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How To Make $100,000 Dropshipping Sunglasses This Summer (shopify tutorial) you know what's going on

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

How To Make $100,000 Dropshipping Sunglasses This Summer (shopify tutorial)

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How To Make $100,000 Dropshipping Sunglasses This Summer (shopify tutorial)

you know what's going on guys I'm the,e-commerce and in today's video you guys,are definitely gonna learn something new,how you can make $100,000 this summer,I'm gonna go over ways to dropship I'm,gonna show you guys a golden product you,guys can dropship right now to make a,lot of money and this is not just one of,the gurus we just saying top 10 products,dropship right now,nope guys that's not the case here I'm,gonna show you guys one product how you,can branding successfully how we can,stand out huh a lot of other people can,run it with you as well but not only,just that product we're gonna go over,everything in general it's not only,gonna be based on that project it's more,like a layout I could call it maybe a,small little course on how to make a,hundred thousand dollars this summer so,we should just get straight into it to,be honest also guys I'm planning on the,move and this I gotta say guys I'm,moving to Vegas gonna be in LA as well,that I'm moving to Vegas the 7th of July,it's gonna be awesome I'm gonna meet up,there gonna live with my buddies scrubs,and if you guys know no way my posted a,lot of about him on my Instagram I can,link his Instagram down here but we're,gonna do so much crazy stuff when you,get up there I'm gonna get a house in,the Hills we're gonna be in Las Vegas,we're gonna have a good time I'm even,planning on inviting some of you guys,watching my channel right now to the,Hollywood Hills I'm gonna teach you guys,live completely for free so if any of,you guys live in California just make,sure you hit me up without further ado,let's get into the video so what I'm,planning I'm planning on bringing bring,my PC my Mac my phone obviously,everything and then just making a move,it's the 7th of July it's gonna be super,cool,it's definitely official now so just,look forward eyes are going great daily,uploads gonna do vlogs Lamborghinis,maybe we gotta do so much valuable stuff,with EECOM we're also trying to build a,million million million dollar brand,with my buddy scrubs so without further,ado into the wheel here we go but guys,if you want to get into my coaching,program now I currently have two spots,left to open up some new ones it's been,a massive success we who want to get in,and get you live change you commitment,Instagram here as well,John ethics you've won a consult a call,you miss me my instagrams here again and,without further ado let's get into the,will you okay guys so what I'm gonna do,now I'm going to bring you guys inside,of my computer but first of all in this,video you can copy what I'm doing it can,definitely work I'm planning on doing,this with a couple of people in my,coaching we're aiming towards at least,100k,so you guys you can either copy what I'm,doing or the smartest thing you guys can,do is just think around it pick this use,this winner to just pick my brain,honestly pick my brain,on things you can do this summer how you,can do it but it doesn't mean you have,to sell exact product I'm gonna reveal,for you guys now in two seconds but just,think like me sort of get into my,mindset how we do it you can find your,own product right but I'm gonna just say,my strategy now and you get it will work,around it because I think we could share,a lot of money with this okay okay guys,here we go,so what we gonna plan on doing now and,not to me personally but people in the,coaching cuz I'm gonna be a little bit,busy moving to the states and everything,so I'm not planning on opening a new,store for my own I'm just gonna keep,running what I do to keep making good,money I'm not gonna start anything new,until I've said love earlier just gonna,be July to seven it's gonna be awesome,but this what I'm planning on doing and,coaching it lets go to certain sells,sunglasses so there are a couple of ways,to do this guys,you could try to sell like boss,sunglasses you know looks like a boss,you trying to sell sunglasses in general,just looks like this you know biggie,like butterflies sunglasses for women,because believe it or not or you already,know women go crazy over these,sunglasses so what I would do if I were,you guys set up a niche store look at,this one as well this thing is cool it,looks kind of like a boss right so,people want to look cool they buy into,this I mean I'm just browsing right now,but these things actually look cool I,mean if my girlfriend were to use them,out I'm probably not think it's that's,cool but you know you guys get where I'm,going right so set up a sunglass brand,and