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Facebook Ads Course | How to Troubleshoot Facebook Ad Campaigns | Impressions, Clicks, Conversionsco

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Facebook Ads Course | How to Troubleshoot Facebook Ad Campaigns | Impressions, Clicks, Conversions

come back guys Prashant iam from ik,macchiato and in this video we will,learn about troubleshooting Facebook,campaigns now when you come to,troubleshooting Facebook campaigns there,are certain things that you should,understand right know so most of the,people who create campaigns and you know,once they have enough data so what they,want to do is they want to improve the,performance of this campus it's the,first thing you have to know is you can,improve the performance of campaigns,once you have some data to work with,so if you really get to a point where,you think you have to you know optimize,the performance of campaigns you have to,give it a little time the first thing is,I would recommend you to run your ads,for a week or 10 days so that you'd have,enough data right so think like this,first your job is to get data and then,our job is to work on that data to,improve the performance of our tactics,so just because you launch a campaigns,doesn't mean your running campaigns,because you have to get high results no,you running campaigns in the first place,so that you'll have some data and then,once you have that data you will look at,the data and see what's working what's,not working in a way you'll optimize,your campaign so optimization of the,campaigns comes next,after you have the data that you want to,work with right now so a lot of people,when they launch their campaigns so,there are certain things they have in,mind,so I want to I want to speak on those,topics troubleshooting Facebook's ads,performance the first thing is what to,do when your campaigns are not working,right second one what to do when you're,not getting impressions third one is,what to do when you're getting,impressions but not getting clicks,fourth one the most important of all is,you're getting impressions you're,getting clicks but you're not getting,conversions again this is going to,affect the business bottom line you want,people to convert on your site and that,will happen when people have actually,land up on yourself so right so certain,things that you have to understand,before you get that strict so let's,discuss the first point what to do when,your campaign is not working right so,first my suggestion will be when your,campaigns is not working check are your,ads disapproved,disapproved if Raja disapprove,definitely actually not run and a,disapproval that might be several,reasons graver text is too much too much,text much was too much text all right,too much text or maybe you're building,fail or maybe your audience H is too,narrow right right so if you have to,disapprove just go and check your ads,and make changes and Facebook will,approve your ads second one building,sometimes you know you use credit card,and your card is declined and in that,case your ads will stop again so it is,time that you go and fix those billing,issues and third one is bhishan,a guerrilla campaign and I am targeting,certain set of audience but these set of,audience are very very narrow right now,if you are using the core audiences that,facebook gives you by default they're,they're huge so you have good reach but,if you are targeting an audience based,on custom wattage for example if you're,in Italian targeting which is custom,audience and that custom audience is,very very narrow and that means the,reach is too low right so in that case,also you have you know no reach and your,ad might not serve so these are certain,things that you have to keep in mind to,get impressions firstly first you should,get impressions and that will happen,when you're targeting you know audiences,which is large but if you're targeting,to narrow audience again that's one,problem Prashant I am targeting an,audience the good amount good number of,people in the audience but still I am,NOT getting in a session so it's time,that you increase your bit it's time to,for example if you're running a traffic,campaign and you put like like $1 for,each clip and your ads we're not running,at all so firstly give it time like five,six days still not happening then I,would recommend it to increase your bid,by another $1 so at least you know this,just to ensure that everything is right,but because of my bidding right I am,missing out on that important real,estate or missing,or that you know adds not being served,to right people right,so again bidding is very very important,so first make sure that your bidding is,right now if your ads not disapprove,now again when I when I talk about this,part you have too much of text sometimes,ads get approved and later they get,disapprove it happened a lot of times,with me today the ads get approved and,run for one day and tomorrow suddenly I,get a message your ads are the check by,Facebook so again keep a track now,second thing if you have text too much,text Facebook Facebook directly says on,the health center if you have too much,take text ads will be approved and but,Facebook this is the beach of your ass,and also so one good hack that you must,know is keep text which is 20% right,that's a Facebook protocol whenever,you're promoting any ad you make sure,that your text on that image is not,beyond 20 percent if it is beyond 20,percent also Facebook might approve your,ad but Facebook really tells us if you,have this text more than 20 percent