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How to rapid fire test Facebook ad campaigns...that's cool too so we're back in the,swing of things

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

How to rapid fire test Facebook ad campaigns...

that's cool too so we're back in the,swing of things this week guys back to,normal with all of our calls and today's,call I'm actually really excited about,so about two weeks ago we did a campaign,for Holly we did a live campaign build,on this call on this training call so,this is our weekly Monday training call,guys and we have f-80c ad hacks premium,and Academy and masked reminders on this,call and Holly was working with a,high-ticket coach and we sort of,discussed the rapid-fire testing method,a little bit now this is a method that,we developed inside of eight loop social,it's not patent-pending I'm sure lots of,other people kind of do this approach as,well we just gave it a fancy name and,it's an approach that we use because we,work with a lot of coaches and on people,selling online courses so infopreneur I,think is what you would call them,however what I will say to that is while,it is extremely effective for coaches,and infopreneur it actually works really,well with e-commerce as well so we,actually use rapid-fire testing as well,for e-commerce clients and we do it for,I guess testing out personas so I know,someone in fvtc today was mentioned,personas and getting personas right and,the messaging behind that can sometimes,make the difference between a killer,campaign or one that just never ever,hits the ground running so today is,training call I'm gonna be taking you,through in a lot more depth this,rapid-fire testing method in fact what,I'm gonna do is we're actually gonna,build an entire rapid fire testing,campaign and I'm going to use the,Academy as sort of the guinea pig here,to show you how this would apply so for,those of you who have never heard me use,the term or you really don't even know,what I'm talking about right now rapid,fire testing is essentially where you,are trying to Val,either the messaging or an offer or an,audience before so you're almost trying,to validate a final concept before you,go and build the funnel for it,and why is this important or why is this,a good strategy especially if you're,working with coaches and online info of,course entrepreneurs or all of that is,that a lot of them what you will find,and perhaps some of you guys have even,been in this position where you have,tried to build a course or you have,tried to roll something out online and,you spent months and months and months,building this beast of a thing and in,fact a lot of them actually start,backwards they'll build the actual,course first and then they build the,funnel and then they go and sell it and,they realize oh it's totally wrong,so they'll spend months and months,building this and I did this mistake too,and then realize it's not the right lead,magnet it's not the right offer it's not,the right messaging it's not the right,training to support the messaging that,needs to happen so rapid-fire testing is,a really good way to essentially,validate concepts validate lead magnets,validate funnels before those funnels,get built before any of the lead magnets,get built and also to identify the,lucrative audiences so though where the,opportunities lie and we use this for,pretty much every single client we have,and it is so effective that we've been,able to come on board a lot of times,picking up clients from that had worked,with previous agencies where the,agencies had never been able to get them,registrations or anything like that for,their webinars and using rapid-fire,method going from that to all of a,sudden being able to get them you know,fifty seventy one hour registrations a,day so it is an extremely effective,strategy so I'm going to take you,through that today if you're rolling out,your own stuff it's great for you,especially if you're working with,clients in the coaching or infopreneur,space you want,you're specializing in that niche by the,way guys know okay cool so I'm gonna do,a scream of course I get a frog in,my throat as soon as the exciting bit,starts okay,okay cool,let me pull up the chat box,okay cool all right so this is a really,super fancy high-tech piece of paper,here it's essentially a table where,we're gonna map out our personas and,this is super important for I feel like,I'm repeating this a lot this is not a,call just for coaches or people working,with coaches but this this specific,vertical is notorious for doing this,where they they will come to you and go,hey I help people be happy or I help,people make money through their business,well who do you help I help everyone I,can help anyone I can help accountants,and data and of course in marketing with,funnels that typically doesn't it's not,gonna work very well you're not gonna do,very well you're not gonna make very,many sales if you try to go to broad,like that so the first thing that that,needs to happen when you do a rapid-fire,test is you absolutely need to map out,your personas and the core values or the,messaging that goes behind that we also,have a tab here for targeting and that's,just ease of use I'm gonna show you an,example of how I would put together how,I would do targeting and but I'm not,gonna go too much into the targeting,because that's obviously a whole nother,training and hopefully you guys,understand how to do targeting so what,we want to do first of all is we want to,identify the personas that your audience,can possibly service so I'm gonna start,off with a couple examples here because,I don't want you to just get caught up,and boxed into acad personas and and,thinking oh well this wouldn't apply so,I want to start with an example of an,e-commerce client that we I work