that brand it could be whatever guys,just the most important thing is if we,say we're going with sunglasses you guys,should definitely set up a niche store,right you want you don't want to run a,one product store but I usually like to,run general stores okay don't get me,wrong at all I love general stores when,coming to Halloween,maybe Christmas but especially these,sunglasses I would highly recommend,setting up a nice store for these,sunglasses so what I'm gonna do now guys,I'm gonna show you I think it was last,year or the year before stopped,sunglasses that soul lights crazy here,you guys go these are sunglasses that,did super well last year I'm not saying,the exact supplier here guys but these,wooden sunglass like this one I mean,honestly it looks cool I mean I'd rather,just rock my normal sunglasses but I,mean still this is cool and it's,actually something consumers will buy so,what you guys can do set up a brand,maybe get in touch through supply I'm,not saying you have to do this but you,can get in touch to the supplier maybe,see if you can get like a seven day,shipping you make your brand you do,everything that I'm gonna tell you guys,in a couple of minutes when it comes to,Instagram social media gathering,followers everything you're gonna give,you guys Australian as well if it's set,up a brand like this guys these are the,wooden sunglasses maybe not the exact,same one but these wooden sunglasses,it's insane last year and they did super,well,the year before as well so now guys I'll,probably not jump on these sunglasses I,would rather find the new types of,sunglasses right but these things are,actually cool and they could sell like,crazy guys so what I mean by this video,is that you don't actually have to sell,sunglasses I just want you guys to,understand where I'm going this could be,just a beach product I mean it could be,a swimming project it does not matter,you just make sure to share you find,something that's super summer related,and it doesn't have to be sunglasses so,the next step now is if you want to sell,this you don't have to I'm not big on,social proof but I could recommend you,guys maybe already start branding now,start gathering some followers they,could be fake whatever start posting,some content on your Instagram page make,sure you put up some content there so,you can see the brand is legit and,already set up your store focus a little,bit on the social proof in the beginning,make sure you get a good nice tour,because that's what I'm gonna be key,guys super important to get a super nice,niche store that people actually feel,it's a trustworthy also guys these,sunglasses you might be advertising one,of them but people gonna buy the other,ones as well so make sure you got,descriptions on all of them and that,goes if you're not selling sunglasses,either I go in a jewelry store to also,guys high quality pictures a key here,and when you're gonna run Facebook ads,for a product like for example,sunglasses I recommend running carousel,ads that means the people can scroll,through to see different pictures from,your store so you can show more products,in one AD so definitely run carousel ads,also run normal picture as you,definitely do not need a wideo for this,product but however you guys do it how,you want to just pick my brain on this,okay so let's say we're to sell these,sunglasses we buy them for eight dollars,so a reasonable price honestly to begin,with I would sell them for twenty one or,sell them for 2190 if 2190 works in,facebook you could sell them up to,twenty four ninety,2490 works go to twenty nine and then,the end point may be ideal point is to,build a brand that could actually sell,them for thirty nine to forty nine,dollars which is totally doable but,always women running Facebook ads that,tend to stop or I tend to just start a,little bit slow with the price and then,obviously increase it's super quick if,it works however though that's what you,can do also is to get into influencers,if you get to write the influencers like,you guys don't have any money for that,obviously who would have money for that,but if you got Kylie Jenner to use this,sunglasses your store make a million or,something so you can definitely work,with influencers it can be super good,idea obviously I really like Facebook,but if you work with influencers to is,just cool thing you're more flexible,with this kind of brands right also next,thing you want to sell this and want to,brand it have a,name a new store a branded logo this,could be the next teeth whitening,company for whatever you guys know just,it's not teeth whitening you guys get,where I'm going,yeah like dream glasses for example,that's a good name of a brand it's type,of sunglasses which I could recommend,you guys to do but the first thing you,guys want to do gather followers gather,content,first I'll content every single day for,your Instagram page and just