on,your ad we will decrease your reach and,increase your cost so when this happens,your targeting certain set of audiences,your audience is again large but,Facebook is going to narrow down because,you have this you know violation that,you have too much of text so always make,sure that your text is within 20 percent,or less than 20 percent and your bits,are also high so remember guys make sure,ads not disapprove if they're if they're,approved check if your text is too much,if it is too much then again there's,this problem and there might be certain,reasons like your billing is failed your,your card is declined that when your ads,we stopped our audience is too narrow,right if you're targeting core audience,in the facebook gives you they obviously,have big audience but if you're,targeting custom audiences like the,ordinance that you've created and in,that case if it is too narrow then your,reach will be too low and in that case,what you can do is you can increase your,pitch so you see here you have metrics,4,000 push on my reach is only a hundred,people so what do I do,so in that case I would appreciate if,you can go and add new targeting method,or maybe you're targeting you know very,narrow audience,you can increase your pitch so even,though you are targeting narrow audience,it does not mean Facebook will not so,good at Facebook has to serve your ads,right but your bid is too less that,you're losing out on competition with,your competitors the first thing is make,sure that you fix this and once this is,perfect then you can move to the next,question which is sure everything is,perfect but still am NOT getting,impressions so let's let's let's try and,figure out what to do when you are,getting you know everything is looking,fine but you're not getting impressions,right so when you come here what to do,when you're not getting impressions,let's see if I come to my campaign,my my Reach is very very less my Beach,is very very less pressure on my,audience is right but I'm not getting,too much of reach so I told you to,increase your pitch and make sure that,everything is perfect but still you're,not getting impressions it happens a lot,of times with advertisers running Google,ads as well but everything is right but,still I'm not getting impressions right,so you first have to fix this so what,what what generally happens in Google,ads when you're not getting impressions,is they recommend you to create a new,campaign again it happened with me one,of my display campaigns suddenly all of,a sudden I used to get a lot of,impressions but suddenly you know my ads,were stopped right so when I when I when,I checked everything everything was,perfect but when I contacted Google,Google told me to forget about that,campaign just pause that campaign and,create a new captain so here also if,something is wrong everything is perfect,but something is wrong from facebook,site right I'm not getting impressions,my my audience is also large enough my,bidding is also good enough but still,I'm not getting interesting so in that,case what you can do is you can go in to,placate the campaign so what you do go,select the campaign you see one moment,for you have to take this click on this,cell is the campaign and then click on,to pick it when you click on duplicate,yeah this option will appear so you can,simply select yeah so this and click on,duplicate so what you can do is the same,campaign that you have everything is,perfect it is just a time that you're,duplicating a campaign and when you,duplicate the campaign the algorithm,kind of starts afresh and this time it,adds myself so a lot of times it happens,everything is perfect by ads are still,not running so this time that you want,to placate your ads again and,click it to entire campaigner to placate,your ratchet and and this will solve,your problem so now after this you come,back to the third question first I would,say you know check everything is bidding,is perfect right audience is not narrow,that's know and still and still your ads,not running so in that case what you can,do is everything is perfect you have to,check up out all these things if,everything is perfect still not getting,impressions it's time that you go in,duplicate your these are these are,problems that most of the you know,advertisers or Facebook marketers face,when they are creating campaigns for the,first time right even if you are very,much experience at times your campaign,suddenly run and then suddenly stop,right so in that case it's time that you,go and duplicate your campus but I want,to add one more point here if your,campaigns are running well but suddenly,one day your ad stopped and then after,that day your ads never served so what,you can do is there is one important,metric that I wouldn't want to show you,and that metric is called you come to,the we come to the etcetera you have,this metric on last significant at it,right so there might be something called,last significant edit so go check last,it column as well why this column will,keep a track of the changes that were,made to the headset,that resulted in in stopping cause you,know impressions right so first you make,sure that everything is perfect and then,you come here and still not get,impressions then I would appreciate you,go and create your you know ads it's,again not created rest is duplicated,right and if you still not sure and you,think personal everything was,working fine but still no suddenly one,day dropped so you can go and check the,last significant edit column and you,find it here if you don't find this,column what you can do is