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How Facebook Ads Work STEP BY STEP DEMO (w/ REAL EXAMPLES from a 7figure marketer)So, you want to kn

John Crestani

Updated on Jan 19,2023

How Facebook Ads Work STEP BY STEP DEMO (w/ REAL EXAMPLES from a 7figure marketer)

So, you want to know how Facebook Ads work. Well, you're in luck. Because I'm,going to walk you through what Facebook Ads are, how they work. I'm going to show you a,little bit the set up on my computer right here. And I'll even show you some,of my most successful Facebook ads that I've put and explain to you why they,worked so well. Hoorah! Facebook ads are a miracle in,advertising. Basically for any business they can create more leads, more sales,,more awareness, whatever you're going after. My guess is you want more money in,your business or whatever you're doing. So, let me show you how they work. So,first off, I'm on my FaceBook right here. And you can see sponsored ads. You see,these ads on the right side. These are called right-hand side ads. And if you,also scroll down, you see ad right here. This is called a newsfeed ad. And this is,a video right here. So, see some copy, the headline, website, etc. And that's what,we're going to be discussing today. So, let's go in to the ads manager. Now, I'm going to,be showing you a little bit about how to set these ads up. I'll also show you some,of my best performing ads, so you kind of get an understanding of like what a good,lad looks like. So, here I'm in Facebook. And as you see, you want to go to, Or if you just search Facebook ads in Google, you'll,find out where to go to Facebook ads. You can also just search. It says create an,ad right here. So, you can really create an ad anywhere in Facebook. They make it,really easy for you to create your own ads. So let's set it up. So you see a,couple different types of ad setups you can do here. Facebook has a ton of,different ad units. And not going to explain them all but I'll kind of give you the,basics. So message ads is sort of a newer feature from Facebook. Now, if you're,using Facebook Messenger, you know the chat feature they have here.,You can actually have ads show up directly in your messenger app which,shows up on your mobile phone or also on your desktop computer. So that's a great,way to reach people because almost everybody clear,on ads in messenger. especially since they're so new. There's not any banner,blindness. The caveat is you can only really send Facebook messages ,you know,message ads to people who have liked your page or who have subscribed to get,messages from you. So, it really limits the reach and if you don't have a big,messenger list, it's going to be hard. Or just a lot of people who like your page.,In my case, I have hundreds of thousands of people who follow my page and I have,thousands of people on my messenger. So, I can utilize that but it's still just not,a huge traffic source. Lead generation ads can really help you out. This is,what's called a lead form. So when you click on a lead form ad, what will happen,is you don't see him that often. But if you click on the ad, it'll pop up,a little screen generally on desktop or mobile where you can enter in your name,,phone number or email. And that allows you if you're running a business, you,don't need somebody to buy something over the Internet. You're looking just to,get somebody's information to follow up with them or whatever. You can get their,information really easily through Facebook. And generally speaking, you can,get leads for 5 to 10 dollars if your targeting is set up right. So really,cheap way to get more leads in your business. Video views is another way to,advertise. If you have a important video. Maybe you're a you have a movie company,or you're a band or maybe you just have a story that you want to get out to your,existing audience. This would be a great way to let more people know about, you,know, have them watch your video and kind of build that story that you're trying,to create. You can also get app installs. I haven't messed around with this too,much. But that's obvious. Engagement. It really focuses on people who are going,to like your ads or comment on ads. So, Facebook is able to tell which people,liked things the most, which people share things the most and which people comment,the most. And if you're just looking to maybe build up awareness or get,interaction going on a piece of advertising, this would be a good way to,advertise. You know, I know a lot of direct response marketers who will put,up an engagement ad and they'll spend like maybe $25 or $50. And they'll get,just a lot of people commenting and liking and sharing their ad. And then,what they'll do is move towards the main ad unit which is called traffic. And this,is if you want people coming to your website. So, the reason why people might,run engagement ads first and then run traffic ads is because for a few reasons.,One, Facebook is a lot more lenient on engagement ads because you're not,sending people outside of Facebook. Facebook, their goal is to keep people,inside Facebook as much as possible, okay? You can advertise a lot more,aggressively and you can advertise a lot cheaper if you're just keeping people,within the Facebook ecosystem, okay? If you're thinking of what