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The Biggest Mistake Most Wholesalers Make With Facebook Adsso we have been missing in action for,qui

Carter Crowley

Updated on Jan 19,2023

The Biggest Mistake Most Wholesalers Make With Facebook Ads

so we have been missing in action for,quite some time as you can tell i,haven't uploaded a youtube video in ages,so what i am going to bring you guys,today is i started a facebook ads,campaign for a totally new client,starting from scratch we have so far,generated seven motivated seller leads,so any day now he will have his first,deal from facebook ads we haven't spent,a thousand bucks let me show you how to,do it and let's jump into the video so,the campaign that i just started we've,only spent 330,ish dollars on both cold targeting and,warm targeting we've generated seven,total motivated seller leads and we're,just about to if my averages are correct,one out of 10 1 out of 15 leads will,result in a deal so we might be halfway,there maybe it cost us 500 for a deal,maybe it cost us 600 so let's jump into,the common mistakes that most investors,actually make so as you can tell on this,tracking obviously there is a lot of,different campaigns going on that were,previous two hours but ours are simple,cold conversion warm conversion i don't,even have video ads running at this time,because the investor that i am running,these for he just hasn't set him up yet,he hasn't recorded the video he hasn't,shot some homemade video that i can edit,down and turn into campaigns so this,will be fine but initially starting the,campaign tracking the conversion,tracking was off so it says right here,14 leads that is not true we've,generated only seven at this point if it,was 14 leads for 298 dollars my mind,would,be blowing up right now because that is,a phenomenal cost per lead so the,initial mistake that most investors make,is their conversion tracking is off and,when your conversion tracking is off the,facebook algorithm does not learn,properly like it's supposed to so you,need to make sure it's installed,properly on your carrot site or whatever,website that you're using for lead,generation for motivated seller leads,now the one other thing that i want to,note while we're on this home page is,the fact that our warm conversions have,zero results so far and you might see,that we've only spent about 25 dollars,which isn't a ton of money maybe our,average cost per lead for warm,conversions is 40 or 50,which isn't too terrible by any means,definitely help if we're running warm,video ads and cold video ads which we,are not at this point which isn't a big,deal so now by jumping into the ad,groups i know some of you have asked in,the past carter what do you target as,far as interest demographics everything,like that but as we all know the biggest,mistake that you can make in facebook,ads campaigns is you cannot niche it,down too much because first off the,housing category you cannot discriminate,against certain classes ethnicities that,sort of thing genders age,there's a bunch of regulations so just,please don't do that so as you can see,here we were running other campaign,types but we didn't generate a lead,right here maybe application for,employment interest we did generate a,lead our control group we've generated,six leads supposedly that's not true,obviously,but what did we spend we spent eighteen,dollars twenty,60 on this one 60 on this one i think i,probably turned that off today as of,this recording but it just goes to show,you you don't need to spend a ton of,money to see if things are working and,in my mind the average cost per lead,that i wanted to spend was 20 bucks i,didn't want to spend more than 20,dollars per lead initially starting out,and if we weren't getting results right,now maybe then i would increase that,threshold but because we did get,motivated seller leads already i'm,trying to niche down to the most cost,effective marketing strategy for my,client so he can get the highest roi on,his ad spend so now we're in the ad,group and you guys can see everything,that i've taught you up to this point,the low daily budgets works you don't,need to do anything different than this,just please implement what i've already,said keep the daily budget slow don't do,anything crazy as far as audience,targeting that's where most people get,it wrong and then just niche down your,locations to your specific,marketplace and right here you can see,in interest i put renting because that,is the category we targeted for this,specific one but other than that nothing,else too,crazy if you're wondering in your mind,carter is it really that simple is that,all that i need to do to have success,with facebook ads for my real estate,investment business and the answer is,yes you need to test shut off stuff,test shut off more stuff and then test,again until you get results if you guys,need help of course reach out i'd be,more than willing to help you i have,helped multiple people already just send,me an email carter run,something by me if you need to or we can,jump on a quick call and i can answer,any questions that you might have but if,you got value from this video smash the,like and subscribe button down below it,helps tremendously for future reference,i'm going to keep the video length a,little bit shorter easy to consume,content and if you have more interest in,watching videos on facebook advertising,click and watch the videos right here,where i break down our systems and,processes for generating the most,motivated seller leads peace i'll see,you in the next video

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I Only Want the BEST Facebook Ads for Wholesaling

