dispensaries that offer their cannabis products for wholesale or dropshipping

How to Dominate the Cannabis Industry if you play it right for yourself it,could be the most remarka


Updated on Jan 13,2023

How to Dominate the Cannabis Industry

The above is a brief introduction to dispensaries that offer their cannabis products for wholesale or dropshipping

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dispensaries that offer their cannabis products for wholesale or dropshipping catalogs

How to Dominate the Cannabis Industry

if you play it right for yourself it,could be the most remarkable thing but,as a collective these very early days,are super important this is inevitable,at scale this is watching this makes me,laugh because this is exactly what the,rooms look and this is actually way more,this is more even though it's just these,days for me a small group you know this,is way more faces than the ones that I,saw in the tech space and a lot of these,faces went on to become the founders of,uber and succs,and the founders of Instagram and things,that nature so couple things number one,you got your perspective,in 2006 and seven when I went to South,by Southwest people were there to be,part of tech for the sake of tech to,change the world the the the aspirations,and the ideology were remarkable the far,majority of this room today 20 18 right,here together is in it for it they've,been in it they're not flying in from,Wall Street or Silicon Valley there's,people in here there's people in here,but the majority of this room is in it,now this is super important as I hear,that wonderful thank you and I get it,and I respect that,this is a very important conversation,I'll tell you why the OGIS in this room,that have been through it that been you,know it's funny I was spending some time,and looking at an article being rated,and I was telling some of the people on,my team who don't even hear this story,the amount of times the ABC came to wine,library because I was navigating and,doing things early that nobody ever did,before and when your biggest you get,picked on because you can pay the fine,don't get it twisted it's very simple,it's called winners tax they don't tell,you that a b-school but that's what it,is I'll say it this way it's unfortunate,for me unlike when I got into tech or,many other things I've done in my life,because of the profiles my business,career it's harder for me to kind of go,into new spaces and do what I naturally,want to do to be very frank I I don't,know if I've ever felt the combination,of of gratitude and feeling humble and,at the same token a sense of,responsibility of giving this talk today,because much like the way I entered into,the tech space sort of wide space for,other things that I've done I just want,to learn right there's a lot you know,I'm doing a lot of listening the reason,I teamed up with Josh ROM and the rest,of Green Street is I didn't want to come,into this space and think that I knew,everything or things that nature I want,to take it nice and slow and pay,attention being underestimated and,misunderstood is a massive business,advantage there's a lot of people in,this room that are so desperate for,acceptance of like this is real and,all these kind of things like this is,gonna be in it spending so much time,trying to convince somebody of the,legitimacy or the seniority or the,sophistication of the space without,realizing that they should be spending,100% of their time on the end consumer,and building their advantage their,leverage and preference of the majority,of the people in this room would,actually be for people coming into the,space to dramatically slow down not,speed up for all the good that dollars,and all these other things come out the,more time that you have planting your,flag and establishing your brand and,building a relationship with the end,consumer the more leverage you have,trying to convince people that are no,people is a waste of time and I think,that's just something some of you need,to hear because that no person for a lot,of you is your mom that no,person is that your brother that you,respect or your homie or your silic so,just be very thoughtful of who you try,to convince this is real because I think,that's a lot of wasted energy in early,times number two you need to be,thoughtful of all the new people that,are coming in if you play it right for,yourself it can be the most remarkable,thing but as a collective these very,early days are super important this is,inevitable at scale this is watching,this makes me laugh because this is,exactly what the rooms look and this is,actually way more this is more even,though it's just these days for me a,small room you know this is way more,faces than the ones that I saw in the,tech space and a lot of these faces went,on to become the founders of uber and,sucks and the founders of Instagram and,things that nature so couple things,number one if you are fortunate enough,to be smart enough and that's the only,word I can think of if you are fortunate,enough to be smart enough to be in this, room right now please do not do,what so many of my homies from tech in,2006 7 & 8 to to me which is reminisce,and are sad that they did not take full,advantage of their pole position and,where the world was going the biggest,mistake that so many of you will do,today