Facebook wants,,the biggest goal is to keep people on Facebook as much as possible during,their life. I mean Facebook's bigger goal arguably is actually to have people live,inside of Facebook in virtual reality and have all communication done within,Facebook. That's my conspiracy theory, right? I don't think it's much of a,conspiracy theory. But point being, it's easy to run engagements than you run,traffic ads. Even if you spend $5 on the engagement at school.,Let's go into traffic ads. I just scrolled down and we see there's some,things create split, test budget optimization. On the campaign level, which,is right over here, that is where you generally set your budget, okay? Or you,set your objective as well. Now, these things don't really matter. I,wouldn't worry about these things. The next 2 sections we're going to go over,are the ad set and the actual ad itself. Now, you can set a budget limit right,here. And generally speaking I think $100 is a good limit for a,campaign. You can set $100. Let it spend $100. You don't,have to worry about if it's going to overspend you know, spend all of the,money on your credit card up to your limit, right? And then you can increase,the budget if your ad is profitable for your business or for whatever you're,doing. So I'll just say you know, demo. Then to move on to the ad set which is,over here. We'll just click continue. Now, we're on the ad set. So, the ad set, as you,see, we're moving down this list right here. And,until we actually create the ad. Now, the ad set what that does is we're actually,going to create our targeting. We're going to figure out who our ad should show,to. So if I'm selling coffee mugs, I'm going to try to target people who drink,coffee, obviously. Right? So, I want to find a way,to target coffee drinkers on Facebook. Now, what I would do is I'd pick you know,,where I want to advertise. Do I want to advertise you know, trying to get people,to go to my website? And I try to get people to go to my app. Or I'm going to try,to get people to add me on messenger? Or communicate with me on whatsapp? In our,case and in most people's cases, they're trying to get people off of Facebook,going to their website. Which is generally where people sell things.,Now, dynamic creative. You don't need to worry too much about this. You don't need,to worry too much about offer. Generally speaking, what I focus on is I focus on,setting the targeting here. So, you could set the locations where you're selling,products. Maybe I say, "Oh, I also sell my coffee mugs in Canada." So, I'd add in,Canada. Let's say, generally speaking, people under the age of 35 don't make,too many impulse purchases online. So, in this case, I'd probably target you know, I,set my minimum age at 35. Let's say, I have my coffee mugs are pink. You know, so,I want to target women. You set your languages. I'm not going to go through,everything here. But you can set your detailed targeting methods here. So this,is where you would say, I want to target coffee drinkers for my coffee mug. So, I,would say coffee. And see what shows up. So, here's where we have all these,interests show up, okay? And what we're seeing is we see great. They have a,section that says coffee. But notice the problem here is the size of this,audience is 500 million people. We want to show our ads to a fairly niche,audience. We want to show it to the most avid coffee drinkers ever, right? We want,to show our ads to coffee drinkers who buy coffee mugs who buy stuff online.,That would be the best, right? Right! And you can go even more detailed than that.,But for our purposes, we'd like to get more targeted. Right now, we,that were advertising 278 million people. We'd like to get that down at least,under a million. Okay? So, I'll select this. And I'm going to,see how my audience size reacts. So, that's great. We cut our audience down to,27 million people. Really helpful, right? It took it down from like 200 million to,27. So, let's find more things. Iced coffee.,Specialty coffee. Maybe people interested in specialty coffee are like more avid,coffee drinkers. And do you see this right here? It says, the size the audience,is only 8 million. So, I'm thinking these people are like power coffee drinkers,,right? Who gets in a specialty coffee unless you're like crazy about it? Okay,,so I'm going to select that and we're going to see what this does. Still the same size.,28 million people. So, let's see if we can get it down even further, okay? We're,going to see coffee. There's some other interests here but you know I'll type in,coffee cup. But it's still 28 million people. So, it's still a pretty broad,audience. So, the last thing I'm going to do is this is a very special audience which,you can use if you're selling ecommerce audience. Which is called engaged,shoppers, okay? And we have engaged shoppers here. So, what we see here is,that this shows that people who have a purchase behavior of buying stuff online.,It says people who have clicked the call-to-action button,shop now in the past week. What that means is these are people who are not,only interested in coffee but they are buying stuff online or they're clicking,shop now. That's a good kind of detailed right there. So, we're going to select that.,We're going to see how our