dropshipping how to sell a lot

$0-$16,000 In 30 Days Dropshipping With NO MONEY (Step-By-Step) this is exactly how i made sixteen,t


Updated on Jan 13,2023

$0-$16,000 In 30 Days Dropshipping With NO MONEY (Step-By-Step)

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$0-$16,000 In 30 Days Dropshipping With NO MONEY (Step-By-Step)

this is exactly how i made sixteen,thousand dollars my first month online,i'm gonna be going over exactly how i,was making thousands of dollars in my,first month online as a total beginner,through a method you might know of which,is shopify drop shipping so make sure,you guys leave a like and subscribe to,this channel and let's get into how i,did it so if you have no idea what,shopify drop shipping is you essentially,create an online website you add,products to your store and then,advertise your store and eventually make,tons of money in the process and so,during this time i was 17 years old and,i was scrolling on tick tock i found out,people were literally posting tick tocks,about their products and they were,getting millions of views which would,end up getting them thousands of dollars,in sales and honestly after seeing so,many people get rich off of tick tock,drop shipping i knew i had to hop on the,wave i stumbled across this tick tock,page called my soul lift and this guy's,second video on tiktok got 36 million,views and pretty much what he was,selling were these soul lifts that you,put in your shoes to make you look,taller and me being five eight i'm a lot,shorter than most of my friends that are,six foot six foot three and you know if,you're short like five five or five six,compared to other guys you're going to,feel insecure so i knew there was a,market for this product a lot of shorter,guys would want this product especially,if they're gonna go on dates go to prom,or whatever it is i see a lot of short,people actually buying this product and,i knew i had to do the same exact thing,he was doing because clearly he was,getting a lot of views and he was,getting a lot of followers during this,tick tock now this guy was selling this,product for 20 but i knew there was drop,shipping suppliers like zen dropper,alibaba and i knew i could get this,product for way cheaper from those,platforms and since i knew i could get,this product for way cheaper it was time,to create my own website and start,selling this product so i could start,making some money now the first thing,you want to do once you found your,product is you want to go on,and create your 14 day free trial and,once you created your free trial you can,use either xendrop or oberlo to import,the products you found for way cheaper,and start customizing your store now my,number one advice for every single,person that's creating a shopify store,is take inspiration from people that are,already selling your product and in my,case this guy's soul lift website is,very very simple you do not want to over,complicate your website you want to have,no more than three main colors as this,example he's using red black and white,nothing else you don't want to have 10,different colors on your website makes,it really hard for a customer to,concentrate on what your brand is really,about you don't want to have long,descriptions you want to have videos and,gifts in your product descriptions,customers are not there to read,descriptions they're there to look at,what the product is doing and you don't,want to bore them out with long,descriptions and paragraphs because at,the end of the day you want them to,check out you don't want them to keep,reading and get bored of your website,and if you guys are looking for a,complete tutorial on how to start a drop,shipping store and create a website from,scratch i'll go ahead and link up a,really good tutorial up here so make,sure you guys watch that if you don't,know what you're doing and now let's get,into the part on where we advertise this,product so when it comes to marketing,the product you want to go ahead and,make two social media pages and the most,important platforms in my opinion when,you start off are tick-tock and,instagram other platforms like facebook,pinterest and youtube come later after,you start making some money but,definitely focus on those two in the,beginning if we go ahead and look at,this guy's instagram page it's very very,simple you know you don't want to go,crazy and buy a lot of followers on,instagram you can honestly buy 500,followers on buzzoid it's a very cheap,website to buy instagram followers just,to give you some credibility on tiktok,you do not want to buy followers because,it is going to affect the algorithm but,instagram go ahead and buy 500 followers,just for that boost of credibility and,when it comes to building the website,when it comes to creating the social,media pages just want to take,inspiration from your competitors and,people who are already making money and,getting views from your product and see,how the descriptions are how their,profile picture is and just take,inspiration because you want to do,what's already working and that's the,best way you're going to start making,money especially when it comes to drop,shipping so once you found your product,you created the website you started your,social media pages it's now time to,order the product so you can actually,start making tick tocks off of it tick,tock icon they,say what are the what are the numbers,now the one thing i do recommend is,order your product from amazon you can,literally look up the same exact product,you can get an unbranded one with no,logo on amazon so you can actually start,making videos off of it and amazon prime,it so it comes in one to two days so,once your product arrives you can,finally start making tick tocks finally,and the way you want to do it is,recreate their viral tick tocks and you,want to keep doing it every single day,and be consistent no it doesn't matter,if you post three of the same videos,that went viral because with tick tock,it's all about making sure you know,you're doing something that's already,working and that's already went viral,don't try to make original ideas and,make your own tick tocks for the first,few weeks of testing a product want to,recreate viral videos exactly how they,work the only thing you have to do when,recreating a viral video is try to have,better lighting try to have better,quality but other than that recreate the,video exactly how you saw it because if,it got millions of views you don't want,to change up anything whether it was the,background or anything like that you,want to recreate the video exactly how,you saw it so once you start posting on,tick tock i recommend posting three,times a day every single day the times,that work for me around 3 p.m to 5 p.m,eastern obviously everyone is different,you have to test out different times,those are what worked for me do not miss,a single day of posting because if you,miss a day you can really screw up the,algorithm so definitely i don't,recommend doing that now if you're in a,different country you're not in the u.s,you know if you're in europe or italy or,anywhere like that try to recreate those,tick tocks but just do them in your own,language because you don't have to try,and get to a u.s algorithm you can,literally try and get in your country's,algorithm and trying to see if that,works but once you're making those tech,talks you know you're testing the,product repost everything on instagram,reels and be consistent on instagram and,be consistent on tick tock and you have,to make sure you're doing this every,single day to see if the product is,gonna make you a lot of money now,remember you can't have a link in the,bio of your tick tock page until you,have a thousand followers so that first,week you have to be trying to get a,viral video and push out your content,and that will eventually get you a,thousand followers if the first few,weeks you can't get a thousand followers,then you have to look at your product or,the content you're making because one of,the things you're doing wrong and,getting a thousand followers is not that,hard if you have a good product and if,you're recreating viral content and guys,this is truly the five step process on,how i was able to make thousands of,dollars my first month online without,spending any money on ads in terms of,drop shipping this is very very doable,especially in 2022 i see people popping,up everywhere on my instagram saying,they made thousands of dollars from,dropshipping a product without using any,money at all all you have to do is catch,a product at the right time and hop on,the wave recreate the viral videos make,a better website make a better instagram,page because it's a battle of who has,the best website who can make the best,content have the best quality may the,best man win you have to keep testing,products you know if you fail on a,product try again if you fail on another,product keep trying,this isn't something where you're going,to get lucky and go viral you have to be,consistent and post every single day,especially if you want to see results,and it's actually kind of funny because,a lot of people message me and tell me,you know i'm trying to do tick-tock drop,shipping but it isn't working out guys,you have to be humble and take a step,back and look at your own content and,compare it to someone's content that's,already done good and see you know all,the things you're doing wrong you gotta,admit that you have bad quality you have,to admit that you know you're not using,trending sounds you're not making a good,video and truly see you know is your,product even good because at the end of,the day you know tick tock is a lot,younger audience so if you sell some,kitchen or household product it's not,going to do good you have to see what's,already doing good and just hop on the,wave don't try to make something that,isn't working the next revolutionary,product you have to stick with to what's,already working that's pretty much how i,found out about tick tock drop shipping,if you guys took a lot of valuable,information from this video make sure,you guys leave a like and subscribe to,this channel i really do appreciate it,but in the meantime i'll see you guys in,the next video peace

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