dropshipping for beginners - how to set up a shopify store in one day

BEST WAY TO START DROPSHIPPING FOR BEGINNERS IN 2023 ($500/Day) so this video is going to be perfect

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Updated on Jan 13,2023


The above is a brief introduction to dropshipping for beginners - how to set up a shopify store in one day

Let's move on to the first section of dropshipping for beginners - how to set up a shopify store in one day

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so this video is going to be perfect for,any beginner out there that is looking,to start a Drop Shipping business moving,into 2023 and Beyond because I'm going,to go through the best way that you,should do it the easiest way that you,should do it the way that I've done it,that enabled me to go from around 10 000,pounds to over 100 000 pounds to over,200 000 pounds with one of my first ever,Shopify drop shipping stores so I'm sure,if you watch this whole video from start,to finish without skipping you're also,going to learn something that's going to,potentially help you make money with,your first Drop Shipping business as,well so as always I don't waste any more,time I want to get right into it if you,find any value in this video at any,point don't forget to press the like,button I really appreciate that thank,you so much in advance don't forget to,subscribe hit the Bell notification,let's get right into the video alright,so getting straight into it one of the,first things I always recommend,beginners to do when they first get,started and they're confused about,exactly what step they need to take is,to replicate a successful Drop Shipping,Store this was one of the biggest game,changers for me personally because once,I realized that there's no point me,trying to do anything myself that's when,I now started looking up to bigger,stores that were doing things in the,correct way whether it was the products,that they were selling whether it was,the way that they structured this store,I was now going to use those same,tactics to one of my first ever stores,and that's what helped me get to the,point of making my first six figures in,profit so just to give you an example of,what you can do straight after watching,this video if you do want to find a,successful store the first thing that I,would recommend is to head over to, and the reason why you're,going to go into first is,because you want to use it as a way for,you to get an idea of what products,people are currently Drop Shipping right,now so for example if you just scroll,down over here to where it says Drop,Shipping and just click on that from,here you're going to be able to scroll,through and see all of these different,items especially if you have no clue on,what item you want to sell yourself so,I'm going to scroll through now and pick,a product at random so for example,there's this item right here that looks,like a men's hair clipper by the looks,of it so now that I know that, is letting me know that this,item is a popular product the next thing,that I would recommend that you do is,head over to the Google shopping,homepage and the reason why you need to,come over here is because you now want,to search for the item that you're,looking at in this case we're looking at,a men's hair clipper and then it's going,to show you various different stores,that are currently selling it so for,example I've just typed in men's hair,clipper and as we can see there's all of,these different stores all of these,different type of items but of course in,this case we're trying to find the exact,same item that we was looking at on, and straight away I can see,that there's this company here that's,advertising this product that looks,exactly the same as the one that we just,looked at so let me just click into this,website alright so this is the page for,this particular product that we're,looking at and straight away we can see,that the seller is selling it for around,58 however on right now we,can see that it's going to cost us,around maybe 10 pounds maybe around 11,in total so they're definitely making a,decent amount of profit now one of the,first things that I tend to look out for,when it comes to me deciding on whether,or not I'm going to replicate a,particular store is whether or not their,store is branded around a particular,category and this store definitely fits,into that because we can see that the,name of this store is called,and we can see that they got a picture,of a man with a bed and a picture of a,razor looking at their categories as,well we can see that they're focused on,grooming products hair removal bed,rollers bed straighteners bed growth etc,etc so this stuff is definitely worth me,replicating but one of the first things,that I would recommend that you do is,actually make sure that whatever stock,you're looking at is getting a certain,amount of visitors every single month,because it's going to let you know how,much money they're most likely making on,a monthly basis and the website that,you're going to use for that is this one,over here called similar web so I just,typed in their name right there and,straight away we can see that they're a,brand new store because in September,they only go around 207 visits in,October they got around 828 visits,however in November they've had almost,10 000 visitors which means at this,store in November probably made around 8,000 between 12 000 based on the average,price that they're selling their,products for now a couple reasons why,this store is blowing up recently could,be due to the fact that they've,increased their budget when it comes to,their Google ad spend but it's also,because of Google Trends if we take a,look at the men's hair clipper keyword,we can see that the Search terms have,been very consistent year after year,after year there was this big spike here,in 2020 when it was locked down then it,went back down to normal but now we can,see that there's another Spike that's,happening where Google is saying that,there's most likely going to be a lot,more people searching for men's hair,clippers alright so once you're at the,point where you found product that,you're happy to Dropship because you,know that you're going to be able to,associate whether you're going to get,from CJ dropshipping or,AliExpress and you've also found a store,that is getting a certain amount of,traffic which means that they're most,likely making sales and you've double,checked to make sure that people are,searching for that keyword using Google,Trends the next thing that you need to,do is now sign up for a Shopify website,and I'd recommend that you use the link,in my description down below because,you're going to be able to pay around,three dollars and have access to your,Shopify website for the next three,months without having to spend the,monthly fee that you would normally have,to pay which is around 29 every single,month so once you've click that link and,you've entered in your email address,you're then going to go through this,process where they're going to ask you a,couple questions so you can select,whichever ones apply to you or you can,just click on skip