audience size reacts. Potential reach 43 million people.,It got bigger. So, I don't like that. Let's see if we can remove maybe just one of,these broad things and see if that makes our size smaller.,We still have 32 million people here. Either way, we have somewhat of a,targeted audience. See, it's in the green. At least we're getting people. I guess,there are a lot of people who like coffee and who are buying stuff online.,So, that would make sense. Let's go down here. Here is where you would say what,you want. Generally speaking link clicks is a good,number. And you don't need to actually fill in the cost control. My suggestion,as you let Facebook do this for you. You'd go down, you'd click continue and,then you would create your ad, okay? You would select whether you want to... You can,select different ads. You can select a video. I always suggest to use videos in,your Facebook ads. Videos work the best. Then you would scroll down and you would,actually, you know, upload your image or your video. And you would type out,whatever it is you want in your ad. You'd say like, "Coffee mugs? Ours is the best.",And you can preview what your ad shows up like. That's the basics of Facebook,ads. Then you would just click create ad. You know, if we just scroll down and go,to the bottom. So that's really it. You you know, I'm not going to actually fill out,an ad for this fake coffee. I guess it's a real coffee mug. But that's the basic.,And I'll show you some examples of really good ads that I've created that,made me hundreds of thousands of dollars as an affiliate marketer. Now, if you're,interested in learning about what I do for a living which is affiliate,marketing. I basically sell other people's products online. I just market,them using ads Google, Facebook, YouTube. And I earn commissions for helping these,companies sell their products. Sort of like or You know,,hotels doesn't own any hotels. Expedia doesn't own any plane flights. You know,,or planes. They just kind of connect people who are interested in getting a,hotel with a hotel they can stand. That's essentially what I do. I connect,people who are interested in a certain product. And I connect them with the,product and I make money for making that connection through advertising. And if,you want to learn more about that, just make sure you subscribe to my channel.,And after you subscribe, you will get a free course on affiliate marketing. It's,like 10 videos make sure you hit that notification icon. I do live Q&A's,sometimes as well. Let's go back here though. So here's an example of one of my,ads which was for a bedbug product. I was helping a bedbug company sell their,bedbug eradication kits. They're sort of like ant traps that keep bedbugs out of,people's homes. So, this was my ad. I you know, wrote this ad. And bedbugs actually,are very much so on the rise in the united states because,of a global warming or what people would call climate change. Or Trump says,there's nothing happening. Who knows? The point is bedbugs are on the rise,because of rising temperatures. So, it is becoming more of a problem and more,people are buying this. So, I said bedbugs are shutting down,businesses and being found at local movie theaters and homes. And I showed a,picture of what our bed bug bites. And I wrote massive bedbug epidemic. See how to,avoid being attacked. Like kind of aggressive, right? I'm an aggressive,advertiser. That's why I make, you know, a lot of money. But notice, I got,4,000 shares on this. This ad went viral. This ad made me a ton of,money. Just went super viral because of... I guess I didn't wrote a really good ad. I,do a couple things in my ads. You know, notice I put this little dot just to get,more clicks. And you can see all my data here. Let's see some my other ads. Okay,,here's another ad. Same ad but different image. You know, this ad got 5,000 shares.,Okay? I really like riding ads that get a lot of shares. I like writing ads that,don't seem like ads actually. Because that seems to work the best. And they,also get a lot of shares which is free traffic. Facebook doesn't charge you if,somebody sees an ad somebody shared. Okay? Here again. Just another image. Same,language, 3000 shares and another image. Here I did something differently. I kind,of put the link in the ad. And I put image from a news article that was on,that said summer 2014. Worst bedbug season ever. This was a real,news story that aired about bedbugs. But I didn't use their logo. This ad campaign,made me hundreds of thousands of dollars. And you know, notice way I targeted, you,can see all the way I targeted all that stuff. Now, if you want to learn more,about how I do advertising, you know, I have a 6-week course. There should be,some information in the description. But that's not what this video is about. Hope,you learned a lot of information from this video and leave a comment. If you,have any questions about how Facebook Ads work or any of this stuff, leave a,comment below and let me know what your question is. Or if you just have a,comment and you want to say, "Awesome stuff" or whatever, let me know.,Put it in the comments. Thanks for watching. Make sure you subscribe to my,channel and hit that notification Ion if you want to see more videos. Like it,and I will see you soon.