with so,she she helps she has a very successful,Shopify store it does quit does a few,million so it's very successful and she,helps Shopify store owners generate,sales and revenue so she has a training,program it's an online course it's a I,think it's priced at 1200 or something,like that,it's load what you would consider load,get online course okay so she helps,people grow Shopify stores and make,money now when you think about that your,great great okay we're targeting Shopify,store owners or are we who are the,people that actually want to create,Shopify store owners or that would be,interested in her service offering right,and when you start to think about it,like that you can break down the,personas well there's actually brand-new,Shopify store owners so people that are,just getting started out and then,there's those that are existing Shopify,store owners why is it important to,separate those two well think about it,like this,what is the pain point of an existing,Shopify store owner probably scaling,right or probably his Facebook Ads,having problems with getting a good CPA,through Facebook advertising whereas a,brand new Shopify store owner isn't even,there yet they're trying to figure out,how do I even like get manufacturers or,how do I even set up put Shopify thing,how do I even set up a Facebook ad so,the messaging is fundamentally different,between these two people and their needs,or wants extremely different and again,you can add in she also identified,influencers so influencers are people,that she was working with they have big,audiences they've spent a lot of time,and effort building and they want to,sell t-shirts or they want to sell gear,but they have no idea what they're doing,right they don't even know again the,messaging for those is so different biz,ops,we've got biz ops and this one as well,so people that are just looking for an,opportunity they want to make side,income they want to quit their job they,don't know if they want to go into,affiliate marketing or MLM or should I,start a Shopify store they're kind of,trying to make that decision again the,messaging for those guys is going to be,very very different as well it's going,to be more around hey do you want to,leave your job and are you looking for,an opportunity here are the,opportunities happening in the,e-commerce space etc etc so when you,start to breakdown personas that make up,an audience you can get soup,specific with your messaging and that's,really really important because,directors is about being effective,direct response is about being as,specific as you can and ideally that,means monetary or specific time frames,or specific quantify and not,quantifiable numbers which I'll talk to,you about under the messaging section,okay,so that was one example guys we did,another one for we just did another one,recently for an e-commerce client that,we're about to fire test and again they,sell high-quality wooden sunglasses and,so their personas are you know men,usually men age 25 to 50 45 or something,like that,and they're pretty successful in life,because the glasses cost a little bit of,money yes they,um military persona in there so they're,veterans that are actually a bi story a,company he used to be in Afghanistan,there's a luxury aspirational buyer so,guys that are like they just it's the,look they want that look they have an,appearance that they want to keep up,that's what's important to them that's,very different to the veteran esta Jing,right and then you've got another,persona so the adventurous the the eco,person the one that cares about the,planet so I'm just saying this to give,you guys ideas and I'll help you realize,that most of your clients pretty much,every single one of them unless they,have already clearly niche down are,probably too broad or going very very,broad and what you want to do is you,want to identify the audiences that are,gonna be most lucrative with the hooks,or the funnels that you should build or,start off with that now that doesn't,mean for example you'll see here this is,an academy persona breakdown that I,quickly put together that doesn't mean,that I can only target agency owners as,you guys know that's not what I do right,so what it means is that I should,probably have a separate funnel for,agency owners and then once I get that,one up and going and it's doing really,well then I should focus on Facebook,freelancers or whichever one proved the,second most lucrative in my or viable,and my rapid-fire testing method so the,rapid-fire test is there to help me,identify which one of these personas or,funnels do I need to build out first get,that up and going and then once it's,churning then I can actually build out,more and more that's not a problem it's,not it's not hard to do but this is,extremely effective okay so this is an,Academy one we've got biz op Facebook,freelancers digital marketers for those,of you who don't know the Academy the,Academy is an intensive program where my,team and I help essentially Facebook,freelancers and agency owners land to,Facebook marketing clients so Facebook,ad clients and build up their teams and,scale their revenues so,as part of that the personas that come,to us through our funnels our biz ops so,we do get a few people well that are,just like hey I don't know maybe I'm,gonna start a Shopify store I might get,into this Facebook thing it seems like,you know there's a lot of money in this,Facebook thing they're really not our,primary target audience however I could,be wrong with that right I could run a,rapid-fire test and it could prove,really successful we've got Facebook,freelancers so these guys are already,working with clients they're burning out,they're not able to take holidays they,can't scale pass usually it's the 10k,mark and they don't know how to build,the team you've