you're then going to,see this page once you've signed up and,you're gonna have to go for the whole,process of entering your name entering,your address you know giving Shopify all,of your details so they can verify your,account if you also want to start the,trial you're going to have to pick a,particular plan so you're gonna have to,go through that I'm not going to go,through everything in today's video but,one of the things I want to show you is,this section over here when you click on,store once on this page you're now going,to have the option to build your store,and design it in the way that you want,to now most beginners tend to get,confused on which theme they should use,and for those of you that don't know,exactly how Shopify works when it comes,to you designing your website you're,going to have the choice between free,themes or paid themes I normally,recommend beginners that are looking to,test out products to use a free theme,because the paid themes can be around,200 300 and I don't think it's,necessarily worth it especially when it,comes to the whole test and phase but,one other question that I get from,beginners is but Sam what theme should I,be using which one is the best one for,me to make the most sales and to be,honest it all depends on what products,you're going to be selling what category,you're going to be focused on and what,brand you're trying to build but this is,why I always bring it back to,replicating a successful store because,you can also find out what theme they're,using as well so for example if we go,back to the website that we was looking,at initially which is this one this is,what their website looks like we can see,that it's pretty basic pretty standard,but they're still able to make sales,based on this app that they use in here,I can see that there's people buying,items every couple hours but of course,you may not want your website to look,like this you may not want to use this,theme but if you do find a store and you,like the way it looks the way that,you're going to figure out what theme,they're using is by simply copying their,website just like that and then heading,over to this website which is Shopify,theme detector and just paste in the URL,right here and then click on detect,theme and as you can see right there it,says is built Using Dawn 7,which means that they're most likely,using this theme over here which is,called Dune so Dune is the default theme,that gets added to every brand new,Shopify store but if you did want to add,a different theme all you need to do is,either come down here where it says,popular free themes and you're going to,be able to see all of these themes that,are available to you or you can go to,the theme store and see all the other,options now when it comes to actually,building and designing your store the,way that you're going to do that is by,simply clicking on customize over here,from here Shopify has made it very easy,because it's a simple drag and drop if,you want to change anything you can come,over here you can remove things that you,want to remove you can add whatever you,want to add and some quick tips that I,want to give you guys if you do have a,low budget when it comes to designing,your site and you don't really want to,pay someone maybe 100 200 on a website,like upwork Fiverr to,design it for you is that you can simply,go back onto the website that you're,replicating look at exactly what images,they've used and exactly where they've,used them and then go onto a website,like and you're going to be,able to find royalty free copyright free,images that you can use on your website,but if you want to see me make a video,where I build a store step by step from,scratch then put in the comments down,below do the website design video and,I'll get onto that ASAP now moving on to,one of the final things that I'm going,to go through in this video that you,definitely need to be aware of if you're,a beginner which is traffic when I say,traffic what this means is that you need,to figure out exactly how you're going,to get people onto your website and if,you're new to this channel the way that,I like to get brand new customers onto,my website for them to see the products,that I'm selling is by using Google,shopping ads and for most of you that,are watching this video you already know,exactly what Google shopping ads is but,for those of you that don't know it's,where a customer is going to go onto,Google type in a specific keyword for,the product that you're selling and if,you set up your Google ads in the right,way they're going to be able to see your,website amongst all of these other ones,right here so as long as you've made,sure to price your item correctly and,you've also made sure to use the most,compelling image possible there's a,chance that the customer is going to,click into your website and buy the item,because you're obviously targeting warm,traffic rather than you using something,like Tick Tock ads Facebook ads or,Instagram ads and the process of being,accepted to use Google shopping ads is,quite simple you just need to make sure,that your website is fully functioning,in terms of all the links working,because Google's going to go through,your website and make sure that they,even want to put it on the Google,shopping home page you also need to make,sure that you've got all of your policy,Pages clearly accessible to any visitor,that comes onto your website and when I,say policy Pages I'm talking about your,refund policy your privacy policy,shipping policy terms of service for,example going back onto this website,over here if we just scroll down to the,bottom we can see that this is exactly,what they've done they've got their,contact us page which again is very,important all of these different pages,right here is what you need to make sure,that you have on your website for Google,to accept you then you're simply going,to go through the step-by-step process,of signing up for a merchant center,making sure that you've installed the,right app on the back end of your,Shopify account and you also need to,make sure that you link your Google ad,account to your merchant center and I,know that match sound a little bit,complicated if you're a complete,beginner but I've only made a completely,free webinar where I go through my story,and what I had to learn when it came to,me being able to make over one thousand,dollars every single day in profit for,one of my first ever Shopify stores so,if you want to watch that free webinar,you can click the first link in the,description down below or if you rather,watch another YouTube video that I made,not too long ago where I broke down some,other key things that you need to know,that I didn't really touch on in today's,video that will definitely help you on,the path of building your first ever,Drop Shipping business then make sure,you click the link right there check,that video out straight after this one,because it's already helped out so many,people and I'm sure that it's going to,help you out too Alright guys I'll see,you on the next one make sure you stay,safe out there peace,foreign

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