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Returns in Dropshipping 😳 How to deal with refunds in dropshipping Getting complaints is unpleasant.

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Returns in Dropshipping 😳 How to deal with refunds in dropshipping

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Returns in Dropshipping 😳 How to deal with refunds in dropshipping

Getting complaints is unpleasant.,But ignoring unsatisfied customers can make things even worse.,Today, we’ll talk about how to deal with returns and refunds in dropshipping.,Hi, I’m Natalie from AliDropship, and welcome to the AliDropship channel.,If you don’t know what AliDropship is - our company has developed a WordPress plugin that,allows you to build your own dropshipping store on a regular WordPress site, so you,can easily start dropshipping from AliExpress.,Click this link here to learn more.,In this video, I will teach you how to deal with unsatisfied customers,how to handle returns,and refunds, and what you can do to minimize them.,First of all, the customer is always right.,If you ignore complaints from shoppers, they’ll likely never buy from you again.,Even worse - they’ll leave negative reviews, which can cause more damage to your business.,That’s why as a business owner or manager, one should do everything possible to satisfy,customers or improve their shopping experience.,Rule number 1: Always apologize and be polite.,Customers who ask for a refund are usually upset.,And they don’t hold back when expressing their feelings.,And they don’t really care whether it’s your fault or theirs.,Nevertheless, you still have to apologize and be polite.,Saying “sorry” can immediately calm an angry customer.,Being empathetic and understanding can go a long way, so be sure to show that you’re,willing to listen and work out the problem.,Don’t act emotionally or take the complaint personally.,And even when it’s the customer’s fault, showing sympathy will never hurt.,Sometimes, an apology is all an upset shopper wants!,Rule number 2: Reply as fast as you can When people send you emails about their orders,,they expect a quick response from you (especially when they’re angry).,This doesn’t mean you have to check your email 24/7 nonstop, but it’s a good idea,to always start your day with checking for and responding to customer messages.,You also want to be sure to check your spam folder in case a customer’s email accidentally,ended up in there.,If you see something like this and know you had responded to this customer, kindly ask,them to check their spam box.,Some people’s emails do accidentally filter out company email responses to the wrong inbox,sometimes.,In these cases, remember to always apologize and ask the customer to check the spam folder,,and offer additional offering of help to pacify them.,Rule number 3: Give more information than you were asked for.,When answering questions, provide customers with all the information they may need.,For example, if somebody asks how long delivery takes, you can answer that, provide the customer,with the tracking number, tell him how to track the package, etc.,Try to cover all possible issues in advance.,This will help you avoid additional follow-up questions (reducing your work time), while,also reducing the possibility of more complaints.,Your informative response will also show customers that you are competent and accommodating,Rule number 4: Ask for proof,This is one of the most important tips on how to deal with refunds in dropshipping.,Some people want to have their cake and eat it.,They get their order but also want to get a refund by making up a reason.,For example, they say that you sent them the wrong model or color of the item they ordered.,In these cases, apologize, mention that you can refund, but… ask them to send you a,photo of the product as a requirement for this kind of refund.,If the customer is lying, he or she will likely not respond back.,It’s important to ask for actual photos of the customer’s received product to protect,yourself and your company from fraud.,просто добавить паузу Rule number 5: Before agreeing to refund,,offer reshipment.,People often get upset and never even consider options aside from just getting their money,back.,And your job is to offer them alternatives.,As usual, apologize first, offer reshipment, but don’t forget to ask for photo proof,of the damaged or incorrect order.,You can also promise to work with another shipping company.,More than half of buyers agree to this.,Of course, sending another product will reduce your profit.,But if your mark-up price is high enough, you can still make some money - even if it’s,just 5 or 10 dollars.,What’s more important, it’s good customer service, which means you still have a chance,to earn a loyal customer.,It’s definitely worth it!,Rule number 6: Make another purchase worth it!,Let’s suppose you offered a reshipment or even a refund.,The client seems pacified (and satisfied), but will he or she order again from you?,Instead of just offering a reshipment and calling it a day, apologize while throwing,in a discount on the next purchase.,This works not only as an apology but as a motivation to buy from you again.,Customers will see that you really care about making their bad experience a good one -- and,that will convince some of them to shop with you again.,маленькая пауза на почитать если надо,Rule number 7: Always contact your suppliers Just as people buy from you, you buy from,AliExpress sellers.,Even if you know how to deal with refunds in dropshipping, it doesn’t mean you have,to take responsibility for their mistakes.,In most cases, AliExpress suppliers will agree to refund.,Also, if a customer’s order has not shipped yet and the customer would like to make a,change, be sure to contact the seller ASAP if the product hasn’t gone out yet..,These are a common practice in ecommerce operations, and in most cases, will prevent another problem.,Rule number 8: Always cover your back!,Always notify your customers about everything - your refund policy, estimated shipping times,,possible taxes, etc.,Customers are generally not likely to complain about things such as shipping times and taxes,if you make this information all transparent on your website.,Having your policy information online is informative to the customer while protecting your own,business.,The policies also make it easier for you to refer to them when responding to a customer.,Regardless, don’t forget to be always be polite and apologize for any inconvenience,to the customer.,Rule number 9: Make an Excel table or sheet to track orders,You can use an Excel table or a Google Drive document to collect all the information about,your orders.,Having all the order details will help you calculate how much you earn, keep track of,fees, and even assist you when providing customer support.,Sometimes, customers place an order from one email but then send you a complaint from another,one.,If you answer that customer’s complaint on his email that he placed his order from,,he’d never get your response.,Imagine how angry the customer would be.,But if you have a table or sheet with order details and logged customer complaints, you’ll,be able to find the appropriate email address to respond to a customer with.,Rule number 10: It’s not your fault!,We all make mistakes.,Sometimes, it’s not even your fault.,But you try your best to correct them.,In the worst case, you simply refund a customer and apologize.,Remember this: happy customers don't write as many emails to companies about their experience,(compared to unhappy customers).,So if your business email inbox isn't filling up, it's probably a good thing.,It's a sign you could have more satisfied clients than unhappy ones.,And another little tip on how to deal with refunds in dropshipping.,Since most complaints and responses are similar, you may want to prepare a number of standard,templates to make your responding to customers easier.,It’s more convenient than writing each answer from scratch.,Just remember to address the customer by name and to mention the correct item or product,in your response.,Don’t just copy and paste your template without double-checking details.,I’d like you to know that we now offer help for dropshipping business owners with services,for many marketing tasks and technical website work.,For example, you can order a full website review from our team to find out what you,can improve to gain more sales.,Or, you can get some help with setting up your store, installing add-ons, creating email,subscriptions forms, and more.,We also have services for creating Facebook ad designs for your products, search engine,optimization for your website, email marketing setup, and more.,Be sure to check it out!,We hope you found this video helpful for dealing with refunds and difficult customers.,If you liked this video, be sure to give it a like -- and subscribe to our channel to,learn more.,If you are a total beginner to dropshipping and feel like you’re ready to start your,own business, check out our custom dropshipping stores - they’re fully-functional websites,designed for you from scratch..,Have you ever had a difficult order or customer before?,Share your own experience with us down in the comments.,I’m Natalie, and thanks for watching.,We’ll see you in our next video.,Bye!

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