is not network with other people,at this place what I really am,passionate about is for people in this,room to understand how many,options we do have if you're in this,space even if you're a brand or if,you're a grower your permission to be,the media company of this space is there,aka every person this room needs,to start thinking about their podcast,yesterday,every single person this room needs to,be thinking about writing a white paper,and putting it on LinkedIn yesterday,everybody here has to shift from crying,and that's what a lot of you are doing,Wow,Instagram and Facebook and Google aren't,taking my money nobody gives a ,about your tears stop crying about what,you can't do and start figuring out what,you can do you can be dominating,Instagram spend the 900 hours,building out an influencer network so,that can do posts and give you,cosines you could you could start a,YouTube vlog and document the journey of,building your business in a space along,the way I wish I could watch suckss, blog and how he built Facebook,you know if he was doing this ten years,ago god forbid a que God willing your,company explodes that vlog of how you,made it is gonna be watched for the next,50 years in perpetuity you can,do a ton of but we have to shift,our marketing mindset in this space from,being advertisers to being media,companies we have to produce content you,have to produce content so I implore you,to take advantage of this remarkable,moment in your industry where it's not a,baby but it hasn't even started and I,highly recommend you understand how,early platforms an industry start the,ROI is in the people the ROI is,in the people I promise you,right now everybody is watching how,you're navigating right now everybody is,watching and there's a lot of you and,I'm was in the hall for four,minutes there's a lot of you,unfortunately getting seduced by the,short term ROI and finances in the,system and everybody knows it and you,will lose three of you will get through,and make that trade that's fine we'll,never see you again but most of you will,have a scarlet letter for trying to take,from it instead of giving to it look if,you make a podcast,called 43 year old mom that's literally,the name of it and you're targeting,housewives and high-net-worth,individuals who are gonna be in the,edible space because that's who you're,targeting you've got to really just go,after your con your target audience with,content that they'll consume that's,always been the case but the reason I,said 1 2 & 3 is patience is because,that's what it's gonna take,there's still a massive stigma,go read the first 15 years of,prohibition you know what the biggest,scariest things in the world are having,too little and having too much when,you're poor is on welfare you,don't think the trust fund baby who's,got a hundred mils got it bad you think,that's the greatest well you don't,realize that kid is always gonna be told,that he never made it and he's got a,drug problem and up and I'm meds,and at the psychiatrist cuz his game is,broken before he even started the bottom,line is my dear everybody's got ,problems too because when it's yours,it's yours and so I navigate happy,because I'm just grateful for what I,have and other people have more other,people have less when I had a whole lot,less I was happy with the I had and,I just every day recognize that if I'm,in my own head and realize that,everybody's got their own too then,I don't spend time complaining and,dwelling I spend time on doing this is,forever you have made a decision to be,an industry that will be over regulated,for the rest of your life I promise you,that,and that's super okay either the first,20 years of my business life in a super,regulated business but it still sucks,compared to not regulated businesses,like I don't know that's to tell you and,so much like the admiration I have for,Travis I could have never built,uber because Travis had a DNA that was,good at fighting City Hall I'm scared of,City Hall,that's just my DNA so I think everybody,here has to make a decision for them if,they have the must you know the muscles,memory and the stomach to deal with the,ebbs and flows of things the toughest,thing and anybody will know this the,number one toughest thing to me in life,is not having little cuz you don't know,it's having little getting something,getting a lot and then losing it,people going backwards just struggle and,I think the toughest thing in a,regulated business is cool they open up,Illinois a couple people here to have,Chicago routes or they move they go and,they crush it they saw what happened in,Cali they want to deal in like they, kill it and for some reason,seven years later they reregulate it and,it's gone tough that is what you're,signing up for and I think the better,kind of like nobody gives a about,your feelings right the the quicker you,understand this is going to be regulated,in perpetuity then you can start really,starting to think about how you navigate,and how you go about it so I wish you,guys the best I'm so grateful that I was,able to give this talk at this time it,means a lot to me I'm super excited to,get to know the majority of you over the,next two or three decades and I wish you,great health and great success thank you,so much,everybody thank you guys

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