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Facebook Ads Tutorial: How to Target the Friends of People Who Like Your Facebook Pagehi guys it's b

Ben Heath

Updated on Jan 21,2023

Facebook Ads Tutorial: How to Target the Friends of People Who Like Your Facebook Page

hi guys it's been Heath from lead guru,and in this video I'm going to show you,how to advertise on Facebook to the,friends of the people that like your,Facebook page so we're not looking to,advertise to the people that like your,Facebook page but we're looking to,advertise to their friends with this,video and that could be a fantastic,targeting option for a number of,businesses particularly ones that have a,social element ones where you're more,likely to use the product or service,because your friends are using it so a,lot of apps,Alvis anything social media related a,lot of games these businesses are ones,that you know you're more likely to use,whatever it is they offer if you know,that your friends are also using it as,well also when you do advertise to the,friends of people the like your page,when the ad pops up in their newsfeed it,will show that their friend likes your,page so when they see an ad and they're,scrolling through it'll say John Smith,or whatever the name of their friend is,likes your company name your company,page and that max is like a mini,endorsement it can really help boost,results so it's something that I,recommend testing particularly for,businesses that have a social element or,ones that you know your core your,customers are more likely to want to buy,your product or services if they know,that their friends are using it as well,ok so to set this up really really,simple what I've done is I've just,created an example campaign to show you,how to do it so I'm gonna go ahead and,jump into this example campaign which is,in draft mode at the moment go to the ad,set level because that's where we're,gonna set and who we target and my core,targeting options is exactly what you,find the friends of people that liked,your page so right now I'm into the ad,set level you can see just quickly my,potential reach is 2.1 billion and,that's because that's how many people,are currently on Facebook and I've got,worldwide selected 18 plus well a,certain people occurring on Facebook,that are 18 plus is even more than that,where I want to select the friends of,the people that like my page is down in,connections so if you select connections,here you can target people that like a,page of greats another video on that one,you might want to use it to check that,out,and for the purpose of this video you,can target friends of people you like,your page just out of interest there's a,number of options here at base things,like that but for this we're gonna keep,it simple and go with friends and people,you like your page then you just need to,add in your page name here,which I'm doing okay so I've got this is,very strange,I've got roughly 80,000 Facebook page,likes on my page we've got fewer than,1000 friends people like a page that,just tells me that this hasn't really,worked because worldwide with what about,80 thousand page likes in fact it just,to show you that if I was to change that,now you can see that there we go,potential route 72 thousand so we're,gonna go with the friends of these,people this will in effect be a lot,larger hopefully when you do it you'll,be able to see an audience definition,don't worry this audience will actually,be quite large because if you think,about however any friends how many page,likes you've got and then think of how,many friends each one of those has that,can easily be quite a large number even,if your number of page likes is,relatively small then you just need to,obviously set all your other sort of,targeting options and things like that,go ahead and click publish and you're,good to run that campaign as I said,businesses and social element give this,a go it can work really really well,right before you go something want to,tell you about that's my five-part face,book and template it's a document that's,got a bunch of different face book,answers have performed really well in it,you can model from those and help before,how can prove your Facebook a,performance if you would like you could,download this thing for free all you got,to do click on the link in the video,description and you can download it from,my website I hope you enjoyed this video,if you did please give it a thumbs up,subscribe to the channel got any,questions pop in the comments below and,I'll be sure to get them thanks a lot,guys

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How To Exclude People Who Like Your Facebook Page From Facebook Ads

How To Exclude People Who Like Your Facebook Page From Facebook Ads

hi guys it's been Heath from leaker and,in this video I'm going to show you how,to exclude people who like your Facebook,page from your Facebook ad campaign so,why would you want to do that why would,you want to exclude people that already,liked your Facebook page from your,Facebook ad campaign so they don't see,your Facebook ads well as in other,reasons number one is you might be,running an introductory offer that's,only available to new customers and,perhaps the people who like your page,and are primarily existing customers you,don't want to see them to see an offer,in an ad that there's not available for,them that might annoy them if they,realize that that they can't take,advantage of it that's probably the most,common case and you also may have the,situation where you started your your,business you set up a Facebook page you,invited all your Facebook friends to,like that page very common and other,people don't want to therefore run ads,to primarily their Facebook friends they,know aren't representative of their,target market of the people they want to,reach they're not going to be interested,in their products and services so why,waste money advertising to those people,and some people just straight-up don't,want their Facebook friends that their,friends and family who have liked their,page to see what they're up to on,Facebook they don't want to you know put,their ads in front of them I don't,really see the issue with that but you,know I've had conversations with people,that they want to avoid that and that,will help you you do this here so it's,very simple to do it just could be a,quick video today so here I am inside a,demonstration and Facebook ad account,and to exclude people that already like,your page it's very simple to do so you,just want to go in so obviously the,campaign you're going to run as an ad,I'm just gonna go into this example CPO,campaign this is just a set there's,loads of example stuff in there don't,worry about any of this it's just for,demonstration purposes you want to go to,the ads that level click Edit as I've,just done and then you want to scroll,down to connections which is beneath the,detailed targeting section and what,you'll see is that connections here you,want to click on add a connection type,and you can advertise or not advertise,exclude people who are connected to your,business certain way they're interact,with your app events pages and simply,here we want to select the option under,Facebook pages that says exclude people,who like your page then you want to add,in your page name in here I'm not gonna,do that because you'll see you know all,the pages that are into my business,manager but just add your page name in,there make sure you select the right one,if you haven't if you have multiple,pages,in your business manager account like I,do and that's it very very simple to do,one thing to note is that if you're,running a page Lex campaign so you're,running an ad campaign to generate,Facebook page likes and you obviously,want to exclude people that have already,liked your page because what's the point,in advertising to them that's a waste of,money,Facebook will do that for you,automatically so if you select the page,likes objective when you when you first,create your Facebook ad campaign this,will be added in automatically people,who already like your page with,automatically be excluded so very simple,to do and that's how you do it now,before you go so we want to quickly,mention if you're gonna find really,really interesting if you want better,results from your Facebook ad campaigns,and that's a free training that I've,created on Facebook advertising strategy,so this training is called three killer,Facebook and strategies to double or,more your revenue now as I said from the,title you can tell that that training is,all about strategy and obviously,strategy it's really really important,different businesses need to use,different strategies when it comes to,Facebook advertising if you're offering,a fifty dollar product or a 30,000 pound,service you need to advertise those in,different ways you can't use the same,thing there's no one-size-fits-all when,it comes to Facebook advertising even,though a lot of people say that there is,- trust me there's no one-size-fits-all,and so that's what their training is all,about it's showing you the strategies,that we use it's three strategies that,we use with our clients we generated,seven plus figures with all three,they're tried and tested work very very,well and I show you look if you've got,this type of business you want to use,this strategy if you've got this type of,business you want to use this strategy,so if you're they're sort of running,Facebook ad campaigns and thinking it's,just the right approach is the right way,of doing it that training is gonna,answer all those questions it's,completely free there will be a link in,the video description it's about 60 70,minutes long which strongly recommend,you watch the the entire thing I think,you find it really really valuable and,then and yeah so go ahead and watch that,if you found this video useful please,give it a like please give it a thumbs,up and don't forget subscribe to my,channel for more Facebook advertising,related to content release that on or on,a regular basis and yeah I'll talk to,you soon thanks guys bye bye

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