I Only Want the BEST Facebook Ads for Wholesaling

today we're discussing facebook ads for,wholesale real estate specifically how,to optimize your facebook ads campaign,to get immediate results model the best,companies in the industry and generate,huge profits so without further ado,we're going to jump onto my computer,we're going to go through this together,and we're going to ultimately get,results let's get started,as i've mentioned in the past with,facebook ads campaigns there's specific,ways of doing things to do it properly,and modeling the best in the business so,you can duplicate their results when,i've decided to do what i personally do,i look and see what the largest home,buyers throughout the united states are,doing and then i simply replicate that,to get their same results and you might,be thinking you're mine carter i can't,do this i don't know how to do this and,that's why i'm going to take you along,on my computer we're going to do it,together we're going to build out an ad,set together and hopefully generate the,same results as these large national,home buyers are doing so of course we're,in the facebook ads library as we always,go to when we are trying to research,other companies and and i know i've,given this example in the past but we,are going to reference we buy ugly,houses what ads are they running how,does it compare to the last time that i,made a video and,see where the results differ so we go of,course facebook ads library we search we,buy ugly houses and then we go down to,launched in june of 2022 because i'm,sure they have a full-time,social media person,and we see what sorts of of things that,they are specifically targeting and when,we're looking at their ads you have to,remember they're running it nationwide,for the most part at least in larger,metro areas so just be conscious of this,that you might have to cater your,message a little bit more to the local,segment if that's how you run your ads,but again to each their own i'm not,going to tell you how to specifically,run yours just have that in the back of,your mind when you are putting things,together so looking at this we can see,many cash home buyers make attractive,initial offers then suddenly charge for,repairs and other surprise fees get a,fair firm offer from america's number,one home buyer it won't be lowered,before closing so that's a very valid,point because they're bringing up the,fact that some wholesalers might go out,make an offer but then,right prior to closing they're going to,call the owner and try to get a price,reduction out of them so they can,actually wholesale the deal because they,contracted it for too much money so next,we have the price surprise disappearing,act and they basically reference the,same or similar things that there's,going to be a price job prior to closing,or right here how many cash buyers can't,find financing they'll vanish suddenly,backing on buying your house america's,number one on homebuyer has our own,financing we close when we we say and,pay what we say,very valid point now with all these,advertisings they're pointing to the,same thing that maybe you get a lower,price for working with a more trusted,company with these specific ads they,might get a lot of traffic that may be,signed with one wholesaler they backed,out maybe signed with another wholesaler,they backed out we buy ugly houses might,be that last resort however they are,locking deals up for pennies on the,dollar which is what we are ultimately,trying to do at the end of the day so,this is very valid when we're modeling,our next ads and you can go down and you,can check out the ads further if you,would like to but let's search another,company that we have done in the past,now featuring another home buyer that,buys nationwide that we've studied in,the past we've studied their ads they,run paid social media advertising we can,jump onto the computer and check out,what they are specifically doing,compared to what they were doing in the,past so national property buyer is the,company,very reputable company they do a ton of,social media advertising and you can see,that this ad has been running for quite,some time i know they obviously updated,in june 19 but that has been a similar,one that they've been running for quite,a while at this point and what does it,say sell your house fast and easy sell,your house as is avoid making costly,repairs no commissions or fees no real,estate agents cash offer fast close you,pick the closing date a big billboard,that says house is wanted very it jumps,off the page great advertisement then,sell your house quickly without giving,it away here's another form of the same,advertisement,obviously that the sign changed a little,bit sell your property without fixing it,up here's another one i'm looking for,homeowners who want to sell their home,fast for cash without having to fix it,up so three great advertisements all on,one page and that's the thing you can,jump in here see add details,what's going on with this one let's,watch this video quick,okay there's no sound it's just fire,damage property obviously they're,looking at getting,um or purchasing fire damage property,which,that is great they might have a huge,buyer's list for for fire damage places,now what we're going to do is go to,photoshop we're going to duplicate what,might be working for them how we can,ultimately replicate it for ourselves,and try and get the same results that,they are getting now the we buy ugly,houses brand that's a lot of there's no,personal touch to it so what do i mean,by this is there's no face in front of,it it's a huge brand they're generating,leads all over the country for multiple,different investors which means they,might not be getting as high of,conversion rates as you or i might be,able to get in our local area with a,face associated with it so how do we,duplicate these ads for ourselves and,ultimately get the same results these,companies are getting i'll show you on,the computer so what you're going to do,is either in photoshop or canva or some,other platform where you can create,advertisements like this you are going,to recreate the ad you might use,different colors you might use stuff,that represents your brand a little bit,more or associates your face with the,brand a little