dropshipping wholesalers in south africa

Dropshipping Suppliers in South Africa | Starting an Online Store | E-Commerce in South Africa if th

Andi Xaba

Updated on Jan 14,2023

Dropshipping Suppliers in South Africa | Starting an Online Store | E-Commerce in South Africa

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Dropshipping Suppliers in South Africa | Starting an Online Store | E-Commerce in South Africa

if there's one question i get quite,often it's about drop shipping and,finding drop shipping suppliers,traditionally the likes of aliexpress,and alibaba have been the sort of go-to,when it comes to,drop shipping or e-commerce or even,wholesale kind of e-commerce business,but in the spirit of being pro local i,thought i would compile a list of,reliable suppliers that you can find,right here in sunny south africa let's,get straight into it,first we have drop store drop store is,an e-commerce plug-in that makes it easy,for you to find great products from,local suppliers for your online store as,you can see how it works is that you,would browse drop stores catalog of,products to find products that you like,and want to sell and then you would add,the products you like to your online,store through the plugin,once you made a sale that would,automatically be communicated to drop,store and to the specific supplier who,is supplying that product then all that,would be left for you to do is to pay,the supplier and the supplier would then,ship the product to your customer so to,get started there are a few plans,available for you on drop store,the free version doesn't offer a lot but,if you're in the sort of testing phase,of your business then it's definitely an,option for you but i think as your,business grows and scales you would,definitely need to upgrade your plan,there is also the growth plan the pro,plan and the premium plan and although,it's not highlighted here i know that,they also have a starter plan that costs,199 around a month and allows you to,sell up to 25 products from their plugin,what's great about dropstore is that it,integrates with e-commerce platforms,like woocommerce and spotify so if you,already have a store running already,have a website then you can plug it,right in and get started another great,thing about them is that if you don't,have a website already they also sell,ready-made ready-to-go e-commerce,websites and so you could not only get,products for them you could get a,ready-made website,personally i wouldn't,go with the ready-made website option as,my first choice but if you've been,struggling to get things started and get,things moving with your website,or,are struggling to build a website this,is a great and easy option for you,but,it's,important to keep in mind that easy,isn't always the best,so yeah i went ahead and created an,account on drop store so i could show,you all the products that they have,available and as you can see here they,have a wide,array of things from clothing to,homeware to kitchenware to accessories,and everything in between so yeah really,great option for you and your online,store so next we have gadget guys gadget,guys is a,drop shipping or wholesale supplier that,focuses on,tech gadgets and electronics so if,you're in the tech niche or want to get,into the tech niche then gadget guys is,definitely for you it works similarly to,drop stool you find the products you,want you list them on your store and,then when you get an order you forward,your order to the gadget guys supplier,who then will fulfill the order on your,behalf the key difference here is that,while job store is automated gadget guys,is not so you would manually have to go,in and place the order or for the order,with the gadget guys suppliers where on,drop store it's automated because it is,a plugin what's great about gadget guys,is that registering as a wholesaler or,reseller is absolutely free so really,this is a really good option for you if,you're starting out so let's go ahead,and look at what they have available on,their website,as you can see,they have anything and everything tech,they have earphones they have power,banks they have,mouses for your computer,anything under the sun what i also,really liked about this is that they had,reputable brands available on here,products were reputable brands and i,think this is really important,especially in this like sort of tech or,gadget niche is that people want to buy,something that has a bit of a reputation,rather than something that's like no,name brand,no reputation not really sure who makes,it not really sure if it's a good,product that will hold up so yeah i like,that they have reputable,products reputable brands available here,so yeah i think if you're a tick online,store then this is a great option for,you next we have a shop star shop star,is a drop shipping or wholesale reseller,that is based right here in cape town,south africa i won't really go into how,it works because it works exactly the,same as drop store what i do want to do,is just go straight into the products,they have available and their pricing so,shopstar has four plans available that,you can choose from that range from 220,rand to,1050 rand in price what's also great,about shopstar is that they kind of a,one shop stop e-commerce supplier and so,they also have services available like,an e-commerce website builder,hosting domain names etc etc and so it's,really a platform that you can use to,get a whole lot of things that you would,need for your e-commerce business,okay so in terms of products they have a,wide range of things available,from gadgets to makeup to clothing to,accessories my only critique when it,comes to shopstar is that their platform,isn't very intuitive and user friendly,i also didn't like that i had to fill in,like three different forms just to be,able to get to the point where i could,view products that's kind of like,counter intuitive for me surely i should,be able to view the products and decide,okay these are the products i want so,i'm going to sign up for an account but,i had to sign up for the account,and like other things i literally filled,in so many forms just to get to the,product once you get to the products i,think it's very much worth it,so this is a great option for you if you,have a lot more patience than i do,and finally we have classica i hope i'm,saying that right but classical has,all the products in the world they have,so many things available literally i,think that if you can think of it you,can probably find it on,classical so this is a great way for you,to go to get started the only downside,when it comes to classical is that they,didn't have a lot of information about,their reseller program available on,their website which for me also,you know knocks a point off in terms of,user experience and user journey however,they do say that if you fill in the form,then one of their representatives will,call you and contact you and give you,all the info that you need,to,sign up so i definitely think that it's,worth doing the work to sign up for that,having the call and finding out more,about their drop shipping or wholesale,program and like i said in the beginning,they literally have so many products,available so let's just take a squeeze,through and see what they have and,you'll see that they have everything,from kitchenware to,clothing to,homeware to accessories to gadgets to,all the things,so,really great option other honorable,mentions include cosmic pets they do,sort of pet,things pet accessories so if you're,opening an online store in the sort of,pet grooming pet keeping pet lovers,niche then this is a really good option,for you another one is the sense again,if you want to do an online store that,sells scents and perfumes this would be,a great,way for you to go what's also good about,them is that they also they sell scents,and perfumes from,brands that everyone knows it's not just,like funny,hong kong stuff which is great for,obviously like building trust with your,consumers and lastly there's also men's,republic and they're great for,things like gadgets and,gaming so again if you're in that kind,of niche then that's a good option for,you so there you have it some local,suppliers that you can use to start your,ecommerce or drop shipping business,i hope this list was helpful for you,guys if you did find it helpful please,do give me a thumbs up so i know that it,is real or comment below and let me know,okay,keeper and i will see you soon in the,next one,you

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