ad you should,watch or not,tap on this,and then,tap on add settings,scroll down,you will find,manage data,used to show you ads,here you will find four option,data about your activity from partners,category used to reach you,audience based advertising,ads shown of facebook,we'll go through,all of these one by one,tap on the first one,and you will find,choose whether you can use data from our,partners to show,your personalized ad,turn this off,was this section useful,yes,go back,tap on the second option,here you will find,profile information,turn off all of this,and then,tap on the fourth option,turn off,you can review this what you should know,after turning off all of these,tap on advisors,which,companies ad you are,showing now,you can hide all of these,if you hide all of these they will not,be able to show their ads to you,here you will find some more ads,you can hide all of this one by one,it may take some time but you will find,result,was this section useful,yes,go back,at topic,by this way you can turn off ads on,facebook in 2022,now,close,facebook,and,open again,you will find less ad,thanks for watching this video if you,like this video share with your friends,give a like,thanks for watching till the end

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