keep going,with that once you've done for a short,amount of time,start running Facebook ads you could,test it however if you're gonna run,sunglasses don't target sunglasses and,stuff like that just go completely,general with your interests if I were to,sell sunglasses right now our target,tik-tok us I would try to hit like you,know 20 year old girls maybe even,younger,so just target completely random and,nonsense stuff you'd want to shun,glasses to run good probably not,recommend targeting fashion sunglasses,because people that's interested in that,will buy from actual real brands but on,the branding perspective guys get your,store branded logo the color scheme is,gonna be perfect you're fine I'm,probably throwing some Beach vibes I,mean that's what you guys can do right,that's just how people make bikini,brands which is kind of hard to sell on,Facebook people make sunglasses brand,you guys do your thing it doesn't have,to be sunglass but you guys get where,I'm going so if you do discuss and you,make sales,if you hit rise with a sunglass I had a,guy in the coaching hit big with it if,you hit big with the sunglasses it's,gonna be super easy to make a hundred K,a month I'm obviously talking revenue,now but that if you have 50% margin,that's 50k a month anyways but it's it's,like not hard so what basically what I'm,trying to sing with this video it's like,this could be your shortcut to drop,shipping results for real this could be,your shortcut to sick results because,you can just jump on the sunglasses it's,not gonna be a one in ten test most,likely I'm not guaranteeing anything but,you should probably see a winning,product super super quick as long as you,test like cool cool sunglasses what I'll,do,scroll a bit around see what celebrities,using see if you can replicate it trying,to find some sunglass you could actually,be trendy you know like either in looks,like you're the boss or it's like super,big sunglasses but though guys I highly,recommend targeting women compared to,men if you're gonna sell these,sunglasses because men would probably,not bite us just from what I've seen you,just want to target women that watches,tick-tocking everything and wanna have,some cool sunglasses for the summer guys,look at this I was scrolling down here I,mean I don't know if this is true or not,it's most likely true but just see this,is super small when I hollowmade $8,800,dropshipping sunglasses I mean it's not,a lot of money but just you can see it's,possible right guys just look at this,store from my perspective it looks like,it drops you're being stored so let's,just inspected this is super cool guys,you get this whole of her sunglasses and,you can see the price,I mean this thing I just serve,sunglasses store so this one is,obviously super SEO optimized I'm not,saying that's gonna be you guys but this,store definitely makes a ton of money so,we can see I'm probably going to women,to be honest here we have oh yeah look,we have all these different things this,is not a drop shipping store anymore,this is a real brand but it got just,look what they were doing right here we,have all the sunglass this thing looks,cool you run some Facebook Ads to it it,could take off that's the coolest part,of it and yes there's not a drop,shipping store but just you get where,I'm going you definitely want to have a,store that really stands out and this,store is a 10 out of 10 it stands out,this store just looks super professional,that's what you guys want to aim for,anyways that's gonna be it for today's,video I hope you find it valuable the,goal of this video was not to just put,out the simple strategy it's more for,you guys just to sort of like start to,get in the mindset of me when I see,something how I find it to be cool how I,think around it how I think about,branding just think like me that's what,I'm trying to get you guys in to do it,because if you can think like a,successful drop shipper you can make,anything happen and I believe you guys,actually can make everything happen so,if you're young you're following your,dreams and just go out make it happen,trying to change your life and if you,have not seen two days ago I posted a,Facebook ad strategy you're gonna follow,my strategy here a link my how to make,100k month on which Facebook Ads which,is not too hard either I'll link that in,descriptions definitely go make sure you,check that one out watch the whole,weight truth because if you're planning,on doing these things you gotta watch,the strategy it's like super super good,so guys it's gonna be it if you guys,have any video suggestions I would,really do appreciate it because I'm,running a little bit low on the IDs now,so if you could drop one that we awesome,and make sure going you like this video,you could drop down your click Subscribe,and you'll be seeing me in tomorrow's,video peace

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