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How To Advertise Your Dropshipping Store you probably have no idea how to,advertise your drop shippi


Updated on Jan 12,2023

How To Advertise Your Dropshipping Store

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How To Advertise Your Dropshipping Store

you probably have no idea how to,advertise your drop shipping store but,that's why i'm here i have been able to,make thousands of dollars from drop,shipping so i know a thing or two when,it comes to advertising people nowadays,overcomplicate advertising so much to,the point where you don't even know,where to start from we got facebook we,got twitter we got instagram tick tock,youtube there's so many different,platforms so i can definitely tell why,advertising might seem hard for a,beginner i mean just being able to get,millions of views on an ad or a video of,the product or even a tick tock can,equal to thousands of dollars in sales,so in order to find out where the best,place to advertise we first need to find,out where people are and where they're,the most active i think we can all agree,tik tok is probably the most popular,social media app out right now nowadays,on tick tock you can literally go viral,for doing absolutely nothing or doing,some sort of stupid dance so i think,this is probably the most perfect app,for us to advertise because it's so easy,to blow up there's businesses clothing,brands even drop shipping stores on tick,tock right now that are making tons of,money from blowing up on tick tock and,while the process might be simple of,picking up your phone recording a quick,tech talk about your product and hoping,it gets views there's actually a lot,that goes into making a pretty good tick,tock i've had multiple stores on tick,tock with the back cracker the slushy,cup and the shower case and i've been,able to go viral and make tons of money,so i'm gonna show you exactly how i did,it,so the process here is simple you find a,viral trendy product on tick tock you,create a drop shipping store you order,the product to your house and you start,filming tick tocks and then you blow up,first you need to identify what even is,gonna blow up because you gotta realize,tick tock is a bunch of young kids,scrolling mindlessly for hours so you,have to pick a product that's going to,stop and get their attention and the,best way to find the product and,advertise for your drop shipping store,from tiktok you're going to need to find,a competitor and simply a competitor is,just someone that's already making tons,of money getting tons of views from drop,shipping the product that you want to,drop ship for example when i was drop,shipping the back cracker on tick tock i,had to find other people who were doing,the same exact thing so i could actually,come in and take their ideas and get,inspiration so whenever i start making,tick tocks i can improve from my,competitors so when you find your,competitor it's really time to start,making tick tocks and this is the best,way to approach it obviously you're,gonna need to order the product first so,you can record with it and trust me,you're not going to be able to get away,with reposting other people's tick tocks,because if you do that tiktok will,restrict you and you're not going to get,any views,i do recommend you guys have an iphone,if you're going to record tick tocks,because apparently if you have an,android tick-tock will reduce your,quality and it's just not going to look,good the first two things you need to do,before you even think about recording a,tick tock is wipe your camera on your,phone and get a good ring light or even,have some good natural lighting so many,people come up to me and tell me they're,not getting views on their tick tocks,and when i ask them to see their tick,tock it's literally dull it's not good,quality and it's not good lighting,either you'd be surprised how much,wiping your phone camera with your,t-shirt can do for your tick tock need,to be posting three times a day,consistently on tick tock you literally,cannot miss a day because with the tick,tock algorithm if they see you missed,even one day of posting your videos,aren't going to get as many views as,they usually do with my shower case,store my back cracker store i was,posting every single day consistently,for once and that's why i was able to,see traction on my page the more,consistently you post you're gonna have,that one video that hits on the for you,page and that's to be the video that,absolutely makes you go viral with tick,tock you just got to be able to find the,right competitors where you can look at,their videos and just recreate it maybe,improve on maybe add a different sound,but you know without that you're not,really going to see that much success,it's a lot easier if you already have,people running your product and,advertising it on tick tock so you can,just come in and take their ideas and,take some inspiration now the last,method i talked about requires no money,at all but with tick tock there's also,something called paid advertising,want a break from the ads it's almost,the same exact concept instead you're,using your own money to target to a,specific audience on tiktok let's say,for example there was a dog product but,not too many people were actually,running it and there wasn't really any,competitors but you thought this product,really could make some money all you,would have to do is set up some paid ads,on tick tock and target dog lovers pet,lovers and everything that falls into,the category of dogs paid ads might,require some money but it is a great way,to specifically target an audience and,it's a really good way to start,increasing your sales on your,dropshipping store once you slowly see,the ads getting better and better all,you have to do if you want to start,running some paid ads on your drop,shipping store with tick tock go on the,shopify dashboard go to the app store,and download the tick tock channel from,there you can connect your store,connector tick tock pixel and that will,bring you to the ads manager if you're,looking for a step-by-step verifier tick,tock ass tutorial i would go ahead and,check this video out but i actually have,a very cool secret that a lot of,beginners will actually love so there's,actually a website that lets you have a,one week free trial where they make you,your own video ads that you can use to,market your store and i know when you're,just starting out you're not trying to,spend hundreds of dollars you know,paying people to make your ads for you,but this website literally lets you have,a week to try your ads try testing a,product and then you can find out if the,product is even good or not so the,website is called and i've,been using them for any website i start,if i want to run some paid ads the best,part about this is you know you're not,going to spend money on your ads because,you get that free week trial and on,their website you're going to see a,bunch of different videos and previous,winning tick tock ads and you can kind,of choose from your own filters and what,you want for your own video so you can,tell them you know what type of video,you're looking for what product you're,drop shipping and what type of ad you,want made and another cool thing about,dropship vids is they include thumbnails,and gifs from the videos so you can,include that on your product,descriptions your website and your paid,ads so if you plan on launching any ads,or any campaigns make sure you guys use,them so you don't waste so much money on,paying for people to make your ads i'll,also leave them down below in the,description so when it all comes down to,it you just have to be able to know what,people want you know what people are,scrolling through every single day and,slowly you'll be able to get better at,it every single day the more you make,tech talks the more you advertise you'll,be able to understand you know this is,what people are clicking on this is what,people don't want to see my personal,suggestion to you is to start growing,your tick tock first start posting some,tick tocks maybe build up an instagram,page and a tick tock account first and,then once you see your tech talks are,starting to do good then i would say go,to the website get some video ads made,and start marketing on your tick tock,store with some actual paid ads and look,if your tick tocks don't get views or if,they flop or your ads don't work and,you're not seeing any traction this is,all a part of drop shipping i mean it's,literally a part of any single business,you have to see what's working and,what's not and you're just gonna get,better from consistency and actually,doing so don't get discouraged if your,tick tock isn't seem to be getting any,views literally just look at your phone,look at the other competitors see what,you're doing wrong see what you're doing,different than them and just be humble,to log out make a new account maybe try,a different product maybe get some,opinions from friends or family because,you know drop shipping it isn't really,that serious you have to look at it as,if someone was scrolling on their tick,tock page what would they want to see,and remember guys the best place to,advertise and the best ways to market,your product or where everyone's at so,if it's a social media trend or an app,or whatever is going on you have to be,able to identify where everyone's at so,you can start marketing to them but,that's going to be it for this video,hopefully you guys took some information,from this maybe you guys can start,advertising making some money if you,guys need help if you want to get,mentored by me i do have a discord group,where i kind of do consulting in there,dm my instagram if you want to join that,also the goal is 20 000 subscribers this,month so drop a like drop a subscribe,and i'll see you guys in the next one,peace

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