got digital marketers so,add word guys SEO guys guys that are web,devs in different spaces in the industry,and they're starting to get asked by,their clients or they're realizing holy,crap there's a lot of money in Facebook,I need a piece of this pie while it's,hot like this and then you've got agency,owners and then we've also added broad,in there so we usually in our rapid-fire,test will also have a broad test,audience and some there to see kind of a,compare it connects to the personas so,this means at the very bare minimum I,have five odd sets that are gonna be set,up in my rapid-fire testing makes sense,ideally I would almost have ten because,what I would do with each one of these,is I'm gonna I would test it out a,lookalike and I would test it out with,one interest targeting and if I didn't,have local likes I would use two,different interest targeting why why do,you think I tell me why,because because otherwise you're hedging,all your bets on one targeting that,you've put together right and it could,just be really shitty targeting that,you've done and so you're thinking all,Facebook freelancers are no good well no,they're really good it's just your,targeting was really shitty for that,specific ad set that you had so this is,what's important to realize here is when,you pitch rapid-fire tests to clients or,when you tell them you're gonna do this,this is usually why we asked for two,thousand dollars in the first month and,testing as well because you start to,think about it each one of those ad sets,you generally want to dedicate a hundred,dollars I'd spend to to test properly,there are 100% instances where right off,the bat it becomes extremely clear,pretty fast,which one of your messages or your,audiences are killing it and you don't,have to continue you know spending the,money you can turn everything off,because it's pretty clear that happens,about fifty percent of the time so,within two to three days it's like yeah,we it's very very obvious who the winner,is here but usually what you want to do,in a rapid-fire test for fifty percent,of the other hand test that you run is,you want to dedicate about a hundred,dollars so enough data per ad set so,this means that if I am running to,targeting options for each one of my,personas I'm spending thousand dollars,right minimum on this rapid-fire test,and the test takes about a week so it,takes about five days you run it for,about five days so it's about twenty,dollars a day that you're spending okay,so um I hope this is making sense if you,have questions guys just interrupt me,all right,alright so I'm quickly gonna fill one or,two of these though and I just want to,explain to you how I would fill them out,or how way we go through that and then,I'm going to take you into an ad account,and we're gonna set up the rapid fire,testing okay so busy core values they,want to leave their job they want to be,their own boss,maybe their stay-at-home parents spent,time with kids that could almost be a,separate persona right,the stay-at-home mom or the stay-at-home,mom or dad want to be their own boss,stay at home if you guys have ideas let,me know as well because I'm making these,up on the fly right now I shouldn't know,this because it's fun but freedom,that's a good one all right so you're,getting the the point here what do they,don't what don't they want they don't,want to have to spend years trying to,become some kind of Facebook ninja to,make it all work they don't want it to,be overly complicated probably and even,here so once means don't want so once,needs don't want or the things that they,think they need to do but that they,actually don't have and this is,important because it'll be in your,messaging right okay so messaging here's,where you will take specific results,that or hooks we would call all them,client has helped clients achiever that,they themselves have achieved or things,that they're offering so if we're,talking about e-commerce for example the,hook could be so this is obviously not,any commerce persona right here but I'm,giving you an example the hook could be,15 day money-back guarantee or it could,be with the the sunglass guys glasses,that float on water or if we were,targeting the military guys for example,the mid the message the messaging around,that so their core values for that,persona was like camaraderie durability,practicality endurance loyalty those are,their core values what do they want they,want to feel connected they want to feel,like there's,of something they want to feel like,they're supporting their community,they're supporting a veteran owned,company so the messaging around that the,hooks around that is all right well from,Afghanistan to the Amazon this is a,company owned by veterans,that's what's gonna work for those guys,right those are their core values the,messaging is so different to the,adventurist or another person so in this,instance biz op what is the messaging,that would work for them well I could,pull testimonials for some of the,students that were similar to those,individuals so that were in similar,situations where they had no facebook,marketing background they had no digital,marketing background and I could pull a,specific result so I could say how to,build a Facebook - that's actually so,I'm gonna use Michael as an example here,so he was homeless when he came to us no,marketing background whatsoever and,within he moved to Florida to be with,his parents and with and I think the,space of six months Michael is doing,about $20,000 a month so how to build a,20k a month business and then I can look,at what I've said here in terms of my,core values without having to spend,years trying to become an expert or,something else they might think without,they don't have case studies or they,don't have experience so here under my,messaging it could