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How do Facebook ads work?

How do Facebook ads work?

you might be wondering do Facebook ads,work and I'm here to tell you yes they,do Facebook ads can turn social media,users into your customers because they,can reach the right people I'll explain,how this happens if you use Facebook,before I'm sure you've seen an ad that,seems like it was made just for you,maybe you like a lot of pages about,music or shopping or sports and then you,see an ad from a business focused on one,of those topics when you or anyone on,Facebook creates your profile and,engages with the platform you give,Facebook valuable data about yourself,that marketers can then tap into to,create really really targeted ad,campaigns imagine what you can do with,your business's Facebook ads so many,possibilities in this video I'll tell,you all about how Facebook Ads work the,different type of Facebook ads and more,keep watching why should you advertise,on Facebook ok I don't want to say,everybody's doing it so I won't but a,lot of businesses use Facebook that,number is actually over 140 million,businesses I guess another question is,do Facebook ads really work I'll stick,with my yes from earlier but it also,depends on your industry your goals and,on average Facebook ads do convert at a,rate of 9 to 10 percent you can try out,our super awesome and free conversion,rate calculator on our website but back,to the main question our Facebook Ads,worth your money still yes Facebook is a,big player when it comes to helping,consumers decide what to buy one survey,says consumers are actually over 50% as,likely to buy from a company they follow,on Facebook over a bunch of other social,media platforms so if you want Facebook,users to become customers you should,definitely consider advertising on the,platform now you know how effective,Facebook ads can be but how exactly does,Facebook help you reach your target,audience,how do Facebook ads work you can get,pretty specific with your ad targeting,on Facebook this is one of the big,advantages of advertising on Facebook,compared to other platforms as I,mentioned at the beginning of this video,there's a lot of audience data,to you if you advertise on Facebook you,can target people based on things like,their demographics location interests or,even interactions with your business's,website something really cool with,Facebook Ads is that you can create a,custom audience based on a lot of,different factors like people's,industries relationships life events and,more so if you sure life of that saying,you just had a baby and then you start,seeing ads for baby clothes you know why,in addition you can upload a list of,customers who gave you their information,on or offline to get even more specific,Facebook also has a piece of code that,you put on your website called the,Facebook pixel that can help you target,people who interact with your site and,your ads and I've only just scratched,the surface,check out our Facebook Ads manager blog,post to learn more about setting up your,ads now I'll talk about some of the,different types of Facebook ads you can,use I'll also show you some Facebook ad,examples so you know what your ads can,look like photo ads these ads can look,like a typical Facebook post and,actually if you make a regular post with,an image and a status you can choose to,turn that into your ad video ads you,have some different options when,creating facebook video ads for your,business these ads can appear within a,video someone's watching and someone's,feed or even as a story carousel adds a,carousel add lets a users scroll through,up to 10 photos or videos from your,company and click through to see if,they're interested in what they see,slideshow adds like a slideshow this ad,format lets you stitch together,different photos or videos to get your,message across and direct people to,whatever landing page you may have if,you want to play around and see which ad,types you like and which you don't you,can pop into Facebook's creative hub and,make some mock-ups there you'll have the,option to design a bunch of different,ads and whatever format you want to try,while creating the ad might be fun you,also have to consider how you're going,to get those ads to the people who will,engage with it and ultimately help you,meet your business goals don't go,anywhere there's even more to how,Facebook Ads work,next up is the cost of Facebook ads the,great thing about paying for Facebook,ads is that you can set your budget so,you're not forced to spend ten times,what you originally planned Facebook,adds up here because of an auction,relevance ad quality and your bed are,all important to Facebook when,determining which ad should appear cost,can vary depending on factors like your,industry the time of year your ad,objectives and other things but what you,decide to spend is really up to you so,for example if your goal is to get a,purchase on your site from your ad,rather than just some brand awareness,it's likely you'll be paying more,because of the value of your goal when,you create your ads you also choose a,bid strategy this depends on your goals,and your budget you can check out,Facebook's entire bid strategy chart on,their site but I'll go over a few,options here lowest cost with lowest,cost of bidding Facebook makes the bids,for you based on what they see as the,lowest cost opportunities for your ads,bid cap you choose your bid cap meaning,you set a limit for the max bid target,cost if you choose target cost bidding,you try to keep your bids at the same,cost each bidding strategy has its pros,and cons so you have to decide what,works best for your business check out,our guide on Facebook advertising to,learn more about the varying cost of,Facebook ads and that's it for today's,lesson I hope you have a better,understanding of how Facebook Ads work,now if you want to start advertising on,Facebook don't hesitate to reach out to,us at eight eight eight six zero one,five three five nine and subscribe to,our YouTube channel for more digital,marketing videos like this one we'll see,you soon

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