do i have to purchase an item when dropshipping?

The First Dropshipping Order: How To Handle It Like A Pro #aliexpressdropshipping Wow!,Somebody made


Updated on Jan 13,2023

The First Dropshipping Order: How To Handle It Like A Pro #aliexpressdropshipping

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do i have to purchase an item when dropshipping? catalogs

The First Dropshipping Order: How To Handle It Like A Pro #aliexpressdropshipping

Wow!,Somebody made a purchase in your dropshipping store!,Do you know what to do next?,Welcome back!,This is AliDropship channel - your guide to the world of dropshipping.,My name is Olesia, and I’m here to share our first-hand dropshipping knowledge with,you to help you start changing your life for the better.,Our team develops and distributes AliDropship plugin - a helpful foundation for any dropshipping,store that lets you automate most of the managerial tasks.,Here’s how you can get one!,Now, let’s suppose you’ve made a fully functional dropshipping store with our help,,and at some point, got your first incoming order!,Let’s see what you need to do to process it professionally, make your buyer happy,,and get your first money!,It’s not unusual for customers to make typos in their personal details, city or region,names, ZIP codes, and so on.,If the info provided by the client seems weird to you, don’t be shy to write them an email.,Ask them to confirm their personal data and the order details - that’s how you’ll,save both of you from probable returns and refunds in the future.,Speaking of weird order details, I’d like to point out that sometimes they are a clear,sign of fraud.,If at least one of these points describes your order, you need to be very careful.,Credit card name is different from the customer’s name,Card holder’s country is different from the place of delivery,There are many (70+) items in a single order There are repeated multiple orders from the,same customer in a short period of time.,There were several payment attempts made from different credit cards,Ask your client to show you their ID if you notice differences in the names or countries,of residence.,Return the money if no documents are provided and forget about this situation.,And, if you see that there were several unsuccessful payment attempts from multiple credit cards,in a short period of time, just cancel the order with no discussion because that’s,a clear pattern of scammer behavior.,Usually, it takes up to 7 days for AliExpress sellers to take note of your order, assemble,the package, and send it to the buyer.,So, if you want your customers to get their purchase as soon as possible, you need to,get in touch with the original AliExpress supplier right after receiving an order.,Luckily, you don’t have to do it manually: AliDropship solutions let you send the incoming,orders directly to the AliExpress seller.,Check out this video to see how you can transfer the orders to AliExpress in a couple of clicks!,For now, you only have one incoming order, but surely, there will be more!,Now is the perfect time to prepare for them.,You won’t be happy to memorize the status and progress of every future order, right?,And thankfully, you won’t even have to do this!,Instead, you simply need to activate and save automatic order fulfillment settings.,Watch the instructions here and save yourself time to focus on more important business tasks!,The order is placed, so now, you need to communicate with the client to notify them of the order,status, delivery progress, package tracking, etc.,The easiest way to do it is via email, so let’s see how to set up this part of your,business routine.,AliDropship plugin can connect to lots of user-friendly mailing services to let you,send the necessary emails automatically.,In our knowledge base, you will find detailed instructions on how to do this, so click on,this link to read them.,There are more interesting and important things for you to do than writing the same messages,over and over again.,Think of the situations that require you to email a buyer: it might be a thank you letter,sent right after the purchase, or a letter explaining your terms of service and emergency,contacts, or a letter notifying of a change in the order status, etc.,Prepare a basic letter template for each of these occasions, and you won’t spend your,valuable time creating them from scratch!,Which of your advertisements generated this order?,Which promotional channel has proven to be the most efficient for you?,Knowing how this client stumbled upon your store, you will be able to review and improve,your marketing efforts and, as a result, boost performance.,Just follow instructions from our Knowledge Base to gain access to this priceless data!,Your very first order is a great achievement proving that you’re moving in the right,direction.,Now, you need to keep going - and it’s possible that in order to stimulate more purchases,,you will need to make some changes in your store.,If you’d like to get a professional review of your store or get recommendations on the,audience you’re targeting with your Facebook ads, or find a catchy idea for your Instagram,shoutout, we know who can help you.,In the description box below, you will find the list of services that we recommend for,the people who would love to boost their number of incoming orders and grow their revenue.,Are you ready to take your dropshipping business to a new level?,Subscribe to our channel and stay tuned - that’s how you will never miss a new piece of advice,from our expert team!,See you next time!

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