if we come,back to the end you have a small plus,option here here is something you know,that you can go and customize your,columns you click here and then you go,and add this column right type in edit,here will show me last significant it's,already added it's already added right,but remember this last significant edit,you only find it in the etcetera you,will not find it in the campaign's right,if you go to campaigns and you try and,check that you will not find it here,because you'll only find it in the ad,set or you find it in the ads go to ads,also you will find the last significant,editor right now third one what do you,do when you're getting impressions but,still not getting kicks first one we,discussed you know what should I do in,the first place you just go and check,these things bhishan everything is,perfect still not getting impressions,maybe you can go and check these things,but Shawn my axe are appearing my ads,are appearing but I am NOT getting kicks,here it means you're getting your ads,are getting impression that means your,ads yourself but your ads are not,attracting this is this is you know,Universal no matter whichever marketing,platform you go to Cora ads you go to,you know LinkedIn ads you go to you know,Google ads or you run your ads on,YouTube right at the end of it you know,this is applicable to any business right,so you're actually appearing or your ads,are getting served that means getting,impressions but your ads are not,attracting kicks if your ads are,attracting clicks then you blame your ad,gender right,you blame you were and that means no the,reasons could be your ad text is not,right that means people are not you know,people are seeing the ad but your ad,text is not right which is not,resonating with your audience so let me,use one word here so I say maybe your ad,is not resonating,with their audience right if you so what,you do you just go and change the ad,text,so most orphans will change in tactics,it should work well Rahsaan I change the,ad text but still is not working then,it's time that you do something else but,for now what I will do is change the ad,text so what you do here is create a new,ad with a new ad text and see if this,attracts if yes then your text was not,so good to convince no persons I change,the I change the ad text but nothing,seems to change then I recommend you to,change the creative completely so what,we do is when we run our Facebook,campaigns we kind of create two three,you know you know ads right so two three,acts with the same copy but you know the,design is different and two three copies,where the entire creative is different,right we come across in a different way,right so here it is not changing the ad,text right change the ad creative,completely that means change the entire,design the look and feel of the ad at,least you know at least this should make,people click the edge right here also I,want to emphasize one more point right,check the frequency if the frequency is,too low,maybe you can increase the frequency and,check while your actual appearing but,you know for some reason they're they're,not so attentive right so maybe you can,try this as well maybe you can increase,the frequency but everything seems,perfect still people are getting to see,the ads but they're not clicking so it's,definitely to do with your ad copy if,your ad copy is not well then change,your entire creative write at least this,should solve the problem and meanwhile,you can just keep a track on the,frequency part you can find the,frequency when you come to you know tell,you buddy when you come to delivery here,you can find something called as,frequency right so just keep a track of,it because one person is so two times,maybe in those two times he might not,definitely you know be so excited to,pick on your head right so that that's,exactly why you have to make sure that,your ad is very very attractive that's,why you need to make sure that you you,know put those texts in the ad that will,compel people to click on the edge so,don't just think pressure on just,because I'm running my campaign just,because my access out people will click,and people will come to my site and buy,no that's not going to happen,you have to address their pinpoint you,have to make sure that you talk to them,you have to you know you have to hit on,that very point that will compel them to,click on your ad naturally and then come,to the site and buy right and the last,one that I would recommend you hear this,the third one okay,oh right if this is also not working,then change the targeting it you you,might be targeting the wrong audience,audience so what you can do here try,with a new audience,that's it,this ship song so the whole point of one,shade show is you make sure your ad is,right right and you know the text is,right so let me write this pure text is,right your creative is right and you're,targeting the right audience right so,that's also very very important right,and if you if you want to go a little,deeper maybe you can go check the,placements as well placements to,understand where the ads where so right,for some businesses the feeds alone but,Facebook has got a lot of placements by,it you can show ads in Instagram you can,show that stories you can store a,desktop feed you can show ads mobile,field you can show add to the right side,you can show ads on the videos right so,again check right so but most,importantly what I would recommend you,is if you're if you if you want to run,your ads run your ads in the newsfeed I,have seen extremely extremely good,results when I was targeting