be something like,without meeting case studies now,obviously guys please make sure this is,an integrity and this is actually,your client did super important right,people will find out if it's not true,and it's just not the best thing to lie,about it,but where I'm getting at with this is,yeah we thought without having to leave,your nine-to-five no we want to,leave our nice life that no way we want,we want to say goodbye to the 95 so make,sure it's something that they've,actually done so that's why when you,work with coaches like in the briefing,documents we send them we ask them like,what are all the results that you've,achieved for yourself,tell us your story and as much specific,detail as possible like we want to hear,months time frames the actual revenue,figures and what was behind that because,especially it with these types of,funnels online courses and coaches,specific specific like quantifiable,headlines or messaging is what works,when you go really really broad like how,to build a successful business without,case studies it's just not as poignant,okay so you could start to build this,out let's go and do another one really,quickly let's do Facebook freelancers so,they their core values is they want to,be known as the best or an expert want,successful relationships with clients,long-term relationships with clients,they struggle to stay on top of all the,updates and running their business have,no clue how to hire who to hire how or,who they even need in their business I,could go on and on with this one because,this one's very relevant to me,but okay anyway so that's probably,enough and then again under the,messaging I'll build this one out a,little bit more than this one because,this is really not a persona I'm too,familiar with or that I even actively,advertised to so Facebook freelancers,again I could take a case study or a,testimonial that we have of a Facebook,freelancer I was a Facebook freelancer,so I could even use my own the one that,we use at the moment is how to scale,your agency to ATK a month running,Facebook ads for clients but I could,also look at what what I've written down,here and I go something like how - okay,so retain clients or how to reduce,client churn rates Facebook ad clients,see specific this is important Facebook,ad client and rates in your business so,that you can scale past 10k a month,without having to lend any more leads or,business okay,now you can see this is like very,different lead magnets right one of,these is talking about how to scale an,agency and one of these is really,talking about reproducing churn rates so,the lead magnet on the back of this the,funnel on the back of this is,fundamentally different can you see that,guys again we can do another one any,ideas I want to become positioning,yourself how to position yourself as an,expert a Facebook ad expert even if,so I would need to flesh this out a,little bit here but it in or so how what,is something specific so for me that,took me about a year to position myself,so that's not really a good hook there,but I our students like for sure that's,why our master binders are part of the,database that we have online is because,up to two months of intensive training,with us there they're freaking better,than 90% of the marketers out there so,you could say something like like how to,position yourself as a Facebook ad,expert in 60 days or less even if you're,just getting started out and again that,would be fundamentally different,training right or you can say something,like how to land,I think I'm other one that we have is,how to land or how to close 10 K,Facebook ad clients even if you don't,have case studies or second sales,obviously this is kind of a misnomer,because you kind of need to not suck at,sales like so you'll need to unstuck,yourself at sales tool and then 10k,client they don't just like come out of,your parts that's for sure so I hope,this is making sense I hope you guys are,not getting stuck in the fact that I'm,using the Academy here and it's like,tripping you up or you're relating too,much to the copy I hope you're like,objectively looking at this link oh okay,so you're basically breaking down their,needs wants what they don't want what,they think they need to have the core,values and then you're putting together,messaging as specific as you can around,those and that messaging each one of,those will result in essentially a,different funnel it could be a different,funnel so instead of me saying holy crap,I'm gonna build a funnel and I'm going,to be a coach and teach people how to,scale their agencies to $80,000,month running Facebook ad for clients,and then I spend the next two months,building out this massive beast of a,thing I'm actually going to test out the,messaging test out the concepts first,and then from there I'm gonna be very,clear on like actually this audience,responds really well on how to position,themselves as a Facebook ad expert,that's what they want that's what I need,to freakin position my funnel as and all,of this leads into the Academy so each,one of these it's the same product on,the back end like the Academy does all,of this it's the same thing but the,funnel that leads them into that is very,different and so I'm gonna be testing,out five different personas and each one,of those is going to have their own,messages or their own messaging unique,to their own needs wants and core values,and at the end of my rapid-fire test I'm,gonna be able to see Oh agency owners,want to know how to scale over 80k or,they want to know how to land 5k key,clients in a sales pitch that's what,they're interested in that is what my,rapid-fire testing is showing me where,the money is that let me go and build,the funnel around this I have my,audience now I have my own messaging now,all I need to do is actually build