bit more but that is what,we are trying to do so i'm gonna pause,my computer right now for just a second,while i put this together and then i'll,show you guys the end result so i put,together a couple different,advertisements one modeled off of a,previous ad that we had running that we,were getting great conversions with,about like a under 50 cost per,conversion which is phenomenal and then,i modeled one of the other companies,that we just referenced so let me know,your thoughts but let's check them out,so here's obviously one that we had,modeled so we have we buy houses on the,billboard sign and then i have the arrow,pointing to it and then get an offer,down below and then it'll have similar,copy to what we're currently running or,i might model a little bit what they are,running and then next we have this,advertisement this is a little bit more,localized a little bit more personal,because they can tell that this is a,photo of a property that realistically,we bought and we we actually just bought,this one it's the video that i showed,the last time that's the outside of that,house says want to sell get my free,offer and this button right here this,color scheme what i'm doing is modeling,our personal website so there is,congruence from the advertisement to,what the owner might see when they go to,the site and they have to click get my,free offer now after we put those,together what we're going to do is we're,going to go into the facebook ads,library and we're going to start,creating and customizing those campaigns,so i'll show you what that actually,looks like for us it's nothing too crazy,nothing too serious because we are just,going to duplicate our original campaign,or ad set and then just change out the,display advertisement the thing that we,just created and test and see which,one's working better which one isn't,working better and then ultimately at,the end of the day that will get us the,results that we're looking for so now,we're back in the ads library and let's,go to,um we will go to the conversion target,audience you can see right here,let me just see what okay these are,video ads i apologize about that we're,gonna go to the warm conversion campaign,you can see right here we have one,running,cost per lead fifty dollars we have two,website leads,which was the one that i was actually,looking for,it was this one that i was referring to,you guys right here we have 11,conversions two on this campaign i,haven't shut this one off,yet because i don't want to shut,something off that is still getting,conversions and at 151 dollars per,conversion that doesn't seem too,expensive to me i know through google,ads it's a lot more expensive but let's,see what these ads are um the one that's,not converting as well is obviously this,one the one that's converting better is,the one that i modeled with the want to,sell,sort of thing so what we're going to do,duplicate this one,which is the one with all the,conversions i'm not going to change any,of my ad copy it's all fairly similar um,we'll run into the same this one it's,just a little bit different color,branding make sure those are proper,pretty much stands out quite a bit on,the page which is what we are after want,to sell get my free offer get a fair,cash offer for your house get quote,simple then we are going to click,publish right there,done with number one now we are going to,go to our warm conversion audience but,now what we're going to do so here i'll,show you guys what this ad set looks,like it's nothing too crazy nothing too,complicated that's right here once i'll,get a fair cat or get a cash offer and,then it has that same ad copy that i,used in the last advertisement it seems,to be working well for us i think,billboard's probably one word but,for ease of use i'm not gonna complain,about my spelling for the time being i,don't know i would click on it i would,click on it fill it out,um let's see what this,click here to get an offer so obviously,congruence it goes to our website which,again has the orange button to get a,fair cash offer,then we are going to click publish and,just like that we created two new ads we,duplicated the campaign and now what,we're going to do we're going to check,back in two to three days seeing if,we're getting any conversions on the new,advertisements of course once they're up,and running and if they are not or if in,a week or two weeks from now or once,they start testing enough they have zero,conversions we're gonna turn them off it,just doesn't work and then we're gonna,go search using the facebook ads library,and try to find more home buyers who are,successfully running facebook ads and,trying to duplicate it and seeing,if we can get similar results now the,one last gold nugget that i want you,guys to be aware of is this running,facebook ads is all about testing and,monitoring your results because what,works for some people might not work for,you what works for us might not work for,you and that's why it is a constant,progression of getting better and better,little by little so you can perfect the,the ad system the funnel that you have,built to generate leads for your,wholesaling business and this is why so,many people pay to have their ads,account managed whether it's google ads,facebook ads or direct mail campaigns,because they do not want to spend the,time optimizing because that's what it,takes it takes time and expertise to,create run build out new ad campaigns to,generate results for you the investor,and if you're an investor and you're,like carter i just want to focus my time,on locking up deals wholesaling,properties can you run this for me,definitely reach out carter carter ppc,dot com we can have a conversation and,discuss further how i might be able to,help you out in your ads campaign but,like i had mentioned i want to give you,guys this information so it is top of,mind so you can implement it for,yourself because no one else is doing,that if you got value from this video,hit the like and subscribe button i,would greatly appreciate it and if you,want to watch more videos on advertising,on facebook for wholesale real estate,click and watch the videos right here i,do appreciate you watching as always and,i will see you next time

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