newsfeed,other other other targeting other you,know placements I generally don't prefer,so whenever I could my campaign I only,check news feeds and run my campaigns on,new speech right right so so this is,what you're supposed to do when you are,not getting impressions right so make,sure it might be something wrong with,the ad text it might be something wrong,with the creative itself your creative,is not that appealing right or you're,targeting the wrong audience when all,three of it definitely people will click,once this is done you will go to the,fourth problem the fourth one is I am,getting clicks but I am NOT getting,conversions how do you check this change,the conversion rate metric,change the conversion rate mid what is,conversion rate metric number of,conversions by clicks multiplied by,hundred so if you are getting clicks but,you not getting conversion that's,definite problem because you're spending,money but you're not getting returns,from that money so you have to make sure,you don't just serve your ad that means,the hierarchy is this or structure is,this once you have to get impressions,and the motives behind every impression,is to get a click and the motive behind,every click is convert if anything is,not working in your favor then something,wrong that means you are having trouble,right you have to go fix them so now,you're getting impressions you're,getting clicks also but not getting,conversions why you're not getting,conversions I would say maybe your,landing page is not quite but needs to,be optimized right now second your,landing page is good but the content is,not convincing the user you can check,this with Google Analytics so appreciate,if you are Facebook running Facebook,campaigns to make sure that you,integrate analytics on your website so,you can keep a track of what people do,once they visit your website in the kind,of behave with the exhibit so this will,does mean help you go beyond and try and,optimize campaigns for more conversions,as well remember ads will not convert,your text will not convert your,targeting will not come but in ventually,when people land on my site those people,have to see that very content that will,convince them right,there's something called you know the,the add content and the website's,content don't matter at all it means,this means you are not,maintaining that mindset you know,something that when he sees he expects,something to be there on this landing,page when he is about to click right and,that is not there so you make sure that,you have this match I would say this,mean that you're not having there to our,message match this right word you're not,having the right message match message,is also good but then you may be,interesting so everything is good,I'm trying to solve the pain point but,still people are not buying that means,people are coming people are saying,people click and people come people,don't buy so your conversion rates are,not high in fact not getting convergence,at all so in that case you need to check,if the pain point the pain point you are,trying to solve is not painful enough,so again when you come back to this,point you have to sit back again start,from very beginning and understand your,again see at the end of it you do,everything your product has to be that,good that people will eventually spend,money and buy your product right if that,is not good no matter how many I cheer,on how many people you drive to website,eventually that's not going to happen so,you make sure that you work on all this,stuff right this is this is basic you,know for people just starting off this,is also for people who are experienced,but still they're not able to increase,that conversions you have to make sure,that you not just serve the ads not just,get the click but also drive conversions,that is where you have to learn about,language optimization planning that's,why people get a lot of landing pages so,right so that's one thing that you have,to focus on so if you really wanted to,learn you know how to troubleshoot and,how to you know run Facebook campaigns,that will get you maximum results right,you can check all these things right and,if you're interested in learning more,about Facebook and more about the entire,multi-channel ad strategies right you,want to learn high-end measurement,strategies maybe you can check out,bootcamp we're on Facebook at sport camp,we're on India's first digital marketing,bootcamp as well right with high end,measurement strategies so much so that,you learn about enhanced e-commerce,tracking which is by far the most,complex topic in the world of digital,marketing also if you're a business man,or a woman if you have a proper business,but you're not running successful,Facebook campaigns and you need help,maybe you can contact us we are a Google,partner agency we work with lot of,clients and if you think yes we can,solve your problem,you can definitely approaches we also,have this 14-day free trial we don't,charge you for this first 14 days but,first 14 days will be something that,will really work upon to change the,entire dynamics of your site will work,on your landing pages will work on the,content strategy and will even keep your,plan if you're already running Facebook,campaign just give us access maybe we,can come back and,the optimizations that you might need to,run your campaigns even further better,for more conversions thank you so much,and I will see you in my next video,until then bye

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High Impressions in Organic Search, Low Clicks: How To Fix It?