the,funnel to support that so what if the,product doesn't exist well that's even,better even better because then you can,mold the product specifically to your,funnel to to what people what your,audiences actually want keep in mind,guys if you're doing this for yourself,it's super important you still want to,make sure that whatever messaging you're,using is an integrity rate like they,actually did this or their clients,actually did this don't just finish it,out of thin air what if the client has a,course or well yeah that's fine this is,exactly this Theresa so the Academy,already exists you would do this so we,we just took on another coach recently,she's already got the entire course,built out it's a sales training program,and we did the full rapid fire testing,method she was one of the ones,where she had worked with someone before,her couple agencies didn't work did,rapid-fire testing we were able to,identify the specific messaging that was,gonna work with her so now the landing,pages were split testing around that,messaging we know the direction we need,to go we know what the lead magnets need,to be and the webinar or the lead,magnets pitch the same program it's the,same program so you still build the lead,magnet up front then each no no you're,not this is rapid fire testing this is,the only thing I'm building and then I'm,gonna go in and build lead ads so I'm,gonna go in right now and show you guys,lead ads I'm gonna show you targeting,really quickly and then I'm gonna go in,and set up the rapid fire testing,there's no funnel there's no lead,magnets here all we have is this amazing,high-tech document and a facebook lead,ad so yes yes some of you may have,picked up you will have collateral,damage right you'll have like 40 50,people that opt-in and it goes nowhere,so you have to be prepared for that and,you have to explain that to your client,as well that there will be collateral,damage pretty pretty easy situation once,you do have the lead magnet up or the,funnel up and going you just send them,an email and go hey we're super sorry,about that there was an issue at the,time we just picked up on it here's the,training or here's you know here's what,you were after so honestly we've never,ever in all of our years running my,rapid fires we've only had like one,person message to the page going hey,nothing came through and we've never,really had any issues with it at all so,yeah my client thinks she knows who's,interested maybe she's right maybe she's,not I would tell her run a rapid fire,test and let's see who is the most,interested okay so targeting let's,quickly go into an ad account all right,so so I'm going to do the Facebook,freelancers one now in my case I would,have enough inside,for a look-alike audience so I would go,and export either a customer list of,Facebook freelancers or a custom,audience of people that I know are,freelancers and create a look-alike,audience from that so I would run,look-alike 1% to begin with and and I,would also have because I'll be honest,with you look-alikes are not always the,best there they're based off speed,audiences right and seed audiences,change our dynamic a lot of the time and,look-alike skins sometimes like this so,it's always good to split test them,against interest targeting and then I,would go into my audience insights time,so I was trying to find that where that,was and I would think of what is a,competitor or what's a facebook page,that I know a lot of Facebook,freelancers or what's a tool that I know,Facebook freelancers are using so for,example I could go in here and let's see,I don't know if these guys show up at,espresso no that would have been good no,okay let's use another one Jon Loomer,so Jon Loomer basically trains Facebook,freelancers he's a really freaking,clever guy and his audience,answer people that are engaging with him,were connected with him are typically,freelancers so let's go Jon Loomer,and then I'm going to click on page,likes,Jill is asking should rapid-fire testing,be a part of a set up fee it is yes it's,part it's actually part of the autumn,like it's just part of what you we and,we don't charge additional to it if,that's what you're asking,so normally what we need to tell our,clients is like the first month we'll,ask them to commit $2,000 minimum spend,unless this is an existing campaign and,we're just coming on board and picking,up where they're leaving off at whatever,ad spent and about a thousand dollars of,that will go towards our wrap fair,testing and then that usually it takes,you about a week to rapid-fire test in,almost a week to set all of that up so,usually within the sort of third week of,beginning to work with the client then,you have the data then you're going okay,this is the funnel we're gonna build and,usually by week four that's when you're,starting to advertise so that $2,000 is,enough money to get you across that full,month if that makes sense because this,whole thing is rapid-fire testing and,then building the funnels can take three,weeks right,depending on your team and how fast the,client is that responding to you okay so,I'm gonna go back in here I'm gonna add,Jon Loomer and then if I need more as,well I can go in here and go Billy gene,I don't think he shows up social media,explorer I don't think that will show up,either sometimes I bring up an ad,account just to see if those things show,up actually you can almost do it here,social media explorer not doesn't show,up kimra Aluna buffer buffer buffer,would be a good one to use so we can,have a layer buffer appSumo,social media examiner you have to think,carefully though about how you're,layering things,you,power editor is probably good yeah you,have to think about how you layer things,as well because if you look here I'm,using Jon Loomer okay yeah we know that,those are Facebook