High Impressions in Organic Search, Low Clicks: How To Fix It?

Welcome back this is John Locke, and today I'm  answering a great question that came in. This  ,question is, "We have a page on our site that  by and far gets the most impressions in Google  ,Search Console, but however we're not getting  any business from it . Wat should we  ,do to improve this situation and get business from  this page?" Google Search Console is a free tool.  ,You sign up for an account; you basically put  a little piece of code in the site, verify the  ,site and it's a complementary tool to Google  Analytics. Basically it'll give you an idea  ,some of the things that are happening with your  website. Impressions, for those who don't know,  ,that means every time that somebody sees your  page--a page from your site in the search  ,results--that is an impression. So this person is  saying that they are showing up in search results,  ,and people are seeing that result in Google when  they search for stuff, but they're not getting  ,any business from it. There's a couple things  that this could be. One of them could be that  ,people are not clicking the result when they  see it. One way to check this would be to look  ,in Google Analytics and see if that page is the  top page for page views on your site. Because if  ,it's the top page for impressions, if you're  getting the most impressions from that page,  ,then you should be getting the most views from  it as well. If people are clicking that in search  ,results, those two should line up. If  for whatever reason, that page is not what you're  ,getting the most page views from, then it might  be a case where you need to make the title and  ,meta description--those are the headline and then  the sentence of text that appears in Google search  ,results --you need to make those more  appealing -- to where  ,people click on them more often and improve  the click-through rate. I would probably--if  ,you're getting a lot of impressions, I'd be  a little hesitant to mess with the title tag,  ,because that does have a big influence on SEO,  for whatever terms you're targeting. But I would  ,probably look at the description, the Meta  Description, and adjust that somewhat. So  ,the person also indicated that the keywords that  they're ranking for --they are things that they're  ,actually going for--keywords that they're trying  to rank for. This is not just a random page where  ,they just happen to rank for it, and they really  don't care. It's not a page that is not trying to  ,sell stuff. It's not anything that they do not  super care about. This is an actual page that  ,they're trying to rank for. The second thing--look  at the page and see if people are seeing what they  ,expect to see. What I mean by that is, if you  look at the rest of the search results, and if  ,people are seeing a pattern of let's  say that it's the service page, we'll just say  ,for the sake of argument, this is a service page,  and all the other pages, they have a contact form  ,or a form to fill this out for a quote. Maybe  they have certain things that they say that they  ,do--a list of "here's all the things that we do  around the service". Now, look at your page and  ,see if it has similar elements to the rest of the  pages in the search results. If your page does not  ,have those things, then it might be a thing where  you're not getting business because either people  ,can't contact you with a contact form, or they  can't fill out a quote, or there's something  ,missing on your page that people are expecting to  see, and they're not seeing it. The third thing  ,that it could possibly be--if you're getting page  views, if you're getting impressions, if you're  ,getting click-throughs and people are visiting  that page, check and make sure that your contact  ,form and your quote form are delivering correctly.  Sometimes that can happen. It doesn't happen all  ,the time, but it's worth checking out and making  sure that you're actually getting the emails and  ,the contact forms that you're supposed to be  getting. That could be the problem. Make sure  ,that those things are functioning correctly. My  name is John Locke, my business is Lockedown SEO,  ,and I'm here every single day making videos on SEO  if you have a question put it in comments below  ,I'd be happy to answer thank you to all the new  subscribers who have come on recently. I really  ,appreciate all the people that are watching.  That's it for now. Until next time, peace.

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