marketers we probably,don't even need to layer Jon Loomer,because we're pretty confident that it's,mostly gonna be Facebook freelancers,we're using social media examiner they,attract a lot of non Facebook people,right they attract a lot of content,people or Twitter people or LinkedIn,people and so if I'm telling Facebook,you can target social media examiner,layered with buffer well then it's not,necessarily gonna be a freelance,Facebook marketer so maybe it's better,to layer it with power editor right so,think about how you layer your targeting,in your audiences anyways I'm not gonna,go into this column too much because,this is targeting training and that's,kind of besides the point what I'm,trying to get you to think of is use,your audience insights and then ideally,if you can have to add sets per persona,you'll have a lot better chances at the,ultimately this accessory this is a,pain-in-the-ass rapid-fire testing is a,pain in the ass I'm not gonna lie it,would be so much easier to just create,an ad for your client and hit the ground,running with it but if this is a brand,new client or they've really struggled,or things are not working out this is,gonna save you so much time long term,because you'll identify very very,quickly which is why it's called,rapid-fire testing what war it will work,and what won't okay so then we go into,our ad account and here is where the,magic is going to happen,so Rob with its really really,interesting question the question of,audience sizes right because there's no,like black or white answer to what size,audience you should have typically what,I would recommend is you kind of want to,stick around the hundred to sort of 500k,audience size for this type of stuff,however what I will say is that your,look-alike is probably going to be in,the millions and some,you

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How I grew my social media agency and the one thing that changed it all!

How I grew my social media agency and the one thing that changed it all!

when I launched my first business I,literally started to plan my retirement,the moment I push go on that website,I was completely deluded into what it,actually took to launch a business,especially in the online space and I,thought I was going to get bought out by,BBC I thought you know in the crowd,would come running in I don't believe in,failure in business I think behind every,failure is a growth is a lesson is a,learning curve but if there is a,description of a failure my first,business was it in every sense of the,word I had put so much time I had put so,much energy I had told so many people,and got them all excited about this,project and it really wasn't getting any,traction but what it did do in hindsight,now that I look back on it now it led me,into the world of digital marketing and,more specifically Facebook,I decided from then to launch an online,business so I was onboarding these,clients but I had at that time I had,about 10 to 12 clients and I was,completely tapped out I was hitting a,brick wall,I was working weekends I was waking up,in the morning and going to bed at 2:00,a.m. and it was just work work work all,the time it was highly inconsistent and,then that leads to this mindset cycle,where you start to think you're not good,you're you're not good enough you're not,getting the results you should be and,the catalyst really came for me when I,gave birth to my daughter at that stage,I already had my son he was one years,old so I had not only did I have a,toddler on my hands I had my my start up,my business and now I had a newborn,and I remember being in the hospital and,literally half an hour after giving,birth being on my phone and on my,computer trying to find the Wi-Fi signal,so that I could check up on campaigns,and answer client emails and you know I,just realized that in there this is I'm,going to be one of those parents that,looks back and goes I miss my kids,life pretty much if I didn't do,something about my business if I didn't,figure out a way to fix this hamster,wheel that I gotten myself trapped into,and that's when I realized okay if I,needed to get there I had tried for,three years and I wasn't successful if I,wanted to get there I had to find,someone that had done it I had to go ask,someone how did you do that so that I,could bypass this because I'd already,charged for three years and as soon as I,did that as soon as I capped into people,that that knew or that were where I,wanted to be I started to cut down that,learning curve in my business and within,the space of six months I went from,being a solopreneur,a freelancer contract or whatever we,call it to having a team of ten people,working for me,all these failures that I went through,as an entrepreneur all these successes,that I've had all these growth all these,mentors all these opportunities that,have come my way essentially this is,what I want to bring to the table I want,to help the me three or four years ago,the me that was jumping into this world,going really really excited a little bit,naive but courageous and jumping into,this world and going you know I'm ready,I'm hungry for this and I want this I,want a business that is going to give me,that discretionary time and that,lifestyle that I seek as a business,owner as an entrepreneur whatever that,is for you and that's what I want to,bring to the table that's what I want to,help you to achieve I want to help you,to bypass this really oftentimes painful,learning curve that I went on so that,you don't become trapped by your,freelancing business the same way that I,was so that you can grow and scale past,that so that you can have a team working,for you so that you can leverage what is,one of the most powerful trends,happening,in our day right now

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